Thursday, December 22, 2011

Your Characters Christmas Wish List

What would you get your characters for Christmas?

My Hunter -

My Hunters wish list would include the last piece of the meta achievements it always seems I miss.  I am missing 1 thing from glory of the raider, 1 from glory of the ulduar raider, 1 from glory of the icecrown raider, 1 thing from nearly everything.  For Christmas I want a group of people that would be willing to help him get that last piece.  Even if it required a few wipes to make it happen.

My Priest -

She would love to have a decent ground effect AoE heal, something like a healing rain or at least a shorter, much shorter, cooldown for the AoE shield.  Why can't she have something that is a constant effect like all other classes?

Speaking of adjusting AoE heals for her, it would be nice for the prayer of healing to actually work correctly and not be tied to only party any more.  Priest are the only class I've noticed that have to actively be placed in specific groups for their AoE to work correctly and it only works on that group.  Bad design blizzard, my priest wants it fixed.

My Shaman -

Would love better combat regen but is willing to be understanding as to why she does not have it.  Shaman heals are powerful but they oom fast in long fights.  If they had better regen then they do and did not need to have the most mana conserving users playing them to get the maximum effect from them they would be total over powered.

Being this is a wish list however, she does wish to have better combat regen.  Oh, and one instant heal.  Even if it is a small one.  Just something that is instant so they have something they can use on the run here and there.

My Warrior -

More engineer goggles.  Each time a new patch comes out, come out with updated goggles.  Not really that hard to do is it?  Goggles are dead sexy and should have a longer shelf life then just the beginning of an expansion.  Transmog helps but while others might think we are wearing them, we know we are not.

My Rogue -

A hunter type of ability like steady shot.  Focus and energy are the same thing with one difference.  The difference is hunters use a filler to regenerate focus where the rogue... waits.  That is my biggest problem with playing a rogue.  The waiting.  I just can not get a handle on playing a class where I need to wait to do things.  To each their own I guess, but my wish it to make them more rapid fire and less wait to fire.

My Death Knight -

I want the will to clean up on my DK.  It is my bank character with a full bank and I know some of that stuff is junk and I can just get rid of it but I never have the will to do it.  I wish for the will to actually clean up my bank some.

My Paladin -

A spec besides Protection that does not bore the ever living hell out of me.  I can't do holy or retribution.  I mean I can do them, I just can't enjoy doing them.  Not sure why, they just do not work for me.

My Warlock -

I wish for a rotation that did not seem to take a year and a day to get through.  Heck, I would like a rotation where I could occasionally finish it before the mobs die.  I do not mind ramp up time but when the ramp up time takes longer to set in motion than cooking breakfast does, there is a problem here.

My Mage -

More polymorph glyphs.   I always consider mages the comic relief in the game, even more so if they are gnomes, as all good mages should be.  I would love to see them have a myriad of things they could poly into.  Just for laughs make a santas little helper poly for the holidays, things like that.

My Druid -

Sunglasses for the cat dance.  That would be a nice start.  Tree form back as the standard and not a cooldown.  They would be nice too.  A ranged interrupt for my bear would be a god send.


  1. For your shaman, unleash elements with earthliving enchant (which u should have as a healer) is an instant heal , small but instant :P

    About waiting on rogues , I play a combat rogue at high end level , currently ilvl395 , with the amount of haste I have i barely have a GCD to hit Feint or use Tricks of trade on cooldown without capping on energy . I know it might suck to wait for energy in other specs ie assassination or sub but if you want to play a rapid fire spec then combat is the way to go.

  2. Yeap, I use unleash elements with earth living. Have a mouseover macro on 7 for that, but as the 7 might show you, it is something that I do not use often.

    I switched to combat for the daggers. I will not be getting the legendary versions, but the 2 397s are good enough for a rarely played alt.

    At the moment at 347 item level, as you can guess, my regen is no where near yours. One day I might get it up there but if I had to guess the only time my rogue will see even 380 item level is when MoP comes out.