Friday, July 19, 2013

Welcome Changes to Ordos

For those that do not know Ordos is the new world boss coming with 5.4 but it is a new world boss with a twist.  Not anyone can just run in and kill him the way my level 86 killed Galleon while in the valley leveling or my 87 killed Sha in the summit leveling.  Or even Nalak where I needed to be summoned when I was leveling a character to get a kill in on because I had not access to it myself, but I did get there.  No, there is no letting low levels kill Ordos and whats more, there is no letting low geared players kill Ordos even if they are of appropriate level.  You need to have the legendary cloak to get to Ordos.

You read that right.  You need to have the legendary cloak to kill a world boss.  Effectively this makes opening up the ability to kill Ordos the single longest attunement ever in the game.  A blue post shortly after this was announced confirmed that there would be measures put into the game to assure that no one that did not have the cloak would be able to make it to the area you needed to be at to fight Ordos and unlike having the ability to summon a level 87 to nalak you would not even be able to summon someone without the cloak on.

Effectively this was the game saying that the only people that could kill the new world boss would most likely be the people that need to kill the world boss the least.  Lets face it, if you have the legendary cloak you most likely will be geared and even if you did the vast majority of the quest line through the LFR, or all of it even, you would still be in a much better place gear wise than someone that does not have the legendary cloak.

It was a decision that quite honestly baffled me.  I could not understand why you would demand people have a 600 item level piece to kill a boss that drops 553 item level gear.  It reminded me of those days at the end of wrath when I would see people in trade asking for a 5000 gear score to do a naxx pug.  You needed full ICC gear to do a naxx pug?  Yeah.  Saying you need the legendary cloak to do a world boss is roughly the same level of stupidity as saying you need a 5000 gear score to do naxx.

But a blue post the other day made me feel a little better about it.  They are going to make the achievement for getting the legendary cloak account wide.  Yes, I know all achievements are account wide, but this will be different.  It will work that you need the achievement for getting the legendary cloak to gain access to Ordos instead of you need the legendary cloak to do Ordos.  And this is completely different.  This opens the door for alts to do Ordos, you know, the ones that might actually need the gear.

This is a very welcome change to Ordos.  It is a change that is needed.  I mean, after all, aren't world bosses meant to be easy push overs for a little loot to help gear up.  It made no sense to lock the people that needed it most out of it.

So while this solves the problem for me, as I will have the legendary cloak on my hunter so all my characters can do it, it leaves me to think, what about everyone else?

What about people that are new to the game and only recently started?  They still have to do the LFR and experience the nightmare it is, over and over until their eyes bleed and their brain explodes and hope and pray that they can get a group that does not send them into cold shivers crying balled up in a corner afterwards. 

Think I am exaggerating how bad it is?  Consider for a moment that anyone even half way decent that is not going back to collect stuff for the cloak will have no reason to do the ToT LFRs outside of gearing up to move to SoO LFRs and how sometimes, with some of the better players, they can still be hard with a bad group over all.  Now imagine what it will be like when those better players have no reason to go back there at all because they all moved up to the SoO LFR.  Yeah, the ToT LFRs will be that bad.  Worse even.  It almost makes me want to curl up in the corner now and cry in sympathy for them just thinking about it.

So say you are new, or took some time off so you are behind, or are switching mains and never finished it on your previous main, you are still going to be locked behind the single most extensive attunement ever in the history of the game, time and collection wise.  Even if they increase the drop rates to 100% you would still be talking at least 5 weeks or running those old LFRs that no one wants to run any longer and getting stuck with dreadful groups while doing them.  Not exactly a fun prospect when thinking about it.

So the change to Ordos is a welcome change to me.  I will have the legendary cloak so I can bring my 451 paladin there, I can bring my new 444 hunter there, or my 467 hunter there.  I can bring my rogue, monk and mage who are all getting closer to the legendary but will never get it before Ordos is released.  I can bring my druid and DK tanks that only have a few sigils each because I never do the LFRs with them and we do not do the older raids any longer and they are stuck at that point.

The change to Ordos for me is awesome.  It will allow all my character to do it so I am excited for that change.  But lets forget for a moment my own selfish desires to do it on my alts and that being solved.  It means nothing to me at all now, all my characters can do it on any server so it makes no difference to me.  But what about everyone else?

Do you think it is fair to have a world boss that has a requirement the length of the legendary quest to gain access to?

Do you think it is fair that to get to fight the world boss, which are push overs, you need to complete a task that could very well be 100 times more difficult?  It would be like saying you need to defeat Ra-den before you can fight Jin'rokh on normal.  Is that right?

To me, you, and many other people, this might be a non-issue.  You are probably just as excited that you can do it on all your characters like I can now.  But for a moment, think about everyone else, the 90% that won't get the cloak.  The ones that have not gotten to that point yet.  Is this type of attunement to a world boss really fair?


  1. For me it is a sad change.

    At last they were implemeting something to lock out those the suposed-to-be hard world bosses were not meant for.

    Only reason Oondasta is so easy now is because ppl made groupe of 80+ toons to down it, leading to massive server lag.

    They should implement abilities that prevent people not from the raid fighting the boss to come even close.

    Those world bosses were NOT meant to help gear alt, but to give another shot at gearing for raiders.

    1. Actually, world bosses are meant to gear you up. Not exactly sure where you get the idea otherwise.

      Just like WG and TB before it, those were easy free loot bosses, world bosses took their place as the easy free loot bosses. They are even spoke about by the designers as a way for alts to catch up in gear. So yes, world bosses ARE meant to help gear alts.

      I just do not see the theory behind offering 553 gear to only characters with the legendary cloak. Won't we already have the 553 gear? (assuming our luck does not suck. Still no legs off nalak or that damn bird.)

      Now, if the gear it dropped was heroic raid level, then yes, absolutely, I would agree with you it should be for people with the cloak only. But it isn't, it is just the basic standard level normal mode gear.

    2. Actually, Sha and Nalak were the replacement for WG/TB. Galleon and Oondasta were supposed to be hard bosses as reward for raider, taht was stated long ago.

      Galleon failed cause he was easier than sha, the only difficulty at first was to be there when it spawned.

      Oondasta tuning when it was realleased was really fine, but since everyone wanted to kill it (even if they were not supposed to) theylade huuuuuge groupe that lead to sever lag, and they had to fix it.

      My first kill was before nerf, with a selected 40 ppl that we were trusting for not being dumb. The kill was quite smooth but still hard and rewarding.

    3. Oon was supposed to be for "heroic raiders only". Not Nalak, nalak was just like sha and galleon, for the masses.

      The error with Oon was that they put him in the open world. If you put something in the open world everyone expects to be able to participate. And quite frankly I agree with them. If it is in the open world everyone should be able to get to it.

      The new boss might be there attempt to put it in the open world, but not actually be in the open world, as you need the cloak to get to it. What they are missing here is that it is still in the open world and people will still want to get to it. I believe, once again, they should have that right.

      If they want something that is intended for a specific group and that group only, like cloak wearers, they need to put it behind an instance portal. As long as it is out in the world I will side with the people that feel it should be a loot pinata like the others.

      You are so right about galleon. It was supposed to be the hard one and it is stupid easy compared to sha. You could 8 man galleon now, probably less even. I have, but I would never attempt sha with only 8. At least not yet.

  2. It's just one boss with loot. It's reward for the cloak, to make us feel like it was worth the grind a little more, cause atm it's the least attractive out of all the legendaries. Maybe even a slight incentive to do old content for those who didn't. Nothing feels wrong.

    1. Some of my characters the only gear they ever get is from doing world bosses. Doesn't effect me because I can still do them, but what about the casual player that is in that same boat?

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    1. It is actually a good question. 3 makes sense. One for each spec as each spec does have different stats. But why 4? Very good question.

      Congrats. I am still learning new ones, I don't think I will ever learn them all.

  4. It's an attunment raid boss. I believe about 3 or 4 months ago the internet was blowing up about how we should have attunments again for raids. Gosh I wonder what was in development at that time... lesson is don't ask for stupid things you're not prepared to receive internet..

    As to your question, do I think its fair? nope. The real question tho is do I think it's a delightful little fuck you to the people whining about attunment quests? YES!, yes it is

    1. I do not mind attunements, I actually support them. Within reason of course. Never liked doing them on more than one character but I always liked doing them.

      In a certain sadistic way I too am like you laughing at the people that were in the "for attunements" corner and now get bit in the ass by it because they did not keep up.

      But I do still feel bad for the person that is new and just hit 90 last month because they have a long journey ahead of them. Just think, even if drops are 100% it would take 1 week for sigils if you do all bosses. 3 weeks to cap 3000 valor. Two weeks for secrets. Two weeks for runestone. That is 8 weeks alone and that is not counting what we need to do for the next parts which I do not know. I do feel bad for those people.

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    3. If I recall there is only one part you need help on and they lowered it from needing a raid team to being able to be done by just 3-5 people. You can solo it on some classes now.

    4. "But I do still feel bad for the person that is new and just hit 90 last month because they have a long journey ahead of them."

      Well, as someone who recently came back to the game two months ago it isn't so bad! I did have a few sigils collected, but I was mostly starting from scratch. I received my meta-gem this week and started collecting some runestones. I estimate that whole process will take another month or so, plus whatever 5.4 stuff we need to do. Is 3-4 months too long for a legendary item? Maybe if you didn't get anything until the end, but the other rewards are pretty sweet with the exception of worthless sha-touched gem.

      Personally I wasn't felt frustrated, so need to feel sorry for me at least. :)

      I suspect they'll buff the runestone drop rate in 5.4, too. Both the 5.1 and 5.3 were designed to take 6 weeks (enough to guarantee 2 months of sub) but there's no need to drag things out like that once the chain continues.

    5. They did lower the 7K valor to 3K so that helps a little. 7 weeks is now 3 weeks. But I still feel bad that there is such a long catch up for the new players.

      I do agree a legendary should take substantial time. But locking people out of a world boss for not having it seems a little wrong, in my opinion at least.

  5. Sorry, this is totally offtopic, but just needed to say something to an understanding group of people and couldn't think of a better community than Grumpy and followers.

    Logged in today and got the lovely message: "Your guild has moved".

    They were discussing moving to Proudmoore but it seemed like it was still being "discussed". The GM surprised a lot of people and went ahead and moved it late last night.

    There are 600+ toons still in the guild but it's been reset so it's lvl 1, has no achievs, etc.

    It hasn't really sunk in yet but I can definitely say I don't feel good about it.

    Trying to get on topic. I'm glad they are relaxing the restrictions for the world boss. Hopefully, they'll relax it all the way like normal world bosses. I know they talk about raid teams doing world bosses, but I've always only seen them done by pugs. Don't really see a need for legendary owners to do them.

    I would say that I won't be affected since I'd most likely have the legendary on my hunter anyway, but now I may not be affected since I may just quit WoW or at least take a break. My sub just renewed recently though, so my playtime doesn't expire until November.

    I don't know... Can't really think straight at the moment.

    Again, I'm sorry for being offtopic, just needed to tell somebody.

    1. Wow, that is really messed up to move like that without any warning to the people in the group. Did a lot move with it or was it just the GM?

      Would you consider going with them or are you going to look for something else where you are?

      I have some characters on proudmoore.

    2. There are 22 toons in the new guild (Revival) at the moment. I think about 10 people have moved some characters over. Most of the main raid team and a couple others basically. I expect more to move over, but not sure how much of the guild will move.

      I've been in the guild for almost 3 years. I was there when it started. So it sucks to have this abrupt move, but it feels like it's time to move on.

      Even before this, I'd been thinking about finding a different guild (an East Coast group instead of West Coast) or simply taking a break from WoW since I've had little desire to play recently. The other guilds that I knew on Drak'Thul have fallen apart or moved, so don't have any local leads really. Doesn't help that it's summer doldrums...

      Best thing is probably to just step back for a little while and see how things unfold. For example, wait for 5.4 and see if Flex can get me interested again and possibly find a raid group/guild that I'd xfer over to. Or maybe Virtual Realms will give an influx of new people to Drak'Thul and change the landscape... I don't know... I guess in the mean time, I'm not going to do much.

    3. As odd as it might sound with the virtual realm you might end up being grouped with proudmoore again and could join them once more.

      Not exactly sure why anyone would hop servers so close to the new patch when they are basically merging servers soon. They could have all been in proundmoore anyway in a month or twos time.

      I think things could help a bit with the flex raiding and virtual realm. I foresee flex only raid guilds. That, with virtual realms giving you a lot more people, guilds, and events to choose from, it could fix a lot of what people move because of.

      Enough of my hopes for what they can do. Perhaps taking a break until 5.4 might be the best for you if you are looking into taking a break anyway. Almost like a blessing in disguise. They could have made your decision for you.

      I'd say, unless you want to assure you are staying with the hold out and see what realms get thrown together. Just my opinion of course.

      Either way, it sucks big time. I would hate to log in one day and see my guild gone like that.

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    5. Yeah, seems I'll just bide my time, take a back seat til 5.4 and then see what happens.

      Just as Grumpy mentioned, a few of the officers were discussing that we should wait until 5.4 to see how VR and Flex works out. Too late now. It'll be quite ironic if Drak'Thul ends up with Proudmoore. However, I find it highly unlikely since Proudmoore is high pop and in a different battlegroup. It's more likely that they'll VR some low medium plus low pop realms within the same battlegroup to get more "med" medium pop realms. I know I wouldn't want to get dumped onto a high pop realm... The realms I've been looking at are 1.5-2 times the size of Drak'Thul but Proodmoore is more than 3 times the size of Drak'thul.

  6. I'm used to not being able to do certain content because I haven't done others, it's a non-issue with me either way. Who cares how long/short it is, I don't mind legendary weapons being in the hands of people with the time and commitment to get them, I may wish I had one, but to me it doesn't matter how long/hard the road is, I don't have the time to do it in its shortest possible route, even halving it doesn't make it short enough. Although I'm kinda interested in the "In Game" reasoning to let something you did on another server with a character that is no relation to the one you are doing it on now, give you access to it.