Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hunter Community Wins a Few in Mists

Our beloved concussive shot is back in the game.

I made a post about it a short while back saying how much I would miss it.  Now with the addition back into the game I can say how happy I am to see it has returned.  There were various reasons why I believed it was better than having arcane shot gylphed to work like concussive and it seems there were many others that felt the same way.

From the input coming out of the beta they have made the decision to remove the glyph and reinstate concussive shot once again.  For as often as I say they seem to forget about us hunters it seems like they stepped up to the plate on this one and listened to the people.  Thanks blizzard and thanks to all those in the hunter community that stood up and said something in a productive manner instead of ranting and raving.  This is one of the reasons I like to say the hunter community is the best community in the game.

Black arrow is being changed back to its original state.

This is another bit of great news.  Once again the hunters spoke up and have been heard.  When the new black arrow was announced in its original state it was way over powered.  In its fixed state, it was average at best, to the point where I was not even using it often because it did not feel as if it were getting the job done.

Also, with the addition of power shot, which was nearly the same thing, the need for the black arrow change was seemingly less, well, needed.  So the community spoke up and the designers changed it back.  No more overpowered black arrow, no more cast time and weak feeling black arrow, and no more magical version of power shot black arrow.  Now our black arrow is back to the black arrow we know and love.

And not only is it back, but it is back full force.  Lock and load once again can proc from it and trap mastery now effects it once more.  So it is basically the same black arrow we all know and love and are used to.  Another win for the community if you ask me.

Serpent spread has returned for survival.

When the new AoE version of black arrow was added, the AoE cataclysm staple serpent spread was removed.  Without even needing to be prodded by the hunter community it got added back.  In one of the rare times where it shows that someone at blizzard is actually paying attention to design for hunters they added it back when the changed black arrow back.  I was a little worried they would forget about this and not realize they only took it out to replace it with the new black arrow.  So back to old black arrow meant back to serpent spread without even asking.  What better win could the hunter community have than not having to fight for what is obvious.

Growls threat has been increased.

For those soloing hunters out in that big old world this is a nice little quality of life change.  Most people might not ever know the difference, besides a tank that you forget to turn it off for, but to those that often solo content, and by that I mean things that last for more than a minute, a little threat boost to our personal tanks is a welcome gift.  One thing to note however, with this change, it will be even more important to turn growl off in randoms or basically anywhere that there is a dedicated tank already.  Sure, a real good tank can out threat a pet but why make trouble. We are hunters, we should not be the problem makers, we are the problem solvers.

There were some more changes like some focus adjustments and some ability damage changes, but those are things that I am sure will still be tweaked here and there as time passes but for now, it looks good.  For now, it looks like the hunter community spoke up and the designers listened.  Chalk one up for the good guys.  Nice going hunter community.  Keep up the good work on beta.

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