Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hunter Changes I Would Love

Over all I am somewhat comfortable with how Hunters are at the moment from a PvE standpoint.  They need a lot of help on the PvP end however.  There are a few small changes I think Hunters really need.  Most are not game breaking at all but they are things I would love to see.

Aspect Bar:
I wanted it for a long time and was excited to actually get it.  It needs a little fix however.  A DK does not need to reactivate his presence when he dies.  A Paladin does not need to reactivate his aura when he dies.  Why does a Hunter have to reactivate his aspect each time he dies?  Have our aspects stay through death.  It is not game changing and there is no reason it should not be that way.

Kill Shot:
Okay, it is focus free, I will consed that is the reason for the extremely sub par damage it does.  However, the damage it does is so extremely low compared to other shots that given the option it might be best to not even use it sometimes.  Surely not against trash that goes down fast.  Chimera, Explosive, Kill Command, Aimed Shot, all hit for much more then a kill shot.  Kill shot needs to be taken off the global cool down. 

Make it like Silencing Shot used to be.  You know how we had silencing shot macroed into everything so it would go off whenever it is available.  That is what kill shot should be like.  The small damage it gives would be the under 20% bonus Hunters get.  It would not be game breaking to have the extra bit of damage it gives.  If need be you can lower it even more and let us macro it.  It would be more useful that way.

They are making all these heroic fixes, most of which where completely unnecessary, yet our damage over time abilities still do not count as DoTs for the purpose of his paralyze.  I can't see how hard it would be to label a DoT as a DoT.  Whatever happened to bring the player and not the class.  People see a Hunter in their group for that boss and figure it will either be someone that runs in, lowering DPS, someone that eats the damage stressing the healer, or someone that has to carry something around something like sulfron slammer just for this one fight.

Aimed Shot:
2.4 seconds does not equal 2.9 seconds.  Either correct it in game to 2.4 or correct it on your patch notes to 2.9.  Keeping records correctly is really hard isn't it?

Cobra Shot/Steady Shot/Kill Shot:
These three shots change your direction while shooting them.  Stop with that crap.  I am sure you can fix it so they do not move you when they are fired.  When I am strafing I am strafing for a reason.  I do not want to turn to the mob.  If I wanted to turn to the mob I would turn to the mob.  Stop making decisions for me that I do not want made.

Give us our dodge back.  There was no reason to remove it and it can be a huge help for us in PvP and PvE.  I actually had a higher dodge rate then our druid tank in wrath.  That does not mean I was going to start tanking.  So it was not game breaking.  It was however a nice thing to have being I do not have much else in melee range to protect me.  Let me chill with my 60%+ dodge rate that might buy me a little time to get back to distance.

Fix them please.  Your stealth nerf was not wanted or needed.  I used to be able to drop an ice trap at my feet, readiness, shoot an ice trap at another mob and distracting shot one to me effectively trapping two mobs.  Now as soon as the the second gets trapped the first trap breaks.  This is not acceptable.  If we are capable of firing two ice traps then two things should be trapped in ice.  Simple really.

You had your fun, now give us our AoE back.  We do not need volley.  I know you are against that but you can easily update one trap and add another trap and they can be AoE traps.  Change snake trap to release the snakes as soon as it lands.  This effectively makes it an AoE.  Add another trap called shrapnel trap.  As soon as it lands it sends out shards of shrapnel in a 30 yard radius.  Even with both of those that would mean we still only have 2 AoE things we can use every 30 seconds each.  It is not over powered.  Again I will remind the stupid people that multi shot is not an AoE.  AoE stands for area of effect as in it effects an area, not a specific target.  Multi needs a target.  It is not an AoE.

None of these would destroy balance in any way, shape or form and it would only add a tiny bit to DPS if anything.

How about PvP?  Not exactly sure how we can fix that but all the above fixes would help some.  Being able to trap 2 people again would be nice.  Having an AoE to break other hunters from camo and rogues from stealth is nice.  Kill shot being off the global will mean a small but of end life burst and dodging a shot here and there would be huge for us. 

Other then that I can not think of anything specifically that would really help PvP except maybe change masters call to 20 seconds.  It is still a long time in the PvP world and it is not over powered in PvE.  Recently lowering it from 1 minute to 35 seconds felt great and I was probably one of the few people that was actually excited about that change being I use it.  Bringing it back up to 45 seconds seems like a slap in the face.

The only way to really balance hunters for PvP would be for the shots to be more powerful but then that would make hunters over powered big time in PvE.  I do have another option to make hunters more balanced in PvP without hurting PvE at all.

Have all shots refund 50% of their focus cost when they hit a player target, 100% if they cirt.  This would mean more focus, which means more instants, which in effect gives the hunter more DPS in a PvP environment.  This is how you can fix the DPS in PvP without hurting the PvE balance.  The refund would only happen then a player is hit with the ability.  Unless you plan on labeling mobs as players, there is no way this would ever effect PvE.  Nice simple fix, don't you think?


  1. Wait, did you just say you can't Freeze Trap two targets at once anymore? I haven't played my hunter much/at all but I was just thinking back on those nice dual trapping days, the old-fashioned way. That sucks if they removed that ability. That being said, it does make sense since other classes can only CC one target at a time...but it still makes me sad.

    Ozruk and our "AOE" are wretched things that cement my never playing my hunter seriously in the immediate future.

  2. I think the trap thing was an accidental nerf. I could be wrong however. I doubt they would make a change that big without saying something.

    Over all, in PvE, the hunter class is in a nice place over all.