Thursday, February 17, 2011

United Nations Infested with Bed Bugs

Well, not bed bugs but the title sounded better that way.  I am sure the guild achievement titled United Nations is bugged however.

Last night I got my 49th exalted reputation on my way toward getting to the new 50 achievement and went to look at the united nations figuring we had to be close to that one as well and to my surprise it shows we, as a guild, have 49 exalted reputations.

Being I have 49 exalted reputations I am going to assume that it is counting me correctly.  Now if we look at my other guild members that are at revered with the guild and compare their exalted reputations with mine we will see that there are plenty of reputations that I do not have that they do.

Going down the list in my group we have someone exalted with Oracle (I am Frenzyheart), we have someone exalted with Aldor (I am Scryer), we have someone exalted with Brood of Nozdormu, we have someone exalted with Stormpike Guard, and we have someone exalted with Wintersaber Trainers.

All these people are revered with the guild, all these factions I am not exalted with.  So my 49  plus those other five should have us at 54, only one away, which will be easy enough when when I start getting groups to run Black Temple, then 55 is a hop, skip and a jump away. (we do have someone exalted with them already, they are not revered however)

When I put in a ticket questioning it I was told it was working as intended.  So it is intended to only count whatever the one member of the guild has the most exalted reputations has?  How exactly is that a guild achievement if it is only going to count my reputations?  That means it is my achievement, not the guilds.  I am sorry to say but I do not think it is working as intended.

At least we know that the GMs are indeed working as intended.  They are supposed to give the wrong answer 80% of the time.  Do these people really get paid for doing this job so badly?  The only people that can be wrong more then blizzard GMs and keep their jobs are weather men.

It is bugged, I am sure of that, even if the GMs don't agree. 

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