Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guild Problems With Good Results

We had recently recruited a new player that was the friend of a returning player that played with us in LK.  He had quit about 8 or so months ago and just came back.  Both players where really decided and good players which is what every guild needs but yesterday they left the guild.

Funny part is, while I hate losing good raiders, it doesn't bother me much at all.  We do not have enough people to start running 25s yet and they are both DKs.  We already have a DK regular in our 10 man so that would mean 3 DKs in a 10 man group or even if we run two group that means 2 DKs in one group.  Not that I have anything against DKs, even more so being they are so OP in PvE right now, but it is not exactly what I call ideal for group make up, buff wise DKs bring nothing to the table at all.

Another reason it does not bother me so much is that one of our dedicated tanks, who also happens to be a fantastic player in both tank and DPS specs, was getting upset that he had not tanked in a couple of weeks because we where testing out the DK tank and the DK tank did not have a DPS off spec so I could rotate.

Of course I had the sit down with the DK and explained it would be best for group make up if he developed a DPS set so we could rotate based on the fight to have the best possible tank for the fight.  He was okay with that but was not excited.  He said he would work on getting the gear but would not give it much attention because he does not like DPS.

That attitude leaves a lot to be desired.  Our other tank, the druid that has been working as a boomkin, went and make himself a DPS spec just so we could rotate and he did well enough to gear up that spec in less then a week to the point he can pull 10K with his eyes closed.  He takes progress serious and knows that everyone has a role to fill whereas the other tank did not.

So losing the DK tank and the DK DPS really does not work out to be a big deal.  It now returns us to the Pally and Warrior/Druid rotation for tanking and getting the DPS is no issue, DPS is a dime a dozen and we have more then enough part time players in our guild that are not raiders but ex-raiders that are still good players.  We pulled one in last raid and he managed to pull 14K on a 332 geared hunter.  Goes to show odl raiders don't die, they just take time off.

What gets me most is that they sent a mail to someone else in my guild to ask them to explain to me.  Funny part is, she did not know any more then what they said in the mail to her.  Why ask her to tell me when they could have just sent the mail directly to me?

There is something about that that I find confusing.  I'll miss having them around.  They where good players, always willing to run anything at any time.  I like that type.  They will be missed, but their loss will not hurt the guild as well.  Sometime someone leaving actually helps the guild.  This actually helps the guild a lot.

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  1. If you didn't know Unholy DKs bring the 8% magic debuff on the boss if there isn't a mut rogue or warlock, which honestly happens a lot. Frost DKs bring the 10% casting/melee haste buff which is awesome if there isn't a survival hunter already there.