Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- I was thinking about blizzards possible introduction of the game time that can be sold in game, presumably as an item.

- It occurred to me blizzard would just create a brand new market for gold farmers.

- It would work like this.

- Someone with more money than time buys game time tokens to sell in game for gold.

- Someone with more time than money and the ability to make gold will buy it from him.

- The more time than money person will then sell game time for 10 dollars per month instead of 15.

- The guy with more money than time will see he can by game time tokens cheaper and buy from the guy selling for 10 dollars.

- One buys for 10 dollars, one buys for gold, and they just sell back and forth.

- The more money than time person gets tons of gold, the more time than money person gets tons of cash.

- With a nice set up like this and a lot of people working on it, say with one of those gold farmer web sites, and they can make a fortune.

- Basically just buying and selling the same game tokens over and over.

- Kind of messed up in a way right?

- But it gets both parties what they wanted.

- Gets the person that wanted gold the gold and the person that wanted money the money.

- I see no problem with this, but it could raise a red flag with blizzard.

- My biggest concern is duping.

- On my server duping is still insane, people selling every super rare item item in the game and they always have them in stock.

- Spectral tigers?  Sure there is a guy on my server that could probably provide every single person on the server with one.

- For 450K gold each that is.

- Don't know if you know about that mount, but trust me, there is no way in hell one person legally has 100s of them.

- Heck, there is no way one person legally has 10 of them.

- Unless that are insane and spent several thousands of dollars on them.

- I am a free spending person and I would never even buy one of them.

- Not at a thousand dollars real money and not at 450K in game gold.

- Amazing how blizzard never admits there is a problem with duping.

- Last blue remark I heard was that it was not possible.

- Yeah, you keep believing that if you makes you feel happy.

- I think I'll believe the truth instead because that makes me happy.

- Speaking of believing something that makes you feel happy it reminds me of an argument I had with someone in my guild about PvP.

- Mind you I am not a PvPer, but I do know simple logic.

- He said that gear is all that matters in PvP.

- I said gear helps, but if someone sucks gear will not make them better.

- He said I do not know what I am talking about, that even if someone sucks if they were in full PvP gear they would win because gear is all that matters.

- I said, keep believing that if it makes you feel better.

- I can't help but think that people that say those things are just really bad players that refuse to admit they suck so they have to blame it on something else, like gear.

- I admit I suck and as such I know if I am decked out in full top PvP gear that if I ran into someone with less gear that was actually skilled, they would own me.

- Because you can give me all the gear in the world, if I don't know how to use it I will still suck.

- Skill does matter.

- Gear just increases the potential.

- So yes, I will live longer, which could in turn help me learn and help me get better, but I would still need to actually get better to get the most out of that gear.

- I am not going to just win because I have gear.

- I really hate the gear excuse.

- Yes, if you had more gear you can do better, but the gear does not make you better.

- You still need to do well.

- And that is what got me about the guy with the PvP argument.

- He said, it is all about gear, skill does not matter.

- And when exactly did you start playing this game?  6 minutes ago?

- People amaze me.

- I would love to see what he would have to say if he lost to that rogue that always battles people with the warglaives on and wins.

- Wonder if he would say the guy out geared him.

- Now on to other things, like another level 100.

- That is number 6, a priest.

- My priest is going to go back to her roots, how she originally leveled to 60.

- Through PvP only.

- My priest is going to be my PvP character this expansion.

- At least that is the current intention so I am going to put the gladiator sanctum in her garrison.

- I did not intend to level another character, it just happened.

- I went out to do some questing, just for something to do and hit a grove.

- Before I knew it, I was 100.

- I have leveled in a few expansion and I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that warlords leveling has to be the fastest leveling I have ever experienced.

- Warlords leveling is like the leveling in other expansions, after it was nerfed twice.

- You know how a few months in, maybe after the first patch, they always lower the experience needed.

- Then when the new expansion comes they nerf it again.

- Well that is what it feels like.

- I guess it feels that fast because I have rested.

- Could you imagine if I had used to experienced gain things they sell in the garrison too.

- I know they want to make a smooth and nicely paced ride to max level, but on a rested character it moves way too fast if you ask me.

- Oh well, so be it, I do hope that others are enjoying it.

- Because I know many hate questing.

- I like it, and I do not mind it being faster, I can deal with it.

- But for the people that hate leveling I bet they would say it still takes too long.

- I am just NOT buying those experience potions personally because it it too fast as is.

- And I really do not want any more 100s.

- This expansion is dreadfully alt unfriendly.

- I'll get more to 100 for sure, just like I did this weekend, without even trying.

- When I want a change of pace and feel like questing for a few hours and boom, I am suddenly 100.

- But I am not going to stress it.

- As long as I have my tank, healer and damage dealer I can fill any role.

- And outside of mythic, which I do not see myself raiding at all being it is tied to one server and there are no mythic skilled players on my server, which are all one time kill bosses, you can kill bosses over and over on normal and heroic.

- So I do not need lots of characters any longer.

- I tanked for the first time this expansion.

- Well, tanked a raid for the first time this expansion.

- Went to, and downed, the 6th boss on normal.

- Not so bad for my first time tanking this expansion I guess.

- Considering we still have not downed the 7th boss yet on either difficulty anyway.

- We will probably get that this week.

- As I get more gear my bear seems less squishy.

- Still feel like a sponge however.

- I won one piece that run, guess what it was?

- A ring.

- I have the legendary quest line ring and had crafted myself a ring with bonus armor on it just a few hours before raid.

- Is that a kick in the gut or what?

- And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I despise professions now.

- It takes forever to get enough material to craft an item.

- Then it takes even more time, and a lot of materials to get it to normal raid level.

- Then it takes way more time and many many more materials to get it to heroic raid level.

- And any of those can easily be replaced by a drop.

- Sorry, but thinking of the investment in making these things that really sucks.

- Fully upgrading it, the time involved, the materials involved, and the luck of getting the stats you want on it which if you don't just require more materials and more time and more luck.

- Sorry, but the base item level for the materials needed should give you normal mode, upgraded to stage two should be heroic level and upgraded to level three should be mythic level.

- And I would still say it was a risk, because a drop can replace it.

- For something so easily replaced, it should be easier to make.

- I could have upgraded my hunters ring to the third level but decided to use the materials to make my druid a ring because I had no luck getting one.

- Now winning a ring makes me feel like I wasted all those materials.

- I hate wasting things.

- I hate wasting time, wasting materials, wasting anything really.

- I do not like these new crafted items.

- And I will say once again, if they are going to keep these low item levels on them, they need to remove the crafted 3 rule.

- If you could wear as many as you wanted, then the levels are fine.

- But being you can only wear three, they really should be better than they are.

- My hunter is doing nicely gear wise still this expansion.

- Won a heroic helm and heroic shoulders this week.

- So moving up slowly but surely to 658.

- Every expansion you always have one slot that gives you hell.

- This expansion it seems to be my legs.

- I am still wearing 630s.

- Not even 636, not even with a gem slot, not even with a third stat.

- Nothing.

- Just plain and simple and boring 630 legs.

- I am just having a horrible time with pants.

- Then I looked at my warrior and said, it could be worse.

- Poor guy is still wearing 588 pants.

- I guess 630s are not so bad after all.

- I did some cleaning up this weekend and noticed I might have lost a few items.

- You know, the mail ate them.

- My own fault, I will not blame anyone but myself.

- I logged into a bunch of 90s I sent timeless gear to on servers where I did not have much of a gold stash.

- Figured if someone was going to convert them and sell them, might as be someone that needs to gold.

- Funny how even after selling well over 1000 sha crystals I still had hundreds of these pieces.

- And so many 90s that never opened the chest on timeless island because I did not want to have more I needed to bounce between characters.

- I was not disenchanting them now, sha crystals are worthless, I was just vendoring them.

- I converted a bunch of them and sold them to the tune of almost 4000 gold.

- And I still have more.

- I wonder what the one guild I am in on my paladin on another server thought when looking at the guild news and seeing me convert like 80 of these things.

- That paladin, and the hunter and mage at 90 with him on that server will suffer from warlords.

- I do not see myself getting them to 100.

- Too much micromanaging of the garrison for me to want so many alts.

- I would feel compelled to keep their garrisons up to date and I won't want to make more busy work for alts.

- Really wish there was a way to level professions without needing to do some stupid daily cooldown for materials.

- Blizzard, really WTF, who came up with this retarded idea?

- Whomever it was deserves a kick in the nuts.

- Mean I know, but what was he thinking, he deserves it.

- Did he not understand some altaholics like me like to level professions but do not want to be on that character every single day to do so.

- And not just altaholics like me, but many casual players.

- I guess that is where the garrisons came in, you can get a lot more materials with the right buildings and then make stuff with that to level.

- But once again, it goes to the busy work idea.

- I really do not want busy work on alts.

- I really do not want to feel like I have to log on to alts daily to do a cooldown.

- They are called alt for a reason, I might log into them once a month, at most, and I can not level professions that way.

- And if I can not level my professions with my characters, I do not level my characters.

- I am thinking that the only character I will end up leveling that is not on my main server this expansion will be my horde hunter.

- Just because I want to see how the other side lives.

- Otherwise it is not worth leveling alts on other servers any longer.

- At least for me.

- At least until I learn some self control and not feel compelled to log into them every day to do my garrison.

- But as long as their professions are not maxed, I will feel compelled to do so.

- I am weird that way.

- Seriously, why are there no green tailoring, leather working, and blacksmith items to make just to level your profession?

- I would love to hear blizzards answer.

- But I must admit, 640 items you can equip at level 91 are kind of nice.

- So maybe, just maybe, if I do decide to level those characters, that is exactly what I will do.

- I will level up the professions, slow as they are now of course, by making myself some gear, and then I will level past 91 once I have the three pieces and hopefully max skill.

- As alts, they can use the 3 pieces I am sure.

- Except for the hunters.

- Some of my alts hunters were in near full mythic gear, while 640s would be nice, they are not needed.

- But for a few, like my priest and mage and paladin whom never got much playing time, they can sure use a couple of 640s to make life easier.

- I sent a full set of timeless gear over to one of my druids.

- In case I ever level it, I wanted to level as guardian and all I had was boomkin gear.

- So while I now have a lower item level, at least I am in a more leveling friendly spec for it.

- I also dropped a profession, maxed one at that, on one of my DKs.

- If I ever level that one I will need to do a new profession from scratch.

- The reason for that?

- With the change to professions, having duplicates of some professions were useless.

- Like enchanting.

- Many of my DKs and hunters had enchanting, because they solo a lot and do a lot of current content and it was a nice thing to have.

- But with enchanting being near useless now, as long as I have one enchanter on a server, I do not need more.

- I hate wasting materials and dropping a profession to level another feels like a waste to me.

- But no less of a waste than having another plate enchanter when I already had one.

- So that DK is now blacksmith and engineering.

- Blacksmith is what I picked up.

- Figured I could use another one of those and it is a plate wearer.

- So if I level it, slowly of course, I can craft some gear while leveling.

- Also there was a second reason for me choosing blacksmith.

- There is always a method to my madness.

- I have 10,000 true iron ore and half as many blackrock ore.

- Now you understand why I only mine on the weekends right?

- So I have enough to power level it somewhat and that, in turn, can be disenchanted, to help me keep up on all those enchanting studies all over the place.

- Make sense?

- Not like the true iron sells for anything anyway, but the draenic dust sells for a small fortune.

- So I am going to turn my iron into dust and level another blacksmith.

- All the leveling patterns only need the iron, not the special stuff, up until 600.

- Hey, it makes sense to me.

- Have a great day.


  1. I have max level engineering now, got it a few days ago. That was my first, and still only, max level profession. Blacksmithing has 14 more points to go and I haven't started anything else. I'm just not feeling that urge to go max all the things. Still not run LFR, still not run most of the heroic dungeons, still got a 2/3 full quest log, still got the dungeon quests for the legendary ring even.

    So your priest is your PvP character. I chose my druid to be my PvP character this expansion. All those title garrison achievements sucked me in. Although I was not at all impressed. I'd hoped to level 90-100 via PvP to get some needed experience, and perhaps then buy/have gear waiting for me when I got there. It seemed more efficient, plus it was different than the loremaster I did on my main.

    However, I don't know if it's broken but I got virtually no xp in the battlegrounds I went into, so I reluctantly decided to level to 100 'quickly' via questing. I put quickly in quotes because I'm one of those that really can't be doing with it. You say levelling is fast, I just wish there was an instant button or something. I want to get to 100 on my druid so I can start doing what I want, can start playing the game. I guess it's a bit like gating, or make work or something. Jump over these hurdles before you can get to the game. Meh I know that's lazy but I really just want to get started with what I decided to do.

    However, my lock I decided to do Pet Battles on. I never really got into that. I collected all the pre-Warlords world pets pretty much I think. Got my Minfernal just after Warlords dropped finally!! :) but I only had 10 or so at level 25 and I couldn't open the menagerie as I didn't have the right combos. Went and levelled a few pets, get 10k xp per battle and I've gone up 2 levels. I did the mandatory quests for a level 2 garrison but aside from that, it'll be Pet Battles till 100. Then I'll get a spot of gear from Nagrand and then park the lock outside Firelands for Dragonwrath soloing. This is the kind of alternate levelling path I like and what I wanted from PvP. I can get to 100 as a byproduct of playing the game and doing something I want to do. With my main I wanted to quest, to complete everything, on alts I want something else. Is that lazy? Undoubtedly but that's levelling in Warcraft for me.

    I should probably run LFR next week, or try for a world boss or something. I have 10/10 coins and I could do with the gear for attempting to solo MSV again. I don't know if it's advisable to try it over christmas though, who knows who would be online.

    Good luck on getting the 4 new toys under the tree from Greatfather Winter. I'm hoping with all my chars I'll get them as it's account wide now anyway. If I don't I'll just create new ones I guess till they all drop, I assume you can do that.

    Oh and ^^ on draenic dust, it really is like dust. I did look at enchanting on my lock (I have 4 enchanters from years past anyway) and wow I'm going to need a lot of dust.

    Have a good christmas/new year Grumpy.

    1. Same you you Taitrina, have a good christmas and new years.

      I have alchemy x 2 and JC x 2 maxed already, and of course all secondary ones, but no other professions maxed yet. I am used to having them all maxed even before I start leveling the character. Not liking this change at all from a professions standpoint.

      You are not alone, there are many people that just hate leveling. I actually enjoy it for the most part. But doing it over and over again can be seen as a punishment of sorts. This expansion however you need to quest. Too many garrison resources, books for free buildings, followers to be had from questing.

      Give LFR a shot while it is still easy. You know that will not last, and most definitely get your world boss kills in. Loot is less than normal mode but still better than most items out there.

      I am hoping with my 50 characters to run to the tree I can get all of them, or extras of some to trade.

  2. The only way I really see it working is if you can purchase the game time directly from Blizzard for gold. There would be no actual item in game to dupe or anything as it just gets credited directly to your account.

    With world PvP, the skill gaps are made even worse by gear gaps because the skilled players typically have better gear... So as a casual PvPer with no PvP gear and minimal raid gear, it's a waste of my time to even do PvP. I just die over and over without doing much.

    I was looking for a change of pace and thought about working on leveling my DK. I don't mind the leveling, I just don't want the additional garrison chores... Instead, I went and finished playing Act 5 of D3 last night on my demon hunter... Next time I get the urge for a change of pace, I'll probably play Dragon Age:Inquisition that I bought but haven't had time to play yet. Not sure when I'll get to alts in WoW. I've got 4 90s waiting to be leveled...

    The crafted gear is stupid. It's way too expensive. The "rare" BoE drops cost 1/3 of the mats for a fully upgraded crafted piece. Just the mats... that's not counting all the time. Market value for a 670 crafted is 7.5-10k for level 1, 30-45k for level 2, and 60-75k for level 3. Easily 100-130k and you can buy 665 BoEs now for 35k or less... I bought the BoE mail shoulders for 25k the other day after looking into the upgrade costs for my 640 LW mail legs. They are too heavily gated (time, lots of mats, max 3 equipped). They should be cheap to make and limited to 3 equipped or expensive to make with no limit. All the work order time gating is just bullshit though... Gems and Enchants are outrageously priced because of those damn work orders as well.

    I finally got my LW up to 700 on my main because it takes so damn long to level up crafting professions... Dreading doing that on an alt.

    1. That would work well as a gold sink, however, it would really hurt blizzard bottom line and actually could promote more gold buying if the cost of buying gold is cheaper than buying a monthly subscription. Just think of it this way, blizzard would lose 15 dollars for every person that bought with gold instead of cash, and that could be a hell of a lot of money.

      So sure, that would be the safest way, but it is also a horrible business model to do so. It would give people and option not to pay. Whereas if they sell the item to someone, someone is always paying for it even if people are using gold. Each subscription would have to be purchased.

      Blizzard needs to get the clamp down on dupers before they even consider adding something like this, and if the last 4+ years that I have been seeing duping going on in huge amounts, blizzard is making no effort to stop it yet.

      The additional garrison chores are what is putting me off on alts this expansion as well. I like it, sure, I even enjoy it, but at what point does it become work and no longer fun. At 6 100s now, I think I have jumped that point and I am not longer having fun, I am working.

      Yeah, when selling the materials to make the crafted gear can buy you three or for 665 and 760 pieces, it really is not worth crafting one. You are losing money by crafting one. And the time involved to do so is insane. So no, crafted gear is not an option. Maybe, just maybe, for a level 91 leveling, get the three heavy stat pieces like chest, legs and weapon, and that would be worth it. But only at their base level, not even upgraded. The gear is useless otherwise because it is way to expensive and time consuming to make.

      LW is still a bit away for me, I think engineering is getting close thanks to making a few scopes along the way. But most of my professions are still not max. I am so used to having every profession maxed by the 3rd or 4th day of the expansion. Professions in general are just a joke right now.

    2. Yeah, every idea that I see related to the game tokens has pretty negative side effects...

    3. There is no really good way to do it except just to let it enter the system and become a part of the supply and demand system of pricing and see where it settles. It works in other games and it can work in warcraft. But there is the side effect that blizzard can not protect their own game thanks to duping. They should NEVER release this until they can stop that and with as many years as it has been going on I do not see them stopping that any time soon.

  3. Token will probably work like Wildstar as in not tradable.
    Trading gold for cards will still be more profitable. The thing is - as much as I hate the idea - there's actually not much new here. Maybe just the people who didn't want to do illegal transactions (like me). But I think half of my guild sells gold and the other half buys gold. I think it's the same for the whole server really, it hardly even matters if you raid or not since you can buy anything and everything for gold / real money. Such a shame.

    1. I used to buy trading cards off ebay and sell them in game for gold. Legal gold buying. It has been around as long as I can recall. So buying gold is not anything different.

      We used to have a player in guild that bought gold and talked about it all the time. In wrath he got a new character to max, said in guild he was going to buy some gold and get it decked out, and then did just that. Every time he got a maxed character he bought gold and then decked it out in the best BoEs he could find so he could play catch up. He was doing this since the game started back in vanilla. He bought his first mount that way, flying in BC that way, etc. He was always open about it, always talked about it in guild and never got banned. Blizzard really does not care, unless someone else complains, then they "might" do something about it.

      It is about time they started selling stuff themselves. So they can make the money instead of some gold farmer.

      But how far should they go? You can buy 640 crafted items on some of those websites for 20 bucks, should they sell those? 665 world drops for 60 bucks, should they sell those?

      Give it time, they will all come. It will all be for sale soon. And in the end, no one can complain about it because everything those web sites sell is attainable in game otherwise and you can get it yourself. So even if blizzard sold it directly, it is still not pay to win, it is pay to skip the grinding to get it. Or so some would say.

      Gold buying has always been there and always will be. Blizzard is just trying to get in on the action and I see nothing wrong with it.

    2. late, but that's ok.

      Blizz is doing something like what you are chatting about - up your character to lvl 90? You did it, didn't you? $60. Heck, I still haven't used my instant 90 from buying WoD. I would rather Blizzard gave me 100,000 gold.

      Wouldn't hurt them, the economy is ruined anyway. Since before it seemed it was following the oil index, I would hope with oil going down, so will prices - nahhh, they won't.


    3. Yeap, did the instant boost. Don't think I would do another. You start now with limited abilities and that just is not fun. They ruined any chance of me ever doing it again, that is for sure.