Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- I have two new cloak wearers.

- One is my third alliance hunter to get the cloak.

- It put him up to a 541 item level.

- He is also on this 13th week since hitting 90 and still has not won a single piece off of the celestial bosses.

- How is that mathematically possible?

- That is 13 kills and 13 rolls and not even a PvP piece.

- No wins in 26 attempts basically means that the "luck" factor plays a huge part to it.

- I find it kind of funny I managed to hit 90, do the entire legendary quest line, and get the legendary cloak before I even won one piece of loot off of a celestial.

- There are two types of bad luck in the game.

- Bad luck and my luck.

- I would not wish my luck on my worst enemy.

- To quote a friend of mine "If I ever quit playing it will probably be because I am sick of never winning anything."

- I agree with him.

- Random loot distribution sucks moose balls.

- And that is being nice about it.

- Worst... design... ever.

- The other new cape recipient was my horde hunter.

- It put my horde hunter up to 564.

- My horde hunter, with the help of pugs that did not need anything so I basically get everything I needed, is lucky enough to have received a fair deal of gear.

- What sucks for my horde hunter is trinkets.

- I am stuck running the shaman trinket and assurance trinket from LFR.

- I have a heroic sigil of rampage in my bags.

- Would you believe an LFR trinket is better than a heroic trinket?

- Reminds me of the good old days of wrath when what the piece was mattered more than the item level.

- I remember wearing my greatness all the way until I got deathbringers will to replace it.

- That is a darkmoon card that lasted the entire expansion.

- I believe darkmoon cards should all be like that.

- Does anyone else beside me love the voice acting for the sha of pride?

- I most like when he says "show me your greatness".

- I always say, I vendored it five years ago, why do you want to see it.

- Hey, I think its funny, don't judge. :P

- Joined a pug this week on my hunter, wanted to see what I could do with the cape.

- I figured I could do over 300K with my eyes closed now.

- Nope, still doing like crap, but I blame that more on managing to get into a crap pug.

- Only downed the first two and then broke up.

- That is with multiple wipes on each.

- In normal.

- I think I need trinkets to really set things up the right way.

- I just can not burst without them and burst is where it is at.

- Every fight I do it starts like this.

- Everyone bursts, I am not even close to the top 10 on burst.

- 1 minute into the fight everyone starts to settle in.

- 2 minutes into the fight I am now top damage done.

- Fight ends and I am top damage done and 100K more than anyone else.

- You know, I like that design, I really do like that design.

- Burst should not be "that" important.

- I used to say this line about a hunter that I always loved.

- When the fight stats I will be doing xx DPS, during the burn phase I will be doing xx DPS, during the downtime I will be doing xx DPS, when the execute phase comes I will be doing xx DPS.  I love being a hunter because What I do is what I do, no high points and no low points, I just do the job I am supposed to do.

- Sure there were always some ebb and flow here and there but basically whatever a hunter was pulling at the start, that is what they where pulling at the end.

- I think that is much better design that doing 2M on the pull and ending at 400K now.

- I can't speak for everything but I know there is nothing I hate more from a damage dealers perspective then seeing those huge numbers and knowing that all I am going to do the entire fight is go down.

- It really ruins the fun of playing the role if you ask me.

- I would not mind the other way around if I started out at 400K and then if I performed absolutely perfectly with a rotation I could end at 2M.

- That makes sense, that would be rewarding someone for doing their rotation well.

- Going from high to low is not rewarding.

- Unless you mean it is rewarding you for having good trinkets, lucky procs and pre potting.

- I am hoping that is one of the things they will fix in warlords.

- They said they were addressing burst issues, and I agree, they need addressing.

- However I know I am sitting on the short end of this argument.

- I am sure more people like hitting 2M on the pull and finishing at 400K because all they do is drop all fight long whereas I would love to start at 400K and do a consistent 400K the entire fight.

- So I will have to sit in the corner on this one because most people do not understand math.

- They would not understand that doing 2M DPS at the start and 400K at the end and doing 400K at the start and 400K at the end are actually the exact same amount of damage done.

- But then again, those are people that "might" raid but never really looked into numbers like weirdos like me do.

- So how would they be expected to know both things are the same from a damage done standpoint.

- I saw something amazing this weekend from a shadow priest.

- It was during a celestial fight.

- They did 480K DPS and were something like 28% of the damage done on the boss.

- I checked their gear.

- They were an instant boosted 90 with all the 483 instant boost gear and 2 timesless island 496 pieces.

- Recount did not show the presence of any of the damage dealing buffs you can get.

- So even if they had the shrine buff that 25% to all secondary stats, which is the best for most classes, it still means 480K is absolutely freaking impossible in that gear.

- It is not mathematically possible.

- At least there was no way I could rationalize it being possible.

- Even if they did their rotation perfectly, even if they got super lucky and crit every single attack, they should not have been able to do over 100K.

- Not in that gear.

- There had to be some sort of bug he figured out.

- And I bet any shadow priest reading this is going to head to timeless island and try to figure out what it was.

- Wish I could give more info to help but I can not.

- But if someone finds it I can expect to see some insane numbers on world of logs soon for shadow priests.

- That is if the bug can be used off the island.

- Would you consider it cheating if you used a bug like that in a raid?

- If that guy could get ten times what you would have expected him to do could you imagine in a raid with a geared and skilled player?

- 5M DPS would not be out of the question.

- Those types of numbers from a few shaow priests in your raid would make any fight trivial.

- So maybe it would be cheating.

- But I can see an argument going the other way.

- As long as you are not "tricking" the system and just using things in game like a buff that "forgets" to leave when you change zones, as far as I see it, it is working as intended until fixed.

- I'll tell you one thing, if there were a bug where I could easily do 5M DPS in a raid I would use it.

- Until it was fixed of course.

- And I don't believe I would be at fault for doing so.

- If you do not want me using it, don't let me use it.

- Simple as that.

- Do not give people the ability to do something and then blame them for doing it.

- Like I said, as long as they are not "tricking" the system into keeping the buff.

- That I would be against.

- But if it is just get a buff and zone in, go for it, kick ass and take names.

- Finally tried the last of the classes in wildstar, the spell slinger.

- I must say I like it.

- Still at low levels at the moment but right now the spell slinger and the warrior seem to be my favorite.

- I did cause a little of a stir on my medic yesterday however.

- Ran into another medic while looking for someone to group with for a group quest.

- While I have soloed some group content on some classes, mostly you need a group for group stuff in wildstar.

- But the medic and my medic went on a path of destruction.

- We killed the group quest mobs with adds and continued on through the zone pulling 5, 6 or 7 mobs at a time and mowing them all down.

- Someone was watching us and then asked in zone if they have buffed medic since beta because they used to hit like a wet noddle.

- Most people said they did boost them, and they do have a simple rotation for DPS as they are more designed for healing.

- But the person said, these two are making medics look OP.

- In my defense I just read what abilities sounded good, worked well in conjunction with each other, and then I just spammed whatever I could.

- Even when solo I was pulling 8 mobs at a time.

- This was at level 15.

- At level 14 more than 2 and I was dead.

- Maybe at level 16 it will be the same.

- Some people just do not understand that at certain points in time certain classes are just more powerful.

- So for one brief moment my medic is a weapon of mass destruction.

- It is like that in all games.

- The most recent paladin I leveled I remember barely being able to kill anything.

- Each battle was a marathon session until I hit level 10, decided in prot, got my avengers shield, and from 10 to about 14 I could one shot 3 mobs at a time with the shield.

- Because of the way numbers work sometimes some classes have moments of being amazingly over powered.

- I guess with my choice of abilities and the way numbers work, 15 is the magic level where I am a super killer.

- Won't last long, wildstar is just too hard to be doing that type of grinding.

- It will get to the point where I am back to one mob at a time and dying sometimes from it.

- But from hearing that one guy talk in zone chat, he seems like he will be rerolling a medic.

- Because he thinks that they are over powered.

- I can't wait for him to find out that they really do seem kind of weak.

- The one good thing that they have going for them over other classes when it comes to the DPS role is that the interaction between their abilities seem to be more straight forward of all the classes.

- I can't wait to try healing in wildstar, or tanking for that matter.

- Healing does seem like it will be harder as everything is an AoE heal.

- Which means you need people smart enough to stand in your heals.

- And you need to be smart enough to put those heals where there will be no enemy telegraphs.

- I do like how taunting works for a tank, at least some of the abilities.

- You taunt 5 mobs in your telegraph to you and all mobs in your telegraph do 25% less damage to anyone that is not you.

- So if they do get an extra shot off on someone else, it will be for less.

- Interesting little tid bit there.

- I am debating on taking advantage of the increased drop rate on things because of the black price.

- Warlock or shaman, that is my choice.

- Shaman has the advantage of being a healer so I get instant queue.

- Warlock I want to get the cloak on to make doing the green fire quest a lot easier.

- So it is a hard choice.

- But I think I need a break from LFR now that I finished up 5 new cloaks in the last 5 weeks.

- LFR can really burn you out.

- Seriously, blizzard needs to add ways to gear up outside of doing LFR.

- At least make LFR level gear available for valor, or better yet justice.

- An option to gear without LFR would really get me playing my alts a hell of a lot more.

- Being forced into raiding is really bad for the game in my opinion.

- I play a hell of a lot less now because there is no way to gear up outside of raiding.

- An alternate method is needed.

- If there was one I would be gearing up all my characters a lot more often and playing wildstar a lot less.

- Removing valor gear is the single one thing that blizzard has done to push me to wildstar.

- If there was something I could get my alts without raiding I would be in warcraft playing.

- But without anything I can do for alts, I am playing another game instead.

- Big mistake blizzard, huge.

- You should have never removed valor gear.

- Have a great day all.


  1. You can gear up outside of LFR: Timeless Isle. It's a fun place to run around on with a 5-man group, particularly the upper section.

    As for not getting drops off celestials for 13 weeks: that should have been 26 rolls, not 13, since you should have been burning a Warforged Seal each time for an extra roll. If you are doing Timeless Isle at all much you will be swimming in the 50 items you need for the weekly that gives 3 of those.

    1. Sorry, not an option. 496 gear is the tier level from the first tier of raiding. If that was to be my end game gear level I would rather buy the reputation gear from the original factions and the one in the wilds that was added. That gear is better itemized and has gem slots.

      Timeless island gear was not meant as a way to "gear up" so you could get into raids. Raiding is where the gearing comes, not timeless island.

      It was 26, 13 rolls and 13 extra rolls. If I typed something else it was a mistype. You can only use one coin a week on the celestials. Otherwise it would be 52. lol

  2. I hear you on the Trinkets my hunter (Main) is going to be rolling the Timeless trinket and the Shado-Pan (youcanlaughit'sok) trinket in WOD.....

    1. Trinkets are so hard to get. My main only got the shaman one (any version of it) two weeks ago. I was using the heroic rentakis up until that point. Hey, at least that was a good trinket.

      They need to make trinkets have a higher drop rate with how important as they are. Killing shaman since the second week (did not make it there the first week) and have only seen the caster trinket twice and the agility one twice.