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Garrisons and Professions: Spotlight on Engineering and The Engineering Works

This post in one in a series of posts that will be in regards to garrisons and professions in Warlords of Draenor and how they interact with each other, and on their own.

Unlike previous expansions professions are much more involved this expansion, even if somewhat simplified at the same time.  Being tied to buildings in the garrisons it not only opens up more options but different options to either supplement a profession you already have or fill the role of a profession you do not have.

Note:  As warlords is still in beta, it is possible some of this information might change before the expansion is released.

Spotlight on Engineering:

List or all materials you will need to make all items in your engineering skill book:

Engineering: Gearspring Parts.
Ore: Blackiron Ore, True Iron Ore.
Cloth: Sumptuous Fur.
Dust and Shards:  Temporal Crystal.
Elements: Sorcerous Air, Sorcerous Fire.
Misc: Savage Blood. (from level 3 garrison barn building)

Crafted Weapon:

Shrediron's Shredder: Gun, 630 item level, agility, stamina, 2 random secondary stats
150 - Gearsrping Parts

Crafted Gear: (part of the warlords crafted three limit)

Cybergenetic Mechshades: Mail Head, 640 item level, intellect/agility, stamina, 2 random secondary stats, requires engineering 600
100 - Gearspring Parts
Night Vision Mechshades: Leather Head, 640 item level, intellect/agility, stamina, 2 random secondary stats, requires engineering 600
100 - Gearspring Parts
Plasma Mechshades: Cloth Head, 640 item level, intellect, stamina, 2 random secondary stats, requires engineering 600
100 - Gearspring Parts
Razorguard Mechshades: Plate Head, 640 item level, intellect/strength, 2 random secondary stats, requires engineering 600
100 - Gearspring Parts


Blackrock Rifling: Upgrade 640 engineer gun to 655.
200 - Gearspring Parts, 40 - Sorcerous Air, 15 - Savage Blood
Didi's Delicate Assembly: Reroll the secondary stats on an engineering gun or goggle over 630.
10 - Gearspring Parts, 5 True Iron Ore, 5 - Blackiron Ore
Linkgrease Locksprocket: Upgrade 640 engineer goggles to 655
150 - Gearspring Parts, 30 - Sorcerous Fire, 15 Savage Blood
Morden's Magnificent Contraption: Upgrade 655 engineer goggles to 665.
200 - Gearspring Part, 40 Sorcerous Air, 15 - Savage Blood
True Iron Trigger: Upgrade 630 engineering gun to 640.
150 - Gearspring Parts, 30  -Sorcerous Fire, 15 - Savage Blood


Hemet's Heartseeker: Sometimes increases mastery by 750 for 12 seconds.
20 - Gearspring Parts
Megawatt Filament: Sometimes increases critical strike by 750 for 12 seconds.
20 - Gearspring Parts
Oglethorpe's Missile Splitter: Sometimes increases multistrike by 750 for 12 seconds.
20 - Gearspring Parts


Findle's Loot-A-Rang: Retrieve loot from a nearby corpse.
50 - Gearspring Parts
Goblin Glider Kit: Reduce fall speed for 2 minutes.
2 - Gearspring Parts, 5 - Sumptuous Fur 
Mecha-Blast Rocket: Does damage from up to 40 yards away.
1 - Gearspring Parts
Personal Hologram: Create a temporary hologram of yourself for 1 minute.
50 - Gearspring Parts
Shieldtronic Shield: Protects the user with a 51000 shield that lasts for 15 seconds.
1 - Gearspring Parts
Stealthman 54: Stealth the user as long as they stand still, stealth lasts for up to 6 seconds after movement.
2 - Gearspring Parts
Swapblaster:  Swap your location with that of another party member.
50 - Gearspring Parts, 1 - Temporal Crystal
Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife: +10 gathering professions. Includes every profession tool.
5 - Gearspring Parts

Engineering Only Doodads:

Blingtron 5000: Summon blingtron 5000, will fight with other blingtron 5000s.
100 - Gearspring Parts
Wormhole Centrifuge: Create a wormhole to travel around draenor.
50 - Gearspring Parts


World Shrinker: Shrink the entire world for 5 minutes or until you attack.
50 - Gearspring Parts


Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar:  Frostboar battle pet.
50 - Gearspring Parts, 40 - Sumptuous Fur
Mechanical Axebeak: Axebeak battle pet.
50 - Gearspring Parts
Mechanical Scorpid: Scorpid battle pet
30 - Gearspring Parts, 10 - Blackiron Ore


Gearspring Parts: Material (cooldown)
10 - True Iron Ore, 10 - Blackiron Ore
Secrets of Draenor Engineering: Currecy (cooldown)
5 - True Iron Ore

Learning Draenor Engineering:

You will receive a quest early on from a draenei chest for alliance or a bladespire chest for horde that will start a quest line.  Once you've completed the small quest line you will receive Draenor Engineering and Garrison Blueprint: Engineering Works, Level 1.

Draenor engineering, once clicked on and learned, will boost your maximum engineering skill to 700 and will teach you all of the following skills. Secrets of Draenor Engineering and Gearspring Parts, which you should start doing immediately as they are cooldown abilities, as well as the patterns for Goblin Glider Kit, Mecha-Blast Rocket, Shieldtronic Shield, Stealthman 54, and the Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife.  All other engineering patterns listed above but not listed as being learned from the manual will need to be purchased with the currency you create from the daily cooldown for secrets of draenor engineering.

If you have the engineering works in your garrison there will be Pozzlow (horde) or Zaren Hoffle (alliance) whom you can purchases the plans from right there in your engineering works.  If you do not have an engineering works on your garrison you can travel to your hub near ashran and purchase the plans from the appropriate vendors there.

There are no items that you need both the engineering works and the engineering ability to make so as an engineer you will be able to make everything with or without an engineering works, when the time comes for you to make that decision.

Once you have learned everything there is to learn, you can continue to make secrets of draenor engineering to purchase a small pouch of coins.  It remains to be seen if this will be worthwhile come live but it is nice to see that there might still be a reason to keep doing the daily secret cooldown after the 67(?) days it would take to purchase all the patterns.

Spotlight on The Engineering Works:

This section will contain two parts.  One if you have engineering as a profession, one if you do not.

If you have Engineering as a Profession:

Level 1 Engineering Works:
Once you complete the small quest, mentioned above, that will award you the garrison blueprint for a level 1 engineering works and you will be able to build your engineering works.
A level 1 engineering works will take 1 hour to build and requires 150 gold and 50 garrison resources.
A level 1 engineering works allows you to produce 7 work orders at a time.

Level 2 Engineering Works:
A level 2 engineering works requires you to have a level 2 town hall.
A level 2 engineering works requires you to have set up your talador outpost or be level 96.
A level 2 engineering works will take 1 hour to build and requires 300 gold and 100 garrison resources.
A level 2 engineering works allows you to produce 14 work orders at a time.
A level 2 engineering works allows you to assign a follower with the engineering trait to work there.

The blueprint for the level 2 engineering works is available for purchase, after you meet the requirements listed above, from Rezlak (horde) or Sparz Bolttwist (alliance) in your garrison town hall for 750 gold.
Alternatively you can purchase the blueprints with an Outpost Building Assembly Notes item from Torgg Flexington (horde) or Kinkade Jakobs (alliance) at your ashran base.
Two copies of Outpost Building Assembly Notes can be obtained free from questing by completing the outpost quest line, in both Spires of Arak and Gorgrond.  This could effectively save you 1500 gold.

Level 3 Engineering Works:
A level 3 engineering works requires you to have a level 3 town hall.
A level 3 engineering works requires you to have completed the [Working More Orders] achievement and be level 100.
A level 3 engineering works will take 1 hour to build and requires 500 gold and 300 garrison resources.
A level 3 engineering works will allow you to produce 21 work orders at a time.

The blueprint for the level 3 engineering works is available for purchase, after you meet the requirements listed above, from Rezlak (horde) or Sparz Bolttwist (alliance) in your garrison town hall for 1000 gold.

Work Orders:

The engineering works work orders require 5 true iron ore to produce and each order takes 4 hours to finish.  It will award you with a gearspring part and sometimes one or more sorcerous elements needed for engineering.  Having a higher level engineering works, which allows you to produce more work orders, means you need to log in to check less often.  Orders will stack up if you are not online for a while and you will not miss out on anything. So if you have a 21 order queue you would only need to collect your products and place new orders every 84 hours, which is three and a half days, making this fantastic for those alts you sometimes forget to log into.

Working Follower:

Once your engineering works reaches level 2 you will be allowed to assign a worker to help there.  The worker must have engineering as a trait as not just any worker can be assigned to any building.  A follower working in any garrison building does not gain experience.  Consider leveling your follower first before placing them as a worker in one of your buildings.  Workers at the engineering works have a small chance to increase the materials you get when filling work orders, depending on their level, the higher the better of course.  Also, if you have a follower working at your engineering works you will have access to a vendor that will sell you unique things that even non engineers can use such as Walter, a non engineer version of Jeeves with limited charges, GUMM-E, a non engineer version of MOLL-E with limited characters, and some level 600 trinkets which are of little to no use.

Pros to having the profession:

Increased gearspring parts generation to make gear and items faster, chance for additional materials from work orders.

If you do not have Engineering as a Profession:

Most things will remain the same with a few notable exceptions.
You will not be able to build an engineering works on your garrison until you level your town hall to level 2.
Once you have a level 2 town hall you learn all level 1 profession building blueprints, so do not worry that you were incapable of doing the quest.
You will be able to make the goblin glider kit, mecha-blast rocket, shieldtronic shield, stealthman 54, and the ultimate gnomish army knife with a level 1 engineering works.
You will be able to make all scopes and the loot-a-rang with a level 2 engineering works.
You will be able to make all pets, the weapons, swapblaster and personal hologram with a level 3 engineering works.
You will not be able to make any of the items to upgrade armor.
You will not be able to make any of the items to upgrade weapons.
You will not be able to make any of the engineering helms.
You will not be able to make the blingtron 5000.
You will not be able to make the wormhole centrifuge.

Cons to not having engineering as a profession:

Slower generation of gearspring parts, the requirement of having to have a certain level building to craft stuff, and not being able to craft your own gear upgrades, helm, blingtron or wormhole centrifuge.  While not horrible by any means, being an engineer offers more options.

Catching up or Switching to Engineering in Warlords:

Even as a level 1 engineer you can do the quest that will get you the engineering works blueprints for your garrison along with the draenor engineering which when learned teaches you some items you can make.  Also, as a side bonus, even if you are a skill level 1, once you use the draenor engineering item you will attain a max level of 700, meaning no need to ever go back to train up again.

The patterns learned, while being native to draenor, do not need a high profession skill level to create. You can craft them, and all others you learn, at level 1.  Yes, this means you can craft the 640 gear and the items to upgrade it to 655 and then 665 and the 630 weapon and the item to upgrade it to 640 and 655 at level 1 skill.  This means you can level up from 1 to catching up, through making patterns with just draenor based materials.  However, you will still need to be at least engineering of 600 should you want to wear the helm and certain engineering items will retain their engineering requirements to use.

In addition to that there are many items you can find in the world that will help increase your engineering skill and will speed you along up to a skill level of 600, where you will now be working on current content as the only things that will continue to give you skill ups.  All drops that start these skill gaining quests are dropped from random mobs and require a engineering skill level of 1, so you can start from the bottom up.  All of these are turned in at your garrison.

Broken Hunting Scope: 5 skill ups, up to level 600
Requires: 5 Blackiron Ore, 5 True Iron Ore
Busted Alarm Bot: 5 skill ups, up to level 600
Requires: 4 True Iron Ore, 4 Blackiron Ore
Faulty Grenade:  5 skill ups, up to level 600
Requires: 8 Blackiron Ore
Trampled Survey Bot: 5 skill ups, up to skill level 600.
Requires: 4 Blackiron Ore

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Is there anything you think should be added/updated?


  1. very very interesting. Thanks young man!

    Now my question is to in WoD, we are going only to be allowed to use 3 crafted items, whether it is , armor, weaponry or jewelry? A total of 3, if I am understanding this correctly?

    As far as useful? Hell yeah.

    Would i like to see more? You bet'cha!

    more on all the professions.

    these kinds of posts are much better than the rants about raiding and dungeons and jumping around like ones panties are on fire.

    rroflhho (roo rolling on floor laffing his hiney off),



    1. PS - thank ye for the post.

      - roo (sorry forgot to add that, head is going in a different direction than fingers)

    2. Anything that says (warlords crafted: 3) under the item name means it is part of the three. That means if you use the engineer helm, the leatherworkers pants and the tailors cloak, that is your 3. You can not add anything else until you take one of those off. It covers all professions that are under that warlords crafted: 3 banner.

      I am glad you liked it and find it useful. Will be doing the other professions and continuing with the garrisons buildings. Then I will get back to jumping around like my panties are on fire.

    3. great, I think, about the only 3 crafted items. So, to understand what you said, if it is crafted from a building in the garrison, then one can only wear 3 of them - armor, rings, trinkets, etc?

      Oh lord, you got me laffing - I wished I could still draw for i would send you a drawing of a hunter with their under-roos on fire. LOL, even better, if I still made miniatures (yes, I use to make my own 15mm to 110mm miniatures. Then you would have one of those in 75mm. But alas, my hands no longer hold a hobby knife or jewelers file very well these days.

      Wow, today's downtime is pretty long. Hopefully the game will be up by 6pm CST.

      ok, at ya, time to check on teh cats and feed the overlords.


    4. Yeah, 3 total, of crafting pieces.

      That would be funny. Running really fast with his pants on fire.

  2. Hey, I've liked all of these posts. I've been spending all of my time this last week or so working on haste plateau spreadsheets, and I have no idea what I'm doing with my garrison. I'm waaaay behind where I was at this point in cata. So these are saving me tons of time not having to leave shattrath in beta. :-)

    Mind if I link to these on my guides page? as well as on the WHU guides page?

    1. Sure thing, go ahead. Might want to wait until I finish all the professions first so it is one nice collection however. Only a few left. :)

      Even doing all this I still have no idea what I am doing with my garrisons. I have some ideas of course. But it is really still something I can change my mind on. Nothing concrete.

      Maybe when I am done with writing these all up I will have a better idea. Going to finish profession, then get to the other buildings, then some observations and suggestions.

      Usually how I figure things out is by writing. So as I have said before, I am doing this as much for myself as for anyone that might find some use out of it.

      Looking forward to seeing all your numbers. I am still feel blah about hunters state in general and knowing blizzard does not like changing things mid expansion I am not very happy knowing we will be stuck as is for 2 years. Maybe you can ease my mind some with your numbers, just like you did with versatility, which I completely hated until I read your numbers behind it.

    2. Ha, that's exactly why I make spreadsheets. I don't understand anything until I make a spreadsheet of it. And having to write guides for the WHU has been a huge help to my MM play, just because it makes you consider so many different situations that I generally wouldn't even think about, and certainly wouldn't consider trying to do differently.

      Anyhow, I'm afraid no numbers or explanations from me are gonna make MM any less of a caster spec. :-/

      I ran with a pug through "normal" highmaul yesterday, and while I did have fun trying to manage sniper training, it wasn't hunter fun. It's a cute little game: see how far you can run, what you can dodge, how to position yourself. It's just not, huntery. meh...

    3. I have been doing our SoO runs like that, no WA or NTK, just watching it myself to see how I do on the fly. Love addons and all, but I always feel I need to know how to do it on my own. Once I got that down, I use addons to make it easier. I am doing pretty good with it, if I do say so myself. I can pretty much roll a solid up time over 90% without even thinking on every fight in heroic, but not so good on mythic. Going to need more work.

  3. Maximum 6 work orders per day means only 6 gearspring parts per day? Or you can get more than 1 part from a work order?

    1. I've only seen one since they adjusted it so I believe it is intended to be one. Maybe at a high worker level it could be more. Never had a 100 geared worker with engineering to try personally. Used to be able to get more but they changed it a while ago. If you are an engineer you can make an additional one per day with your skill.

  4. *Hangs head in shame*
    Garrisons. Again? I tried to read it, I did. Maybe some hypnotist has gotten at me sometime in the past, because everytime I read the word Garrisons, I swear, my brain just turns off and I start acting like a chicken.
    *Buk buk buk buk SqUAwK*
    Excuse me while I try again and cover up those G words.

    1. I'll be back to my regular complaining soon enough. Just have to finish this up. Can't start a project and leave it half done now can we.

      Garrisons are the only thing warlords has to offer. As much as the G word makes you cringe there will become a time when the information will matter to you.

      But for the short guide for someone that does not want to think about it in terms of professions, just take ones that complement your current professions and you can noy go wrong.

  5. Great guides! I did have one question though..
    are the items used to upgrade armor pieces bop or boe? I know the actual item used to upgrade is made specifically by certain professions but was wondering if they were tradeable

    1. Thanks, glad you like them.

      Yes, the items and the upgrades are all tradeable. So you can make them and sell them and I am guessing they might go for a fair deal at the start of the expansion.

  6. Really useful, more please. I'll also link these posts on our guild site, if you don't mind.
    Your writing is clear, concise and easy to follow. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks, I am glad you like them.

      Feel free to use them as a guide to help. I made them to help myself but if they help anyone else in the process, that is awesome. Enjoy.