Thursday, July 10, 2014

An Accidental Insult

I think I might have insulted a fellow hunter in an LFR the other day and I did not really intend to.  I was asked a question in a whisper and I answered it as I would normally answer it.  I did not look who asked it or look at numbers or another.  They asked, I answered, and I think I broke some unwritten rule of the brotherhood of hunters.

After the previous days horrible adventure through LFR that caused me to just log out I went back on my newest hunter to finish off the bosses I needed in an effort to collect runestones.  This means doing the second siege and the last throne.  For the record, I did not get any runestones except the 2 guaranteed ones.  Insert sad face.

This hunter has mostly blah gear having had won nothing off the celestial bosses and extremely little luck with ordos.  Not to mention I have a total of 1 kill on normal, Malkorok, in an effort to get a decent weapon.  Even if the character has completed the LFR and I think it completed flex, it has had no luck.  I have 1 tier piece from LFR and crap gear otherwise.  No gems as of yet but being I am an enchanter I did enchant what I was capable of doing and as a leatherworker I took care of my bracers and legs.

So I am sitting at a 531 item level mostly on the strength of timeless island burden pieces sadly but I do okay on the character even without the gear.  I pull upwards of 160K normally on something I can just pew pew on which I feel is quite solid for my item level.

So here goes where I made my oops.

I zone in on juggernaut in an already in progress run.  We wait a little before pulling but when we do I notice right off the bat I am having some huge hits.  Seems like I am having one of those lucky rights where I am landing many more critical strikes than my rating should allow me too.  I am over 240K for most of the fight but start to dwindle down at the end.  I knew it could not last, not in this gear, but I still manage to end the fight with 196K and, not surprisingly, top DPS and damage done.  It has to be my best ever on this character and well above what I am capable of doing in this gear.

I get a whisper from someone as we move on to the next pack of trash saying, "those are some impressive numbers for your gear, how do you manage that" to which I replied "Thanks, I have a lot of hunters this will be my 4th to get the cloak.  I just know how to play a hunter."

He then whispered me again saying "I guess that means I don't".  Not with a question mark.  I looked to the raid frames and saw his name then inspected.  He was a hunter too, mostly normal gear partially upgraded and only 2 pieces below normal.  He did not have the cape yet so I am guessing he was an alt or a new player.  He was also gemmed and enchanted completely.

I looked back to recount for that fight and he was second behind me in damage done and had a 189K DPS number.  I then whispered him, more so to make myself feel better because I now felt like I insulted him saying I just knew how to play a hunter, "I had a really luck run with a lot of crits"  He did not say another word.

I honestly felt bad because I think I insulting him and it was not my intention.  I would have answered anyone that way if they asked me how I do well in bad gear.  It really is as simple as I have a lot of hunters, I know how to play them.  It was not meant to imply that he did not know how to play one.  Sure, he should have been doing much better, maybe around 220K - 240K in his gear, but he was not doing what anyone would considered poorly.  At least not poorly by LFR standards.  Hell, by LFR standards he was doing fantastic.

I am not one of those people that live to insult people which it seems like most of the LFR community is but I felt a little bad about what I said afterwards.  Even more so when I tried to make my "sort of" apology when I mentioned it was just luck of the crit and he did not reply.

Oh well, if perhaps whoever that hunter was stumbles across this post, It was not my intention to insult.  We hunters need to stand together, we are not like other classes that shoot each other down, we try to help each other up.  Keep working and you will get better, you were not doing bad at all.  I just got really really lucky.  Ask any hunter and they will tell you 196K ungemmed at a 531 item level and no tier sets at all has absolutely nothing to do with skill, it was pure luck.


  1. I know you are just venting.

    And to be honest, what you said in that way was not insulting, at least to me, but one never knows who is on the other side of that keyboard. They may be at a low point of their day - fight with S.O. or let go from work. Maybe recovering from an accident. Or just something else going on.

    But I can tell it is bothering you a little though (like an itch one can't reach). Go play some wildstar :P

    Me, I will not touch that game. First combat has become to complicated. Two - too cartoony for even my taste.

    1. Yeah, it made me feel bad. It passed of course, but I felt like crap when it seemed like he was upset by it.

      Wildstar combat takes a lot of getting used to. I am still not really liking it all that much. As for cartoonish, it is no more so than warcraft. If anything it is less so than warcraft, in my opinion at least.