Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Personal Side of Grumpy

I had someone ask me how I've already finished everything (the time wasting solo stuff that is) in the expansion already and why I am bored so soon and I explained it is because I play a lot.  Not much by some standards but a hell of a lot by others.  On a standard night I play around 3-4 hours.  Personally I do not consider that a lot yet I can understand how to others it sure is.

I also have a lot of free time at work that I spend reading sites and blogs.  In that time I decide what I am going to do and the most effective way to do it.  That makes getting all the things done in game that can be done solo a lot easier for me.  So my 4 hours will go much further than another persons 4 hours because I plan my time out ahead of time to get the most out of it.

Removed Long Post

I had wrote this long post about the role WoW filled in my life when I started playing it and the reason I still play even though I am bored with it.  After thinking about it I figured that it can really be summed up a lot faster then some long post and get back to answering the question sooner.

I used to be a drinker, you know the 7 day a week type.  I quit drinking and a few months later started playing WoW.  WoW just became my new addiction.  So instead of spending 4 hours a night at the bar I spend it playing WoW. 

Over all, I think I can say I traded up.  I save 100 bucks a night I would spend at the bar.  My relationship has gotten a lot better since I am not drinking all the time.  My health has gotten better from not drinking.  No more hangovers.  Etc.  So all things being equal, WoW being my new addiction was a huge positive for me.  I wonder how many people can actually say that?

Why do I bring that up?  Well, it is because my addictive personally is probably the reason I do all the solo achievements in the most time efficient manner as soon as I am capable of doing them.  I do them because I need to do them, my addiction feeds that thought to me in my subconscious. 

It is a character flaw perhaps.  Some people might call it a strength and label it dedication toward a goal.  I do not read that much into it.  I just think about it as I want to do something and I hate wasting time.  Either way, it is that addictive personality that is why I am basically done with the solo stuff already and have been for about a month.

Maybe that explains why I get bored so easily.  Either way, it was a little about me, the person behind the grumpy elf.  Might explain why I am grumpy too.  I get grumpy when I feel as if I am wasting time that could be put to better use allotted elsewhere.

Who am I kidding.  I just like being grumpy.  It is a lot more fun to complain about things.


  1. Thanks for the insight, Grumpy!

    I've been called The Angry Guy in my past so I can totally appreciate your grumpiness. Sometimes it's just what we need to deal with stuff, ya know?

    I can see where the need to finish that stuf would drive you and I am sure I don't spend my time in game as efficiently as you, which goes a long way to explain the differences between our playstles. Cool.

  2. Thanks for the post idea.

    Perfect example of me was what one of my friends asked me a few months ago when we were heading somewhere.

    Them: Do you have the fight path to xxx on your warrior?
    Me: Nope.
    Them: Why not?
    Me: Questing there is inefficient, I never level any character though there, why would I waste time.
    Them: To get the flight path maybe?

    It was a good answer on his part, but that explains me. My warrior is 76 now, 2 days 11 hours played. He will be 85 before 4 days played, 3 and a half if I do not dilly dally. That is how I play.