Friday, December 16, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting

Over all the LFR has been good to me.  Not from a loot standpoint, but I will moan about that later.  From the standpoint of how often I get bad randoms, which is not many, and the fact they are so easy means the one in five players that are bad does not seem to stand out as much as it does in a five man.

Even in the better groups it feels as if I am a babysitter.  Sometimes I feel like I am the only adult thrown into a room of 5 year olds that have not had any parental supervision for hours and it is my job to make them calm down.

In one run yesterday I had a shaman, who if I where into the naming and shaming thing would have his name plastered all over my blog so everyone knows about him, that was about as big a jerk as you possibly can be in a group setting.

He pulled everything.  This is someone that has apparently never played a healer or a tank.  He does not realize that while it might seem as if the tank is moving slow that the tank might be moving slow for a reason.  There is this little thing called mana, any mana user that is not an enhancement shaman knows that you need it.  Just because enhancement shaman can go all day long and never be under 90% mana doesn't mean all classes work that way.

After the first trash, which he pulled, the healers who where caught off guard and had to spam their fast expensive heals to keep him and the other DPS that followed the idiot into battle alive, needed to sit for mana.  He decided to pull the next pack.

The tanks did what the tanks do, they picked up the mobs each time but it is frustrating when you are not pulling because you know the healers need mana and someone is yelling go go go.  Even worse when they start pulling themselves.

The mental midget also told anyone that died to release and come back or they would be kicked.  He said, if you died it is because you are a baddie and you do not deserve a rez.  Attitudes like his are what really ruins the game for most people.  Of course none of those people got kicked.  No one was going to follow this jerks lead.

When he pulled the boss however, we all had to follow his lead of live with a wipe.  Three people still dead because he pulled the boss before they could be revived and he said it was their fault for not releasing and coming back, to just lay there dead like the baddies they are and be happy we are carrying their sorry asses.

Funny part was at the end of the fight he was 6K DPS below me.  BTW, did I mention I was one of the tanks.  Yeap, he, Mr 6K less than the tank, was carrying the dead people that he did not think where important enough to revive.

Even better, one of the people that was dead and we did the boss without, we later saw was doing nearly 4 times the DPS he was, while avoiding all the bad and not pulling for the tanks.  So because they died on trash really meant they where bad.  Nice way to judge a person Mr 6K less then the tank.  Maybe they died because you pulled the packs without all the healers there and the healers lost some people trying to keep up with some idiot that had no business pulling mobs?  I'm guessing they died because you are bad, not because they are bad.

So, with his logic, he was carrying someone much better then him because he caused their death.  I'm willing to bet this person did not pass many classes that required any form of logic in school.

When we landed in the slime boss area, before even half the people where there, he pulls one of the slime packs.  I was there, I did nothing to pull them off him, I let his ass die and then picked up the slimes.  The people that where there worked on the slimes and we got them down.

Someone asked, who the hell keeps pulling.  I said, there is only one dead person and they died on the pull.  Take a guess.  It was at that point that I believe people started to try and kick him but being one of the slimes dropped a green item and he did not roll on it, we could not.

He was gaming the system.  He knew no one could kick while in combat, while rolling on loot and shortly after combat so he made sure to keep the group in combat the whole time.  He never rolled on any loot unless he was need rolling on it so that would hang him up between bosses so he could not be kicked either.

He pulled all the slime packs, even when the tanks where waiting on healers mana.  He died on a couple of them, demanding a revive which is funny considering he was telling everyone to release and come back or be kicked.  After he demanded a revive he was still telling others that.  His reason, the game gave me raid lead, it is his raid, you do what he says or he will kick you. 

Personally I think he should have never been revived.  They should have let his stinking corpse rot there for eternity.  The person that revived him deserved a kick as much as he did for bringing him back to life so he could pull more packs and not get kicked.

On the boss he learned, he pulled with his wolves before everyone was ready.  We where missing three DPS and one healer.  The rest of the raid was waiting, he was, go go go, we do not need a full group for this joke content.  Joke content while he could not break 11K with a 372 item level, interesting statement coming from him.

While that might be true and I too consider it joke content, if you are not going to play right, don't play.  I've always lived by that rule and I would never in a million years embarrass myself by only doing 11K in the LFR.  18K or less in a 25 man with a 372 item level requirement and you need to go back to what I just said, if you are not going to play right, don't play.

We down the boss, of course he does not roll on loot he would just greed on because he can not win it and if he does not roll on it he can not be kicked.

He does more of the same on the next trash and even the next boss.  We almost wipe because when the fight started there were still 4 DPS not there (probably waiting at the last boss for the roll to finish), 2 DPS missing and 2 healers missing.  We barely, and I mean barely made it.  I did a rallying cry at the last second which was enough to keep people alive for a few more seconds and we downed it.

He started with his release and come back or be kicked bull crap again but he forgot one simple thing.  The timer on loot would run out before the next boss and when it did, he was gone.  Thank god.

I even voted to kick him.  Yes, me, the person that never kicks anyone.  I am sick and tired of people with this attitude in the game.  Blizzard needs to take action against them.

Some might say we still did it so what is the big deal.  Some might say I am over reacting.  I say what I always say, if you are not going to play right, don't play.  He was playing wrong on purpose.  I'd actually call that griefing.

Good thing I do not see a lot of people like that in the LFR.  I've been lucky that way, but there have been a handful of jerks here and there.  He was the only one that had really gotten on my nerves so far.  I am sure that is what he was aiming at, to piss people off.

The same run there was a shaman complaining that someone else won two things he wanted and should be kicked because they are not doing anything.  They where doing 24K and lived, the shaman was doing 13K and didn't.  Excuse me?  Who doesn't know how to play?

I've also noticed another trend starting in the looking for raid.  Whoever wins loot off the first boss is kicked.  They could be the best player in there, doesn't make a difference.  Did four yesterday, three of them saw a person that won something on the first boss kicked.

I think that is because people have realized the bug in the rolling system. If you win something off the first boss you will win everything you roll on the rest of the way.  This means, hunter wins someone on first boss, other hunter gets pissed knowing he will not win anything now, losing hunter kicks winning hunter.  Or shaman or warrior kicks winning hunter because they do not want that hunter winning their tier token.

That can be fixed on blizzards end.  Make the loot rolls random and not whoever wins first almost always win.

I've experienced it on both ends.  My hunter has won on the first boss and won every roll that run.  My shaman once had the same thing.  My druid as well.  Those are the only three times I have ever won anything on the first boss.

All my other characters and all my other runs, I have won nothing.  The only time I win is when I win everything.  It is an everything or nothing system in there.

Just my luck that my hunters run where he won 4 things, there were three gloves and one boots.  My shaman, won boots and shoulders.  My bear, won a trinket and legs.  Yes, all three where win on the first and win everything else I rolled on.

How come when I get that first win nothing else for my class ever seems to drop.  When I was on my bear and won the trinket on the first boss I was excited.  It meant I would totally gear up this run.  Did not work that way.  Not one druid token dropped and only one piece of leather for me dropped. 

The only other piece of leather that did drop was one with spirit and I am not a jerk, even if I could use it for offspec, let someone else have it that needs it for main spec.  I knew I would win it if I rolled and it would have felt like I was stealing it from someone that really could use it.

The second time my hunter got lucky and won that first roll, that was the only piece of hunter loot that dropped the whole run and guess what?  It was another set of gloves.  Another wasted chance at abusing the bad rolling system because nothing dropped for me.  Heck, nothing that I could even hit need on dropped the rest of the run.

Warrior, four runs in it with him now, not one single piece of gear has dropped that I could even roll on.  How is that possible?  I have such loot issues sometimes.  No luck.  What are the odds of four runs and not one piece of plate, tank ring or finger or weapon or shield dropping?

Each character I've taken to the weapon loot pinata known as madness for my easy 390 weapons at least once.  Over all my characters, yes, every single one of my million 85s, only one weapon has ever dropped that I was even capable of hitting need on.  What are the odds that nothing will drop that can be used on any of the characters while I am on that character?  It has to be astronomical.  I am not complaining about losing loot.  It happens, I am just grumpy because I have not been able to roll.  I think rolling, even if you lose, it fun.  On the plus side, I got a sweet new staff last night in the real raid, but this isn't about real raids.

Oh, and that one thing that did drop that I could roll on was a mace with an on heal proc.  It was won by a non healer.  WTF?

I don't mind so much with the loot really.  Just kind of sucks to run the raids and never once have even one thing I can hit need on drop.  Twice now that has happened.  Four bosses, not one need button for me the entire run.

Like I said, I can live with that, but I really hate having to babysit people in the looking for raid.  Blizzard has to establish a group code of conduct.  I know, it really should not need to be set because people should know it already, but they do not.  We need to babysit them and that is just not right.  They are the mods, it is their game, they should be the babysitters.

Be civil to each other.

A simple rule if you ask me.  Stop acting like 5 year olds that are running around without your parents.  Just play the game the way it is intended, have some fun, maybe even a few laughs and joke around some, and get your loot and valor and move on with your day.  Is it really that hard?

For some people it sure seems it.  Usually you can tag them as soon as you enter.  They are the ones foaming at the mouth in raid with garbage in every post.  They are the ones that call anyone that rolls on the same loot as them a baddie.  They are the ones that start complaining about anything and everything before the first pull or they are the ones that are the not the tank and initiate the first pull.

Another thing that gets me is who the game sets as leader.  Really.

Once, yes, only once, have I see someone label the second tank as a tank in the raid frames.  When healing this really helps me.  Apparently whomever is lead never knows how to do this or if they do know they never do it.

Sorry, but if you are not capable of labeling the second tank as a tank, not capable of starting ready checks or placing markers, you are not capable of being the raid leader.  Raid leader requirements are so minimal in the looking for raid and yet I have still only seen one LFR raid leader that even had a clue.

When I get lead when I go in, which only seems to happen when I am on my shaman, I set the second tank as a tank and then pass lead to the main tank for ready checks.  Why can't everyone else do that?  It is not like it is hard, it is not like it takes more then 2 seconds.

Oh, I got it, it is because they should not be given raid lead to begin with.  Give raid lead to the babysitters, not the babies.

It is bad enough we have to run with them, we deal with it.  But I don't care what anyone says, I am not changing their diapers.


  1. I don't understand the "marking the second tank as a tank" part. My UI is set up not to show tanks by default (it's not a big issue in 10-mans for me as I just check the characters' names) but the Blizzard raid frames do and every single time I was in LFR on both of my level 85 characters, it showed both tanks. (If we had both of them, that is.)

    I agree with the leaders not really leading though.

  2. If you open the raid panel you can click and change someone to main tank. Doing that helps some add ons like heal bot place people marked as tanks in the tank slot. This makes it easier to find the tanks to heal them.

    While the in game raid frames do put the offtank on the tank side it is not labeled a tank for raid purposes.

    If the raid leader, or assist, would just click on the second tanks name and change it to tank, everything would be perfect.

    Anyone that does not know how that is done has no business being a raid leader, in my opinion at least.

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