Wednesday, July 9, 2014

An Episode of Frustration

Yesterday I logged into my 3rd alliance hunter, one that is on the runestone quest line, being it was a new reset and I was hoping that maybe I could grab the last 5 runestones I needed but of course I was not expecting it.

I logged in and I was on the timeless island and noticed I still had the valor of the ancients buff.  Cool, this happens quite often actually, so I figured I would do a quick epoch stone collection and start my week with 300 valor instead of 200 valor.

But good news, apparently I had the quest already complete.  I capped last week before turning it in, so I can start this week with a quick 300 valor and then go about trying to get those 5 runestones.  I ran to turn it in and saw I got 1000 timeless coins but no valor.

Mother F'er.  I forget I was capped at 3000 on that character.  Son of a bitch.  I was so pissed now.  Upset with myself for not remembering I was capped and even more upset with the game for not giving me so sort of pop up that asked me something along the lines of "you will not receive valor as you are capped".   Sure, I was an idiot, I should have known better, I should have remembered.  But it was not a good start to the week.

You see, the reason I was capped on valor is because this character can not win a god darn thing.  I have been 90 for 11 weeks and I have done the celestial and ordos kill thing each week, with a coin each week, and won nothing.  So at the beginning of each week I try to do them first to see if I get something decent to upgrade and if I don't (which I never do) I go and upgrade one of my LFR pieces so I can gain more.  I will only upgrade an LFR piece as a last resort.  Who really would ever waste valor on it on purpose?  Seriously.

Okay, I screwed up my whole week already, or it feels like it, so maybe the gods of the game will shine on me some and let me win something from a celestial for the first time... ever.  11 weeks and I have won nothing, not even a PvP piece which would also be a nice upgrade for me being my best pieces are timeless burden pieces or LFR pieces so even a 550 PvP piece would be a pretty sweet upgrade, but no, the game won't even spit one out for me.

The tiger was up and being attacked so I joined in.  It went down fast but without heals I needed to deterrence his lightning to limit the damage to me.  Outside of that as a damage dealer on the tiger there is no damage so you do not need heals and it does not matter if you are outside of the group.  If you get hit by the barrage I only have one word for you.  Move.  Really, there is no reason anyone should ever get hit by that.

I get what has become the normal off the boss a bag of gold.  Woo f'n hoo I am so excited.  I use my coin and to my surprise, or should I say not to my surprise, I get gold, but at least it was 114 gold.  Always look on the bright side they say right?

So I start to head up to ordos.  I will enter the in game finder once up there.  I do not join in when I am not standing there already.  I hate those people that expect you to summon them there.  If the warlock needs to work his ass there than your lazy butt can get there too.  If you are too lazy to get to ordos then I am too lazy to summon you.  I will not even help summoning people.  At least not people that use the in game system.  If you are using the in game system be there before you join in.  If someone invites a guild mate, then I can see summoning them.  It was an invite.  It was not someone that used the in game system.  If you are taking the time to list your name in the system you can take the time to get there before you list your name.  Simple as that.  I hate lazy people, maybe even more than I hate stupid people.  Sometimes stupid can't be cured, some people are just stupid.  But lazy can be cured.  It is called doing something.  Lazy is a choice and I make the choice not to play with lazy people.

Enough on that because I did not need to use the in game system anyway.  I saw a ton of horde running up the hill and noticed they were all from different servers.  Seems like the horde must be assembling for ordos.  Awesome.  I will just join in and tag it.

Nearly all the horde people are flagged, so I am very careful with my tabbing, the last thing I want to do is get flagged and then killed 20 or more to 1 and not get my shot in.  After I get my shot in, who cares, but shot comes first.

When I get to the courtyard they had just pulled.  I made it in time.  I make my way though the court and run up and lay in a few attacks then try to find myself a safe place to hang out.  It seems all the horde people that get the debuff all come aiming for me and standing on me with it.  As I move they move with me.  I would call them jerks or assholes or what have you, but they are the enemy, standing on my and doing damage to me is actually a smart move.  If it were my own faction then I would say they were jerks and assholes but when it was the opposite faction, more so PvP players, their job is to kill me and I am not flagged so in truth that is a pretty cool way to try and kill me.

The thing I I know of a few secret places by ordos where you do not get popped up.  I basically kite them around and when they are about to explode I step where I know I will not get knocked up and they go flying and I stay on the ground.  One point alliance, zero points horde.  Three times during the fight someone tries to stand on me, three times during the fight they go flying and my feet never leave the ground.  Three points alliance, zero points horde.

Then I get the debuff.  All there alone, don't really think there are any alliance up here, and I think to myself that no matter what, even if I do not go flying, the debuff will kill me.  It hits for a lot and I have very low life because I can't win any freaking gear.  Then I suddenly notice I am getting heals, and bubbles.  It seems there is a disc priest alliance side attacking and it is bouncing the heals to me.  Awesome.

The fight ends and I win something.  I won a neck.  Of course the worst thing you could possibly win, but still something right?  I can now spend some valor so I can earn some more.  I am so glad I will be upgrading a 559 instead of another 528.    Every time I need to waste valor on a 528 it hurts me inside.

In my excitement to have actually won something for the first time from either the celestial or ordos bosses in what is now my 12th week using a coin for each and every kill I did not noticed that there was a horde that still had the debuff and he got me this time.  I went up in the air but I hit disengage before I land and there is no damage to be done.  Nice try my goblin horde buddy but you need to be a hell of a lot more innovative to catch a hunter like that.

I hearth back and upgrade my new neck.   Now I can gain valor again.  But I should be at 300 valor already and I am still pissed about that.  I swear I was on the verge of writing a nasty ticket about it saying I wanted my 300 valor.  I knew better, so I didn't.  It is my own fault and really making 300 valor is not all that hard.  Grab a couple of friends, do a couple of scenarios, 10 minutes later you have the 300 valor.  It is the principle of the matter.  It should not have let me turn it in without letting me know I would not be getting the award for complementing the quest.

I queue up for the LFRs.  Needing 5 runestones I queue up for ToT 3, SoO 1 and SoO 2.  leaving ToT 4 for last in case I get lucky enough to get all 5 before the last boss so I can port out, turn in the quest, and then come back and get the heart.   Makes sense to me.

I fly back to the island so I can pick up a coin with timeless coins to try and roll to win the pet, again.  I do TOT 3 on multiple characters every week, I use a coin on all every week, I never win the freaking pet.  I am not going to pay the 80K they go for on my server.  Just give me my damn pet.

Nothing is worse than killing the same boss 100 times with 100 rolls and still not getting something.  Want to talk about frustration, that is frustration.  I hate RNG, have I ever mentioned that?  I think it might have come up a time or two.

I get ToT 3 first, an already in progress group.  Son of a... oh wait.  They are still on trash.  Not bad at all then.  I hate having to queue up for the same raid over again.  If I want all bosses I should be allowed to check something that says give me a fresh run.  I have, on more than one occasion, had to queue up for the same instance 3 times to get it done.  Come in on last boss.  Queue again, some in on second boss.  Then be stuck having to queue a third time.  Screw that.  There should be an option, fresh run only.  If you do not click it that means you are willing to take anything that they give you.

The run goes easy enough.  We do not have stellar DPS over all but there is one lock in the group doing 400K so he alone makes the run faster.  Combined with two tanks over 1M life and apparently knowing what they are doing and the fights all go smoothly.  I do not win any runestones however.  I do not even win any loot.  Not like I really need 502 loot but I am an enchanter and I do not mind getting myself a few extra sha crystals here and there.  They still sell somewhat nicely on that server to the tune of 90 gold.

Next up pops SoO 1 and again an already in progress group.  Son of a... oh wait.  They have not downed the first boss yet.  And it seems I have a few stacks of determination.  Should I cry now?  Stacks on the first boss... on a reset day.  How bad is this group?

There is this one loud mount yapping away when I come in saying how everyone was doing everything wrong and they all suck and blah blah blah yap yap yap.  I tuned the guy out.  Then he went on his I am the best player here and I can't carry all of you, I am top DPS. so forth and so on.  All I can think is "not any more".  If someone is that loud in an LFR there are one or two reasons.  They suck and they are trying to make themselves feel good or they are really uber and think they are better than anyone else.  From this person tone, at least as best you can catch a tone from typed words, he was the former.  A bad player that just happened to be the best in a bad group.  So I was sure his spouting of I am the best DPS here would prove false.  This hunter might have shit for gear but I am 100% sure that my ability will surely propel me past any LFR hero even in crap gear.

Fight ends, we down it, and we needed the stacks of determination it seemed.  Sure the first boss is a horrible judge for DPS because of all the down time but even at that the DPS in the group was horrible.  Not only was I, as I said I would be, tops, I was tops by a long shot and that is rather sad being I was not doing particularly well.

Mr I am the top DPS had nothing to say after the fight was over and oddly enough he had nothing to say the rest of the run.  Apparently he has recount and saw he got his ass kicked.  When sitting at the second boss I check his gear.  Pretty sweet.  He only has 2 pieces that are not normal.  He should have ripped me a new one.  This ladies and gentlemen is the type of person people are talking about when they use the term LFR hero.  They are usually top of the LFR because they over gear it but otherwise they are fairly poor players.

Second boss manages to see us wipe once and almost wipe another time.  Still no runestones.  Third boss is more of the same and with our DPS I don't see how the hell we are going to manage this one.  Even the LFR hero, being the poor player he is, does worse than normal because he stays on the boss 100% of the time doing reduced damage instead of killing adds and doing full damage.  When the fight ends the top 4 damage dealers are basically the only 4 people that did any damage to the adds.  Maybe if the LFR hero would look to this recount and instead of just seeing he got his ass kicked again but not only by me but by others as well and instead of just looking at the number but looking at what we did damage too he might learn something.  I am amazed we did not wipe, I am not amazed I did not get a runestone.

So 6 bosses down already and no runestones, at least the last boss will give me one.  We wipe on the trash, not once, not twice, not even three times but what seems to feel like 100 times.  Damn healers keep dispelling people even after we tell them not to.  I stay outside after I run back in.  Stupid healers refuse to listen and keep killing people and with three priests and three mass dispels they are wiping people at record pace.

I have a feeling this fight is going to be really interesting.  Just like they had issues with dispels on protectors they will surely have an issue here and not understand you should only dispel when you have the buff.  Or in the case of the priests they will try to mass dispel, which I believe does nothing.  How can they forget where their dispel button is when they need to use it but when they should not be dispelling they went dispel crazy?

We wipe on the last boss 3 times before we get it.  Lucky for us we had a few sub par damage dealers drop and be replaced with some powerful players.  It is sad when you actively desire real raiders to finish an LFR.  The LFR hero should be the super hero of the group.  They should not need a half heroic geared lock to come in and do 500K.

We down the boss and I do not get a runestone.  WTF?  This is the guaranteed one.  Only, absolutely, this one is getting me to put in a ticket.  As I am opening to put in the ticket the runestone pops up.  It must have just been delayed for some reason.  Normally I just drop group.  I am glad I didn't.  If I just dropped group I would have not got it and then been left up to the whim of a GM and if he was in a good mood or not on whether he would give it to me or not.

I am not having a hell of a lot of luck so far today.  Turned in my stupid valor quest when I was capped.  For the 12th week in a row I killed a celestial and did not get anything, and for the 12th week I used a coin and did not get anything, not even so much as a PvP piece.  I wiped multiple time to something you should never wipe to.  I've waited for far to long as a damage dealer in queue.  And I forgot to pick up my coins when I went back to spend the valor on my neck.  Things are just not going my way.

I get into gates, which we all know is a freaking nightmare to begin with in the LFR.  I take a quick look at the tanks, we have one that is well geared for an LFR and another that looks as if they would be suspect in an MV LFR.  Why do I get 1M health tanks in ToT and 400K ones in Gates?

It seems like the low geared tank is the dominate one.  Or maybe just the stupid one.  You decide.

He charges in before everyone has even walked down the path and pulls everything and dies instantly.  I had set my MD to the higher health tank so I just hit my MD marco and unload some multis hoping the other tank is actually here and paying attention.  All the mobs go flying for him and he goes down instantly too.  Guess he was not exactly ready maybe?  I will not pass judgement on his tanking ability just yet.  He did not do anything so not sure what he ability is.

We wipe 4 times on the trash, as in complete wipes.  Total wipes.  No one lived wipes.  All because mr 400K life decided that we needed to play a game of "but we do this on heroic" and pull the entire row of adds at once.  We finally kick the under geared, under skilled, basement dweller of a tank and get another piece of work.  At least this one had more gear even if it was only a little more.  He also seems to know what he is doing which can make up for a lack of gear, to some extent.  He is geared more than ample for the LFR however, even if seeing 500K life might seem like a little and it is.  With the appropriate level of skill it is more than you will ever need for LFR content.

We spend the next 15 or so minutes after clearing trash talking about tower groups.  I am not kidding about the time either.  It took that long to decide on towers.  Finally when the groups for towers are set up we pull the boss.  Of course some dim wits die to the point that one mob spits out because they do not move from it and we are down three damage dealers near instantly when that happens.  Then the tower group goes up and the two drakes come down and seemingly one shot the tank and then go on to dismantle every one else down there.  I look at my raid frames to see where the healers all.  Guess what?  All 6 healers went up on the tower.  You have got to be kidding me.  We spent 15 minutes setting up towers.  It was asked, and answered multiple times who the tower healer was.  So why did all six healers decide to go up to the tower?

Take two, more people die to the point puddle, will people ever learn.  So we are down 2 healers and 2 damage dealers instantly this time.  One was the tower healer.  No one got them up and the tower tank did not notice it, so the tower team goes up and dies.  This means another wipe.

Take three, again more of the time, idiots in the poison puddle die instantly, only two this time.  I swear they have to be dying to it on purpose.  No one is that stupid.  Only one healer goes up on the tower this time and they can't keep the tank up so the tower tank goes down followed by the tower team and then the entire raid.

Tower tank, the one with the lower life, but not a bad tank over all outside of not noticing he did not have a healer that one time, drops group without a word.  We have to wait for a new tank and we go over tower teams again while waiting.

Take 4 some 10 minutes later and it goes a lot smoother this time. Only one person dies to the poison cloud and the new tank that was doing towers, reminiscent of the first one, a 500K (with stacks now remember) tank that apparently was not really a tank at least managed to work as a meat shield somewhat.  He went down in the first tower but was picked up quickly and no problem.  He went down again in the second tower and someone ran up there and picked up him.  We lost a couple of damage dealers but not enough to stop us.  Finally we get the boss down and everyone spreads out all over the place.  People yell to stack, over and over and over but no one listens.  Just a few decent players like myself, a shaman and 2 other hunters, are stacked, everyone else is everywhere else.  The baby tank goes down.  The other tank tries as best he can to hold out and does a damn good job of it, but the healers can not come close to keeping up with the damage and the tank eventually goes down and so do we.

Someone posts healing done and there is one healer doing 60K and the rest are under 30K.  That is why we were wiping, holy crap that is bad.  60K with stacks should be the worst healer in there, not the best.  Both tanks did more healing than 2 of the healers.  The elemental shaman in the group did more healing than 3 of the healers.  WTF were the healers doing in there.

Take 5, more poison deaths, more baby tank dying in the towers, more wiping.  Same with take 6.

Take 7 and I am at the end of my wits.  This is the day after reset, it is when the best player are supposed to be playing.  If this is the best this game has to offer in the random setting we have a lot of issue with the game.  I have no clue why I am holding out, why I am still here.  I just want to get my freaking runestones.  I am already having a crap day in game I do not need more of this shit.

We wiped again, once more at the end of the fight because people are not stacking up, healers are not keeping up, and that other tank keeps freaking dying.  We get closer this time, much closer, but still not really a great attempt.

The top healer this time was 78K, the others were still all in the 30s or lower.  How is that even possible with all these stacks.  The only good healer, and I use that word loosely because with as many stacks as we had 78K is pretty dreadful, drops group.  So now we are down to only the super crap ones.  Then the one good tank we had that was with us from the beginning drops as does the elemental shaman that was tops in damage done and usually 3rd or 4th in healing done drops and I can't stay.  We lost the top healer, top tank and top damage dealer.  I drop too.

Screw this, do I really need another hunter with a cape, do I really want to put up with this, do I really want to stay for all these wipes just to continue to not get runestones?  I am having a hard time finding a reason to play when this is what I get subjected to.

You want to know the kicker of this whole thing that I find funny but not in a ha ha sort of way?  I am probably going to finish the legendary quest line before I win anything off the celestials and that is with doing it every week since I hit 90 and using a coin each and every week.  Not even one piece of PvP gear.  Don't ever talk about bad luck unless you mention me because my bad luck rules all.  I hate RNG but at the moment I do not hate RNG more than I hate the people in the LFR.  All I wanted to do was have a little fun killing some internet dragons and they made it impossible to do so.

When I got out I went to the little hut on the timeless island and logged out and exited the game.  Screw this, I'll go play wildstar instead.  At least if I am going to die 100 times it will be me dying there because I did something stupid instead of other people subjecting me to death.

I just reached a level of frustration that could not be matched and I could not take it any more.


  1. At first I was laughing but now I feel bad for you. My theory is blizzard knows who your are, watches you, knows the name of all your toons and purposely puts together a raid group of the worst people online, lets you que it out and sticks you in that pre-made group from hell. I would have stabbed my eyes out on try #3. You get the worst of the worse, sir. You have my sympathy. Still read your blog everyday. Share the pain, Im listening.

    1. I sometimes think the same thing. Like blizzard knows I complain about things like that so they are torturing me. lol

  2. lol you must be a masochist so much time in LFR. I have started my third character on the clock quest (first 2 healers this one dps). i do one boss and say fuck it can't be bothered. god forbid soo 3 & 4

    1. I sometimes question my own sanity.

      I guess I could try to find pugs for normals to get those alts the cape but LFR is there and so much faster than doing that.

      Either way, as much as I hate it, cloak 8 and 9 are on their way.

  3. Ugh, i was cringing IRL when i was reading this. I would just cancel my sub if i was subjected to this much shit. I am glad I am on EU even on a tuesday (day before reset for us) or on weekends, I have never found a group this bad. I dont know what kind of fucktards queue for LFRs on US realms , seriously..
    -straws from kazzak-eu

    1. This bad? Rare, but being I do it a lot I get them from time to time. But bad over all, yes, I get a lot of them. It is hit or miss. I had a nice streak for a while with no really horrible groups. I was due for a trip through hell to remind me of why I keep quitting LFR.