Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm a Baddie x 2

I had an enjoyable day yesterday in a way most might find different.  Twice I got called a bad player while on my hunter.  Both times were by apparently people that were a lot worse then I am.  Which, if I am bad, does not bode well for them.

I am not sure if I should be insulted, laugh because they raged, or feel bad for these people.

I could very easily be insulted.  Being called bad bothers everyone, even if someone knows they made a mistake and is willing to admit it, they do not want to be called bad.  No one does.  Being called bad by someone that does not even play well themselves is insulting.  If they suck and they think I suck compared to them, I must really be bad.

It is hard to feel insulted by people like that however.  Usually when someone starts insulting someone that is clearly more skilled than they are it is usually an insult out of nerd rage and not an actual insult that has any basis in facts.  Most likely he didn't even think before he raged, he was just pissed he lost a roll.

I could laugh because they raged because we all know that people that rage in game have to be really raging in real life.  If you can get so angry that you have to take the time to type out your anger I'd say it is a safe bet their blood pressure is through the roof in real life.  The fact anyone would let themselves get that upset is rather funny.

I could feel bad for them because they do not realize what they are saying and actually believe what they say is true.  I can feel bad for them because you know that anyone that has such a weak grasp of reality could very well snap one day in real life and hurt someone or themselves or even their poor computer.  I've heard some horror stories about laptops being thrown and monitors being broken in nerd rages.

So lets get on to the fun stories.  As usual, I was my polite self.

After my disaster in the second half of the DS while pugging I figured I would do the first half which is easier for a pug group by a long shot, there are still things I need and the 250 valor for what only takes a little longer then a random is always good.

We pop in, we down a boss, hunter loot drops, I roll, I win.  Now the fun starts.

Leet Hunter:  I hate when baddies get my gear.
-a few seconds pass of no one saying anything-
Leet Hunter: He has no business being here and didn't even contribute, he should give me my gear.
-a few seconds pass of no one saying anything-
Leet Hunter: I'm talking to you, yes you, you won my piece, give it to me.  You suck you baddie.

I let it go.  I knew he was talking to me as soon as he started.  I chalk it up to someone being pissed that I won the roll for something he wanted.  People like that want to get a heated response and the best thing in the world is to not give them any response, heated or not.  It only pisses them off more.  Which is fun, trust me.

We get to the next boss and are about to start clearing the trash and he was still going at it, baddie this, you suck that, he would not stop.  Finally a rogue spoke up.  No one else in the raid was saying anything.  Either they noticed he was just a jerk or they where being nice and not pointing out he really had no reason to talk like that.  The rogue just wanted him to shut up I guess.

Smart Rogue:  Dude, maybe you should check recount before you continue talking.
Leet Hunter: It doesn't make a difference, I am better then him, he does not deserve the loot.
Smart Rogue: Just check recount and give it up dude.
Leet Hunter: He knows he is a baddie, that is why he won't speak up.

Like I've said here many times.  I do not insult.  I will however comment once in a while.  I was so busy laughing about someone else pointing out what I had already seen, that the guy had no right to complain, I did 30K after all, he did not.

Me: You are right.  I am a baddie.  I beat you on DPS and damage done in much lesser gear and executed the mechanics of the fight correctly, so I did it while moving the whole time and you just stood still shooting and still did less.  I am horrible, I am sorry for sucking so bad.

He never said another word.  He moved along with us through the trash and then just stopped playing.  I think I really offended him.  I did not mean to.  I was admitting I was a baddie, that is what he wanted to hear right?  Maybe he didn't want me including the facts.  By the time the boss fight was over he was offline.

It was quite satisfying knowing that I am so bad I made him rage quit.  I wonder how he would have felt if he knew that I already had the piece I won.  I had not realized it because I had not equip it yet.  I did not want to break up my four piece set until I have 2 T13 pieces so it was in my bag.

I said to my friends on vent that I won something I already have, I am going to pass it to the other hunter when we get to the next boss.  He started his BS before we got there, so I never passed the item to him.

His loss.  Maybe he was right.  Maybe I was a baddie, but not for the reasons he thought.  I was a baddie for rolling on something I already had and did not need.  If only he controlled himself for 1 minute longer I would have passed it to him.  Now I will just sell it for a few gold.  Poetic justice anyone?

He might have ended up with the piece even after losing the roll if he had only learned to not rage or try to create trouble.  Trouble makers always lose and ragers deserve to lose.

Now for the second time in one day I was called a baddie.

Doing Well and we get to the queen.  Bear tank just pulls.  First obedience I interrupt, second one I can't because I have the hand on me and am being controlled.  It becomes a wipe, I live of course being I had the hand on me before total obedience was cast.  Total obedience only kills enemies, I was one of them at the time so it did not kill me.

The bear starts instantly calling us all out, and particularly me, for being baddies for not interrupting the total obedience.

I said, I was being controlled, nothing I could do, sorry.

Somehow it was my fault that the hand was on me and I could not interrupt because I was being controlled.  He started to rage that he was the only person doing any interrupts and posted the interrupts.

I love when people make a statement and do not read what they are about to post first.

Bear:  I am the only one doing any interrupts and you are all baddies.
Bear: Recount data, interrupts.
Bear: Bear: 4
Bear: Me: 1
Me: See my name with the 1 next to it.  That was the first total obedience being interrupted.  You are not interrupting them all because I am the one doing it.  I was controlled, sorry, you could have interrupted it, the warrior could have interrupted it.  The mage could have interrupted it.
Me: I am the only one here without a base line interrupt, why are you leaving it up to me.  What if I had not specced into it?
Mage: I would have gotten it but the mobs killed me when I tried to get you out.  I was dead before I could even try to interrupt.  If the tank had held aggro I would have been alive to interrupt it.
Warrior:  Sorry, it is my first time here, I will make sure to get it next time.
Bear: You all suck.

My next line I debated saying because I knew once I said it things would really go down hill but I could not help but say it.  I also said it respectfully to try and keep with my personal mantra of not being rude, unless I have to.

Me:  I tanked this twice yesterday on my druid with no one that could interrupt and I got them all myself.
Bear: It was on cooldown and I was too far away.
Me: Then make sure it is available, you know when the total obedience is coming, make sure it is available for that.  When I tank I trust no one, I do it all myself.
Bear: But I was still to far away.
Me: Then kite the mobs back so you are closer to her.
Bear:  You can't kite casters you baddie.
Me: I did it twice yesterday.  No problems either time.
Mage:  Priceless, tank does not even know how to play their class and they are insulting everyone else.
Bear: He is full of crap.  Bears only have one interrupt that works on boss fights, there is no way for me to kite two casters back to get close.

Time for me to break out teacher mode.  Again, respectfully.

Me: One caster will always stay still the other will charge someone at random.
Me: When the one charges you skull bash the stationary one and turn and run to the boss.
Me: You have 4 seconds that the stationary one will follow.  The one that jumped randomly will come back to where ever you are now if you had aggro on it.
Me: After moving back you are close enough to get the interrupt on the boss and you moved both casters with only one interrupt.
Bear: You have no idea what you are talking about.

Yeap, I am a baddie, I have no idea what I am talking about.  The fact I did it twice the day before means nothing because I am a baddie and don't know anything.  Love peoples logic sometimes.

The others all started to laugh and from that point on the bear got a ton of abuse in return whenever he called someone else bad.  The bear kept insulting us all as baddies, but the felling of the group from that point on was that he was the bad player.  Me explaining how to move the mobs when he said it was impossible solidified his rank as a person that does not yet fully understand his class.

Me missing the interrupt was acceptable because I was controlled.  The mage missing it because they where dead from mobs the tank could not hold was acceptable.  The warrior not doing it because they did not know too, is also acceptable, if they missed it a second time it wouldn't be but not knowing the first time is fine.  Everyone else had a reasonable reason for why they did not do it, except the tank. 

Apparently the tank was not holding aggro on the mobs being they killed the mage, so he should have at least been able to get the interrupt.  I am not a rude person, so I did not say that, but it went through my mind.  I wanted to type it, I am just not that type of person.  Something like.  Well, you where not keeping aggro on the mobs, you where not doing the interrupt, what exactly where you doing?  I really should have said that, don't you think?

I'm betting he was too busy trying to figure out new ways to insult players for his own lack of skill.  Bad players always need to throw blame out as fast as they can to keep attention away from their own failures.

He would not let it go either.  When we got to the next boss he was still going at people.  They fought back too, they had the ammo now, I had handed it to them and even helped them load their guns.

I do not think I was rude.  I think I was very polite even and explained how it was done to try and help him become a better player.  I did not explain it as if I were a smart ass.  I kept just to the facts of how it is done only.

Some how in the end however, I am a baddie because I can't interrupt something while I am mind controlled.  What can I say, guilty as charged.  I am not capable of doing that, I am a baddie.

Do you ever wonder if it is always the people that call other people bad that are actually the bad players.  Both encounters where I got called a bad player was by other players that had no clue.

It was a fun day.  I could have lived without the jerks.  I have no time in my game day to deal with people like that and I would rather not have to.

I wish there was a way to make a server with just decent people on it that could keep to itself and do content so we would never need to run into people like these again.

Either way it was fun for me.  Having some rogue I did not know from another server come to my defense, even if I did not need it, was fantastic.  Explaining politely how something is done after being told it is impossible was fun, always is.

So for the day I was a baddie, a baddie that was at least better then the two people that accused me of being one. As far as being a baddie goes it wasn't all that bad.  For me at least.


  1. So far my experience with the Whisperwind server has been positive. The ratio of good people to trolls seems to be excellent.

    I do think that Blizzard should do something about rating players and their jerk status. The problem is with measuring something so subjective... I do think that a medal system might really make a difference in separating the true "bad" from the "good."

  2. I agree with you but somehow that would still get manipulated. Like the hunter that was mad with me for winning a roll would rate me low and so will any of his guild mates that are there. Or any other hunter that was pissed.

    A rating system is a good idea. But how could they implement it knowing that people would abuse it.

    Would love to see our ignore lists made bigger so we could use them liberally and sooner or later, people like that would queue up and it would take them 5 hours to get a group because no one would want to play with them. Also, make the ignore lists account wide. So you do not happen to get grouped with someone you have already ignored on another character.

  3. Good post.

    Even with patience and the willingness to teach and be fair in pug encounters, there can be players who bring the group or raid down to a level most players are unhappy having to deal with. It's a major frustration for the portion of the community that has to put up with them in order to complete content.

    You were probably a lot more patient than I would have been frankly, and it seemed to serve you well, but it's unfortunate to have to consider the likely-hood of this happening when you que up for a pug run.

    I think it would be worthwhile to flesh out and expanded ignore option. Maybe add a feature that rates a player's reputation on the amount of times ignored? Or maybe a multitude of variables that give an overall reputation rating.

    I don't know. But it's clear good players feel the need to tolerate asshats in order to see content which is a shame.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. Agreed on the larger ignore list and shared between toons ignore list requests from Blizzard.

    Until blizzard does this, the best you can do is use an addon to ignore unlimited chats/invites/etc.
    Don't think it works in preventing dungeon finder grouping though. :(


  5. I heart this post so much, tGE. Applause all around.

  6. @Potatoe

    Something like that would not work for me. If I ever ignore people it is because I do not want to group with them. I've never ignored someone just to not have to hear them or talk to them.

    In truth, I have only ever ignored 4 players in my entire game time. All from the same server oddly enough. Coilfang. It must really be a horrible server if the only people that have ever irritated me enough to get on my ignore list all came from the same server.

    I don't use the feature because it does not work like I would want it to. Once it does, I might actually start using it.

    Maybe when they do fix it we could ignore complete servers as well. Coilfang would be on my ignore list for sure.

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