Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Steady/Cobra/Barrage Now Usable While Moving

Holy crap, is this update for real?  What is fox going to be used for now if we can do cobra and steady shot while moving?

I know it is just the PTR but the idea that it is on there means it has a chance, a real chance, of making it live.

This would be awesome but we would now have no real use for fox, ever, will we get another aspect to replace it?  If so what type of aspect do you think should replace it.

I would love to see aspect of the beast make a return in some way, maybe where it increases pet damage by 10% instead of our damage like hawk does effectively giving beast mastery a different aspect they would want to be in.  Might not be the best idea but would be an interesting one I think.

What aspect should replace fox?  Make one up.


  1. The PVP anon. Just in case, the reason behind this particular update is PVP, they are trying to cut the ridiculous burst of BM hunters and this change is compensating for that. The change is supposed to have little effect for PVE, although it is obvious that it provides a boost on movement fights. I suppose they will just get rid of Aspect of the Fox now.

    1. When I PvP I am usually in fox most of the time and switch to hawk when I have the chance to stand still. In PvE I am in hawk mostly and switch to fox during heavy movement.

      It was never really an issue with either, if anything it makes me PvE life easier, one less thing to micro manage for me and hunters have WAY to much to manage already.

      If anything it is a huge boost to me PvP wise. For better PvP hunters that used hawk more often than I it will be a quality of life change like it is for me in PvE but for me it will be a huge boost to my PvP potential.

    2. Yeah, I know being able to shoot more shots on the move is a boost. I meant that they did several other changes which reduced the burst of BM hunters, and this change is intended to partly compensate for that.

    3. Not sure how much it could compensate for it really. But I agree in PvP BM was way over powered. I could take out any class one on one using only two buttons. 4 and shift 4 for bestial wrath and lynx rush and you are dead, no ifs ands or buts about it. Worst case I might need to throw a kill command in there and a shot or two. The BW & LR combo by itself will hit for anywhere between 300K-500K in crap gear.

  2. Aspect of the Hawk - dps bonus, use 99.9% of the time, Aspect of the Iron Hawk - talent adds dmg redux

    Aspect of the Pack - mass stun your raid group, rarely useful (H:Hagara as an exception)

    Aspect of the Cheetah - glyphed for non-dazed speed boosts, very handy

    Aspect of the Beast - untrackable glyph, maybe useful against other hunters in PvP but waste of a glyph, imo...

    I want an aspect for extreme soloing/pet tanking to give better survivability at the expense of a dps loss for not using Hawk.

    For example:
    (new) Aspect of the Fox - You take on the aspect of a fox, increasing the ability to dodge attacks for you and your pet

    Aspect of the Turtle - You take on the aspect of a turtle, increasing the armor level for you and your pet

    Aspect of the Bat - You take on the aspect of a bat. Some of the damage dealt by you and your pet steals life from your foes, healing you and your pet

    Something like that. Probably the Life steal would be the best one.

    1. Those are some good ideas. I like the one for soloing, that would be awesome. Increased armor and/or dodge would be a nice thing.

      The bat one sounds cool too.

      Sad part is I think this means the removal of aspects are coming soon and not the addition of new ones but I would love too see a few more new ones.

    2. OMG, I hope you are wrong (and yes, I nkow, days late on comments, but then, the flu strikes anyone) but me cat says you are probably right that aspects are being re-vamped or removed (why won't they leave us alone!). Do ya think they will be doing this because of the talent "iron hawk" - that if a hunter wants a "hawk" then it has to be taken as a talent (forcing me to give up spirit bond)? Interesting.

    3. I am almost 100% certain that they will be removing aspects as we know them. They might replace them with talents as they have been saying for some time now that they want to remove the whole aspect thing. This just gives them more reason too. Lets face it, pack and cheetah are used so rarely so all we have is hawk now. I used wild a hundred times more often than I use pack and cheetah and they removed that one instead of reworking it. They are doing everything they can to get rid of them one at a time.