Friday, October 26, 2012

Which Lore Character Would You Have Dinner With?

If your character could have dinner with any character in warcraft lore, dead or alive, who would it be?

I would want someone that had some stories to share that would interest me of course.  There are some characters I would love to know more about like Vol'Jin but leaders are leaders, I would have to ask the right questions to get the right answers, so I don't think I would choose a leader.

There are some lesser spoken about lore characters that really interest me. Like the Windrunner family, at least the ones not named Sylvanas.  While I would love to be able to know more about her she falls into that leader category that I've already dismissed as an option.  Vereesa never really interested me so the sister I would like to speak to is Alleria not only because it would interest me but because there feels like there is a lot more story to her, and Turalyon, yet to be told and to be privy to that information would be interesting.  But again, I feel as if I would be playing reporter with her, trying to drag information out of her.

There are a great many hunters my character would love to pick the brain of and at least a question and answer session like that would not feel like and interview, it would feel like a learning experience.  As you can tell from my interest in the windrunner family I do tend to look toward hunters (rangers) as people that interest me usually and there are lots more that would fit the bill like Rexxar or even people that are close to fitting the bill like Shandris Feathermoon whom some argue is not a hunter but I disagree.  That is another character I believe there is a lot more to yet is mostly forgotten.  But I would not want my character's one day with anyone to be a pure learning experience either.

Who would I be able to have dinner with that would tell me stories and not need me to ask a million questions?  Who can I talk to that I can enjoy the stories and not feel the desire to only learn from them?  Who do I feel I could kick back with a brew and my trusty cat at my side with my feet up and just listen to all the stories they have to offer?

I would need a lore character that knows a lot about what interests me and is willing to share every last bit of it without being prodded for it.  Someone that likes to talk.  Someone that would not mind spending hours drinking and talking.  I need a dwarf.  I need Brann Bronzebeard.

He is one of the greatest explorers to ever walk azeroth.  He can speak nearly every language spoken on azeroth.  He has lead us, the players, on countless adventures finding things we would have never even considered existed.  He, while an explorer, is an excellent warrior and most of all as a dwarf, he loves to drink and talk which means he is my man.  He is the person I would like to have dinner with.

With his resume and his knowledge he has stories to tell, many of them, and we already know each other, as I have done much with him in my adventures, so it would be a comfortable fit to sit back with a drink and listen to the tales he had to tell.  He seems to be a down to earth type of person that would enjoy having dinner with someone that shares his interests as much as my character would enjoy having dinner with him.

If your character could have dinner with any character in warcraft lore, dead or alive, which one would it be?


  1. As I was reading along, and thinking of your description, I kept thinking Brann and then you said it.

    I know the Dragon Aspects would kind of fall in the leader category, but I think it would be cool to listen to one of them talk since they've been around for so long.

    1. They are others that I am sure would have a lot of great stories to tell. Not sure I would fit them in the leader category but I do see how you would need to play reporter with them. They have such a wealth of knowledge and they don't seem to talk a lot on their own.

      Yeah, Brann is a gimme. He really seems like the most likeable and approachable lore character in my opinion.

  2. Turaylon. "So... where ya been?"

    1. It would be a great starter question and one I would like to know the answer too. lol