Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Random Thoughts

- Today I am having random thoughts regarding the looking for raid.

- Even in failures I am starting to find the looking for raids interesting.

- In the same way you look when you see a car accident.

- You want to see just how bad the carnage is.

- I am glad they really lightened the load on the healers for the looking for raid.

- Lets face it, all the mistakes we see would be up to the healers to fix.

- Tanking the first boss this weekend on my druid I laughed each time a bubble popped up.

- People would run from it.

- A few would go to it and everyone else ran.

- Each time one popped up myself and the people that knew the fight would all collectively hold our breath and hope there were enough on it to survive.

- It really is like a car accident.

- It is like watching to see how bad things will get.

- Human nature, even if you do not want to admit it, if you see a car accident you have to slow down to see it.

- As sick as it sounds, I am enjoying slowing down to see the LFR carnage.

- I beat 6 DPS when I tanked on my bear.

- Now that is really bad, don't you think.

- Ran into yet another ret paladin that only used his melee swings.

- And never got kicked.

- One of the healers beat him.

- If blizzard will not police the game, we should start doing it.

- They really do need to fix the loot system.

- DKs winning the agility pole arm.

- DPS casters winning things with an "on heal" proc, with the +100 bonus.

- Boomkins winning agility leather.

- Warriors and rogues winning a bow.

- Mages and warlocks winning gear with spirit on it.

- And the random system being not so random.

- If you win something off the first boss you can expect to win something off every boss there.

- I lost every roll on my druid, to the same person.

- I lost every roll on my shaman, to the same person.

- I won every roll on my hunter, too bad there wasn't much for me to roll for to take advantage of it.

- A priest in my guild got the four piece set and other items in one run.

- Win one, win them all, that needs to be fixed.

- The loot plus idea is fantastic.

- If they actually made it with any intelligence that is.

- I raid with guild for fun and a challenge.

- I pug for loot.

- If they are not going to fix the loot problem, there is no reason to pug.

- They should give tanks a ready check option, even if they where not assigned leader.

- The leader never does a ready check and then asks, what are we waiting for.

- Well, I can't do a ready check so you do it and let me know when I can pull.

- Or I can take the approach I've seen other tanks do.

- Just go, if we wipe it is the leaders fault for not giving the tanks assist.

- Pugs and purple don't mix.

- I've yet to be in one looking for raid that did not wipe on the slime trash because they blow everyone up when the purple slime is up.

- Are healers really that stupid?

- I made that mistake the first time I healed it.  Never after.

- Most healing groups I see wipe us at least twice before someone in the raid screams at them to stop.

- And here I was thinking that healers where smarter then DPS.

- Proved wrong again.

- Love that now every new application we get to the guild says, "know all fights".

- If you did the fights in raid finder you do not "know all fights".

- You basically played along with an interactive watered down version of watching the video, but without the instruction.

- The looking for raid does not teach you the fight.

- Saying you "know all fights" having done them in the raid finder is like saying I know how to fix a car because I watched my mechanic do it.

- You can get carried in the raid finder and never learn anything.

- By nature they do not teach anything.

- I would rate someone higher that said, I've never done them but watched all the videos, above someone that tells me they "know all fights" because they did them in the raid finder.

- However, the raid finder does also open another new window of questions and appropriate answers.

- If someone says, I've never done the real one but have done the raid finder so I have a basic idea, then it is someone worth looking into as a potential raider.

- The fact they know that the raid finder only gives you a basic idea of the fight means they have a brain.

- I like people with brains.

- Call me a zombie I guess.

- Brrrraaaaiiiiinnnnnnsss.

- They really need to change the loot system another way as well.

- You can only "loot" a boss once a week is fine.

- If you get loot that is.

- I think it would serve the game better if you could only "win" items from each boss once a week.

- I mean, really, you can not say I looted a boss if I got nothing from it.

- No, that small bit of gold does not count.

- I know they will never change that but it was worth nagging about.

- It made me feel better.

- They can change the other loot issues I complained about unless they don't care.

- Not addressing such a glaring issue would be proof they do not care.

- I have to say I like the new dungeons and new looking for raid.

- They are not quite as horrible as I expected, they are short and they are perfect to just pass the time.

- Now if only I could be a selfish jerk and bring my sub 15K DPS characters in there too I could have even more fun.

- I just won't do it.

- Personally I take pride in what I do and try to do it the best I can.

- If I can not do my best, why play?

- Then again, the only reason my other DPS are sub 15K is because they are not even geared enough to get into zuls.

- And I still do 15K on boss fights with them.

- I am sure at a 372 item level I could pull 20K with any DPS class.

- Even the dreaded rogue.

- The thought scares me just thinking about it.

- I'm out of here.

- Have a great day.


  1. I wonder if they should add an automatic vote kick for the lowest dps after each encounter.

  2. Although I mentioned DPS as a standard sometimes it is not really all that telling. The game is not smart enough to know if there were other circumstances.

    Many times I have seen the top three DPS being 12, 13, and 14 on damage done.

    So DPS in and of itself should never be the only thing that stuff is based off of.

    Neither should damage done. Sometimes someone could die from "doing the right thing" that no one else does, like soaking the blast on the boat, and their total damage done will be nothing because they died early in the fight.

    While I love the automatic kick ideas I can't rightfully support them because there is more to DPS then just DPS or even damage done.

  3. Rogues are easiest in my opinion, if you can stick to Combat. Keep SnD up, dump CP into Eviscerate, spam Sinister Strike, Revealing Strike if you get 4 CP, and use cds as they get available. No need to watch any boss debuffs!

    Technically you could add Rupture, but optimal use of that adds about twice more conditions, and dps gain would be well below using Flask, food, or even single agility pot.

    I had to rise my rogue a few "bagged" crafted pvp pieces to get into LFR on launch day (later sold back to AH), and yes, dps was in order of 20-22k. That was good enough to be in top 7-10, sometimes even as high as second place when cooldowns aligned just right for Warlord Z. It's not "best" i could do since it's tetriary alt, but it's good enough to "carry" LFR in some sense - which is somewhat enjoyable too. And you only get better by practising more at that stage anyway :)

    As for kicks, if it's still beatable, why kick? Even though usually replacements are close to instant, sometimes enough people leave to be stuck in downward spiral, where people leave faster when they see incomplete group then LFR inserts new ones - especially visible when it tries to replace bunch of tanks and healers at once.

    And i LOVED to carry 4k dps feral druid through complete Zul'Gurub, with 3 full group swaps except for me and him, even though it took 2 hours. It was so deliciously bad, but in the end success was achieved! Totally worth it :)

  4. As Shalcker says (and i've suggested before) try switching your Rogue to Combat spec. I went to Assination for a few months and my dps varied wildly. Some pulls I was geting 11-13k and some I was over 20k, that was just annoying, I've switched back to Combat this week and my numbers have stablised to consistanly over 20k. Single target boss dps is slightly (about 1k) down but on multi target fights its way, way up - Blade flurry is just so OP its almost a game breaker. I also live longer I've noticed, the talents spread allows for some survivability thrown in.

  5. I originally leveled as combat and liked it. Only went to assassination because it was so much better according to everything I was reading at the time.

    It would be nice to return to the combat style of play. Combat always felt more like a fighter, more warriorish, then a thief, which is what is commonly associated with being a rogue.

    I might have to get my rogue into the LFR and see what I can do. If I can do 20K as a rogue, then really no one has any excuse for ever being less then that knowing I suck at being a rogue.

    First things first, need to get to 353 so I can get into the new dungeons to gear up.

    Might be a fun undertaking.

  6. Love the format of your posts btw, lol

    A couple of random thoughts for ya

    Wouldn't be awesome if when someone pulls a boss it will announce it to the whole raid?

    It might prevent people from ninja pulling if everyone saw it spammed.

    LFR knowledge is the same as other types of being carried, this one is just blizzard sanctioned.

  7. Good ramblings to kick start the day XD

    - Jamin

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