Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I wonder if you can kill nef in phase 2.

- Maybe now that we over gear it so much we might go back and try it for fun.

- Does anyone else think it is a little off that many guilds, mine included, are doing DS heroic that never did T11 heroics.

- Yes, even with the gear we have now we have never done T11 heroics.

- Dragon soul is a nice little instance but I can't help but think it really should have been broken into two or three 5 mans.

- Well of eternity should have been a raid.

- Look at that place, it is amazing, it is beautiful, it is well designed, it had a lot of time and love put into it.

- Look at DS and compare.

- Please continue reading when you are finished laughing at how bad the DS design is compared to well.

- Are you done yet?

- Did the darkmoon monthly's on my baby druid yesterday and gained a full level.

- I think they give just a tad to much experience.

- Tad being a huge understatement.

- I would do them for the 5 free skill points even if they had almost no experience.

- Was it really necessary to have them award so much?

- I have a few characters on other servers I never play.  I am thinking of logging into them once a month just to do those.

- I can at least gain a level here and there with them for all of 15 minutes work.

- It would feel like cheating, maybe I won't.

- What is black and white and red all over?

- A battleground 1 day after mists is released.

- You giggled, admit it.

- Got to love those panda tails.

- I can already hear all the improper jokes being said on vent.

- I'm thinking that we might end up with a patch raid even if blizzard said we where not going to.

- What will it be?

- Hopefully something more well design and less dragon soul design.

- If the end game raid of cataclysm is set in wrath do you think we will have a raid in mists set in cataclysm?

- Who am I to speak, I wanted to see the final fight of cataclysm set in BC.

- It would have made more sense in my opinion, that is where all the seeds started to grow in the DW story line.

- What little there was of it that is.

- How come when I attack a bear it can parry me but when my bear is tanking it can't?

- My bear, the smart bear, the druid bear, can't figure out how to parry but some beast in the wilderness can?

- Attacked a mob yesterday while leveling on my new bear/cat and jumped behind him and mangled only to see him parry.

- Parry, from behind?

- These low level mobs are amazing, they can do things that can't be done anywhere else in game.

- If we ever run into a wild bear boss we are up shits creek without a paddle.

- They can parry.

- From behind too.

- A friend was talking about his new shield on a plate tank and I said I just got a new shield too for my bear.

- He said, bears can't use shields.

- I said, yes they can, we just call them helmets.

- Speaking of bears, mine finally got the 4 piece set.

- Sadly all raid finder.

- Heck, even with a 380 item level before the 4 piece and before the 15% buff my bear was capable of tanking DS no problem.

- Didn't do the last fight back then, but did tank up to and including spine at that level before the buff.

- Don't tell that to people on my server.

- They would call me a liar, you need at least a 395 item level to even step into DS normal.

- Yes, they are that bad on my server.

- Saw a pug assembled on my server by an ex guild mate that had the person with the lowest item level of 394 not get past the first boss.

- I am not kidding.

- He spend nearly 6 hours in trade assembling, reassembling, trying to get more, going back and forth, and finally after a total of 8 hours spent on a DS raid only had the first boss down.

- Welcome to my server.

- Not everyone is that bad, that is just the worst example.

- For fun and so we can all laugh at him.

- Hey, I will give him some credit, at least he tried to assemble a pug.

- Stuff like that never happens on my server.

- On my server if you are not in a raiding guild, you don't raid, simple as that.

- Yes, even with the easy as cake DS.

- Yes, even with the 15% buff.

- Yes, even if you can basically 6 or 7 man the first 4 bosses.

- My server is just not very pug friendly.

- It reminds me of some of the funny lines I have heard in LFR.

- No no, I can't tell you now, that would ruin a great post to come.

- Check out my old fun lines from randoms if you want a taste of whats to come.

- Linkage here.

- Well, on that humorous note, I'm out of here.

- Have a great day.


  1. Real, bears the wild ones act on instinct, druid bears think too much. Maybe not, though perhaps the game mobs get special skills for not actually being intelligent.

    1. Someone else said the same thing to me when I asked that. They said that druids think too much and that is why they do not parry.