Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Running ICC for Achievements

We ran a guild run of ICC for fun this weekend to try to get some achievements for people and get a king kill for some people that never got the chance to do it.  With the added gear of being 85 it was a lot easier but the LK fight was still an issue with some new people not knowing the defile thing so we wiped a few times there.

I like the idea of defile over all.  It is a mechanic that can kill you no matter what your gear is like.  We blew through the entire raid as if it were old hat even with two people that had never been in ICC ever.  Most things we could just not worry about, it was just go go go really.

Rot and Fester where like that and we got both achievements from them without really much effort at all.  Both went down so fast that it was never an issue getting the achievements.  Just burn and get them, that simple.  Blood Princes worked out the same way as well.  We burned them down before it got to the third price which meant we got that achievement as well.

The funniest part was the Blood Queen.  I needed to not get bit for the achievement so I did not start attacking until the bite went out.  Only 2 people ever got the bite because she went down so fast.  I still had the most DPS for the fight, even never having been bit.

The only achievement we missed, outside of the LK ones which we did not even try being it was the first time for 6 of the 10 people, was the Sindragosa one.  I told people what to do, but it just did not happen.  Out of all the achievements that is the hardest one really.

Even overgearing it the Sindragosa fight was still annoying as hell.  Sure we did it no problem but it was still hectic.  I hate that fight more then anything else in ICC.  Maybe it is the fact that I wiped on that fight more then any other fight in the game, even more then the LK fight.  Her voice is so annoying.

I plan to run more raid there for people that want to get the achievement and I want to get the missing parts of the achievements I need done for the drake, before they remove it which you know they will.  Not that I want the drake, I think it is ugly and way to big.  I hate big mounts.  I want it because it is a mount and it helps my mount total.  I'm a collector, what can I say.

Next week I plan to set up an Ulduar raid for fun and achievements.  It is the only raid I've never finished and I would like to finish it but I am more into it for the achievements.  Looking at my breakdown on achievements I have most everything else I can get except for raid and PvP achievements.  Being a lot of the raid ones are easier now I want to try and grab them now and being I don't PvP as a Hunter because we still suck at it over all I do not see myself getting those achievements any time soon.

So for the time being Saturday nights will be achievement night for me and my guild.  Good thing for me that I have more then enough characters so that when I am done running on my main I can run on my others and still get something out of it.  I like the nights we do older content.  It is more of a fun attitude and less of a progression attitude. 

In progression it feels like I am always working.  Working on mechanics, working on learning the fight, working on teaching the fight, working on fitting as many raiders in as I can, working on letting people play the roles they want to play, working on keeping people motivated, working on moving things along, working working working.  Saturday nights are fun.  I prefer fun.  It is not that I do not like progression, I do, but we just do not have the people for it to be ahead of the curve and playing from behind when I know I am better then that is just frustrating as hell. 

Saturday nights have become about fun and it is the last bit of joy I seem to have in this game lately.  I think I will keep running those.  After all, we play a game to have fun.


  1. We did something similar a few weeks back and had similar experiences. We had someone who only started raiding in Cataclysm so it was fun showing him the fights (and funny when we forgot to tell him things we just assumed everyone knew). Lich King fight was still dangerous, lot of instant death stuff there. We had a wipe or two on Defile, Frost Orbs.

    One really funny note is that we weren't able to get someone's alt the Blood Queen achievement because...SHE MISSED WITH THE BITE. So we had zero, something we never anticipated.

  2. Wow, missing with the bite? I've never seen that one before. That sounds funny.

    I had a few of those moments as well. Oops, forgot to tell you about that part. BTW, move from the whatever next time.