Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not So Exalted.

With the recent changes to the reputation achievements I lost the title of "The Exalted".  My feelings are a bit torn by this.

I hate having lost the title.  I feel I earned it.  Back in LK, I did.  40 there was not as easy as 45 in Cata is but both where doable with a bit of time and effort.  Taking away something we already earned is something I can see being upset about.

Needing 50 will actually require some effort on the part of people going for it that never got it and taking it away from 40 and 45 is more fair to the people that now need to work harder for it.  Also, 50 means that you need to actually put some serious effort into getting it again.  This gives the title some respect again.  Not just another give away title like most of them seem to have become.

So where does that leave me?

I checked my achievements and see that the achievement for 50 says I am 45/45.  This has to be an error in display.  Give blizzard a year, maybe they will fix it.

To my knowledge I have 48 exalted reputations.  Looking at the statistics page it says I have 47.  Maybe they are not counting the ZG rep any more being ZG was removed?  Either way, that means I have 3 more to get now.  That should not be an issue.

My one issue is still the way rep is handled.  I have 2 exalted reps that they did not count and if anything bothers me it is that which really pisses me off.  I was Aldor and switched to Scryer, only one counts.  I was Oracle and switched to Frenzyheart, only one counts.  This means I should be at 50 already.  But with those 2 not counting and the 1 missing rep I sit at 47.

I am not complaining at all.  I know, different for me right?  The reason I am not complaining is that this is a god send for someone like me that was looking for something to do.  I have to grind three more reps.

Not like it is going to be a grind at all.  I can get Violet Eye and Sands both in one more raid run.  I can solo both.  So it is just a matter of doing it some day. 

The third missing rep is something I can do that I have been putting off but now that I have a reason to grind it I will.  That is the Wintersaber Trainers.  I never wanted to do it because the drop rate on meat and spawn rate on the shaman was horrid.  Now that the drop rate is 100% and the spawn rate is faster and we can fly, it is just a matter of putting in some time doing it.

With a port almost directly there (hyjal) I can go there every day and knock out a few quests while waiting for my heroic or while waiting for our raid to start.  I can do a little here and there and I like that.  It gives me something to do.

I will finish that one last of course as the other two will be nice and easy to knock out.  The best part is, as a treat to myself, when I knock them out and get my new 50 achievement and my exalted title back I get to buy myself a cool looking mount.   Nice little treat for me.

I can see why everyone is complaining.  Having something taken away from you, easy or hard to get does not matter, is just flat our wrong.  It is another case of Blizzard making the wrong choice.  That should not surprise people, given two option the only sure thing in this game is that Blizzard will always choose the wrong one.  However, this wrong choice, for me, turns out to be a good thing.  It gives me something I have been lacking in this game for a while already.  It gives me something to do. 

Thanks for making the wrong choice Blizzard and I do not mean that with any note of sarcasm, I actually mean thank you. I am probably part of the 1% of the game population that likes this decision and it seems that everything you do lately is to try and appease 1% of the population.  It feels nice to be one of the 1% for once instead of one of the 99% that get the shaft.

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  1. I've been steering clear of this topic because I never had the title to begin with, but I agree with your points here. It does make me wonder though if it shouldn't have been a tiered system, like "Exalted - Wrath of the Lich King" and "Exalted - Cataclysm", much like how achievements for PVP kills, pets, mounts, etc all continue to increase as you acquire them.

    While I also feel that it should be increasingly difficult to maintain, I don't like the feeling of losing an achievement that someone did earn. After all, they did earn it at the time when it was current. I'd rather have seen Blizzard add in another achievement rather than take away someone's accomplishment.