Thursday, April 5, 2012

Remembering My First... Death

When we play games we always have firsts.  First time we did this or that or the other thing.  Today I had a nice little flack back to the first time I died.

My first character was a hunter, which all these years later is still my main, and as a night elf his life began in the night elf starting area.  In the years since then I have leveled maybe 4 or 5 other night elves, one in cataclysm, and I have made an extra effort to not repeat my first death.

For those that ever rolled a night elf they could probably guess where my first death happened.  Heck, I am sure a great many night elves had the first death in the same place I did.  There were always a nice collection of bones where mine where, that's for sure.

One of the early quests they give you in the night elf area they send you to the top of the tree to turn it in.  No real problem heading up the tree.  No real problem coming down either really, if you had taken notice that there are gaps in the floor when you walked up.

My first death came right after turning in that quest and heading out of there to run back down.  I made a sharp left leaving the room and found a hole between the path and the tree which lead to my little night elf body going airborne.  For a short time at least, just before he went splat.

Some times I think back about how lucky I am that I did not have a pet yet.  He probably would have called me a loser and abandoned me and told all his fellow beasts of the world that I was a horrible hunter that had two left feet and could not even walk down a flight of stairs without becoming a casualty.

As I mentioned, since that day when I suffered my first death I made sure to not make that sharp left turn out of there and into the hole that lead to my death.  Well, I made sure not to fall until cataclysm came.

For those rolling their first night elf now you will be glad to know, or should it be sad to know, you will never have the experience I did.

Upon rolling a recent new night elf hunter that I leveled this expansion (yes another one now at 85) I noticed that when I turned in that quest I got a buff that gave me slow fall for a short time.

Apparently there were so many night elf deaths from doing the same exact thing I did that they decided to make sure these little buggers never fall to their surprise deaths any more.

Like I said, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  It might have been my first death, but it was a right of passage.  It was not some meaningless battle death that I will have millions of other times over my game playing career and it is something I'll remember forever and can still get a laugh out of.

I wonder if I petitioned blizzard to remove the buff you get when you turn in that quest with the tag line "let the baby elves die" would they would go for it?

They would probably call me cruel but I would say I just wanted others to experience a first death they would never forget just like I did and not just some random spider or cat or bird that did you in.  Blah, what a boring story that would have made.

Hey, at least when I died I died in style.  I went splat.  Now that is style.


  1. My first death was in the same place, in the same manner. I remember thinking, "Huh, I guess Night Elves are too cool to use safety rails, I'll have to be more careful, and wow this tree is really tall."

    1. It did make for a memorable death. I don't think I have died from falling much since because I pay such close attention.

  2. It's "casualty," not "causality."

  3. Anon, Grumpy's GL

    My very first death in WoW was in the undead starting area (not as hard to do in 2005 as it would be in a modern day starting area). Got overwhelmed by red mobs and died, nothing particularly spectacular about it. I soon deleted that character, not because of the death but rather because of the constant "trust no one" I heard from all the NPCs.

    1. So you did not trust them and left their ranks. We are glad you did.

  4. Funny. I hadn't thought about my first death on my main (night elf hunter ftw) until I read this post. I too died there. I'm kinda sad you get slow fall to safety now. I kinda demand a feat of strength for all of us veterans who contributed to that pile of bones at the bottom of that tree.

    1. So many young night elves met their end there. It was like a right of passage.