Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- I decided to see if I can get that "feeling" again and played wow this weekend.

- First time in ages I actually played on a weekend.

- Outside of just logging in for a normal run we do so players can gear up.

- Had a few returning player join us and a few people on alts.

- Managed 6 bosses, only wiped on maidens and one shot everything else, so it was not a bad night.

- I tanked it and actually snagged 3 pieces plus one piece for my offspec.

- Not a bad night at all.

- Had one person with us that had not raided since cataclysm.

- Had another that had not raided since wrath.

- Both in the 630 item level ranged.

- They did not did so badly.

- Or course not up to par for a BRF normal but enough that they did not make it harder than it needed to be.

- That is what these gear up runs are for.

- Next week we have two new, or old, people joining us that had quit back in the never ending SoO run.

- Will be nice to see more return.

- We have another player that was a big part of the raid team back in cataclysm and was around a little in mists that has started playing again.

- I expect to see him sign up for a saturday normal run sooner or later and that would be nice.

- He is melee, we are short on melee.

- As in most nights the heroic team runs with none, or maybe one if we are lucky.

- Do you know how annoying flamebender is with no melee?

- Not impossible, we manage it on heroic, but it does make the fight a tad more difficult than it should be really.

- With melee the fight is super easy, with none it needs a lot of coordination.

- Somehow I feel happy downing it with no melee, kind of feels like a bit more of an accomplishment.

- But for fights like that I would not mind seeing a few more melee in the mix.

- Our heroic run this week actually had 16 people show up for it.

- Amazing.

- Three or four of them can really get better, but over all it is getting us closer to the chance that one day we might see mythic.

- I swear having mythic as 20 people only really bothers me.

- I hate that it effectively locked me out of it unless I change the way I like playing.

- What ever happened to blizzards philosophy of choice?

- I prefer smaller groups personally.

- On to what I did this weekend.

- Leveled one of my characters a little, up to 97 now.

- I love warlords leveling, it is close to if not the best leveling they have ever done.

- Did some mount soloing on my hunter, druid and rogue.

- No mounts, of course.

- I hit all the usual suspects, firelands, ICC, DS, Thone, you know the route.

- Not exactly sure why I was soloing on my rogue.

- I guess it was just to see if I could do it.

- I did, no wipes and no issues.

- Did some fishing and snagged a few more of nats lucky coins.

- Better than the last time I tried when I spent over an hour and only got one.

- Got 10 in one hour this time.

- Seems more reasonable if you ask me.

- Queued up for a random dungeon on my hunter, just for the hell of it, twice.

- Twice I got tired of waiting and gave up.

- This is exactly why I miss flying.

- With flying I would fly around and do some archeology, pick some herbs, go rare hunting, or just enjoy the sights.

- Without flying I sit in my garrison and my brain rots seeing trade chat.

- So I hate queue times.

- An hour for a 5 man dungeon is unacceptable.

- Blame no valor and justice for that, another thing I dislike about this expansion.

- Over all I did a lot of stuff and all it did is remind me about everything wrong with the expansion.

- The only thing I can honestly say I enjoyed was raiding on my druid.

- Doing the normal with people returning was fun.

- Actually winning something I needed was different and enjoyable.

- I also did the LFR on it, in healing spec as I refuse to tank LFR.

- At least as a healer my queue pops before I finish my garrison duties, otherwise I would have never done LFR with it either.

- I play the game to play, not to wait in queue.

- Selfish?  Absolutely.

- Why shouldn't I be, I am paying 15 bucks a month for this, I should not have to wait an hour to actually play the game I am paying for.

- Simple really.

- Hard to judge my healing in LFR but it was the first time I have healed on my druid all expansion.

- I miss the exploding mushroom.

- I asked a guild healer who happens to be one hell of a good druid healer for some advice.

- My numbers were low, really low.

- Even at 650 healing gear it should have been better.

- I was pulling between 13K-16K on fights.

- I know I know, LFR means nothing, but it is great to use as a tool to learn to get better and that is what I was there for.

- He told me to switch to DoC and how to work it in.

- Gave me some tips and tricks along with it.

- And then boom, never under 20K healing again in any of them.

- Even healed one boss with using only DoC, my shrooms and keeping rejuvination and lifeblood on the tank, no other heals what so ever, and I rocked it with 42% of healing on the fight.

- Big difference from doing so little.

- Amazing what DoC does in the LFR.

- As he said, it is a smart heal.

- There are so few heals needed in LFR, so if I use it as my main healing basically and just use things I know will be effective healing and not all over heal, as I did, then you will do better in LFR.

- He said you can do that on normal and heroic as well, depending on your healing crew.

- And the beauty is you stay near full mana the entire fight.

- Not like I was having mana issues.

- Seems druids, when compared to my priest and shaman, do not even know what mana issues mean.

- I enjoy that style of play so much better than the starving for mana model.

- There is no fun trying to do your job and not having to tools for it.

- Would be like a hunter running out of arrows, a warrior misplacing his axe half way through the fight.

- It just does not happen, so healers should never run out of mana either.

- Healing should be about keeping people alive and making the right choices who to heal.

- Adding the additional layer of watching mana is no fun for me.

- I am sure people that main healers love the mana game because it can really separate the good healers from the bad ones.

- But for me, on an alt, it is not fun.

- Can I do it?  Sure, but that doesn't mean I like it.

- Hey, we all dance to our own tune, nothing wrong with that.

- So for me, it seems druids are my favorite healers at the moment as they have fewer mana issues.

- In the end we all play the game to have fun playing right?

- I miss flying, I miss valor, I miss a reason to do a daily dungeon, I miss scenarios, I miss dailies, there is a lot I miss.

- A lot that I used to think was fun, all gone.

- And I am left with a shell of a game, not even half of what it used to be.

- And I guess that is why it has not been that fun for me lately.

-  I did not have a bad time this weekend playing wow again but it was not really enough to get me back into it.

- Amazing how a simple thing like flying would help.

- All my characters I do not do random content on any longer because I do not feel like waiting in queue without flying to give me something to do.

- I queue when I get on the character, if it has not popped by the time I finish my garrison duties I drop.

- Simple as that.

- Flying used to keep me on the character.

- I would go out, even if only aimlessly, and fly around looking for something to do while in queue.

- Now, I just switch characters or log off completely.

- The biggest reason they removed flying was to revitalize world PvP.

- Or so they said.

- I ask you, have you seen any world PvP on your server?

- I haven't.

- You want to know why?

- Because without flying and compelling content in the world, no one is out there to do world PvP with.

- Unless you consider ganking a lower level world PvP.

- Where if you do, your opinion does not matter, sorry.

- Flying would really be a huge boon to the game.

- And more out of garrison content too of course.

- Have a great day.


  1. AN HOUR wait for a 5man dungeon?

    Guess that show the difference between US and EU, on my hunter I never waiting more than 15 min do go in a dungeons, and that as specific dungeon.

    I just log, queue for the daily quest dungeon, by the time I'm done with my garrison stuff, queue pop.

    1. Well, I am slightly exaggerating. It is usually around 40-45 minutes, I just rounded up. But sometimes it is an hour.

      I do that trying to get the misprinted coins. Or was doing it. I can say with 100% certainty I never had the dungeon pop before I was done with my garrison stuff, and that includes the mine which takes the most time.

      The only time I get those dungeons done is if a healer or tank pops on and asks if anyone wants to come along. Otherwise I can not get into a 5 man unless I want to waste my entire night.

    2. I've had the same issue with dungeons and LFR. Dungeons queues were always 30+ minutes and LFR is 30-50+ minutes.

      Hence why I haven't even run LFR in the last two weeks.

      I finish all my daily stuff before any of the queues pop, so I just log out...

      I just want to finish the legendary. I'm at about 830/900, but I can't get myself to wait in the queue anymore.

      I did some mount/achievement runs a week and a half ago. It was fun but time consuming. I only got the ZA bear that I never got back in the day. No other good drops. Got a ton of Ulduar 25-man achievs though.

      I'd be more inclined to keep doing it if there was some guarantee I'd get the mounts eventually, but sub 1% drop rates are just insulting...

      Honestly, I feel like I'm in a gaming rut. I don't really want to play WoW. I don't really want to play TESO. I don't really want to play DA:I. I don't really want to play D3. Just don't really feel like playing anything...

      I think I've got too much IRL shit dragging me down... C'est la vie...

    3. I'd like to see some sort of guarantee as well. Doesn't need to be quick or easy either. Say 100 times for a raid mount, 500 for a dungeon mount. If you have done it that many times and have not got it then it automatically drops. Something would be nice instead of having to deal with 1% always. At least if it was something like "if you do not get it by the 100th time it is guaranteed" you would know even in failure to get it you are working toward something.

      Noblegarden even had it best. Needed 500 eggs to buy the mount, or you could get lucky and get the mount while collecting eggs. Perfect system. You either get it or worst case end up with it for enough work. Everything should be designed that way.

    4. Yes, really like the Noblegarden drop/currency system.

    5. It is the best way and a way that should be adapted to everything in game in my opinion.

  2. Totally agree with you about the no flying. In MoP, I used to just fly around while in queues looking for rare mobs, ore/herbs/artifacts, etc. Now I just sit in my Garrison. I'm not about to fly out into the world (on a PvP server and I hate PvP), get ganked and not be able to respawn "smartly" so that I can mount and fly away. I haven't even killed one world boss yet in WoD. Strange, but not being able to fly just leaves that part of WoW inaccessible to me because it's really too much of a hassle to me to figure out flight paths, where to mount and run to, etc. Just not fun or interesting to me so I just sit in my Garrison... reading mindless trade chat... waiting for the queues to pop (which are no where near as bad as the ones you described - 15-25 minutes for me on my server).

    1. Don't feel bad about the world bosses, no one else is killing them either because they drop crap gear worse than LFR. Blizzard needs to realize that people will not do something, even more so something that could be stressful like a world boss, without reasonable reward for the effort. So you are not missing out on anything by missing the world bosses.

      I miss 15-25 minutes. I think 20-25 is the longest any queue should ever be personally. Anything more than that, blizzard should start paying me for waiting.

  3. Anon, Grumpy's former Guild Leader:

    Well I was one of those who returned after a long absence. It was fun even though I was mortally embarrassed on more than one boss by my low DPS and on most by my way to early deaths.

    On the last boss fight, I should have lived but my "lay on hands" was a moment after my death, and that was a moment to late. Even so, I was pleased that I generally managed to figure out the dances needed even though the raid as a whole did not really benefit from me figuring it out.

    I have to be honest and admit that I was carried. Our guild has that capacity to do so once in a while and for that I am very grateful. Not just for me but for any and all other guild members who get to "leech" off of our regulars. That carrying will likely wind up with one or more full timers down the road who in their turn will carry others along who maybe should not be there just yet.

    I did not really have to much difficulty with figuring out the new steps needed. Your explanations were pretty much tailor made to fit the needed information into my head. As you well know, for me, the only real way to get it in there is by doing the fight. None of the fights were particularly complicated, or maybe I just remember fights from long ago that I had far more difficulty with (like a certain dance in Naxx...). At any rate, I am sure that the fights would become second nature with just a bit of practice.


    If you really want to try mythic raiding with our guild, I will give you what ever support I can in trying to assemble such a team. Talk to me in game about it if you want...

    1. We need to finish heroic first, and that might still be a bit away. Soon, but not too soon. And with 6.2 around the corner who knows when it might not be worth pushing too hard as the gear reset is coming with the patch.

      I never had a problem with carrying people that know they are being carried. Sometimes they become regular raiders later and it was well worth the investment in them. What always bugged me is carrying people that do not see themselves as being carried. The ones that think "I am as good as anyone else" when they are not. These carries I can do without. It makes them think they are raiders when they are not. As I see it a real raider knows when they are being carried and uses it as a chance to learn, get better, and gear up whereas someone who only thinks they are a raider gets carried and think, now that I have done this, I am a raider.

      Yeah, you as an old time raider knew most everything we danced with already, so it was just a matter of kicking into gear. Not much in BRF has never been seen before, outside of maybe the moving floor and the trains, but stuff like that had already been in the game in parts. Like any hunter that did belts on blackfuse had no problem with the moving floor. It was all been there, done that. And for you, it seems most of it came back. You did well for the first time in group content since cataclysm.