Friday, December 19, 2014

Too Soon Blizzard, Too Soon

There was some information released on what we can expect with the release of 6.1 but I believe it is way to soon for blizzard to be talking about that.  I know that none of us want a repeat of last expansion's fourteen month with no content experience, but we do not even have all the content intended for 6.0 release out yet.  It would have been like them announcing the new expansion at blizzcon before warlords was even out. 

How can they be even considering leaving teasers for 6.1 when we are still waiting for the foundry raid to be released, which is 6.0 content we are still waiting for.  It is not even scheduled to be released until February some time.  They have not even attached a concrete date to it yet. 

So here was sit playing 6.0 and still waiting for the rest of 6.0's content to actually be released and they start wanting to tease us with what to expect in 6.1.  Am I the only one that finds this to be an odd business move?  How about getting us excited about the new raid that is part of this patch but has not even come out yet?  That sounds like it would be a much better idea if you ask me.

There is another thing I would like to question about some blizzard employees talking about 6.1.  Why are they not addressing the queue issue many servers still have?  Why are they not addressing the garrison server crashes which happen on a near daily basis?  Why are they not talking about the dozens if not hundreds of bugs that are left not only unfixed but completely ignored?  Why are they not talking about the fact some people can wait for 6 hours in queue to get into ashran when it was supposed to use phasing technology to balance it on a faction by faction basis so no one would ever have to wait?

With so much broken in the game, so much that needs fixing, so much that needs addressing, and even when content that is part of this patch is not even out yet, why are they talking about the next patch.  They should be talking about fixing what we currently have.

Don't get me wrong, I am as excited as the next elf to hear about what they have coming for us.  We all like new stuff, we all like stuff we have wanted to be added even more, and we all like being teased a little with information like that.  But it is just too soon, there are other things they should be talking about.

I just think it is extremely out of line and way too soon for them to be teasing 6.1 when I could not log on last night or this morning because the garrison servers were down once again.  Sure I eventually got in last night, but it annoyed the hell out of me that they are wasting time working on 6.1 and talking about 6.1 when 6.0 is still broken.  Fix the game, then expand it, in that order.

As for the teases, the heirloom one interests me, can't wait to see what that is like.

The game time for gold is really fucked up, excuse the language but there is no other word that can be used for it.  I know someone that bought a game time card from someone in trade that was selling it for gold.  Blizzard removed the game time from his account and did not give him the gold back.  Yet they let the guy selling game time for gold continue to sell it, and get suckers to buy it, for months on end.  I told my friend to put in a ticket demanding his game time back or his gold back because apparently it is not against the rules as blizzard is doing it themselves.  I said it was wrong for blizzard to do what they did back then and now I think it is even wrong even more so.  See, fucked up, like I said, no other word for it.

Over all I think that is a great change and something blizzard should have done 10 years ago when the game first started.  Seriously, why was this never done.  No more reaching into my pocket to play wow ever, if I don't want to.  Just buy my game time with gold.  There will always be someone out there that is spending their cash to sell the time because they can't make gold easily and someone else can.  Makes both people both happy.  It could also mean more subscribers as people that do not have the cash for a subscription game can make gold in game and buy the time from someone else with some disposable cash but not time or skill to make gold themselves.  Win win and an idea long over due.

In game tweets?  Any game that connects itself to twitter or facebook or anything like that is on the bottom of my list of games to play.  I hate when everything I buy on amazon pops up with something like "you have just purchased the 6 pack of haynes socks, would you like to share this on twitter.  No, I do not want to share this on twitter, who is their right mind would want to share this on twitter.  No one gives a crap if I just bought new socks and no one will give a crap if I just finished a mission that got my follower 800 experience and me 50 gold.  Did they really waste development time for this crap?

But as long as there is an option to make sure that I never see or hear any sort of connection to twitter or facebook or whatever else they decide to connect to, I am fine with it.  But the first time I do something and the "would you like to share this with your friends" pops up and there is no way for me to disable that from happening, blizzard can say goodbye to me paying for a subscription.  If I wanted to play a facebook game I would go play a game on facebook.  Simple to understand blizzard.

How about blizzard starts telling us important things, like when the loading issues with garrisons will be fixed, when will the queue time for logging in be addressed, when will ashran be playable by people instead of some place where some people have still never gotten to see it even if they have been trying.  How about telling us about blackrock foundry and hyping that.

Settle the current stuff blizzard, hype the future stuff in the future when you have the current stuff working.  That is what I am getting at.  Hyping a new patch before the current one has even been completely released is by definition, too soon.


  1. You mixing two things here grumpy.

    The guys working on the 6.1 stuff and those working on fixing your garrison problem/ashran queue etc.... are not the same, so obviously they can do both.

    And to be honest you disappoint me, I would never think you would join those guys that whine that blizzard doesn't tell anything when servers are down for whatever reason.

    There is a reason they don't say anything, and guess what, it's cause there is nothing to say. Not because they are not working on it, but because even if they say something the problem would be at suc a technical level that it would be of little to no use to almost anyone.

    What can they do appart from saying on a regular basis that they are working on it?

    And tbh the only annoying issue remainin in WoD right now is the ashran queue, and it was obvious that that thing was going to explode in their faces, and no, no amount of beta testing could have have solve it, cause the problem here is server load, which guess what, is not possible to test on beta test, even during stress tests.

    I'm not saying that blizzard did it all good and have no fault, but you can't blame blizzard for not doing the impossible.

    1. I will quote what I wrote in another response.

      "I understand the different dev teams argument. But the fact still remains, you do not release something new until the system is working. Even if two different teams are working on them."

      With that said, blizzard controls the release of information. Who works on the team doesn't mean anything. They should not be talking about next patch when they have stuff left in this patch to fix and release. Simple as that. Who works on what and where makes no difference at all. It is about releasing information.

      Saying we are working on it on a regular basis would be a good start. Not commenting on issues at all leads people to believe either 1) blizzard doesn't know about it or 2) blizzard doesn't care about it. So saying, we are working on it is better than turning a blind eye to it.

      I respectfully disagree with both things you said at the end.

      There is a lot more wrong than just ashran. In raid the other night the entire raid DCed, when we came back all the trash was gone, which saved us time of course, but we wanted the shot at BoEs for sale or use.

      Later that night, after the 4th boss on the way to the 5th, everyone got booted again. When we came back all the bosses back up, so before we went on to the fifth boss we had to all zone out, drop group, reassemble.

      Sure none of this is a big deal, but it is annoying and it is a bug and it happens every raid we go into.

      Then there is trying to get your garrison, hit hearthstone, go nowhere, hearthstone is now on cooldown. Go to log in, wait 7 minutes, get nothing, get kicked out with world server down message. This happened to me over a dozen times yesterday alone.

      Then there is the queue time on my small, yes small, server there are still people that have to wait to log in. So no, ashran is not the only problem. There are a lot of problems that directly effect game play and enjoyment of many people.

      The second is, while I agree in part that you can not really load test on beta, many of the ashran and garrison problems have nothing to do with load.

      Myself and many others reported on beta that garrisons would be a problem, and they are. Myself and many others reported that we normally run everything on ultra with no problem but even on the lowest of low settings ashran was unplayable sometimes.

      These are not load problems that needed load testing, these are coding problems that need to be fixed. So do not just give blizzard a free pass saying it is impossible to load test fully on beta because even if that is true, many of these problems are not load problems, they were problems on the beta too.

      Don't get me wrong, I am loving the expansion and having a good time with it, but I would rather have these and other issues fixed before they start talking about being able to tweet in game.

    2. Thing is all the problems you have are server specific (except ashran).

      I'm playing a lot (4-5 hours on week days, and A LOT more on week ends) and didn't had any problem with garrison or raid on my server.

      But I know that some other servers have some of those problems.

      At that point it is easy to understand that the problem is more likely to be on a hardware level rather than software and there is no magical universal "fix" for it, if there is even one.

      Should they really give no information on 6.1 and beyond because a (small?) part of the players have problems due to hardware that may takes months to solves?

      We're obviously both are annecdotal evidences but you seems to be on a server that have lot of problem and I'm not. On my server the only complain I heard are about long ashran queues (and horde ganking, but that's another story).

      So for us 6.0 is working fine and there is little more work needing on it appart from class and raid tunning.

      There are some bugs that show up only on some servers aswell. So whatever they do they'll be damned.

      Try to fix problem that show up only on certain servers, unaffected ppl will complain.

      Talk about what's coming, ppl will complain, there are still bugs.

      I still remember the cata lauch event with capitol invasions. On one of my server Thunder bluffs were bugged and no mob spawn there, on the other server all was fine. How do you fix that?

    3. But it is still a problem, even if it is only effecting a few servers here and there. It still needs addressing. Just because "it doesn't effect me so it doesn't matter" is not a reason to ignore it as a problem.

      The release of the 6.1 information is more an issue because 6.0 isn't even fully out yet. Why not hype 6.0?

      As for the bugs effecting only some servers and how do we fix it. It is not my place to answer. I pay for access and my access should be the same as anyone elses. If my server is not working that is their problem to figure out. Not mine.

    4. That works the same on the othe way. Why should they hold informations back for me cause others have problems?

      I never said that they should ignore problems where they are some. They just can't delay things when they are not related.

    5. Still, the idea that they are releasing information about what is coming next patch when they have not even finished releasing this patch just seems premature.

      Let us get the content we are due first, then talk about new stuff.

      It would be the same if they started talking about us going to argus when it is not coming for 3 more expansion. Why? Wait until it is due than talk about it.

      I am not saying they should not be telling us about 6.1 because there are problems. I am saying they should not be telling us about 6.1 because they have not even released all of 6.0 yet.

  2. If the question is "why are they hyping patch 6.1 when 6.0 is still broken"? then the answer I've seen various places is "it's different dev teams, one doesn't affect the other".

    Now I agree with you, whenever I see that however much I sort of 'get it' that it's different teams, it does annoy me. I don't care how they have it organised but it's a matter of perception, talking up 6.1 when 6.0 is busted, it stirs up bad feeling, which is the opposite of what it's intending to do.

    Part of me when reading that post felt encouraged. They were talking 6.1 which meant that content would proceed at a reasonable rate of update. Then I stopped and realised actually it didn't mean that at all. I've read a few blog posts today which said what I just did "this is good, they are showing proof if you will that they are going to do better with updating regularly". However, that isn't true at all. They did this in Mists, all the content patches came out at a pretty good clip, I didn't feel they were released too soon, and I was only waiting a few weeks in between them for something new to do. Then 5.4 hit and boom another 14 months went by. So whenever 6.1 comes out or whatever they say about it, it means nothing to how the expansion will run.

    Anyway, I like they that are going to do more with garrisons. Can I say a finally on the heirloom tab, that really should have been in on release tbh but I'll take 6.1. I'm cross that they didn't mention flying beyond upgrading flight masters, which they had said that they already did. I'm guessing it's like the elephant in the room, they are hoping if they don't mention it, then no-one else will.

    As for game time for gold. I think that it's to stop people doing what that guy in trade was doing. Well, I say stop, I mean it's making it ok in their TOS. They have been disciplining that action badly for years, saying it was against TOS but never punishing the people doing the selling. So, this solves the problem in a way but I agree that blizz have been stupid over implementing this.

    Tweets in Warcraft. I have a bit of a "meh why?" as well. If I want to tweet about Warcraft I do so in my other window. However, I guess it's them co-opting 'popular' addons again as there's one that ties twitter and status updates together. One of the people I know has it, annoys the crap out of me. I'm guessing/hoping that if you don't put in your twitter details, then it'll just be disabled.

    Anyway, I like to hear about new things. In fact I wouldn't mind more details about 6.2 or 6.3. I wouldn't have been bothered if they had announced the new expansion at blizzcon, tbh they should have done something Warcraft related there. The panels were like 2014 didn't exist and the same as 2013 from what I read. I mean it's not like we don't know that there's going to be a 6th expansion after all.

    I quite like spoiler teases, though if I see something I really like it then does become irritating to wait for it. They have been teasing achievements in MH for about 10 months now, I just want them to be added already. However, as I said at the start, it is a matter of perception and how people feel about it. With as buggy as Warlords is, they really need to fix that and fast.

    1. I understand the different dev teams argument. But the fact still remains, you do not release something new until the system is working. Even if two different teams are working on them.

      You hit the nail on the head. They did it so well in mists with quick content and then still left us hanging. And if anything, this just means that when the next raid comes out we will have such a short time for a 10 boss raid to finish it before the next raid comes out, if they plan to keep the pace. Which is a bad thing, not a good thing. There is such a thing as moving too fast.

      Just think what mists would have been like if they delayed each patch 6 weeks, just 6 weeks, than soo would not have been as horribly long as it was and the expansion still would have been nice and smooth and fast with releases. But they moved too fast as the start. So this moving fast is not a reason to be happy but a reason for concern.

      The issue is, as you said, they never punish the person that sells it, but they always punish the person that buys it. Doesn't blizzard understand if the guy spams trade for months on end people to be believe it is allowed because blizzard has not banned him. Blizzard is wrong, 100% wrong, to take anything away from people that purchased it. If selling it does not break the rules, buying it shouldn't.

      I would have rathered them tease 7.0. I think this expansion has run its course already and I would be fine to be done with it and move on.

    2. Selling gametime for gold won't stop goldsellers at all - sure, they will get a competitor (Blizzard), but there is a much more important factor in that gold will suddenly become serious business. Everyone has a use for gametime, and since you will be able to buy it for gold, demand for gold will increase like no tomorrow. Previously, whoever was buying gold would be buying it for mounts / BoEs / carries. Now, gold will be just an intermediary - it'd be a question of saving real world money which you are paying for sub. If a month of sub costs $15, a tradeable token costs something similar, but the amount of gold enough to buy the token can be bought for $5, that's quite a lot of nudge towards buying gold. The only thing goldsellers have to do is to farm gold more efficiently than an average player - and they can absolutely do that. We hear nothing about stricter bans and whatnot, so in a nutshell, goldsellers have the same risks, but much more demand for their services. They will go up, not down.

      Blizzard aren't doing it to fight goldsellers. They are doing it in order to prepare the game for a possible cross over into some flavor of F2P (no sub). I don't think they are planning to go F2P soon, it's more like they feel that they might have to do this at some point and are preparing for that, that's all. Expect more (I said that when they added character boosts, well, here you go, buying gold for real money = BoEs / carries).

    3. I agree that selling game time for gold will not stop gold seller. It might just make them adjust what they charge for it. That is all.

      If anything I can see this turning into gold sellers selling more. Not less.

      Example. Some guy wanted an SoO mythic carry, top guild was charging 500 dollars real money or 500K gold. He will willing to spend money but he did not want to play 500 dollars and did not have 500K. But now with this he can buy and sell some game time, maybe spend 50 dollars and get 500K and now he buys his SoO mythic run at a price he was willing to pay.

      So now those guys that sell runs, sells BoEs, sells challenge modes, etc, will have more people buying, not less.

      I actually plan to do that horde side now that they are adding this. Instead of spending many many many hours pugging and trying to work my way through content I will spend a few bucks on game time, sell it, and buy myself a run. Could I earn it on my own, yes, did it in years past enough to get cutting edge, but no need for me to now. I would rather spend a hundred bucks for the carry than a hundred hours in pugs gearing up. Really no content here.

      So yes, warcraft, in some minds, is now P2W.

  3. I'm concerned that gold for gametime is a harbinger of things F2P.

    1. That is going to happen, nothing much to read into it. It has to happen and we can't fight it. No no need to be concerned about it. It is not a matter "if" this will lead to it but "when" it will.

      Sad part is I think being a subscription game is actually one of the things that keeps me playing. When it foes f2p it is easier to leave, like I have left so many other games that were f2p.

    2. F2P as I have heard from those who play them is actually known as "pay to win", because folks spend hundreds if not 1000s of whatever their monetary system is, to buy the best equipment.

      Like you, GE, not my style. And if it goes to that, and I am still paying for a sub and not getting the same anything, then I will be pissed and I guess - gone too. My little $15 doesn't amount to much in the big scheme of the game, but what fun would the game become at that point?

      And second thought - did my first two queuing for dungeons with a friend - they were fun. Got some nice gear out of it, and you already know I did Molten Core for the beastie mount. That was fun too. No one chatted, very little trash talk which was nice.


    3. That 15 a month for many years add up. That is how they make so much money. I hope they keep it that way and keep the P2W out of it. But that will not happen, the future is micro transactions, and they know that.

      Sounds like you got a good MC. The one I was in was a pure nightmare. Lots of trash talk, lots of wipes, lots of angry people. Not exactly an enjoyable experience at all.

  4. My concern for the game time item will be how are they going to price it?

    I looked at a gold seller site and it was about $5 for 10k. So will they be smart and price it at 30K or less for a monthly game card, or will they be stupid and price it much higher to encourage the "black market". I think it's just a slippery slope.

    Regarding the other announcements, none of them are really interesting to me. They were all just obvious things.

    I want the Transmog closet rather than the Heirloom tab, so that's just a whatever for me...

    Regarding things being broken, I haven't been running into many problems since the first week or so. The only thing is that to me, Ashran does not exist. The only reason I'd go there is for the Apexis dailies and since the "queue" doesn't pop instantly, I just skip those and go with the 800 one when Ashran is up. So I've just scratched it off the list of features in the game.

    Also, I've finished that stupid 200 treasures achievement... give me flying already.

    1. They are going to price it exactly as it is priced now, or slightly more.

      For example, say it cost 15 dollars for 30 days now. They might sell the 30 in game token for 20 dollars and you get an item which you can use, or put on the auction house. Than you sell it for whatever current market value is.

      However, with the number of dupers in the game I can see this losing them A LOT of money. On my server you can get any 670 BoE you want for cheap because there are thousands of them out there because of the dupers. And no, these people are not farming 100s of each of them and sending them to level ones to sell. They are absolutely duped items. Once they start duping game time blizzard is done.

      I've been running into a lot of problems this week. Making raiding and switching characters near impossible some days. It had been a little better, but this last week has been really bad.

      I agree on flying. I am already tired of this running around all over the place crap. Just want to get back to going from point A to point B travel with a flying mount. I hope they add it back soon, but I don't expect they ever will. They think because some people like no flying that everyone likes no flying.

  5. I think this hype tease was fine. It was intended to shut up the forum complainers. There isn't really that much hype in it. Like we don't know what we are gonna be doing in 6.1. But it tells people frustrated with things that there is hope in the future. Ashran will be worked on. Male night elf run will be worked on. Flight paths will be worked on.

    Also, remember there wont be a new raid in 6.1, so Foundry will still be the cutting edge raiding until 6.2 at a minimum.

    If they really are going to make this expansion only a year long, then they need to start talking about 6.1 now, to release it in spring and then 6.2 in summer, and then 7.0 next November.

    I share most people's skepticism that 7.0 will be done in a year. I think the earliest they could manage a new and interesting expansion would be spring of 2016, so 1.5 years with WoD

    1. I still worry they are moving along too fast. I know that 6.1 is not going to be a raid patch, and I do hope there are some daily hubs in there somewhere, but I really do not believe it needs to be talked about yet. Even more so when so few have even started to sink their teeth in 6.0.

      I think if they are really going to make it only 1 year there is no need for a 6.1 filler patch at all. We do not need the filler patch, just release the raids, let us raid and the next patch, or first as it would be, should have the new raid in it with some of those minor changes they are mentioning.

      As I mentioned in a post earlier, this expansion will last more than a year. That is an absolute fact.

  6. The 6.1 teaser is all about keeping the buzz going.

    They got more people back than I think they expected for WOD. Hurray for them for still attracting people to a 10 year old game.

    But those people are going to drift away again slowly.

    Best way to keep them is to tell everyone about the great stuff just down the road...and throw in something that's sure to be controversial and get everyone's attention in the form of the gold-for-time trades. Whether they roll it out soon or now, that'll get hotly debated for a few months -- attracting even more people to consider the game.

    Face it -- a long list of fixes for current problems is not sexy and is not going to attract new players. So they'll chug away at the fixes more quietly, but will hype what's new and shiny.

    1. They could hype that the last boss of highmaul is coming next week. They could hype that there are only two weeks left to get your core hound mount and a 640 helm in the forty man molten core. They can hype the enchanting illusions, they rare drop pet in MC, the battleground that will be gone in 2 weeks.

      They could hype that blackrock foundry is coming. They could hype that is it a nice sized raid with 10 bosses. They could hype that some of the fights are really new and interesting and not like anything we have seen before.

      So why are they hyping a content patch, that as of current hype, doesn't have any content? It is not only too soon to hype 6.1, it is too light on information to make it even something to be hyped over.

      That is what I am getting at.

      I do agree that a long list of fixing errors is not sexy. But to someone actually playing, I would rather hear that the logging in issues are fixed before I would about being able to tweet.

      As for controversial, my personal opinion is the stupid tweet from in game addition is worse for the future of the game than any gold for time thing could ever be.

      People already do gold for time, that is a non issue, anyone trying to make an issue out of it is creating something for the sake of argument. All that is doing is legitimizing something that people have been doing for 10 years already.

  7. Anon, Grumpy's former Guild Leader:

    This is a bit off topic but any answer in a more appropriate posting would be overlooked I suspect, and (lol), if I write it, I want you to read it.

    I started my time in Draenor with the newly minted 90 Blood Elf paladin. Sigh, right off to bat, I disliked the limited introduction of skills and spells. My first toon, way back when, was a paladin. I have done Paladin almost as much as Priest, so yes, I know what each button is used for with a ret pally. I realize for new players, a slow introduction of skills is desirable but if there is a way to cut off the process and get all the skills at once, I never found it. (I found notes that indicated this ability was disallowed with the advent of the expansion, but I can neither confirm or deny it. I only know I never found it.)

    The limited skill availability was made worse by not seeing any seal listed in my spell book. I use a custom interface and the class bar skills are always placed on my own location rather than the class bar which I keep cut off. Yes, not having a judgement available due to my own error made the opening quests a bit more "interesting" but it really was not very hard even so.

    To be honest as possible, I found the first level in Draenor was pretty much a solo game. I think I have actually seen only two or three other players out there (currently at 91) and the server is a fairly well populated, single server. Were the opening scenes designed that way, to be a solo experience or was it just an oddity on my part that no one else was around until I was almost 91? (Thinking back on the crowded state, even two months later for Hellfire Peninsula, maybe it was a design decision.)

    As a single player game, it was alright but nothing super special. The opening level went quickly enough and my garrison is founded. The business of never having to go back there is a bit misleading from what I have seen so far. Not going back seems a lot like cutting off your nose to spite your face. The whole game seems to revolve around the garrison (at least at this point so far for me).

    I can tell already that I will be carrying a lot of characters into Draenor before I am done. Not because I find the content so compelling, but because that is where the professions are upgraded. And what they have done to professions strikes me as an odd catch up mechanism rather than anything thought out or pre-planned. But in general, I have come to expect poor long term planning from Blizzard and in that light, my overall feeling for the expansion is it is poorly done, at least in the beginning. As I progress slowly through the maze of levels to come perhaps I will change my mind, but first impressions tend to last.

    1. so you are saying a newly minted lvl 90 has very limited skills as a lvl 10 toon? not the full amount?

    2. Anon, Grumpy's former Guild Leader:

      In a word, yes. I remember reading at one point a couple of months ago that there was a way to activate all the skills at once, but when I tried to find out how--now that the expansion has been released--there was no information I could find on how to do that. In fact, on one site I strongly got the impression that was no longer possible since the WoD release.

      I hope I am wrong on this, as I have another account and will get another level 90 boost when I upgrade that account. Maybe someone here will show me the error of my ways and tell me how to do so, but dang if I could find it...if in fact it is still possible.

      Laughing at myself on my stupid error about the seal of truth not showing up, but I didn't find it in the spell book when I first opened it and got my very limited toolbar set up. I still had no problem with any mobs in the opening quests. It was crusader strike, wait, CS again, wait, CS and and then let the holy light kill 'em with Templar's Verdict. If I had remembered to look at the original UI class bar, I could have added in a judgement every now and again for a very positive increase in DPS.

    3. I still haven't taken advantage of my instant 90, yet and now, I am afraid too. There are certain skills one has to have as a lvl 90 hunter or monk or rogue or hmmm, what else do I play - that's it. Mostly hunter or rogue.

      If you find out if in error or not, please let us (i.e. me) know! Thanks a bunch AGFGL. I'm just going to call you "Al".


    4. The instant boost characters are horrible. I boosted a druid as boomkin at the end of the expansion and started with only moonfire. No ability to go bear, cat or fly, nothing. Just boomkin form and moonfire. Even as an experienced player it was a nightmare. How do they expect new players to get into this. The instant boost system is dreadfully horrible.

      As I mentioned here before. Garrisons ARE warlords. That is the one and only feature. Yes, you can ignore them, but then you are basically ignoring the entire game.

      For many years I have been saying that blizzard designs things as if they are never going to add anything else. They never think of the future and I think that is poor game design. Even more so knowing that they are #1 and they will continue to make games. They need to start designing for expandability not as the be all end all every time they do something.

      If you ever figure out the way to activate all the skills at once please let me know. Then, and only then, would I ever consider boosting a character again. But as it is I would never boost another character and I would suggest to anyone else interested that they do not either. It is a horrible experience.