Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Merry Winter's Veil's Wish

Winter's Veil is once again upon us and my characters have thoughts of presents in mind.  They are dreaming of things they never had that they wanted, things they never knew existed but they wish did, feelings of joy and happiness for no reason other than it is the season that makes everyone feel happy, even the grumpy one.

A few of my characters gave me mail to drop off at Azeroth Express addressed to Greatfather Winter with their winter veil letters filled with their wishes.   Now I know it might not be right of me to do so but ever since my dwarf shaman sent a death threat to thrall that almost caused an international incident I always read their mail before dropping it off.  For the safety of all mankind on azeroth.  I thought I would share some of the highlights from their letters with you.

My hunters all seem to have the same thing in mind when writing to Greatfather Winter.  Each one of them asked for gifts for their pets saying they did not need anything for themselves at all except for a happy adventuring companion. 

One of my hunters asked if there could be a new animation added to the pet emote so he could really pet his companion and I think that would be pretty cool if they added it.  Another hunter asked for the ever favorite of hunters, dual wielding pistols, but I do not believe Greatfather winter can ever deliver on that one.  Then of course there was the biggest of hunter wishes of them all.  For the ability to tame rabbits.  What hunter would not like a killer bunny?  I know mine want one.

My gnome warlock has asked Greatfather Winter for a new mount.  He said that while he really likes his dreadsteed he wanted a fel hound mount more than anything else.  I must say it is something I had never even considered myself but I would have to agree with that little guy, I think a fel hound mount would be pretty cool.

It seems most of my male night elves, after having been in some sort of accident they do not recall even being in, have issues running.  It seems as if they are in pain doing so.  They have asked if they could have corrective surgery so they are no longer living in constant pain while running.  It would be a multi purpose wish as well, because I have heard from some of my other characters that they wish they could not be subjected to the pain of watching them run.

My priest seems to be reading out of a script when she wrote Greatfather Winter asking for peace on Azeroth.  However I am not really sure if her intentions are as pure as her letter might seem to make them out to be.  At the end of the letter she asked for the entire world to have one day were no one had powers, except her.  Being she plans to spend her winter veil in ashran I am not sure if I should read too deep into that.  She in ashran as the only one with powers makes you wonder why she wants that.

My worgen mage, after seeing Khadgar turn into a bird and fly has asked for flight form to be added to her spell book and even rationalized it by saying she can already change from human to wolf and back again and she has mastered the ability to change others into rabbits, cats, pigs, sheep, turtles and other things, that it should not be out of the possibility that she too can turn into a bird as Khadgar did.

My gnome mage asked for a cheese cake.  Not sure exactly what that is about, but seems like a simple request.

My dwarf warrior has requested the ability to be able to leap where he wishes to and figured Greatfather Winter might be able to help.  He explained he can leap on to the side of buildings, up mountains, in places and areas where he knows he has no business being able to leap too but he can no leap straight in front of himself in the mine because there is no line of sight directly in front of him for some insanely odd reason.  Nor can he leap up a flight of stairs even if they are not half as step as mountains he can leap up.  He also asked for cushioned boots.  Because his says his feet hurt after all that jumping around.

My female pandaran monk has asked for dance lessons because she feels she is a death dealer and a life taker and it is just wrong that she is stuck dancing like an escaped mental patient that has over dosed on happy meds.

My male draenei monk has asked for a years worth of free visits to a chiropractor because, as he puts it, "my body was not meant to move that way."

My blood elf death knight has asked for a holiday to be named in his honor.  I really do hope that Greatfather Winter does not have the power to grant this wish because I can barely put up with his self obsessed banter as it is and if a holiday was named after him it would get ten times worse.

My troll shaman has asked Greatfather Winter to convince people to stop calling him a shaman and start calling him a witchdoctor so he can stop hearing his parents say "I can't believe you are a shaman, and all that money wasted on college, you should have been a doctor."

My gnome priest has asked Greatfather Winter that the people he is called on to heal be granted the gift of situational awareness.  Not because they are too hard to heal, not at all, but because he is tired of spending all his time healing himself because everyone keeps stepping on him.

So many letters, so many wishes.  Maybe some of my characters will get lucky and see their wishes granted, one can on dream during the winters veil, because this is the time of year that sometimes wishes really do come true.

Merry Winter's Veil.


  1. I don't go on the forums but apparently Greatfather Winter only cares about letters if you are American, there's no EU thread/section for it.

    That being said my paladin has always wanted a distance closer. In Swtor there's a class - Bounty Hunter - which is the only class I've actually got to max level so far but anyway that has abilities like heroic leap, death grip and I think it might have disengage, it's been a while. Just something like charge would do but a distance closer would be so helpful and no Speed of Light is not an ok substitute, that's kinda helpful when soloing for running around instances but not the same.

    However, what my paladin wants more than anything to be honest is righteous defense back. An AOE taunt might be OP but I really don't care, it made tanking dungeons when people ninja pulled groups so much easier.

    My druid would like a boost to 100 as he just wants to jump into PvP. My death knight would like it's pre-6.0 talents back as I don't seem to have any buttons as blood, it plays so weird now, and not just me that says that. My friend that mained dk last expansion says he can't quite grasp blood now either.

    My warlock would like the ability to rename the demons. I know they come with their own names but if we can name hunter pets, we should get to name demons. It's not like an evil warlock would care what it's real name is.

    My mage would like a transmog outfit just like Khadgar's blue robe as that would be one dress he would wear, not a fan of robes as a rule.

    Oh my paladin would also like more things to spend garrison resources on or the cap removed as I got nearly 8k now. Scavanger + lots of resource missions = trouble.

    All my characters would like justice and valor back and the human that plays these characters wants the transmog system or you know bigger bags.

    Happy Winter Veil!

    1. I am surprised the blues on your side of the pond did not put up anything yet. I would think after all the posts about it when it was released in the US they would have immediately but it seems I was wrong. Being blizzard is a US based company they seem to have forgotten about you it seems.

      I would love righteous defense back. I loved that ability and quite honestly I have not cared about my paladin much since it was removed. Don't let 2 90 paladins fool you, they got to 90 and rotted because of that.

      All my characters would like justice and valor back too. I miss having them.

  2. It's a very cool idea! I want to steal it for my holiday post :)

    1. Steal away and have some fun with it.

      Merry winter's veil.