Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts Part Two

- Now that I got the missions complaining out of my head on to other, actual, random stuff.

- I might not have a new 100 for this week, but I do have another 99.

- Two of my 92s, which is where I would bring people in during the entry phase before I stop, are now 93.

- I did enter a new character this weekend and figured I would go until rested wore off.

- It made it to 95.

- So the only classes I have yet to step foot on draenor with thus far are my lock, paladin and monk.

- I am guessing next week I will have another 100.

- The 99 for sure will get there.

- Can't believe I have leveled 2 characters from 92 to 93 just from doing missions and the mine.

- Even more so that I stopped doing the mine during weekdays completely.

- Just do not have the time for that with as many alts as I have.

- It takes longer to do the mine than to do everything else at my garrison combined, so to conserve time I stopped mining during weekdays when I have less play time.

- So let me get this straight.

- I am the commander of all forces here on draenor according tot he narrative correct?

- I have many, some famous, followers that do whatever I tell them to do whenever I tell them to do it right?

- So how come I need to mine my own ore and pick my own herbs every day?

- It makes no sense.

- I think part of assigning a worker to the mine or garden should mean they do the work for you.

- Would really save a ton of time.

- Just does not seem right for the commander of all of azeroths forces on draenor to be mining his own ore.

- Don't I have people for this sort of stuff.

- Have you been to the outhouse?

- Go there.

- Not only for the achievement but because every time you go there you get a buff that increases your movement speed.

- Because you are feeling lighter of course. ;)

- I don't like Talador much, am I alone with that feeling?

- I love spires.

- Bet that means many people hate it.

- Usually the zones I like the many people hate.

- Loved dread wastes in mists, people hated it.

- Loved uldum in cataclysm but many people disliked it.

- Loved the basin in wrath but, oh wait, everyone loved the basin.

- Well, wrath is a different story, a special case.

- And I didn't say every zone I liked people disliked, I just said usually it seems that way.

- I hate the peaks and mountains and the getting lost and having to go around stuff in spires, I'll give you that.

- But I love the story, the setting, the flow, the elite mob quests, the flavor, it just feels like a very complete zone to me.

- Add to the fact it offers the best base experience for kills, quests, and everything else, and that is even without taking the building for the 20 percent experience boost.

- Why is it that you get more experience questing in spires than you do in nagrand?

- You get more quest experience from completing a quest in spires than you do in nagrand?

- I know the change in experience needed from level to level does not hugely increases each level like it used to, but you would still think that at worst a quest in the top zone would give you the same experience as a quest in the previous zone.

- I bet they nerf spires experience instead of increasing nagrands.

- Personally I believe they need to increase nagrands.

- I love it for the gear it gives, can get to the 610 heroic level just from questing there with some luck, but for experience, I now stay in spires until I finish the zone.

- They need to increase the apexis crystal cap.

- I can think of two reasons why they should do this.

- One reason that works for everyone that plays, and one for weirdos like me.

- The reason for everyone is simple.

- The last, most expensive piece, cost 20,000, with a cap of 20,000 that could lead to some unnecessary decisions that should not need to be made.

- Lets say you have 19700, do you do the daily and waste 500 because it will be wasted over the cap, or do you grind 300 to get the 20,000 piece.

- Or maybe it would be like valor, and if you are at 19700 even if you do the daily it will not let you turn it in because it would put you over the cap.

- Valor was like that.

- If you were 10 away from the cap and killed a rare on the isle of thunder which dropped 15, you could not pick it up because it would put you over the cap.

- So there is one reason, that effects everyone, that I think should be more than enough reason to have the apexis cap increased.

- Now to weirdos like me.

- The most expensive piece would cost 36500 to completely upgrade.

- I hate wasting things.

- I would rather collect all 36500 and buy the piece and upgrades all at once than buy one piece at a time and upgrade it little by little.

- So I would not be adverse to making the cap 40000 instead of 20000.

- But I am weird that way and accept that.

- Either way, for everyone, if the highest piece cost 20000 the cap should be more than 20000.

- Please blizzard?

- Did you noticed part of their stealth patching, and nerfing, of some things, that the armor pieces for your followers now stack.

- Well, some do and some don't, for some odd reason.

- I have two stacks of upgrade armor by 3.

- One of 6 and one of 3.

- They two will not stack together however even if they both are the same piece with the exact same wording.

- Wonder why that is.

- Maybe one is from missions and one is from salvage boxes?

- Only thing I can think of that makes them different.

- Nice quality of life change.

- Saved so much space on some of my characters.

- I only use armor on epic characters.

- Maybe I should stop waiting.

- Will need to reevaluate my decision on that some time.

- So for some of my 100s with no epics yet, that means I have a lot of armor stacked up.

- Ever notice you get one or the other.

- Or maybe it is just my bad luck.

- One character has 8 upgrade to a 615 weapon pieces and no weapon upgrade by X otherwise.

- Another character has 15 upgrade by X weapon ones and no base weapon pieces.

- Maybe next quality of life change is to make the follower upgrade pieces account bound?

- How awesome would that be?

- That would be on a really high level of completely awesome if you ask me.

- Which is why I don't expect it to ever happen.

- I managed to get the achievement [Savage Friends] this weekend.

- The one for three exalted draenor reputations.

- And oddly enough, I do not have three exalted draenor reputations.

- I only have two.

- I think, completely guessing here, that is it counting the skyguard from BC as one of my exalted reputations for draenor.

- Maybe they are one in the same.

- I mean the pet you can buy from them this expansion is the same pet as the one you can buy from them in BC.

- Either way, I have some sad news to break to everyone.

- The trading post level 3 bonus of 20 percent increased reputation gains is not account wide like we expected.

- A quest that offered me 250 reputation gain still only gives 250 reputation on an alt.

- Sad face.

- It would make sense to have that one account bound.

- Grind the reputations on your main, get a 20 percent boost to them on your alts.

- Makes perfect sense to me, but it does not work that way.

- Do you think it is a bug or intended?

- I am thinking intended because that was the only level 3 building bonus that was account wide.

- Maybe it was not intended to be.

- I would not complain if they did fix it to be account wide however.

- My main now has 22 epic level 100 followers, so many that I am deactivating ones that have duplicate abilities so I can level more followers.

- Need to have them all epic and 100 you know.

- Obsessive much?

- Yes, yes I am.

- Got a follower mission for 645 boots yesterday, awesome right?

- Got 661s this week from the raid.

- Just my luck right?

- There are a few slots a 645 would be an upgrade for and I don't get those.

- A guild mate seems to get exactly what he needs, every time.

- I would love to see what it is like to be a lucky person for once.

- But over all I have not had horrible luck so far this expansion, better than I normally do if anything.

- But nothing like some people.

- A guild mate came to warlords late and just got to 100 this week and went dungeon spamming.

- Two dungeons he got loot off every single boss, all either warforged or with a gem slot, and get this, he got a 665 drop from trash in each one as well.

- And both 665s were things he did not get loot from off the bosses.

- Then he kills the world boss and wins not one but two pieces.

- So, just hits 100 and 2 days later he is completely decked out with an item level higher than mine.

- I wonder when blizzard is going to start selling luck potions.

- I would buy them, because I want that sort of luck.

- I work my ass off grinding, doing professions, running dungeons, get nothing.

- Think along to grind all those mobs for exalted and not even one 665 drop.

- Blizzard really needs to add something into the game that actually rewards effort and stop letting everything be based on luck.

- I would really like that.

- May your luck be better than mine.

- Have a great day.


  1. Yeah I don't have anywhere near that many apexis crystals. I don't do my daily everyday or even most days tbh, only when I feel like it. I turned in the legendary apexis quest to make more room in my log and I have about 1900 crystals now.

    I definitely agree with rewarding effort and not luck. Luck is ok for making you feel happy, like it's an unexpected bonus but it sucks for general play. Everything is too random right now.

    I miss the days when it was more straight forward. Where I had a list of upgrades, their location and I could just go for it. They have monetized Ask Mr Robot, not that I blame them, and I can't find upgrades for my char without paying, or sorting through manually. I don't really care about gear for itself, I just like what it enables me to do. Right now my goal is soloing MSV and as I don't have mad skills I need a little more oomph.

    I got the Tarren Mill title the other day. Queued, waited 10 minutes then zoned in and we were outnumbered 40:16. The match started, a bunch of people left instantly and Horde killed us, we were getting GY camped. Then reinforcements arrived and we were no longer out numbered. I was dead but the Horde were beaten back and we stayed on the GY, so if they wanted to kill us they'd have to push into the group, they'd have the long run back after ress. That tactic worked perfectly though the leader was constantly yelling to get back as people wanted to chase the Horde. Got more points and then basically sat out the timer. I had worried I wouldn't be able to get a win so that was good, even if mostly I stayed at the back so as not to get killed for points as obviously the ranks went up just in proximity. I stayed safe so they didn't kill my Master Sergeant self or whatever the high rank was.

    I decided that I might try and get into pvp a little on my kitty druid as I want all those achievements. Plus I hate being so bad at pvp and the only way I will improve is practice. I queued for a couple of battlegrounds, lost both but I was surprised. Has blizz done some sort of equalization as I was level 91 and should have been owned by the level 99's but I didn't just fall over like I thought I would. Although I wasn't happy, I thought battlegrounds would make for a good alternate levelling path. I could level up and get experience at the same time. However, got barely any xp for either battle, so I'll need to get to 100 first.

    Which brings me to my main question. I know you don't want to give any of your secrets away, as if you tell people then people will know and blizz might nerf it. However, you have quite a few level 100's already. Do you have any tips you are willing to share for speed levelling? I completed everything on my main, I just want to get to cap on my alts.

    Grats on obviously downing a raid boss if you got a drop. I hope you have a good week. Currently I'm waiting for the world server to come back up. Logged out in Lunarfall and so I'm locked out of my main, my druid alt and my lock which I want to level for easier soloing for Dragonwrath. Maybe I'll take my hunter and run Sunwell for the bow. I bet you have that already heh.

    1. I did the legendary thing, bought one of the middle pieces and upgraded it, and I think I am back up to 8K crystals again. I kill a lot of junk and do the daily every day, so they add up.

      Grats on the BG win, that is actually how it is done. If you zone in at the start and your team is winning, you will lose. If your team is losing, you will win. Just happens to be how that BG works it seems. At least from everyone I have talked to that has done it. I still have not yet.

      I just quest. Do the lead in and enough starter quests in the main zone to get a bunch of followers and upgrade my mine. At 92 I go to gorgrond and take the lumber mill even if the arena quests are more fun in my opinion and follow the quest line until I get the book for a free pattern, this gets me close to or past 94. I then move to talador and do the quest line to get the book there as well, pick up any followers as there are a few, and that usually gets me to 96. Go to spires as soon as I can, do everything there which gets you to 99 or damn close to it, then go to nagrand and finish it off. Quick, easy, painless.

      I have a friend that found a spot with fast respawning mobs and can do 90 to 100 in about 4 hours or less if rested. I don't do that because I like to quest. But for someone that hates it, that is a great way to level.

      They really need to fix garrisons. Many people have started logging out in ashran because garrisons crash so damn much. Blizzard really screwed that one up big time.

  2. Have you done any random battlegrounds in WoD? I'm sure you're familiar with the new system for gear, even if you haven't. Even though I get that honor gear is supposed to be incredibly easy to get, it feels as though my luck is changing in life when I get a piece probably on average out of every three BGs I do. Add to that still having the option of just buying honor gear (which is better than the gear you get if you lose), or grinding ashran to get only slightly (well, 15 ilvls, so perhaps significantly) worse gear, and the fact that your PvE gear is automatically scaled up to 650 in BGs anyway.

    I think PvP gearing is a great model. Rolling based on easily had luck, and two ways to grind it. No one loses.

    Also, a lot of the top PvPers in the world switch to alliance for some the racials, and all the sudden Allies are doing ridiculously well in random BGs. My horde hunter has one maybe 1 out of 5 or 6 BGs. My Ally hunter, wins probably 9 out of 10 (I've also been running with a HPally on ally side, where as I queue solo horde, so that's some of the difference).

    I also really like the way PvP gear scales up for PvP. It felt awesome, when I was still using a crafted 630 weapon for PvE, to switch to my 675 weapon when I did PvP, especially as Marks.

    Anyhow, as one who's complained alot about the loot system in raiding/dungeons etc. I think you'd really like how PvP gearing is working right now.

    1. Nope, been too busy leveling alts and getting things done otherwise. Achievements won't go and get themselves. ;)

      I always have to "finish" my PvE before I even think of playing a side game like PvP but I am looking forward to giving it a shot.

      I would love to see the PvP gearing model added to PvE. I've been a vocal supporter of that idea for as long as I have had this blog. I hate random loot, absolutely hate it.

      I would love to take advantage of alliance actually winning more than 25% of the time. My luck would be by the time on jump on the bandwagon it will all have changed.

      PvP gearing has always been great. PvE can learn a lot from it. Which blizzard would open their eyes and start to realize that keeping gear behind the luck gate is not fun for anyone involved. Except the lucky person.