Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Minute Heroics

I had a 3 minute heroic last night and I want more of them.  I joined an already in progress dungeon.  It was right after a wipe.  I am guessing another one of those "I can only do 4K DPS at level 85" people got kicked because the group could not carry their useless butt any more.

I zone in, see it is throne of tides last boss and know that this should be nice and easy.  The battle starts, we kill stuff, the battle ends.  Nice and short, simple and sweet, all dungeons should be like this once you get to the point that justice points are no longer an issue and you have done all the heroics what feels like a million times.

I see people on the forums asking for LFD options.

Some want an option to not join an in progress group.  I can understand that.  If you need rep or need gear or need JP then you want to run all bosses and it sucks as a DPS to wait 45 minutes to come in on the last boss when you wanted stuff from the other ones.  I can understand that one.

Some people want an option to not be included in guild runs.  I can also understand that.  I've been in some guild controlled ones where the guild member are jerks to the tenth power.  These are people that probably get punched in the face by random people on the street for staying stupid stuff, or well, they should.  On the other hand I have been with guild runs that are amazing and I know my own guild is never like that.  I would sooner kick one of my own guild mates for being a jerk then be unjustly rude to a 5th that is with us.

I've seen people that want a my server only option.  I can see a lot of good reasons for this, build a sense of community again, help recruit, meet people you might actually see again some time.  Nice idea if you ask me.

I've seen various requests for things to be changed or added with the LFD system but never seen one that would allow me to do what I did last night.  The 3 minute heroic.

I want an option to join only on the last boss.  I would gladly wait an hour if I only had to be in the dungeon for 3 minutes.  Heck, I would rather wait 2 hours for a 3 minute heroic then wait my 45 minutes and get into a heroic with 4 people that have no clue what they are doing and it takes 2 hours to do the dungeon.

I don't need gear, I don't need rep, I don't need JP, I only need VP.  That is all.  To subject me to having to deal with the average WoW player and their inability to even figure out what a skull means if you tell them 10 times is cruel and unusual punishment.  We should not be forced into that.

LFD needs another option.  Once you get to item level 350 or something you can choose to query and only have to face the last boss.  You would be in a phased version of an instance where the last boss is there and nothing else.

After the horrible quest design the dungeon design in Cataclysm is the second largest miss on blizzards part.  They over estimated the average skill level of the player of this game.  They also did not understand that wiping is fine for progression with a guild.  Wiping is not fine with a group of strangers you will never see again.

The dungeon design is one of the main things I think that is really hurting WoW as a whole.  Hard dungeons are fine but they should not be part of the average day for the non progression minded player as they are.  Most people fit into that category.

The thing is, none of these dungeons are really hard once you know what you are doing and are capable of doing them.  Sad part is that the majority of the player based does not know what they are doing, does not care to learn what they are doing and does not know how to play well enough to handle what they are doing.

WoW made the mistake of giving everyone easy dungeons in wrath and as anyone knows you can not give someone something and then take it away and not expect a revolt.  That is what is happening with the game.  They gave people something quick and fun that they could do in wrath.  I could run 5 alts through my daily dungeon in the same time it takes me to do 1 daily dungeon now in wrath.

It would be like your boss giving you a 500 raise one week and leaving it there for a year and then suddenly taking it back.  When you ask if he is cutting pay making cutbacks for the company and he says no, he just wanted to try something different, then you would revolt.  He can't just say, I wanted to change it and see how it would work.  There would be uproar.  You can not take away what you give people without a reason.   Just to make it harder is not a reason.

The dungeons do not bother me so much on my main.  What I miss is being able to run my alts through just for fun.  There is no just for fun anymore in dungeons because the class of player is so astoundingly low meaning the time and takes to do them on average is horrid and the experience is no fun at all.

Maybe some changes are needed.  One being the 3 minute heroic for my main.  I would like that.  It would give me more time to play the game again and less time stressing over the game because I am stuck in a horrible dungeon with bad design that most people can not handle. 

Maybe I would be able to run more then one character through a heroic if they did not take so long and where made that the average player could do them with ease.  I would like that.  It might bring some fun back to what has become an increasingly annoying game to play.

I can't wait for Rift, or anything really, to give me something to do to have fun and pass the time while we all sit around for blizzard to get off their ass and fix this mess called cataclysm they created.

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