Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I have another level 90 now.

- My priest is 90 joining my druid and my hunter.

- Wow, an expansion that actually went as I planned before it came out.

- So now I have the holy trinity at max level and can fill any role.

- After I gear up the priest that is.

- I leveled as shadow so I do not have healing gear, will most likely deck myself out in 450 PvP gear for healing to start.

- The beauty of it now is that you are not wasting stats with PvP gear, if anything PvP gear is better.

- They are dirt cheap to make.

- Two 450 items will have the same main stats and secondary stats.

- The only difference with PvP gear is they have bonus PvP stats on them, for no cost to the item level.

- So that should be good enough for me to gear up the priest and get a nice starter healing set.

- I must say I got used to shadow, compared to being a hunter it is super easy.

- I did a heroic as DPS last night and was pulling between 26K-33K on bosses with my massive 438 item level and only needed a few buttons and a simple rotation to do it.

- Much easier than a hunter.

- If I can pull around 30K on single target with no gems, no enchants, low item level and nothing reforged with a mix and match of whatever gear I could find I can easily see doing 80K once heroic geared and all decked out.

- For little or no effort when it comes to a rotation.

- Man did hunters get the shaft huge when seeing how easy other classes have it.

- I guess that gives me a reason to be proud when I do well, because you know not many will be able to.

- So far all the hunters I have seen in randoms suck and I do not mean suck as in just not doing well, I mean suck as in they really suck.

- Had a hunter doing 23K in my run yesterday, looked at the top three abilities on recount and could not tell what spec he was.

- Pet did 4% of the damage so he was not BM.

- Opening recount I see explosive shot down at number 6, he fired 5 over the course of the boss fight.

- Damn, I can see not understanding all those new cooldowns or not being able to keep up with them because there is so much to handle now, but not even hitting explosive shot means user error, not a gear thing.

- So I inspect, he has every single piece heroic or better, a few LFR pieces and three 489 pieces.

- They are all gemmed, enchanted, and reforged.

- And doing 23K?

- I know hunter rotations are harder now, much harder, but there is no excuse for doing 23K in his gear in a random with the 15% buff.

- 33K maybe in starter gear..

- 43K minimal acceptable with heroic gear.

- 63K decent for his gear.

- He was doing almost half of what would be acceptable in gear less than his.

- He was not the saddest one I ran into this weekend.

- Running randoms with my tank and seeing the only person that was able to beat me was someone from my guild.

- If I bought two DPS from guild we steamrolled every dungeon.

- If I took one, they became harder.

- If I took none, they were all hell.

- Had one DK that kept bitching about everything, the tank (me), the healer (a guild mate), and even tried to kick the healer.

- A tank, a healer and a damage dealer in a dungeon, all in the same guild, do you really think a kick would make it?

- The healer kicked him after that vote to kick him failed.

- The mage put in a shot before he was kicked however.

- We had wiped with the boss having less than 300K three times in a row.

- So the mage posted recount which looked something like this, mage 68K, shadow priest 54K, me as tank 38K and the DK that was saying we were all bad at 18K.

- The mage said, if you could at least beat the tank we would have downed this three attempts ago.

- Don't blame a healer trying to gear up if you are doing less than half what the tank is doing on single target.

- Don't blame the healer if you die on every single fight because you do not know how to move.

- He died, near instantly, to a frontal attack that makes the mobs not move.  Multiple times.

- When the mob started it I moved, and I am the tank, why didn't he move?

- Better question, what the hell was he doing in front of the mob to begin with?

- I've said it once and I will say it again.

- If you are going to talk trash please be sure you are the best player there.

- Or better yet, just shut the hell up and do your job.

- Either help or leave or kick, but no reason to blame your failures on everyone else.

- We got another person, one shot it, because they were doing 45K and not 18K, and it was super easy.

- Like I think I said once before, 30K would be what people should aim for minimal there, every bit more just makes it easier.

- Not saying it can not be done with less, I did a few just me and the healer and I was top DPS every fight.

- Not one person was over 30K, heck, not one person was over 25K.

- We had no problems in a couple because everyone followed mechanics and did things appropriately.

- Doing things right does lower the DPS requirements, because it does not put additional pressure on the healer creating a sort of enrage timer based on healers mana.

- People don't seem to put enough emphasis on doing thing right.

- I think doing things right should rank before DPS.

- If you are doing 20K and doing everything perfectly, I can deal with it, your DPS will get better.

- If you are doing 100K and standing in everything making the healers life hell, I'd just as soon kick you.

- Most randoms without and DPS with us however were nightmares, 12K DPS and standing in everything.

- Yeap, every single group had at least one of those 12K DPS and stand in everything people.

- How the hell did you make it to 90 being that bad?

- I bet you can not tie your shoes because tying shoes is a lot more difficult than randomly hitting damage dealing abilities.

- Even hitting random damage dealing abilities will net you more than 12K at level 90.

- How is it humanly possible to do that low?

- The healer was third place on the DPS charts while keeping everyone alive on most of the fights healing as disc.

- The healer even doubled up one of the damage dealers a few times.

- Started getting my paladin into leveling now, not rushing that one.

- My damage output on it is horrible, doing 6K-9K, so things take forever to die.

- I found a way around that however, pull more mobs.

- The more mobs I have the higher my DPS goes and the faster they all die.

- I made few pulls of 20+ mobs and they went down in roughly the amount of time it would have taken me to kill three single target.

- I have a nice BoA 450 level 86 two handed sword, will go ret after I reach 86.

- I love being able to pull entire zones, but I would rather be able to power through even if it is with only one mob at a time, and in prot single target killing is too slow.

- Will have to switch my warrior to DPS as well when his time comes.

- My druid had no issues leveling as a tank and my DK won't either, but warrior and paladin damage output is just not there.

- My druid was doing triple the damage my paladin was at level 85.

- My DK, quadruple.

- So who will be my next 90?

- My rogue most likely.

- I have my ranged, a hunter, my tank, a druid, my healer, a priest and just need my melee, a rogue.

- My warrior, paladin and DK are all tanks and will always be tanks.

- Might level as DPS if need be, but they will always be tanks.

- I don't think that anyone but a tank should ever be that close to a mob.

- Rogues are okay, because I like to see them die.

- Even if I am the rogue.

- Have I mentioned I hate rogues?

- They deserve to die.

- They wear leather and get right up on a mob.

- Shows they are a little brain dead.

- Letting them die is a good thing, it is natural selection, thinning out the pack, removing the lowest common denominator from the gene pool.

- Anyone that wants to get face to face with some mobs blazing fists while only wearing leather as protection needs to get their head checked.

- For PvP they rock, otherwise, I can live without rogues or any melee class for that matter.

- Being my main is at least revered with every one of the big four it allows me time to play with my alts now being I do not have to press dailies any more for reputation.

- I will still do them for some valor at the beginning of the week each week, but that is about it.

- They need to double the amount of valor you get on everything.

- 10 per quest, 120 per dungeon for the first run and 60 each additional, stuff like that.

- Capping takes way to long now and someone that has a lot of alts they like to gear up will not be able to do it.

- And casual players will never cap.

- Heck I know a bunch of people I would even call semi hard core and they can not handle capping two characters because they have a life.

- If you can not spend at least 5 or 6 hours a day at the game you can not effectively cap multiple characters.

- I would guestimate I spend roughly 3 hours a day on my main and I can barely get everything done.

- Then again, I do like to fart around a lot being it is the beginning of the expansion.

- I fly by every rare spawn point, all rare item points, etc.

- It takes me three times as long to get to the shado-pan dailies than it does to do them.

- I can do them in 20 minutes, I spend an hour getting there.

- My own fault I guess.

- As soon as I find all the rare finds and I got all the goodies I can get from rare kills I am sure my traveling will go a lot faster.

- I love the white tiger dailies, they are quick and easy.

- That is what I am expecting the brawlers club to be like.

- That has hunter written all over it, could be lots of fun.

- For hunters at least.

- I can not solo like I do on my hunter with any other class in the game.

- Perhaps if I spent as much time on the other classes I would get better at them.

- But I still think hunters have an immediate advantage over other classes thanks to their pet.

- I can solo every single rare, without a problem and even with 6 or so adds on them, before I was geared on my hunter.

- I can not kill one freaking panda solo on my priest.

- Even people that do not like pet classes have to respect that anything is easier when you do not have something beating on you.

- Hence the reason hunter pets rule.

- Finished up the shado-pan achievement for not taking any damage from certain quests.

- Did them all with protector yi.

- That guy is a walking aggro magnet.

- But he did give me the best laugh I've had so far this expansion.

- I was looking through my achievements while flying when one of those guys sent those purple swirls at me in the air.

- I moved right, it hit protector yi who was to my left.

- He made his battle cry announcement, dismounted, and instantly fell to his death.

- It was awesome.

- Even typing this and thinking of it just made me laugh again.

- Now if only I can get credit for doing the quests with him.

- Still not working.

- Being I made it to revered on my main and wanted to take a break and not get right into to many dailies with the others I played around with pet battles some this weekend.

- It is addictive.

- I kept saying, just one more, just one more.

- Before I knew it three hours had passed and I had to force myself to stop.

- I needed to get to bed.

- But I did not want to.

- I was having fun battling trying to get rares of every single type of mob I could find.

- Some pets are near impossible to find.

- I went through one area and saw a pet that was poor and killed it, 2 hours later I never saw another of the time type.

- So there is rare in quality and rare finds.

- So you need to get double lucky to find stuff.

- I keep leveling new pets so as not to kill ones I want to catch by accident.

- While in the low level areas I can level to 5 easily.

- Just to give you an example of how hard it was to find rares of some things, I leveled up 18 pets to level 5 just farming areas hoping to find at least one rare of each pet.

- And still did not get them all.

- I guess in a way it is a good thing, as I level up no matter who I come across I will have the appropriate pets at the appropriate level to fight them.

- I am going to keep rotating while trying to catch everything in each area.

- Should mean I will easily have 75 leveled when all is said and done.

- If I remember correctly, that is exactly what I will need to get all the achievements.

- Maybe there is one for 100 and I missed it.

- 75 just seems like an odd number.

- Either way, as I get more free time I can see myself really wasting a lot of time with these.

- Pet battles can be a fun way to pass the time.

- And you can do it while falling asleep at the keyboard, like I almost did last night before I forced myself to get off.

- Damn pet battles are addictive.

- Have a great day all.


  1. Yay for paladin levelling. Prot is terrible at dps unless you have a ton of stuff beating on you for vengeance. I go ret for quests now which I never used to. I thought my survivability would go through the floor as I was used to pulling packs at a time. Instead I seem to have better survivability as ret than prot when questing.

    So seriously I recommend going ret, it will speed it up no end and you can still pull half the zone if you want. It was a quest at the end of Townlong Steppes (I'd done loremaster as I was going along) before I had my first death as ret. I'd had a few close calls with packs of 6-10 mobs but I'd not had to corpse run in Pandaria until then. So go ret seriously.

    Divine Purpose procs, Divine storm healing glyph, damage reduction from Templar's verdict, dps increased after punching WoG. The same bubbles and LoH if things get tricky plus Blinding Light to get some breathing room. Honestly I'm going to see one day if I can get a guild group to let me try tanking as ret in dungeons. It's viable as you still can slap on Righteous Fury. I do that in scenarios and I haven't died once and I never have a healer with the friends I go with. Though in all fairness nothing hits very hard in scenarios.

    I hate my rogue too and I've decided not to bother levelling it. I'll bug the rogue in guild if I get any lockboxes this xpac or craft myself some keys.

    Oh and pet battles are addictive. I got three pets to level 8 at the start of the xpac. I've not allowed myself to start again as I have higher priority stuff to do. It's hard though as I really want achievements.

    Anyway nice thought post :)

    1. Any blacksmith can make keys to open boxes early on, might even be cataclysm level needed to make 450 keys, so do not even need a rogue for that.

      I had to hold off on doing pet battles too, I dabbled in it here and there but not like yesterday. I wanted to at least get all factions to revered before I let myself get side tracked.

      I used to tank as ret while leveling and even tanked with all ret gear in prot spec when I first hit 85 and no one ever even noticed. That is how I built my tank set. Of course I had a pocket healer for the first few runs while doing it and he said I was easier to heal than most random tanks. Case of skill > gear. And I am not a very skilled paladin tank so that just goes to show you how bad most are.

      I think you would be able to tank in ret as a paladin, in frost as a DK, in feral as a druid or in arms as a warrior with few to no problems what so ever.

      You might have some threat issues, which a stance can fix for all, but little to no survivability issues once really nicely geared. Being active mitigation is so integrated once you see yourself tanking it without ever needing to use any of that active mitigation you will be able to tank it in a DPS spec. The only worry is spike damage due to crits which you would not get otherwise.

      I am going to go arms on my warrior and ret on my paladin for leveling.

    2. Ret gear as a pally tank is better than a lot of tank gear. We need to get hit and hard expertise capped now, and prefer haste over mastery and bam makes dps gear very attractive. Dodge and parry aren't bad but unless you're already hit/exp capped you'll be reforging out of them. Stats have completely turned upside down. It used to be gobs of mastery and doge/parry to the avoidance cap.

      Tanking dungeons as prot is boring which is why I'd like to see how far I'd get as ret. With the stamina trinkets from Direbrew (which are the best ones pre-raid given the stat shakeup, larger health pools are part of the new model) I have over 500k health when buffed. With seal of insight for passive self healing, and Bastion of Glory charged Word of Glory heals you're golden even if the healer afks. Prot dps in dungeons is rubbish single target but if you pull everything and consecrate, Hammer of Righteous and Holy Wrath on cd you can pull 40-50k easily. Not as good as some, my blood dk friend can reach 80k sometimes with a lot of mobs. Anyway, the biggest adjustment is the rotation, it doesn't flow like it used too, or like ret does. True the heartbeat rotation wasn't the most inspiring but now it's not that inspiring and feels disjointed. My two paladin tank friends, one's gone blood dk (the one I mentioned) and the others gone brewmaster. I love my paladin and I hope that I'll appreciate the new rotation more once we start raiding. I'm having trouble recruiting dps but we're going on the 27th even if I have to pug.

      I just levelled an arms warrior to 90 and it went really well. Before as a warrior I was always rage starved, bored and in a contest to see if I could kill the mob before it could kill me (as there's no self healing like on a pally). It's so different now, now I have more rage than I know what to do with. I loved pulling loads of mobs and then winding up at full health thanks to Victory Rush.

      Oh one question how do you not get bored levelling the same way over and over? I was levelling my druid and I was in Kun-Lai and thinking to myself I just did these quests on my warrior. I had to stop for a bit and take a break before I could come back and get on with it. How do you just get on with it?

    3. Didn't do Heroics during Cata but I can confirm that as Frost-in-Blood-spec you can easily Tank Dungeons even in the minimum iLevel.

      And when running through 'obsolete' content the same setup makes for a breeze compared to 'real' Tanks.

      Wonder wether you regard (DPS) Ferals as crazy too.

      Won't beat the drum on why people don't really need alts, too much in a happy mood atm.

    4. @Taitrina

      Glad you mentioned it but I was feeling as if I was missing something from my tanking rotation since the change. I kept thinking, at least I have time for the active mitigation being I have nothing else to use DPS wise. Not sure if it is just me but are there really only 2 single target abilities? Meaning things that will only hit one mob no matter what.

      Victory rush was needed for warriors, leveling one before that came out was a nightmare. Not as bad as a rogue but a nightmare none the less.

      I take it as a personal challenge. How effective I can be leveling. Faster or more streamlined. I like to quest so it helps me a lot. I like the random nature of getting junk from mobs and such even if I hate the RNG naturally for questing it makes things fun. Nothing better then just going about your questing and a purple BoE drops. That rocks.

      It does get boring but being I am always pushing my self to do it better and more efficiently it keeps me happy. I will also mix things up sometimes just for the hell of it. Like my paladin is fishing at every single pool she passes. Just to break things up some.


      They are cats, they are a horse of a different color. I figured them as animals so even if they do wear leather like rogues, they are led by animal instinct. So crazy yes, but by nature, not by being hit in the head a few too many times like rogues. :P

      I think people need alts, I know I do. I like to have the ability to fill any role. I like to have the ability to craft everything for myself. I like to have the ability to mix things up and do things differently sometimes. I like to have the ability to take the flavor of the month character into something just for an added boost. I like that each class / spec has something I like about it so it gives me a reason to play it if what it has is something I am in the mood for. I think everyone should have all 10 (now 11) classes as max level and all professions at max level. I see no reason why people would not want to be able to do everything. That makes no sense to me.

      Even in old school RPGs like FF I always leveled up all my characters, not just the ones I used. I always got them all the best gear, not just the ones I used. Even if I had no intention of ever using them I think that not making sure they were leveled and geared meant I was not playing the complete game.

    5. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that you reply to comments? It's like having a conversation and you always have interesting things to say.

      As for paladin single target. Talking about protection there's Crusader Strike, Judgement, Shield of Righteous, Hammer of Wrath and glyphed Holy Wrath. You used to be able to glyph Avengers Shield to be single target as well but it's not something I've checked on, it could have been removed in Mists. The rotation is definitely very wonky if you can only hit only thing though (and there's more stuff about that you can't hit) as it leaves a lot of holes in it. I remember having to do that on occasion, hitting Crusader Strike and Judgement, and just waiting for things to tick off cd.

      Oh and for what you said about alts and professions I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that. I have every class 80+, and all professions 525+ (all but two at 600) because otherwise I feel like I'm not experiencing the whole game. For the same reason I've rolled a second paladin horde side. Horde is half the game so I'll be getting loremaster on the other side of the fence when time permits. I like to say I'm a completionist, probably why I chase achievements too. Plus it means I know a little bit about most stuff, so when people ask for help I at least know where to point them for information. Also as a raid leader sure I could read about what other classes can do with cooldowns, interrupts, stuns etc. but unless you've experienced the reality even occasionally it's hard to fully understand. I'm someone that has to see it to really get it. I can read tactics and watch videos all day and I won't really grasp it until the first attempt. Same with everything else.

      Anyway thanks for this blog. I check everyday to see if there's a new post. It always makes for an interesting read.

    6. Glad you enjoy it. I like to reply because that is what blogs should be, a sort of conversation. Even if just saying thanks.

      I am just using judgement and crusaders strike, did not count shield as it requires holy power so it is not part of the normal can always do it rotation. Hammer and wrath hit two so I don't use them if I am trying to single target. Might have to look into the glyph, thanks for mentioning it.

      I am only missing two maxed at the moment as well. Blacksmith and engineering, both of which as still in stormwind and can easily max out as soon as I get some spirits once I get out in the world.

      I have max (was max) horde characters too the for the same reason. They will not see 90 any time soon but will get there as well.

      Glad you like the posts, even if they are often pretty long. :)

  2. For the achievement of doing the quest with the shado-pan, make sure the guy is of his mount (either the kite or the tiger) before turning the quest in.

    I'm tracking the achievement with overachiever, and everytime I finished the quest and the guy was on the mount I didn't get credit for it.

    1. I will try that but I am sure I have turned in at least 15 when I was with him while he was dismounted or back at the original place I took them. I had read something online that said turning them in to him does not work, so I was always going back to the original quest giver.

      I had no problem with the rogue, did three sets, turned in all quests, some while the rogue was mounted, and had no problem getting that part done.

      Just seems to be protector yi not giving me credit. Either way, I will try it, thanks.

  3. I had credit for turning in the quest to him. The only time I didn't get credit was when he was mounted.

    1. Was meant as a reply for the post above, sorry :s

    2. It is worth a try, next time I get him I will do that.

      Maybe I never turned in a total of 15 off the mount.

  4. WOW, my rogue has no problem, but I swear, my druid is horrible! I am always DPS, but had to switch to "bear" (ugh) to survive the first few quests in Mists. I have no idea I guess how to play him since teh big change to talents, etc, so if you can poke my hide with a stick in the proper direction, I would appreciate it (like you did with me hunter). Thanks in advance.

    -roo (who usually doesn't ask for advice)

    1. I guess it comes down to what we are more comfortable with playing and what we enjoy playing more. As I always say, you will do better doing something you like to do.

      I do not like being a rogue so that and the fact I am not really comfortable with it in solo content is why I suck at it. I can do well in a raid, but not solo.

      Not sure what to say as druid but that I quest as bear. I do everything as bear.

      Faerie fire to pull, charge (now that it is free), mangle, lacerate, thrash and swipe. That is your rotation.

      If mangle procs, hit that first and keep priority, a mangle proc would replace swipe as that is lowest priority.

      Hit maul every time you have the rage, I macro it into mangle so 3 is mangle and shift 3 is mangle with swipe, being you are questing you will rarely have the need for rage defensively. Make sure you have glyph of maul in so it hits two targets.

      You also have a whole mess of defensive cooldowns that do not require rage like barkskin that should be used often being it is a short cooldown. With all the defensive and offensive cooldowns you can mow through quest mobs and as a bear, with vengeance, the more the better. Unlike warriors and paladins bears do solid damage, even single target they can and will often do double the damage the shield tanks do.

      As a side note, you can use the same exact gear for feral and guardian as far as questing goes. Even if you have everything gemmed and enchanted and reforged for feral it works perfectly well in guardian. I would not suggest tanking a random at low item levels with that set up, but for questing a tank set it not needed at all.

    2. thanks Grump! That gives me something to sit and think on. Appreciate it. I did some changes on me Hunter, but I dont like them. Changed out Murder of Crows for the pet ability to go over the place (sorry, forgot the name of it, but it is for the pet) and also changed out to wyvern (SIC) sting, but am going back to silent shot. Also going back to MoC too. :( But I have 5 of the upteen new rares captured. :D

    3. I don't bother with rares unless I like the skin and plan to use it. Not enough stable space to hold them all. :(

      Lynx rush is great, too bad they are nerfing the crap out of it next patch. It does look cool when it got psycho on a mob with it. It is being nerfed because of BM burst with it. If there is a 400K mob and you hit BW and LR at the same time the mob is dead. That is too powerful, not for PvE really but for PvP with it hunters can kill any class one on one easily with 2 moves, and they do not like us getting any love.

      Amazing how paladins go through two entire expansions over powered and they do nothing. DKs have been over powered since they entered the game and they do nothing. Mages are always powerful since the inception of the game and they do nothing. Hunters get some serious burst, the change it the first patch they can instantly.

      If you ever wanted more proof the developers hate hunters that is it.

  5. Maybe Yi won't give you credit because you keep laughing at his death!!

    (I am smiling just reading about it, so I can only imagine for you.)

    1. Hey... if he doesn't want me laughing he can just stop dying. :P

  6. Finally got Revered with GL. Also got Klaxxi to revered. Tillers and Cloud Serpent are exalted. The Goat mounts look stupid and I don't like that the cloud serpents have no ground animations; don't like mounts that are always flying.

    iLvl is up to 470 now as well.

    Did my first day of SP dailies. Didn't like them. Just as you warned, Protector Yi is horrible. I needed to kill one elite in the spirit area. By the time I had finished the spirit quest, I had killed at least 4 elites and probably a dozen of the other mobs that you only need to kill 6 of. Guy needs to take some aggro management classes...

    I actually valor capped this week for the first time since 90, so I did pet battles yesterday and I took the day off today. Daily burnout...

    We were supposed to raid on Fri/Sat but couldn't get a group together. Instead on Sat, we did H-BoT, H-Throne, and H-FL. It was super fun. I had never even been in BoT and had no H kills for Throne or FL. We zerged almost everything. 9 manned all of H-FL except Rag. H-Rag was the hardest and that took us 6 tries I think. Just H-BWD left, but we were all tired after Rag so left it for another time.

    1. Congrats on 470, you are already ready for the next set of looking for raid stuff that comes out now.

      Only needed to kill 4? He was taking it easy on you because it was your first time. How many turtles that were not bothering anyone did he decide to charge and make you fight?

      I should do some 85 heroic content now, did not even think of scheduling that stuff for some fun. Thanks for the idea.