Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What Would You Like to See Later for Garrisons?

We will work on the assumption that there will only be one more raid tier here, as that is what we are expecting to happen.  I am also going to try to keep this from turning into a wish list sort of thing at first.  I will post what I think we will see and then I will get into the pipe dreams of what I would love to see, as in wishful thinking.

I am going to basically try to predict the direction they will take with garrisons first.

Level 4 Garrison:

We will be allowed to level our garrison to level four.  It will not get any bigger, just allow us to build bigger and it will also open one additional small slot for us to play with that is already sitting there unused, as many have noticed.  With upgrading to a level four garrison, which I can see costing around 5000 garrison resources and 5000 gold, we will be able to upgrade our buildings to level 4.

Unlike the level 3 patterns that needed an achievement to unlock them the level 4 patterns will be attainable from the blueprint vendor next to your architect table in your garrison as soon as you upgrade to level 4.  The cost would be 1500 gold for the blueprints of all level 4 buildings.  You will also be able to get two new books intended to be traded in for two level 4 blueprints from doing the quests in tanaan jungle and they will be traded in at the same place you traded the other books in.

Each level 4 building will add new bonuses to them, of course, and level 4 profession building (if you do not have the profession) will allow you to craft new starter gear close to that current raids item level that will be upgraded just like the previous ones.  People who have the profession will be able to buy the patterns just as they purchased the previous patterns.

The new small slot will be capable of holding any small building you wish.  You can go with another crafting station or you can go with a storehouse or salvage yard if you did not already have one.  The choice is up to you.

Each new building will come along with new quests, such as opening another portal in the mage tower, getting a new mount quest line in the stables, etc.

There will also be a legendary follower that comes along with the achievement for upgrading all buildings, including the standard ones like mine, fishing shack, pet menagerie, and garden, to level 4.  A second legendary follower will be awarded with the completion of the legendary ring quest line.

This is what I can see happening in the future with garrisons, at least what I believe we can reasonably expect to see.  Nothing I mentioned is crazy to expect or really out of line with how blizzard has done stuff in the past.  So I would say it is all possible.  Except maybe the legendary follower for upgrading all buildings to level 4, but I can see the legendary follower for finishing the legendary line.  It would be one of the familiars.

Now, for what I would want to happen, but I know won't happen.

I would like all crafting materials made in the buildings you have to become BoA and not soulbound.  So I can have multiple engineering buildings sending all their gear springs to my engineer.  Multiple tailoring buildings sending their hexweave to my tailor, etc.  I would really love to see this happen, but I honestly do not expect blizzard to be this generous to us. 

It would be too over powered for people with many alts and might make others feel as if they "have to" level alts to run buildings, and we know that after last expansions "mandatory" heaven that blizzard is making every attempt they can to shy away from anything too easily labeled mandatory.  Doesn't change the fact that I would love to see that happen.

I would also like to see the ability to change slot size.  If I wanted three large buildings and only two small ones that would be one hell of an option to have.  Once again, I do not see blizzard doing anything like that, but it sure would be cool.  Not because blizzard would not want to, but because the size of the plots are kind of written in stone there and as such there really isn't much play room that could allow us to switch sizes.

What would you like to see in the garrison of our future, both reasonable, and wishful thinking?


  1. I would like chairs in my Inn that I can sit on.

    I would like a commander's chair in my town hall that I can sit in and survey the comings and goings.

    I would like a "flex" plot added. That is, lvl 4 Garrison adds in one more plot that you can put any size building in. If you want another crafting building, you can put that there, if you are thinking of trying out pvp you can put the gladiator's sanctum in. If they add another plot, I'd like some flexibility with it.

    I'd like to be able to get to the rooftop balcony of my town hall, without having to do elaborate jumping and disengaging to get there. ( I have successfully managed to climb all over the big rocks overlooking the horde garrison. If you angle it right you can jump in place and immediately disengage to get past the artificial barriers Blizz put in to stop wall jumping.)

    I would like my Inn's bartender to actually sell drinks.

    I would like the faction specific guards to get better armor. Maybe something to do with the warmill. Turn in X number of resources and iron horde scraps and you can transmog your guards

    1. I think the inn request is a simple request they should be able to add. Never even noticed there were none to sit on. I just run in, get my quests, run out.

      An any size building would be nice, but the only place they have open to add it seems to be designed for a small one. That is why I think small only, but yes, I would love that one new slot to be an any size slot.

      I've been to the rooftop balcony of my town hall and oddly enough, there was someone already standing up there. I think he was trying to avoid work. I used the feather you get from an inn quest to get up there. ;)

      Oh, that reminds me. I want more options for faction specific guards. Not just beginning factions. I want all neutral factions you are exalted with. I thought it was supposed to be like that to begin with. Was so sad when all I saw where the basic races... booorrrriiiinnnngggg.

    2. Yeah, I dont have some of the more exotic ones like Hydraxian Waterlords, but I do have Timbermaw Furbolg, and that would be hilarious as Garrison Guards.

    3. They would be completely awesome. An army of furbolgs guarding your garrison, who wouldn't love that?

  2. I'm in on the furbolgs! I like the any-size plot idea, but would settle for another small. I would like my followers assigned to the mine and orchard to actually do the work for me. I'd like my hearth to the garrison to be an ability and not another stupid f^%kin& stone that I have to carry. I'd like my workers assigned to buildings not to count against my cap or be able to have them assigned and still do missions. I'd like a portal to Ashran in my garrison. I would like a giant freaking statue of me in the middle of the place. And finally, I'd like that yappy little pug to poop gold.

    1. Oh hell yes. If you have a follower assigned to the mine or garden they should mine the ore and pick the herbs for you. No more of that annoying crap. I stopped doing my mines all together already because I do not have that sort of free time to do it on all my characters and still do other things. Absolutely. A worker should do the work for you. I 100% support this idea. Wish I had remembered to put that one on my wishlist for the post.

      I would also like for the assigned workers not counting toward cap. That would be great. Hell, just remove the damn cap. That would be even better.

      There is a portal to ashran in your garrison. If it is level 3 that is. Alliance side it is in the tower in the back, at the top. Horde side I do not recall, my live horde is not 100 yet and I forgot where it was from beta. But there is one there, trust me.

  3. Who knew that I had this power over Blizzard to force them to implement my Ashran portal idea before even thinking of it? Maybe that dog is already pooping gold...

    1. Depending on how you look at it you could think he poops garrison supplies. lol That is what someone in my guild thought. I said, no, he buried them, he is not pooping them.

  4. Definitely expect another small building, although I don't know what to do with another small building... I want another medium building for sure, but not small...

    I'd say let us tear down the tower and that little house/grave yard and build another large, another medium, and another small... Blizz probably won't do that though.

    They said that they plan to have followers stationed in buildings at least be able to gain experience, but I agree that they shouldn't count towards your active follower cap. 20 (or 25 with barracks) is too few. I'd be fine with a small increase with lvl 4 (5 additional) if followers assigned to buildings didn't count as active; otherwise, I want 10 more active.

    I also like the idea that followers assigned to herb and mine should do the collecting for you.

    1. I would rather another medium as well myself. I am at a loss what I would put in another small to begin with.

      Over all the small buildings are completely useless unless you plan to make things to sell. Which I don't do.

      If the materials were not soulbound then that would really change things big time in my opinion. But as long as they are soulbound, small buildings are not all that attractive to me any more.

      They should just remove the follower cap. Who cares how many followers we have.