Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What is Your Biggest Pet Peeve?

I was writing a post about something else when it occurred to me that sometimes something might bother me in game that is not really a bad thing over all.  It is just a personal pet peeve.  Something that bothers me only.

So that post went to draft stage where it will sit with 100s of other posts that were finished but never made it to the published phase because this seems more interesting to me at the moment.  Pet peeves in game.  Things that bug you but might not bug others.

A pet peeve could be something that either rationally or irrationally bothers you.  There does not even need to be a reason behind it.  Just something that gets on your nerves.

What are your biggest pet peeves in game?  Maybe we share some or maybe our pet peeves are just personal things that annoy us only.

Pet Peeve # 1 - Long winded announcements

We have this shaman in guild that loves to go into long details every time they drop mana tide even if I have told them multiple times to just say "mana tide down".

Example:  "I dropped mana tide in the left back of the room as if you were facing the bosses.  It is kind of close to that one purple tile that is darker than the others.  It will give the healers mana if they stand close to it at a rate of blah blah blah".

Seriously?  Is all that needed?  It bugs the crap out of me.  Not sure why, just one of my pet peeves.

Pet Peeve # 2 - Interrupting my pattern

When I am farming something, mobs, rep, whatever, I have a pattern to it.  Usually if no one else is in the area it works perfectly.  I will make a path and have it work perfectly that when I reach the end the start has began to respawn.  Whatever I do I make paths for, a pattern if you will, and it annoys the hell out of me when someone comes along and messes with my pattern.

I know it is no big deal but I see someone fighting a mob in front of me that I was going to get to in a minute means that I will now not have that to kill and when I reach the end the new ones will not have popped up yet so I have to wait for them.  It screwed up all my timing.  And that mobs will now respawn differently and might mess up the next pass also.

It is a selfish pet peeve because I wanted the entire route I made all for myself, but it is a pet peeve of mine none the less.

Pet Peeve # 3 - Making me wait

Many times I will offer to have someone tag along with me when I do something like kara so if the mount drops they can have it.  I already have it and I figure if I am going to do it anyway might as well have someone that needs the mount get a chance at having it.

So I will announce in guild that I am going into kara in 5, if anyone wants to come for the mount, meet me there.  I figure I announce when I am on my way there so they have time to get there as well.  There is always someone that says, sure I will tag along and then keeps asking me to wait.  Let me do this daily first, finish this pet battle first, get over there being my hearth is on cooldown and it will take a while.

If you are not capable of being there in 5, why did you say you wanted to come with me when I was starting it in 5?

I would never expect someone to wait for me and I would surely not ask them too.  If someone is doing something and I know it will take me a while to get there I will say, I will be capable of going in 15 minutes but if you want to go before than it is okay.  But I would never expect them to wait 15 minutes for me.  It is a big pet peeve of mine when people just expect you to wait.

Pet Peeve # 4 - Auction house jerks

Maybe it is just me but you know what my biggest pet peeve about the auction house is?  When you get that one jerk that lists 2000 of an item 1 at a time.  Like frostweave cloth.  He will list 2000 single cloth for 3 gold each.  So if I want to sell, I am now forced to sell one each to have it show first, or hope that someone is willing to page thought 50 pages before they get to my listing.

Why is this even necessary?  I know there has to be some reason that these people do that but I just do not get it.  It is nothing but annoying.  It makes me which I could run up to them in game and punt them, even if they are not a gnome.  It is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Pet Peeve # 5 - Undercutters

Another auction house pet peeve.  I do not mind under cutters, that is how we all play.  But the super cutters are the ones that are my pet peeve.  You know the type I am talking about.  There is a stack of jade lungfish going for 600, a few going for 599 and a couple more going at 595 and then dimwit jerkwad comes and lists them for 200 a stack and then wacko mcbraindead comes and lists stacks for 50. Suddenly you have a vibrant market where you were selling stacks for 600 gold by the fist full to 100s of listings sitting there between 50-200 each.

Why?  No really, why?   If I could sell 4-5 stacks at day at 600 even with someone occasionally uncutting me at 599 or 595, why would you drop the price to 200, and then to 50?  Do you want to lose money?

If someone is willing to pay you 600 why only sell it for 200?  Perhaps that is why this is a huge pet peeve of mine, because I just do not understand it.  Undercutting does not bother me at all but undercutting from 600 all the way to 50 makes absolutely no sense.  Even more so when it is not just one person looking to get rid of a stack they had sitting around fast, which I would understand, it was someone that listed 20 or 30 stacks at that price.  A huge pet peeve of mine.

Pet Peeve # 6 - Flight Paths

There have been great advancements in "Air Azeroth" but they still have never gotten over their obsession with sending you on a world tour each time you take a flight path.  Nothing bothers me more within the small game mechanics department than the paths that flight paths take us on.

Even going to the new island the other day I went to the closest flight point which in was in the jinyu village for allaince.  Effectively it is directly across from the island.  I could hop on and fly right across right? Nope, apparently "Air Azeroth" wanted to take me on a view of the jade forest all the way up to dawns blossom instead of just going directly from the village over.

As pet peeves go for the minor things in game, this is my biggest pet peeve.  Direct flights from point a to point b would be really nice blizzard.  No need for the scenic view.  I guess that is why I always fly everywhere manually unless I know I am getting up from the keyboard for an extended time.

Pet Peeve # 7 - Emote macro people

We all have some fun marcos.  I've seen DKs with their mortal combat "get over here" death grips and of course I had my "its just a jump to the left" time warp macro since mages first got it.  Those things are fine.  But one of my pet peeves are people that have emote macros on all their abilities.

I was once in a battle ground where this one guy had /spit macroed on every ability he had.  Come on, is that really necessary.  Sure jerks do seem to gravitate to PvP because it actively reenforces bad behavior but putting spit on every ability is just going to far and move someone from the jerk category to full on asshole category.

I had a warrior tank that had a different emote on all his abilities and when tanking the dungeon it was like he was yapping all the time when he was just yelling out with every ability he had.  Had a tank on horde side that had "for the horde" macored into everything.

Maybe it is just me, but I find that annoying and that is why it makes my pet peeve list.

So what are some of the things that bother you?  Rational or irrational.  Vent about it.  Share your biggest pet peeves.


  1. Gankers - I know I play on PvP servers and I genuinely like the element of world PvP. I just never understood the fun in attacking somebody at low health or that was way beneath you in levels. It isn't fun for me to gank and it isn't fun to get ganked. Minor inconvenience, but an annoyance. Especially bad when the ganker brags about it.

    Personally, I rather like the undercutters and one-listers on the AH. I've made a lot of gold over the years buying up their cheap items and relisting them or combining their one-by-one listed items into stacks and selling them myself at a mark up. Got my 100% speed mount a week after hitting 60 back in vanilla that way. Got my epic flying in Outland while most of my guildies were still trying to afford regular flight.

    1. I hate gankers too but as I only have 2 characters on PvP servers so it does not effect me really because I go around unflagged on a PvE server most of the time but I am right there with you.

      I can not understand why killing a 27 with your 90 is fun. I can't understand even more why camping a 27 with your 90 is fun. Maybe I would not mind just passing by and one shotting me for shits and giggles but to hang out and wait for me to return is just bad form even on a PvP server. My opinion of course.

      I've found a few great buy and relist deals like that myself. Love them. The better ones are the buy and vendor deals. You can not believe how often I see gems on the market for less than they vendor for. I buy them all and just vendor them for the profit.

  2. I have mixed feelings about the severe undercutting on the AH. There's one character on my main server, who I suspect is a gold farmer, though I certainly could be wrong. The same name has his hand in every crafting prof on the AH, and is pretty quick at undercutting (by one copper) at all hours of the day. And he likes to sell things at ridiculously high prices. Maybe this puts me into the jerk category too, but sometimes I like to severely undercut him, and then pull my item as soon as he relists under me, purchase his item, and relist it at a normal price.

    I'd feel a little bad doing that to other crafters. I feel like if you are crafting or gathering to make your gold, I don't want to get in your way, or stop your chance at making a decent amount of money. But if you're someone who "plays" the AH, or who's name is ubiquitous across the AH, then all's fair. :-)


    1. Sounds like a bot to me. We have one on my server too. 24/7 whenever you list something he will undercut it by one copper instantly. Absolutely a bot.

      As for your undercutting that is not being a jerk. It is just being reasonable. Like when I see some old school enchants selling for 2K I throw them up for 100. That is not being a jerk, that is just being reasonable. They are not 2K enchants, they are 100 enchants. They were not selling at 2K, the guy was just hoping to get someone desperate or stupid to buy it.

      The example I used the jade lung fish would sell sometimes as fast as I could list them for 600 gold a stack. Yet someone puts up 20 stacks and 200 and another person puts up 40 stacks at 50. Why? They were selling just fine at 600. Put them up at 590 maybe, not 50.

      I have a rule when listing crafted stuff. If a guild mate has the lowest listed item I match it exactly or put mine slightly over his. Never undercut a guild mate. That is something I expect from all guild members. Anyone else, undercut away. lol

    2. I'm sorry, but that sounds hypocritical because just because you don't like what they are selling doesn't make what you are doing not supercutting.

      And regarding supercutting, it is obviously a very viable strategy.
      1) it drives out people with less patience (that would probably be you if he keeps up long enough)
      2) if your supply greatly outnumbers the number you can sell at a certain price, you lower the price to expand the market
      3) based on #2, you earn more money

    3. I sell for a reasonable price. That is not super cutting. If a guild lists a wrath bracer enchant for 2K gold and keeps re listing it for months and months of it not selling and I list one for 200 I am not super cutting him, I am listing at a fair market value.

      When I can sell every stack of lungfish I have for 600 within hours of putting it up every single time I put it up and someone lists it for 50 it is super cutting.

      Super cutting is when you crash a market for no reason because the market has been set and is vibrant at 600. So there is a huge difference between what I said and that. Not hypocritical at all. Just logical.

      Does not drive me out as I do not use the AH to make gold exclusively, I use it to empty my bags.

      I just wait until there are none on the market and relist at 600 later and make my gold then. The person that is putting them on for 50 is the fool. He could under cut for 500 (which is reasonable) and still sell them in massive stacks and make a ton more gold or he could sell them at 50 and basically throw away the money he could have made.

      Maybe the people that live and die buying and selling are different then me. I will wait a day or two and then sell it at my price. I am not going to lower my price because some idiot does not understand that 600 is more than 50.

    4. The guy that I think is a bot on my server is making ridiculous prices that I really can't imagine selling. But since he's the most ubiquitous seller, he sort of sets the price for other crafters, who I guess don't want to super-cut. And except for the occasional player who has too much gold, it really just means that no one gets the gear, and no one gets gold. One of the most ridiculous is any of the crafted 476 gloves and chests. we have a small server, so often there won't be any of a particular 476 item, and he'll start them at 10k.

      These are items I wouldn't think twice about giving away to someone i knew who needed them. So I love "super cutting" him. If someone still needs 476 gear at this point in the xpac, they don't have 10k gold to spend on the gear.

      I think the point is, as you iterated, I want the price to be reasonable. It helps the people who need the gear, and it also helps me because I can get rid of my spirits, even if it's for a small amount of gold. A reasonable market is better for everyone.


    5. I agree with that 100%. 476 for 10K is ridiculous. I got a fair deal of them when doing the barrens and I saw prices like that, usually 15K or better, on my server. I would list them at 3K and it would still take me 4 or 5 listing before I would sell it. Even at that I still felt I was ripping people off for 3K for a 476. Why do people list stuff like that at 10K? Does it ever sell if it sometimes took me 10 listings to sell it for 3K?

      Someone said what I did was super cutting myself but it isn't. It is reasonable pricing. I consider reasonable pricing to be when you list sometimes, if it can sell within 3 listings, it is reasonably priced. But of course that is just an opinion. That 2K enchant I was selling for 200 instead it still took me 35-40 listings to sell which shows even my 200 was way overpriced. So what does that make the 2K?

  3. I'll consider personal peeves as things that bother me MORE than they seem to bother other people, not necessarily things that are just me:

    0) People who ask for &/or who link meters publicly. This may be too obvious to have on the list so I've included it as #0.

    1) Players not letting the tank pull. I don't care WHAT the content is, let the tank pull, always, unless the tank asks you to. I haven't had that happen since Wrath.

    2) Tanks who pull 2 of the Sha-like adds at the same time at the start of Terrace... they think it speeds things up but it splits the dps focus and you end up with 2-4 waves of spawns rather than 1-2. The spawns are always the last to die. KILL ONE ADD A TIME, DAMNIT. And lo if the tanks don't pull a second mob, if they don't someone else will, thinking they're actually helping. This is probably just me.

    2.5) People who make situations a lot more complicated than they have to be without any significant benefit to doing so. Why pull a room when you'll have a decent chance of wiping when it isn't really any faster than killing things in smaller bunches and having your healer NOT hate you?

    3) Boss explanations that take longer than the first wipe + run-back + re-buff would take. I used to have a RL who would take, literally, 15-20 minutes to explain a boss fight our first time in and he would include specific instructions sprinkled throughout so even those of us who knew the fight would have to listen to the whole damned thing. Seriously, if the first explanation is more than 30 seconds nobody's going to be paying attention and there's less chance anyone will REMEMBER anything. I always wanted to respond to "Any questions?" with variations of "Yes, just got back from the movie I went to after you started talking, looks like great timing. Anything I need to know about this guy? Avoid crap on the floor, dispel, interrupt, don't stand in the cleave, good to go?" I may have actually responded with something like that once or twice. (yes, I'm complaining about others being wordy, the hypocricy isn't lost on me)

    4) People who link loot in chat for random content. Worse, people who link BoA i496 tokens in General chat on the Island. Taking the cake, people who link loot and then complain that they don't need it. "Oh, great, THIS stupid weapon that 6 people just griped they didn't get again that I've already won 4 times."

    4.5) People who complain about not getting drops in random content, especially fringe cases where there's a secondary concern about their sanity or intelligence. "WTF BLIZZ I'VE BEEN IN HERE TWICE HAVE USED TOKENS BOTH TIMES AND I DID GET 4 PIECES OF LOOT INCLUDING WEAPON AND TRINKET ALL HUGE UPGRADES BUT I DIDN'T GET THE F@@KIN BRACERS THAT I REALLY WANTED!!!!!!!!1!" I'll admit I haven't seen that exact one but it's only a matter of time.

    5) Griefers in general. People who kill all the birds on the Island so nobody can spend 35 minutes to get to the place they need to go, just to miss the platform because the bird DOESN'T ALWAYS STAY STOPPED when you attack it. Chat griefers (trade/general/instance). Griefers who poke scaling mobs 1 time to get credit, increasing the health pool and then back away, letting everyone else work for the kill. People who chain-reset Celestials... while being naked so if they die before they manage to escape they won't take a repair bill. Yes, I've seen it, and reported it. Basically, just anyone who seems to believe that they have a natural right to make themselves known, positively or negatively, to everyone around them. I need more tools to deal with these people.

    6) "How do I get the cloak?" (this won't be on my list forever but you'd think that some of the people asking would have seen the answers to the previous 15 people asking in the last 3 minutes)

    1. 7) In the first week of new content: "LFM Flex, i525+, must have achivement" I feel bad for folks who have spent an entire expansion gearing up one toon just to be told they can't come in the first week because they haven't already done the content that week. This one may just be me, though, I'm sure those groups get filled.

      8) People who respond to anything said in a reasonable way with "STFU" or related. If you're in group content you have an obligation to be part of the group, not above it.

      9) "plox" /groinpunch

      Responding to yours:

      1) Not too far off my long-winded one. :)
      2) That's an OCD thing as much as anything. I sympathize. You should see my chest route, it's FANTASTIC.
      3) Amen. I'd add to this "Plz summon" or "Plz rez" as related peeves. Should have put those in my list above, too.
      4) Auctionator. What helps me with this one, aside from Auctionator, is knowing that that person will, whether they sell or not, have to deal with 2000 individual mails... at 50/minute, that's 40 minutes just to clear out their mailbox just for that one listing.
      5) I just buy them out. No harm done. I don't mind stockpiling things that are significantly below my threshold.
      6) Do you know you can't even fly to TI without the Dawn's Blossom flight path? Even if you're standing at the Jin'yu flight path right near the Island you still can't fly to TI without it. At this point I just manually fly to TI from the Vale rather than taking a FP, not sure if it's faster but it feels less wasteful.
      7) I only really find those annoying when they're used in instance chat... yells/says and such I can just turn off for the run but I will definitely call them a peeve. I'll add that I find things like "SHIELDWALL UP" "SHIELDWALL DOWN" notifications in chat to be annoying, pretty sure the healers aren't watching chat to see when the cooldowns are being hit, they might / should be a bit too busy with other things.

    2. #0 - I hate those people who link after trash or after a wipe. They are even worse in my opinion. But I know what you mean.

      #1 - I hate that as a tank, as a healer and as a damage dealer. Just let the tank pull, I agree.

      #2 - I agree. That was the problem with cata heroics when they first came out. People think pulling everything will actually help speed things up when if you wipe once you actually made things longer than it would have been if you did things right to begin with.

      #3 - I am guilty of doing that sometimes, but sometimes it works. First time on twins, 10 minutes of explaining and then I said pull and we one shot it. Sometimes it is worth it. ;)

      #4 - I complain about loot all the time so I am guilty of that one too. I do not mind random, I hate random for the sake of random. Have nothing drop for 6 weeks in a row and then get everything at once. Like me not even seeing a hunter weapon drop all tier and then 4 days before the new patch comes, it is like the game is laughing at me. I used to run ToES LFR every week for the sha weapon, used a coin every week, even 3 coins some weeks, and I never saw it drop. So yeah, I am so guilty of that complaining too. :P

      #5 - Yet when you report them to blizzard the response you get it, "we can not tell people how to play, if they is how they enjoy playing the game that is their right." No, I am not kidding, I've been told that by a blizzard employee. So what is worse, the griefers or blizzard for giving them a free pass to grief because they are afraid to lose subs?

      #6 - You always get that when new things are out but I think by now everyone should know unless they are brand spanking new. And even at that, how many of them can there really be? I agree, I think they ask to troll.

      #7 - I had one like that last expansion. Alliance never controlled TB when I was on and it popped up, TB must have achievement. Excuse me, this is the first time we have ever had it since the expansion came out and I have been on how the hell would I have the achievement?

      I did get the best of him. He was a hunter looking for a problim group. I went, grabbed problem, soloed him right in front of him (before it was changed to shared tag) and then laughed at him needing a group for it. Don't judge me because I do not have an achievement it would have been impossible for me to have.

      #8 - Have you ever noticed the more "elite" the player acts in group content the worse the player they usually are? So you can be sure the STFU guy is the worst player in the group.

      #9 - My big one is "z". PLZ, healz, stuff like that. It is please, it is heals, there is no Z in either of them. That annoys the hell out of me.

    3. #4 - I probably didn't emphasize this enough but I mean strictly linking loot or complaining about loot in PUGs or in world chat channels. I'm a big fan of loot talk (good, bad, ugly) among premades or buddies. I don't ever need to hear someone I don't know talking about their loot, ever. Especially trivial loot like the i496 tokens. Yeah, I got 120 of those last night. Congrats?

      #5 - You have to report them a certain way to not get that response. It isn't about what they're doing, it's about how what they're doing is impacting YOU. So, with the birds, "So-and-so is killing birds which is keeping me from getting to the chests on top of the mountains. Since there isn't any other way to get up there I consider this to be in breach of game mechanics and I have absolutely no way in-game to make them stop so hopefully you can." Something like that. It might not actually cause anything to happen but they won't give you the "they're playing the game in a way that it can be played" response to that.

      6 - It's more about people not reading existing responses to questions before asking their own. It used to be that you were expected to monitor a forum for a few days to get a feel for the environment and check for existing answers before asking a question. Now, people have a question, they just immediately poke it into chat. And don't people have in-game friends anymore so they won't look like idiots publicly? When did that stop being a concern? Is this a Facebook/Twitter thing?!? /getoffmylawn

      8 - Worse, sometimes, but wrong for the content being run, absolutely. I don't care how geared you are, if you pull an entire heroic instance in one pull, a fresh healer won't be keeping your stupid ass up. As an example, in the 3 different flex runs I've had so far (different groups each time), it was inevitably the worst performers in the group who seemed to have issues grasping that Flex is NOT LFR. The heroic raiders in the group were patient about it, they're used to wiping, but the low performers were the "Why isn't this boss dead yet? It's FLEX!!" commentards.

      9 - I don't like Z either but at least Plz is shorter than Please (and Pls doesn't seem to be used, ever). "Plox" in particular burns my ass because it's MORE LETTERS than Plz. I'd much rather see Plz! It also makes no damned sense. I'm sure it's some sort of meme but as soon as I see that I make a lot of negative assumptions about that person.

    4. #4 - I agree. I hate hearing people I don't know complain. I have enough to complain about myself.

      Even worse is that jerk on durmuu complaining that he just got his 8th bow and doesn't need it while I am doing this for the 14th time and have used a coin all 14 times and still have not see it. Screw you and your 8th freaking weapon. I don't want to hear about it.

      #5 - I understand what you are saying, but I shouldn't need to have to tell them how the game works. I had enough of that back when the DS LFR first came out and I was trying to figure out how my healing shaman kept losing the healing shield to a retribution paladin and all I got was, they are allowed to roll on it so they are allowed to win it. But why are they getting the +100 role bonus on it? I've tried to teach them, it is not worth the effort. They should either know how to do their job or be fired.

      #6 - Oddly enough people don't seem to realize that there are people to help them. I often see people that are new to the guild asking something in trade. I answer it in guild and tell them next time just ask in guild we will help them. Better then running into a trade troll any day. And while you or I might read up on things I would hazard a guess that somewhere in the ballpark of 98% of the player base never looks outside of the game for information. Heck, even my own raiders don't. If they have a question they just wait until I get online to ask me. Not kidding.

      #8 - I did a flex last night with any random guild mate that wanted to come and we had one of those "non-raiders" that think they are better than raiders. We downed the first 3 no problem but wipe twice on the 4th. He suddenly has to leave, most likely because we are so bad we are wiping on "easy" content. So yeah, it depends on the content, sometimes some of the lesser skilled players can be jerks too. However I do believe that the first person to start talking crap in the LFR is usually the worst one there. Seems a little different in flex. Real raiders are used to wiping and LF raiders think a wipe means you are bad.

      #9 - I had someone whisper me once on my priest. Are you healz? I said, no, I am a healer. He said, can you heal for BWD. I said no. He asked why not. I said, because I am not healz and you said you needed healz. He just went ???. I really hate the z thing.

  4. There are times I go into the severe undercut mode, but those times I'm using the AH to clean out my bank, not for profit.

    Example: I just finished up all the panda JC cuts on my newest cutter. Doing that left me with ~250 random cut gems from the daily/spirit combines that I wanted to get rid of. The gems had no value to me, they were sunk costs at that point, so I didn't care about a profit margin. I just want my bag/bank space back.

    If I am trying to maximize my gold return I usually undercut by 5-10% for popular gems, this still takes a few weeks to sell out those cuts on my server. If I want a guaranteed sale I undercut by 50-70% to expand my market. The smaller undercuts target the consumer, the person using the gem. Drastic undercuts target both the consumer and the re-seller. By expanding my target market I drastically increase my chance of liquidating the gem.

    If I was continually restocking and undercutting those gems I would be an asshole with no business sense trying to control the market. I could vendor them all to avoid throwing off the markets, but that would eliminate the chance of somebody else benefiting from them. Instead I'm just a guy who wants his bank back after grinding up a trade and doesn't care who benefits (or profits) from it in the end.

    1. That makes sense. I too have done the bank clean out where getting rid of it is more important than profit. Hell, even selling the jade lungfish at 600 is more about getting rid of them than the profit. I would not but people that undercut me out because I am not in it to "play the auction house" I am in it to empty my bags. And I would rather empty my bags at 600 a stack than 50 a stack any day.

      I do not play the auction house to make money. I play it to get rid of crap I have. Sometimes I will see something good and flip it, and I do flip pets from server to server when I see there is a huge difference in demand. But I do not play the AH. It is there for me to get rid of crap in my bag. Funny thing is, I am still always rolling in gold not even trying. But that is when there are not people selling jade lungfish for 50 gold when they sell nicely at 600.

  5. #1 - Agreed. I'll add in unnecessary announcements as well. Don't macro an announcement that you used some personal cooldown that has no impact on the raid group...

    #2 - I guess I don't do that enough for it to bother me.

    #3 - I understand your point. I think I tend to not even ask... I just prefer to solo it.

    #4 - Definitely agree. I'll also add the idiots who post something for 999,999g just to screw up the market averages.

    #5 - Agree. I set TSM to always undercut by 1c. The only time I'll do a massive undercut is when I'm trying to reset the market to normal levels. TSM supports this by allowing me to set the max value that I'll post something at (e.g., 200% region average).

    #6 - Also agree. Somehow Blizz never learned that the shortest path between two points is a straight line.

    #7 - This kind of goes with my comment on #1.

    Some of mine:
    1 - Stupid/vulgar character names. I know, I should probably play on an RP server, so I don't have to deal with that, but it still bothers me to see a priest named "Ihealzyou"...

    2 - Accent marks in names on American servers. Our keyboards don't have those keys and I don't want to type Alt+1234 every time I need to interact with you. If someone else is already named "Bob", don't call yourself "Böb"... Please come up with something else. The #1 guild on my server that I should join has an accent mark in the name and it's bugging me enough that I keep putting off asking for an invite.

    3 - People using Trade chat like it's Guild chat or General Chat. I wouldn't even pay attention to trade chat if I wasn't looking for pugs once in a while. There are a couple infamous people on my server that are notorious for saying stupid crap in trade.

    4 - Typos. There is a guild on my server called "Cruesaders Victorious"... If account services could be paid for with gold, I'd give their GL the gold to pay for the guild to be renamed.

    1. 1- There is a guy on my server with a name like niggerkiller. He has had the name for years, it is amazing that blizzard has never made him change it. I know many people have reported him. I would really like to know why his name is considered okay when a friend of mine had to change his and he did not even choose it, it was an automated name the game gave him. So it should have been okay.

      2 - That annoys me a ton too. I forgot that one. Even more so when it is the first letter. Then they get upset with you because you can not spell their name. I simply tell them it is not my job to know how to spell their name, if they want to be in my guild or they want to be invited to my group, they will get a real name.

      3 - It is like giving trolls a captive audience. I swear reading trade makes your brain rot. If you read trade too long you can actually feel your IQ dropping.

      4 - That bugs me too. Same with guilds who have names that are all lower case or all upper case. I had someone send me a guild invite on one server I play on and I declined it and he messaged me asking why. I said I do not join a guild where the guild leader does not know how to turn off caps lock.

    2. @Jaeger

      Re: #4... the 999K folks are probably just screwing with the market, yes, but that doesn't mean that people won't actually pay that much for something so depending on the item, it MAY be slightly justified, if not likely to be purchased. On Stormrage a few days ago someone paid 960K for heroic bracers. 960K. For GEAR.

      Link for proof? Ok:

      Also, I totally forgot a couple in my earlier thread that should have been higher on the list, 2 and 4 in your list above... special characters and guild names with typoes, special characters, annoying capitalization, etc. I find it amazing that anyone joins those guilds.

      I find your #3 potentially ironic, though... doesn't /LFG still technically exist? It's only unused because everyone moved to trade, only makes sense that General folks who go there for the bigger audience as well. Really, though, we just need 100x the ignore slots to take care of that issue ourselves with bonus points that we won't ever end up randomly grouped with those dummies, either.

      As for your answer to #1, my main server is a RP server and the naming rules basically went out the window a few years ago... there are more players with gimmick names than traditional RP names at this point and while I'll generally report them for name if they annoy me, I believe it takes multiple reports for Blizz to take action and I'm not sure anyone else reports them at this point. One of my buddies in the game has one of those obvious gimmick names and he's had it for at least 5 years now.

  6. A pet peeve of mine is people asking for a summons when getting together PUGs for world bosses.

    I used to run a pretty consistent Nalak group on Wednesdays and advertise for people over trade. We'd so often get people join when there's around 5 people in the group and immediately demand a summon to the location.

    - First, NEVER demand a summons.
    - Second, there is PLENTY of time before the group is full to get there yourself.
    - Third, look at the group before you ask to check if it is even possible, do we have a Warlock or is it near a summoning stone?

    The 10-15 minutes it takes to put a PUG group together for it is more than enough time to get to any location in Azeroth or Outland,taking into account Hearthstones, Portals, FLIGHT! etc.


    Bronebeard (Saurfang-US)

    1. I know what you mean. When I join a group I start heading there. If I get a summon, cool, if I don't, I am already on my way.

      The only time I would seek a summon is when I could not get somewhere on my own, like when I did nalak on my 87 paladin. But even then I did not ask for a summon. I waited until they said "who needs a summon" and then spoke up saying, me.

  7. Anon, Grumpy's Guild former Guild Leader:

    I purely hated players who called out for heals when I was healing. I know better than them who needs healing as I am paying attention to everyone's health bars. If they need heals and aren't getting them, likely enough it is because some other player needs heals much more. Or even more likely they were one of the pull the whole room idiots hollering GO GO GO until they start with the HEALS HEALS HEALS.

    I find it mildly annoying to be on a farming circuit and start to have heavy competition so that I have to go to advanced mining/herbing techniques and start having to out maneuver them to get my fair share. No, I won't go into what I consider advanced farming techniques. Just trust me on it, there is regular old circuit riding and then there is an advanced version of it too. Bots don't worry me to much as I usually can out do any bot for mining or herbing. They do go into the pet peeve category when there are multiple bots working the same area. (There was one time in Uldum I counted a dozen of 'em, and that I thought was a wee bit much.)

    Perhaps my biggest pet peeve is the change of dungeons from big events that take time and effort to the current LFD GO GO GO mentality. Instead of socializing me with the wider world, it caused me to stop wanting to do such at all. Now I generally wait until I can solo such and then go at my own pace rather than have to worry over others.

    Heh, another pet peeve dates from my raiding days when I hear the raid lead say "be sure to watch the video..." Yea, ok, I will watch it and likely multiple times and go read about it too, but ya should know by now, it won't do me a bit of good until I see the fight a few times. And yea, I tested this out sometimes watching a fight many times as opposed to other times having coming in reading about the fight at most once. I still generally had my part of the fight down after just a few tries either way.

    (Sorry Grumpy, but it was not just you as a raid lead that did/does this. All raid leads seem to do it too, and I concede that for many, maybe even most it works, but it doesn't work for me. I am very much a hands on, let me figure it out myself type person.)

    LOL, now that I am started let me list one more pet peeve of mine. Raids/Groups that have all chiefs and no Indians or in other words everyone wants to quarterback the team and no one else wants to shut up and listen. As Guild Leader, that was one of my standard rants about every three months. Shut up and listen to the raid leader, then do the best you can to do what the raid leader says to do. It was not always needed on a three month basis, but I liked to get it in about that often to remind folks of how to freakin' behave.

    1. Heal me!!!

      I found with mining or herbing people get obsessed with going in one direction only. If you reverse direction you can completely cut them off in a matter of no time. Also another bit was skipping something. They will land at everything to try and beat you, if you let them have one then you can get ahead of them and keep them landing as you are taking off the rest of the way. It is funny to watch and they usually get frustrated and quit pretty quickly when you beat them to 4 or 5 in a row all thanks to skipping one and letting them have it.

      I want people to watch the video so when I explain it they know what I am talking about when I say "when that purple swirl comes I want everyone to stack on me". Even if the video does not teach, at lest they have seen the purple swirl and should know what I am talking about.

      I always seem to find myself telling people to shut up. I think I am getting grumpier, if that is even possible.

    2. My healers get annoyed when I do that heal me thing. Doesn't happen very often, but sometimes... I swear, the raid is full, I'm getting no heals for 10 seconds so yeah I'm gonna ask for heals.
      I've seen several situations where healers think someone else will heal the tank, so sorry, after I go through my CDs and I'm still getting no heals I'm gonna assume they are not in range and hope someone else is or they're alt-tabbed.

    3. Also, there are many things to get down from a movie. Like you know a wall of ice is supposed to appear and you should destroy it. If you have no idea what to expect, how big it is, where it is... it's gonna be discovery time for every mechanic. It's not fun to wipe just so someone can go 'oooh I didn't think it would cover half the room'. Nowadays, fights are so long and complicated, having the RL epxlain and warn people for every one of them takes ages. Watching a movie helps a lot with that, so people have some general idea of what comes when and how.
      Raid leading should be about finding a suitable strategy, positioning, finding faults, not explaining the actual fight. Less 'And then Garrosh swirls into the air and goes into phase two. Don't panic!' and more 'attack him at intermission immediately after his life resets'. And even that is overkill...

      All my RL told me for Garrosh was: 'So tank him here and... ok, that's it'. I wonder how explaining that fight to someone who hasn't seen it would go...

      I find it very hard to believe you don't find a movie useful.

    4. I tend to "hint" at it while tanking. "Almost out of cooldowns" or "All out of cooldowns". Even if I am not it does let them know I am in need of assistance. ;)

      I still old school raid lead. I explain the fight from start to finish. Honestly I wish it were not needed, I would love to just go in a kill once in a while, but when you play with casual players you have to do what you have to do. I accept there will always be a wipe or two, sometimes more, while people "see" what is going on.

      I'll explain it when we get there and I am sure it will end up being 15-20 extra minutes. Like I said, it is something you need to do when you have a casual crew.

      Some people learn better visually, some learn better by reading, some learn better by doing. I've even had a few players that you would think they watched the video and read everything out there because they do great but they didn't. They said, they just wait for me to explain it and listen to me and that is why they do so well. Each person learns differently.

      I even had one person raid with us for over a year that did not have DBMs and I did not know that. They never once died to something avoidable or missed anything they were supposed to do.

      When I found out I said I was surprised they did so well, they said, you told me what to do and I did it, what do I need an addon for, it is not that hard. I have to say I love that attitude.

  8. Anon, Grumpy's Guild former Guild Leader:

    Oh I tried to always honor the request to watch the video but honestly I never once found them to be of as much value as most folks seem to find 'em. Still, much like the silence in vent and follow your instructions, it was something I did to support our raid leader whoever that might be at the time. (So no, it was not just you I meant by saying raid lead, but all the ones I have run with over the years.)

    I might not have agreed with a particular strategy or tactic but a guild needs quasi-military type discipline to be effective raiding and as WoW is a voluntary activity, it has to come from self-discipline rather than to heavy a hand of authority. So I tried to self-discipline myself and to encourage others to do the same. Just makes life better for everyone all around when folks do that in my never humble opinion.

    1. The do as I say approach works only if the person saying it knows what they are talking about. ;)

      Lucky for me, I read a lot, so it works many times for me. Not all. But I am glad to say that the number of bosses we 1 shot in ToT that not only was my strategy solid, but the people following it were excellent in doing so. The strategy is only good if it is followed in the end really.

    2. Anon, Grumpy's Guild former Guild Leader:

      Notice how i ignored your call for heals...you are a hunter and are somewhere near me to start with. So (1) you are not likely to need such anyway, and (2) if you do need such...well it likely is game over by then anyway. And yea, if you do need heals, me or one of the other healers WILL take care of it.

      *Binding Heal* on Grumpy

  9. Anon, Grumpy's Guild former Guild Leader:

    @James, do you think in pictures or words? The reason I ask that is because I think in words but it seems most folks think in terms of pictures or images. I got into a discussion of this subject several years ago online on a political BB, and to my surprise I found a vast majority of the population doesn't think like I do. Even had scientific studies shown to me that validated the claim the majority of the population thinks in images or pictures. (No, I don't have links to these anymore. Trust me or google the notion otherwise.)

    I suspect that is why the videos do me so little good. There is little to no translation between images I see and my actions until I put it into words and deeds. Actually I usually do better when I have read a fight before hand instead of watching a video of it.

    1. Not sure if that's the reason for it but I'm with you, I prefer reading about fight mechanics to watching videos. I've tried watching videos (had a raid group years ago that required it) but I performed WORSE after watching the video because I spent time trying to duplicate what I remembered from the video rather than paying attention to the fight itself. Those videos aren't shot from the first pull so they don't at all approximate what you're going to see, they're usually shot on a first kill or a farm kill. By then, they know the fights. You don't. Your fight generally won't look ANYTHING like their fight. I prefer to read about mechanics and come up with my own plan for dealing with them in conjunction with specific RL requirements, they don't always translate to perfect execution on the first attempt but I usually have it by the second or third... and I often see folks who only watched a video struggling for much longer.

      To me, video is the shortcut method to learning a fight before going in... if you can't get someone to read strat then fine, video is better than nothing, but making video the exclusive requirement is just silly.

    2. I believe each person has to find what works for them. I've been a raid leader for 4 years and I've seen all types. There are some that need to see things first or they can not get it. I've seen people that could read it and then recite it as if it was something they have known all their life. I've seen others that watched the video and read it but they just do not understand until they do it.

      I am a little bit of all. Some visual clues help me, some times reading things make more sense but always doing it helps me learn. It is only because I am the raid leader do I go through exhaustive measures to know everything about the fight.

      When I am explaining the strategy we are going to do I always have to make it sound as if this is something I have done a million times and it is really easy.

      With that said, I do that by knowing what to pick out when I read things and watch things. Many times people see images and it starts to all blend together. Many times people read things and get caught up in the details.

      I subscribe to k.i.s.s, keep it simple stupid.

      As such, that is why me, and most other raid leaders, ask people to watch the video. It is not so much watching it as listening to it.

      As Anon said, the video is usually shot by people that have it on farm, which means they know the fight inside and out. They usually only say the most important things you need to know unlike text which says everything.

      Just like I said, as a raid leader, I pick out what needs to be said, that is what the video makers do. I believe that is why most raid leaders ask people to watch the video. As it is more likely to only supply you with the information you need.

      It is the listening to the video that matters more than the visuals of it. From a casual guilds perspective, the actual visual of it now comes from doing it in the LFR and that is now how I train new people. "have you done this in the LFR yet?" and I move from there. That is their visual, I supply the text by explaining it. So video is no longer needed as long as someone has at least seen the fight in the LFR.