Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Suddenly I'm Interested in Pet Battles

I've never played pokeman.  Never even had the slightest interest in it but the moment I saw pet battles announced I knew it was a warcraft version of pokeman.  So, of course, I am not all that excited about it.

That was until more information was released about it.  You see, even if I am not all that interested in pokeman I am a collector at heart.  I collect titles, achievements, gear, pets, mounts, you name it.  If there is something to waste your time getting in wow I usually waste my time getting it.

So being there are wild pets to catch, achievements to earn, levels to level up and challenges to win it seems pet battles have suddenly peaked my interest.  I'm starting to look forward to something I had really no intention of giving a crap about.

There is one thing I am a little worried about however.  Even as a person that loves hunters, 6 at 85 currently and another 6 at various levels, I have still never got a spirit beast.  Ever.  Not one.  Nor have I ever even seen one.

See, I like to earn things, I like to play the game, I like to do whatever needs to get done to get things but I do not like standing in one place for hours on end waiting for a mob to spawn.  I always have a BM spec when leveling just to catch one should I come across it but I have never once in my life stalked one.

Same goes for achievements like frostbitten.  I'll pass by known spawn spots if I am in the area but I am not going to spend my time hunting them down or waiting for them to spawn.  That is just not me.  I am a doer, not a waiter.

As odd as this sounds, when I play the game I want to actually play the game.  Standing in one spot waiting for something to spawn does not exactly come across as playing the game to me.  So I've never tamed a spirit beast and I still need half the mobs of the rare mob achievements in BC and wrath.  If they are there while I am actively playing the game I will tame/kill them as applicable but I am not going to wait for them.

Reading about all these rare pets that we can tame for pet battles has me thinking what type of rare will it be?  Will it be rare like low level rare mobs now where they always seem to be there and if they are not then wait 10 minutes and it will respawn or will they be rare like spirit beasts where I've leveled many hunters and spent countless hours in their areas farming for materials and have never seen one even?  On any character, not just on hunters.  Never seen one ever on any character.  Yeap, that rare.

If it is the former, I can see me really having fun getting into pet battles and catching them all but if it is like the latter I might as well give up before I start and say screw it.

I want to play the game.  I don't want to waste the time I have available to play waiting for something to spawn for hours or days or weeks on end.  There are some people that love that challenge.  I am not one of them.  That is time better spent elsewhere.  I could be soloing old instances for drops.  I could be working on rep, gathering materials, running dungeons, running raids, on multiple characters instead of standing in one place like a fool waiting for something that might never come.

I can't wait to hear more on it and to see it in practice.  If the rare pets are something that can be attainable without massive amounts of wasted time doing nothing but waiting then I am surely going to catch them all but if they are going to be like spirit beasts I will treat them just the same, screw them, I'll go play the game instead of wasting my time.

If that turns out to be the case then pet battles will not be something for me but at the moment it looks like something I might very well be interested in.  It has defiantly made me look forward to it.  I guess even if they are hard to find I can still play some and just catch them if I come across them like I do with the rare kill achievements but that is about as far as I would go.  I am a collector and a completest.  If I do not have a reasonable chance at getting everything I won't even try.  That is the same reason I do not have many PvP achievements.  I knew I would not be able to get them all, so I never even tried to get the ones I could.  If I get them I get them, if I don't, who cares.

I live by a great motto I heard a long time ago...

Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

If I am not going to do it right, it is not worth doing.  This means pet battles hinge on one thing for me.  How hard are the tames to get.  If they are attainable in a reasonable time frame then pet battles are worth doing, if not, they are just another useless feature in the game to me.

At least I am now interested in it for the first time whereas before it just seems liked a pokeman knockoff and I had no interested in it whatsoever.

I can see this mini game becoming something like a facebook game app for warcraft.  It seems to be the way they are moving lately.  Trying to expand past the main game.  So you will be able to log in and battle your pets from your iphone or android.  Mark my words, I assure you, it is coming our way soon.


  1. I will go out on a limb here: rare pets will mean you will have to do some work, but not having them will not stop you achieving most stuff in battles that earns you the points.

    I have never camped a single spawn EVER, but I got all of the Spirit Beasts simply by building their spawn points into another routine (Frostbitten, as it happens) If you build these hunts into your routine while waiting for LFR to pop or LFG, or when questing or gathering, I bet you'll be surprised how many you can capture.

    Just be grateful you don't have 180 plus of the buggers to name before the expansion goes live :p

    1. I have 155 of them. ;)

      I do not mind waiting some time, just not waiting days on end.

      I farmed, if you can call it that, time lost for over 6 months. I would fly the route picking herbs while waiting in queue. I also looked for the other rares and the tame. In 6 months I never saw any rares, none. Not even the ones I was not looking for.

      Sorry, but that is not my style of game play. There is no fun in waiting for something every day for 6 months and not seeing anything. No time lost, nothing for frostbitten, no spirit beast.

      There is good luck, bad luck and then my luck.

      They might end up being rare as in the new style of rare, like all the old world rares, they spawn usually less then 1 hour after being killed.

      I will not mind waiting an hour to get it. I will not go for another 6 months day in and day out every single day I play for nothing.

      Sorry if I do not think that is fun. But I would be willing to bet most people would agree with me that standing around looking for a spawn every day for 6 months is not fun.

      As long as there is an achievement for finding all the rares, I will have to find all the rares. Simple as that.

  2. Pets are still going to be account-bound?

    I still have my fingers crossed about snagging a baby lynx cub then from the BE starting area. I've been wanting one for years... :-D

  3. Seriously, getting a Northrend spirit beast now is a slam dunk. If you check out every spawn point for Arcturis, Loque, and Gondria right now you will get one, maybe two. The wolf is a bit harder since it shares the route for time lost and there are still plenty of people camping that who will kill it for kicks.

    If not, put a hunter at the single Arcturis point and log in occasionally. No waiting.

    I also got Ghostcrawler in minimal time a month ago.

    Other than fishing, I have little patience for sitting, as well. Although an episode of "this American Life" or "The Moth" Podcast helps.