Friday, April 20, 2012

I Hate Being Less Than 100%

Looking over my world of logs reports from recent raids it has me wondering what I am doing wrong lately.  Even excluding last night in which it seemed the whole raid team was off its rocker because we wiped 4 times doing a normal run when I can't even remember the last time we wiped on normal with that team my numbers are not where they should be.

Over the last month I've only ranked on one fight on my hunter. 115% of the rank limit.  Yes, I know there is a better way to judge things, but I like to look at the rank limit as a marker.  It is something to aim for.

In most fights I have been hovering between 75%-85% which, to me, is completely unacceptable.  On two fights in the last month I have even been under 50% but being one was hagara and the spine I can take that with a grain of salt.  Spine you have to hold back on and two ice blocks on hagara will kill anybody's DPS(e).

I also understand that for numbers sake that everyone is included together, so people that are in all heroic gear are getting those higher numbers which means it pushes the 100% marker up even higher.  It doesn't mean that I can't make my best efforts to reach that number, even with lesser gear.

The more time that passes by that I do not have heroic gear I know I will never see ranking again.  I will never see 100% again, but as for now, I know I can do it because I have done it in the past.  With lesser gear.  Which is why I am wondering what I am doing wrong.

I've never felt comfortable since switching to survival but there is a difference between not being comfortable and not being effective.  You can be uncomfortable but still do well.  I just have not been doing as well as I can.  If anything, I seem to be getting worse with survival the longer I play it, not better.

In last nights raid, the one where it seemed everyone was having a bad day, I had the worst ever showing on madness.  Worse than my first ever kill.  Worse by 3K even.  My first ever kill I did 43K(e) in about 6 item levels of gear less.  Last night, I did 40K(e) which is a dreadfully horrible 73.6% of the limit and an even more dreadfully horrible worse than my first kill in lesser gear.

I know I was having an off day, sure, that whole guild seemed to have had an off day, but that off?  Even with heroic geared players skewing the numbers I can not accept that from my own personal past performance, even more so when I know I can do better because I have done better.

I am just beginning to question if I should continue to use that rank limit as a bench mark for me.  I have no heroic gear, we rarely do heroics because we raid more for relaxed fun most of the time, and I still need a fair deal of gear from there.

I don't even have the four piece set yet.  I don't have the bow.  I don't have the pole arm.  I don't have the trinkets.  I do have the ring however.  Woohoo for something.

In my raid it seems every week the rogue, death knight, mage, druid pieces drop.  We have been adding in alts just so we stop wasting tokens.  It seems like every rogue, death knight, mage and druid in the guild has a 5 piece 397 set and I am still sitting at three.

With all that considered I have to ask, am I putting to much pressure on myself using the rank limit of 100% as my personal judgement of doing well?

Perhaps I am trying too hard and because I am pressing it is making me do worse?

I doubt that.  Pressing is what drives people to do better.  At least me.  I step it up based on the competition.

My best showing so far on ultraxion has been 39K while my normal numbers are usually around 33K-36K depending on my fading light luck, or lack thereof. My 39K run was when I was running with a DK from supermassive.  He was in all heroic gear and I wanted so bad to beat him even if I knew I never would.  He destroyed me, he did 50K, but he still pushed me to my limits and I did 39K for the first time ever.  Heck, using female dwarf it said that my max possible was 37K, so I really pushed the limits.

So it can't be me pressing too hard.  That usually makes me better.

I have all the pressure I need.  My group has a cat druid that is ranked on nearly every fight, some even top 50 and he doesn't even have the polearm or trinkets yet and no heroic gear.  That pole arm has never dropped for us, neither has a bow, or a maw, or anything people can use.   I think dragon soul hates my guild.  If he was in all heroic gear I have absolutely zero doubt he would be the #1 feral druid in the world.  He is amazing.  So I have all the pressure I need to push me.  So why am I moving backwards lately?

I have to figure out what it is or it will bug me.  As someone mentioned to me when I mentioned I was doing worse lately, they said, maybe I am just getting bored with the content and even if I feel as if I am giving it my best I am not because in the back of my head I know I don't have to give my best to clear the content any more.  Perhaps there is something to that.

Perhaps there is something else.

I am going to have to do some searching online to find some sort of guide that will help me analyze my world of logs data.  Perhaps there is something there that I am not noticing.  Some things I know how to read on there like if I am getting the maximum black arrow up time and such, but perhaps there is something else I do not know how to read there.  A guide would be nice.  If I am doing less there has to be a reason, and I do not see it so I need to learn how to see it.

Even if I am wrong thinking I need to use that 100% rank limit as a marker of what I should be doing because it includes people much better geared than I am I am right to compare me to myself and when doing that comparison, I was doing better before.  So I know I am not doing as good as I can.

I might not be able to get over that 100% rank limit on the fights all the time, but I should at least give 100% of what I am capable of.  Anything less then 100% is not good enough, even if the content in trivial.


  1. It can be something as simple as the nerfs / increased performance of your raid team as a whole. Go look at DPS rankings on raidbots and you will see that, with each increment of nerfs, overall DPS drops due to (perhaps) less DPS needed for the kill/shorter fights/other mechanics forcing you to throttle DPS, etc. For example, our first Madness kills I was going full-out 100% of the time, but now? We barely touch the claws on platforms 3+4 because otherwise we get Blistering Tentacles too early, like when the corruption at the back is still half alive.

    I also wouldn't place that much credibility in percentages, since yes, some people in Heroic gear will be skewing the numbers. (Of course, these people in Heroic gear will also be vanishing from certain fights as they do them on Heroic instead of Normal.)

    Hell, a lot of the fights in DS are sort of gimmicky when it comes to overall DPS, depending on when you trigger burn phases. I wouldn't even consider Madness for comparing your DPS due to its weird pacing. How are you doing on Ultraxion? If your numbers there are fine, and maybe on Zon'ozz (another fight with little randomness), and Blackhorn (target switching), you're fine.

    1. Ultraxion... Best 39K, usually in the 35 range.
      Zon'ozz... goes down each week as we keep downing it faster.
      Blackhorn... 24K-28K usually.

      Based on my gear, and all the available buffs, flasks and food, it says that I should max out at 37K.

      On something like Ultaxion raidbots puts SV hunters in 10 normal at 44K and I have never even touched that number.

      Heck, my normal average is nearly 10K less and my dwarf numbers are only 37K with all the buffs, so I have no clue where those 44K numbers are coming from, but I just can not do them. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

      I've examined my rotation perfectly, with every test I could think of. I am not missing shots, not delaying black arrows, not clipping explosives. There is no way I am 9K behind the average because if I am making any errors they are minimal and would only account for, at most, 10%, in my opinion.

  2. Yeah, ignore Madness. For starters, if your DPS is higher overall you'll spend less time in the double damage phases, which reduces your overall DPS. So...yeah. Not a good fight to judge by.

    Not to mention how many tanks and healers you use changes the fight DPS dramatically as well.