Friday, December 2, 2011

LFR - Shoe is on the Other Foot

Everyone and their mother is trying out the looking for raid so anything we see now is not how things might turn out but so far there has been an interesting chain of events when people enter the queue and perhaps blizzard can learn something from it.

When you queue up for a dungeon my wait times right now are roughly...
Tank - Instant
Healer - 3-10 minutes
DPS - 15-25 minutes.

When you queue up for a raid right now with the new raid finder they are roughly...

Tank - 15-25 minutes
Healer - 3-10 minutes
DPS -  Instant

Looking at the information at hand it makes it seem as if healers are in a good place.  Perhaps the best place in the game.  They have the same queue time no matter what they do.  They always know what to expect.

DPS are either long or instant and tanks are either long or instant.

This has brought out a flurry of tanks crying and I am loving their tears, every minute of them.  Not saying all tanks are like this but it seems a large portion of random tanks think they are something "special" and are now demanding to have their instant queue back.

All I can say to them is they can have a DPS offspec.  They can fix their problem.  Pure DPS that complain about the long wait for dungeons have no choice.  They have a right to complain.  You do not.

Other people have suggested going as a DPS offspec to them and they fight it off as if it is someone insulting them.  Guess most of the tanks that live on the forums can dish it out but they can not take it.  Hey, at least they have a choice.  They can get instant each way.  Pure's can't.  I personally must say I love to see them cry.  I shows they where right, they are "special", just not in the way they think.

I don't see this trend continuing however.  Tanks are fewer in number and being there is no real reason to run this more then once a week unless you are just doing it for practice, once tanks run they will be gone from the queue.  Once tanks get everything they need, they will be gone from the queue.  The numbers will fall in line.

I think the 2, 6, 17 format is close to what the numbers should be.  If anything I think 1, 4, 20 is probably more accurate of what the community would need to be perfect.  Just ballpark guesses of course, I've no data to back up that guess.

It is amazing to read the forums and see all the people that used to tell the DPS to suck it up now cry.

How does the shoe feel on the other foot?

I am going to attempt tanking and healing the LFR for randoms this weekend if I have time.  That is exactly what this is meant for.  For something to do on weekends when normally I am just achievement hunting, leveling an alt, or not playing because there is nothing to do in game.

I will not complain when my tank has to wait 25 minutes because I am used to it.  I am a damage dealer as a main.  I am used to it.  I will just sit back and enjoy playing what is most possibly the easiest roll in the game.  Raid tank.

From my standpoint, this is what LFR is made for.  Something simple and easy I can do just for fun on characters I don't play often.  I will not mind the 25 minute wait because I will be happy to actually have something to do in game on the weekends now.

No shoe on the other foot for me.  I run my DPS during the week in dungeons and wait and tanks on the weekend in raids and wait.  I'm fine with that.

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  1. If you check the hotfixes that were deployed yesterday, there was a problem with the LFD algorithm. Essentially, if you checked the tanking box, it shoved you into a tanking slot, regardless of if there were available slots in the other roles you selected.