Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- I spent most of my time this weekend on alts again.

- But that does not mean I completely neglected my 90s.

- But I did not do as much as I should have on them.

- I read somewhere that the item level for the new LFR is going to be 496.

- I don't know why but I think that is a little low.

- Personally my aim is 510 on all my 11 90s on my main server before the patch.

- That is what the LFR item level should be in my opinion, 510.

- I am not very close to having all of them at that level at all.

- My paladin, warrior, warlock and DK are still not even 480 so they can not get into the most recent LFRs.

- But I really do not want to do them anyway so that might not be a bad thing.

- My paladin is the only one that is not even LFR ready.

- The other three are at least 470 so they are in the second set of LFRs at least if I decide to work on them a little bit.

- Outside of them, only two characters are not over that 510 mark, my priest and my shaman.

- As they are both healers getting them there should not be much of a problem.

- I just have not really played them all that much this raid tier.

- To give you an idea how little I have used them this tier I have only needed to pop on to a healer twice this entire raid patch.

- Not even for full runs, for single bosses only.

- Once on the forth boss and once on the sixth, that is it.

- Hence the reason they have been left behind.

- I think I will work on them this week.

- Goal, 515 for both, at the least.

- Should not be much of a problem, they both left off last tier in a decent place and have gotten a few pieces here and there.

- My tank is still the leader of all my characters on bosses down.

- I swear I am getting used to the fact I am a tank more than I am a hunter for the past 4 years.

- Doesn't mean I am not still a hunter at heart.

- Did the first 5 on my hunter this week and did some nice numbers.

- Had to switch to my tank for the 6th onward however but it was nice to get in on a few bosses.

- Even did 259K on the first boss which ranked.

- Not so bad after not playing it for a month in a raid.

- Even more impressive when you think I still need tier pieces, a weapon because that 502 is in desperate need of something better, and my second trinket.

- I even noticed I made a lot of mistakes.

- I pre potted but forgot to use my second pot.

- I totally botched my pull rotation thus all but wasting my pre pot at that and thought it would be a horrible fight.

- I focus capped more than a few times and let my sting fall off multiple times.

- I also do not use crows which would have actually been a DPS increase.

- I guess you can take the hunter out of the raid for a month, but you can't take the raiding out of the hunter.

- It was nice seeing I did well even if I was rusty.

- Of course the turtle did not drop the weapon because he only drops it when I am not on my hunter.

- Is that a law or something?

- I did win my two best in slot trinkets however.

- One by roll and one by coin.

- Soul, thunderforged and juju, thunderforged.

- Yeah baby, lets see what I can do on that boss next time.

- If I use my second pot and I do not completely botch my opening and pay attention to my sting and focus I am sure 300K+ is a given now.

- So all I need now are tier pieces and the weapon.

- Not even nalak likes me.

- A kill and a coin every week since release and nothing.

- You would think I killed his kitten or something the way he hates me so much.

- Honestly I am amazed that I did that well being as out of practice as I was.

- I chalk it up to luck.

- Even I get lucky sometimes, and I did win the trinket off him after that performance.

- So I will call that all luck, not skill.

- But to the alts, which is where I spent most of my weekend.

- Got one of them to northrend.

- Two close to outlands.

- The rest are still pretty low, as in really low pretty low.

- Yes, I am developing an entire new collective on a new server, for the fun of it.

- There is something about building a network of characters and building their professions together that I really enjoy.

- I can't just do one character, it is not in me.

- While looking over my professions I noticed I made a few errors I made while creating them.

- I do not have three alchemists like I usually do and I have no engineers.

- I will have to make some adjustments to fix that fact.

- To build the perfect network of professions three alchemist are required.

- One potion master, one elixir master and one transmute master.

- I need to get back to my horde server eventually and finish that one off but over all I just like playing alliance better.

- Not sure why, perhaps it has something to do with their cities just being nicer.

- Actually did a dungeon on one of my lower levels as I was leveling.

- I never do dungeons but I saw a class quest and it had a weapon that was leaps and bounds better than the one I had.

- So I queued for it directly.

- Hey, even I can be enticed once in a while.

- Speaking of enticing me, can anyone give me one good reason to tank the LFR?

- Would make gearing up the warrior, paladin and DK a lot faster, but I just can not bring myself to do it.

- Too many bad experiences to want to even try again.

- And not really bad experiences of my own, just bad experiences of seeing other poor tanks in there.

- The low level dungeon I did I was last in DPS.

- So not used to that.

- Someone said to me, "no heirlooms?"

- I said, alt server, no 90s here.

- They were cool about it, but the power of heirlooms is indisputable.

- They did not beat me by lots but when you are doing 100 DPS and everyone else is 150 or better, that is 50% more and it is noticeable.

- Of course the tank was doing 250, tanks are so over powered when leveling.

- I wonder if people would still use heirlooms if the only thing they offered was extra experience and not extra power.

- It has been a while since I leveled anything with heirlooms, only my monk this expansion and as it was my first monk so I had nothing to compare it to, but the experience is completely different.

- I actually spent a lot of time this weekend leveling fishing on all those alts.

- Hey, it needs to get up somehow doesn't it?

- I leveled 4 characters from 1-50+ fishing.

- It is very peaceful.

- And I cleaned out the waters around stormwind really nicely too.

- I should get a paycheck from the king for cleaning them out.

- Have to wonder how I managed to catch a rock with my fishing hook however.

- Can't say I have ever seen a rock, a round one at that, that could be fished up with a hook.

- Also leveled up my cooking on as many characters as I could.

- Works nice having that army of alts all throwing their stuff in a guild bank.

- I have my own guild for my characters there, 8 of the 11 are in it, 3 are in another guild but I will bring them over one day.

- I am waiting until I make enough gold to buy the heirlooms from there before I move them.

- But I think I won't need them by the time that happens.

- I guess I have to get to selling some pets.

- That works nicely for gold, but I used all that gold to get all the tabs for my guild bank.

- I'll need to start selling again.

- My guild is almost up to level 5 now.

- Basically solo.

- I have two friends in the guild but neither of them are ever on so nearly all of that is me.

- I wonder if you can get a guild to 25 solo.

- I am sure someone has done it before.

- If not, someone, namely me, will be doing that at some time in the future.

- I like to set tasks for myself and that is one of them.

- I have three guilds on three different servers all over level 3 now.

- Not bad for just being me in them.

- But I never made an effort to get much higher with any of them because all they were are alt banks.

- On this server, it is my main play area.

- So I can actually work on getting to 25 with it.

- In 5 years maybe.

- The guild is on a role play server so there is actually a reason why it makes sense for me to have my own guild.

- Should I ever wish to role play that is, as all the characters are connected.

- Yes, I have their whole back story done up.

- Just because I do not actively role play doesn't mean I can not get into it sometimes.

- It is fun leveling on a role play server sometimes.

- I had a dwarf following me around for a while yesterday as I leveled barking.

- I would pet him occasionally and emote throwing him a treat.

- He would wait until I tagged something and then he would run in an attack it with me and run back to me and bark seeking approval.

- I got a kick out of it.

- He followed me for a good half an hour doing that and then ran off.

- On another character, being I always seek out rares, I walked to where the unknown soldier spawns because I was close to there anyway while turning in a quest.

- I walked in on two people skinny dipping in the little pool of water near where he spawns.

- So to play the part and I stopped and said, "I am sorry to intrude but perhaps you could help me.  I was supposed to meet the unknown soldier here for some information, have you seen him?"

- They answered they had not and offered to tell him I was here looking for him.

- I thanked them an moved along.

- That is part of the fun of leveling on a role play server, for someone like me that moves along as efficient as I can normally it is nice to change the pace a bit and just be, inefficient.

- I even had a nice conversation while leveling my fishing with someone who was also there doing the daily in stormwind.

- We were talking about how the fish where not biting today and it was probably something to do with the recent climate or something.

- Made the time pass while leveling fishing so much faster, that is for sure.

- If you have never leveled on a role play server if you try it and embrace it you might enjoy it.

- If gives you a minute to stop and smell the roses, figuratively of course.

- I needed a change of pace and this was it for a short while anyway.

- Soon it will be back to the gearing up for those alts I mentioned.

- Soon it will be back to having to enchant everything new I get.

- Soon it will be back to having to gem and reforge everything new I get.

- Soon it will be back to doing random content that I despise because of the people in it.

- Sometimes I wonder, is the end game really worth it when all you do is rush everything to get everything done.

- Sometimes maybe we would all be better off sitting down and casting a fishing pole into the waters somewhere and chatting about the weather for a bit.

- Speaking of the rat race I have my todo list in mind.

- I have to get all my barrens stuff ready to turn in as soon as I log in on tuesday so I get the valor head start when I log in.

- It is what makes me capable of capping in less than 2 hours, having that nice valor boost the second I log in.

- I only have 4 uncut meta gems left so I need to prospect some ore.

- I have over 2000 ore sitting in my bag ready to be prospected

- Then I need to send the appropriate gems over to my transmute master so I could convert them to meta gems.

- I need to restock on wild jade as well because I used my last two on saturday.

- After I used massive amounts of golden lotus to do tons of transmutes I need to get to farming more.

- Which means planting herbs on 11 characters each day to rebuild my stock.

- My enchanter has their mail box completely filled with stuff sent to it to disenchant.

- I keep getting upgrades so often and for so many characters keeping up with gems and enchants is out of hand.

- Knowing the new patch is most likely less than 2 months away and I will be gearing over and over, from LFR, from flex, from normal, I will need to make sure I have a huge stock.

- Being there is a new cloth I will need to start farming some cloth to make bolts out of.

- I am down to 600 bolts and that will go by really fast.

- So today I will do some research for the best cloth farming place.

- Being the barrens quests are being removed once the new patch comes out I need to get to some serious farming there because it is the best place to farm lesser charms.

- Might as well build a nice stash now for the lesser played characters.

- I need to turn in the roughly 20 mojos I have sitting around for pets, learn them, then go to another server that holds all my pets and cage them and put them in that bank and go back and forth just to get them out of my bags.

- I need to cap out on justice, at the very least, on lesser geared alts on alt servers so I can at least buy the 489 and 496 gear that is being lowered to justice when the time comes.

- There is just so much to do, so much going on, so much to plan for.

- That should explain why I actually have been playing on low level alts on a role play server the last two weekends.

- I needed a break from all that.

- If they removed gems, enchants, reforging, lesser charms, justice points, valor points, and all that jazz from the game I wouldn't mind at all.

- Just let us buy our gear with gold or get it from a drops and be done with it.

- What we wear is what we wear.

- Why does gear need to be such a huge part of the game when in the end all it really is is busy work.

- The gearing and preparing treadmill has worn me out and seeing the prospects of another level of raiding next tier just really means there is no relief in sight.

- I might as well just put a sign up on my 90s that says "gone fishing" and go plop my ass down on a role play server for a while.

- Have a great day.


  1. Wow I'm tired just reading that list. You must be incredibly efficient in order to do everything in the time you have. Not that I know how much time you have, but with everything you list it'd take me 24/7 and I still might not do it all. Well perhaps not that much, but it would take a lot. As always this impresses me a lot. You clearly have it. My friend is the same actually, he's got 11 90's and all of them are geared at least for T14 LFR. Probably at least half of them are 500+ I don't know how he does it. Well I do actually, he runs LFR a lot, which I could never do and will never do.

    The Breakfast Topic on WoWInsider made me think today. It asked about alt gearing and I had to think about it. I haven't geared any alts this expansion. 5.4 is set to make that the easiest it's been all expansion but I don't know if I can be bothered. After not having alts all expansion, I'm actually wondering why I should bother gearing them in the twilight of it, when they'll be a new expansion out soon after and all the effort will be wasted.

    I started off life on a roleplay server and I never encountered anything like you just mentioned. The only time I actually saw any roleplay was in a random dungeon in Outlands. This premade group picked me up as their 5th through the queue and roleplayed the whole way through. It was funny and I joined in a bit, I was sad actually when the dungeon was over. Never saw RP outside of that. Maybe it isn't very popular in the EU, don't know, I was on the biggest RP server as well, very odd.

    Hmm I half like all the things that have to be done to gear. If it all went away I'd be ok with it, but it does serve as a good indicator of whether someone knows what they are doing or not. Sure someone could go to Ask Mr Robot, click optimize, and copy it's suggestions. If I'm honest until Mists I did that. I don't do it any longer though because quite frankly I disagree with what it suggests. Sure balancing the stats so it goes as little as possible over the hit/expertise cap can take a while, but it's quite rewarding to work it all out for myself.

    I mean you can tell a lot about a person from an inspection. If they don't have gems/enchants and the gear is reasonable to have them (I don't deck out green gear for instance, or blues I know I'll be replacing very very soon) then that tells me they don't care. If they have chosen sub-optimal choices then that tells me that a) they might have a gold issue, b) they do care but need help understanding their class, c) they are trying something different and I might learn something from talking with them. Basically it tells me to look at them more and have a chat with them.

    If you can just equip gear and call it done then how can you separate out people that know and care, from the rest of the playerbase?

    How far into Throne have you got now? You mentioned swapping classes from the 6th boss. So what boss have you got to? My group, with the help of some friends, managed to get Qon on Thursday (I extended the lock) and Twin Consorts fell down right after, as they do. So we're on Lei Shen! Getting to 2nd phase most of the time now, got to phase 3 once. Have to see how Tuesday goes before I get too hopeful that a kill will be soon. I do hope it is soonish though, I'd love Ahead of the Curve.

    1. I actually play a lot but not a lot like some might think. I work 11 hours a day and of course do no play during that time. Including travel, real life and other bits here and there that take time away from my day I get a few hours in a night.

      This is partly why I hate the LFR. There have been many nights I had a nice chuck of time to play and no raid was scheduled so I could do the LFR and then over 4 hours I complete 1, yes 1, LFR.

      It is my own free night during the week and all I can do it 1 freaking LFR? And people wonder why I hate the LFR. It ruins efficiency. They need to make LFR item level gear available without doing the LFR. Make that gear valor gear. Just a suggestion.

      I do so much because as I said I move with efficiency. I get comments all the time about how I manage things from people in my guild who see me and know when I am on and are still amazed I can do what I do in such a short time.

      For DPS you can do that with Mr Robot. DPS is a numbers game. There is a right and a wrong. For healing or tanking it does not work like that, there is a feel involved. The robot suggestions, while good, might not fit you perfect. As you tank, that is why it does not work great for you. But for a DPS it is perfect. There are not ifs ands or buts about that.

      As for how you would notice. Skill. Make it a little less about the gear and a little more about hitting those buttons in the right order.

      I can tell you a skilled tank from an unskilled tank without even looking at their gear. I can tell you a skilled damage dealer vs an unskilled damage dealer without even looking at recount. I can tell you a skilled healer vs an unskilled healer by seeing who gets heals and when. You would need to see people in action.

      People could have the best enchants, gems reforges, etc but all that proves is they know how to read. I can read about how to fix a mack truck, doesn't mean I am capable of doing it does it?

      The 25 man still can not get past 3. I run a second day with only 10 and we can add 3 or 4 more in that time. That is where we end. If we extended lockouts we would be done with it but as it stands being we restart each week we are only just over half way there.

      I do not see us getting ahead of the curve this patch. :(

      Sad when you look and all 5 of our regular DPS were over 250K on the first boss (I know it is a buff fight but shows we know when to use cooldowns) and one of our healers holds top 5 ranking on 10 of the first 11 fights in there. We have a good team but all to often I am stuck tanking and there is no one that can fill my spot as DPS and the other tank is a great player but a slow learner and the other healers are still lacking in gear.

      Nope, ahead of the curve is not happening.

      If I could get one more dedicated and always there tank with some skills, to let me DPS which is what I do best and one more healer to equal that one healer and another DPS that can match the big 5 and swing as a third healer if needed, and we would be half way done with heroics already instead of half way done with normals.

      Ahead of the curve would be a pipe dream this time around. Unless they decide to nerf the first few bosses some so we can do 5 with the 25 so when we continue we can actually get further.

    2. 10 out of first 11 means all minus Dark Animus? Or?

    3. She got all the marks before she joined us. So I do not know the one she missed.

  2. -I've been playing Torchlight (got it for free a while back off I'm getting a bit bored with it since I killed the main boss (there's a second dungeon to go through but...) so been messing with some mods to see how they affect the game and figuring out how they work. Snagged Torchlight 2 as well from the Steam sale for $5.

    -Need to get back into Skyrim. I didn't do any of the DLC for it this time. Too busy with WoW. There's this huge mod that some kid did that looks really cool, so need to check that out as well.

    -Anyway, regarding WoW... Guild moved but I haven't, as I mentioned before. Haven't done anything else in game.

    -Agreed, regarding the min iLvL for T16 LFR. 496 seems low. Hopefully, they'll raise it before live. 510 should definitely be doable if people are actively doing LFR and earning valor; hell, that's what I did, basically, and I'm 531.

    -Gratz on the trinkets. It's insane that you still can't get tier pieces off Nalak. You need a title "Grumpy, the Luckless One". :(

    -Been thinking about trying out an RP server for a while. Was thinking of Earthen Ring since it's East Coast, but maybe a smaller RP realm would be better. Which one are you playing on, Grumpy?

    -I'd be fine if all the gear crap went away. Reforging, gemming, enchanting, upgrades, multiple item levels, all of it. 5.4 is going to just make it worse with even more ilvls.

    -As Taitrina said, not sure how you have so many geared toons, Grumpy. I think I burned out just gearing one and a half toons.

    1. I play on a few RP servers, blackwater is good for alliance and earthen ring for horde, depending on which way you want to go.

      Some of the more popular ones might be better are a little iffy. Like moonguard for example. It is somewhat balanced, but does not have the best rep.

      I might ditch my horde RP server as it is really unbalanced, that is scarlet crusade.

      I am kind of burnt out too but that is why I do these little things on the weekends. It sure is not luck that has me geared up that well over all, it is just pure dedication.

    2. I was thinking Earthen Ring since its pretty balanced AvH. I've never played horde (don't like the races). Anything wrong with Earthen Ring Alliance side?

      Blackwater is smaller like Drak'Thul (low medium), but it's PST.

      Since you play on a lot of servers, do you see any difference regarding the realm time zones? For example, Drak'thul is CST but my guild was mostly PST (which didn't fit too well with me being EST)... Is that normal?

      I'm really just going to have to start some alts and do some leveling on different realms to get a feel for them. But, after I spend some time with some single player games.

    3. It has been a while since I have been on there but I recall it being more horde heavy. Things could have changed.

      Ah, forgot the EST angle. Sorry.

      I play in all time zones and it seems that the standard raid time is usually between 8-11 EST. Sometimes an hour earlier and sometimes an hour later but on average when I see people recruiting with their times in the macros they usually are in that general time gap no matter which server I am on.

      I'd suggest doing just that. Make some alts and spend some time in trade get a feel for the server. Log on later in the day to see guild recruitment spam and you will see the times they are looking for.

      In the end the best place for you, me, or anyone really, is the place were we can find people we relate to that we can hang out with comfortably. That, my friend, is the hardest part of this game. Harder than any heroic boss could even imagine to be.

  3. Funny that you're mentioning your new collective on a new server... I did the same thing back in Cataclysm, more or less a mirror of my main server toons, alt Horde server vs main Alliance server. I missed having lowbies and wanted to see the revamped old world.

    I just pick at the toons over there, I play them when I'm looking for a break from main server play, but even just playing there very casually I have 11 toons with an average level of 87 or 88 (as always, the definition of casual can vary from person to person). Profession load-out isn't too different from my main server but is a bit more gathering-focused since those toons aren't in any way progression and I wanted them to be mostly self-sufficient. My DK from my earlier gearing experiment (now abandoned, I had too much to do on my main server at the time) is on that server.

    I have a personal guild over there that my toons are in (as well as a few L1 toons that friends created to help me create the guild), just from my own playing, some before the guild XP boost but mostly after, the guild is up to L14. So yeah, it's definitely possible to get a personal guild up to L25 by yourself, just takes a while even at 60K per quest.

    My weekend was similar to yours, I ran a bit of LFR with some friends but other than that I just goofed around on my other server. It was fun, I sometimes like getting away from "toon improvement" and get more into "toon playing" and this weekend that worked well.

    My main server is an RP server although not one that has much visible RP... I don't often see RP out in the world the way you describe and that's too bad. I don't RP but I'll play along occasionally when I do come across it. I joined their server back in the day so the least I can do is try to speak the language a bit.

    1. I doubt it will go anywhere fast, might take years to get them all up, but having a place like that to just go and chill out once in a while is nice. Since I got my own guild running it has become more of a home away from home the last 2 weekends.

      I don't really RP either, but I will play along. I thought it was funny when I went running into that little area with the unknown soldier and thought, what the hell, let me say something. Not sure what was up with the barking dwarf however. I think he has a thing for male gnomes, or he wanted to eat me. Scary either way.

      I didn't really see a lot of it myself, just a few little tid bits like that. The talking while fishing does seem to be a common thing however. Seems someone always strikes up a conversation with them when I am fishing.

    2. I wish it was easier to chat while fishing. I find that if I'm typing, I miss too many catches, so I tend to just blast some music and zone out while fishing.

    3. I take my time and break typing to catch and recast and even miss one here and there. It is about the conversation that makes it an experience, if you will.

  4. Why not just extend the lock out?

    1. We might as the next patch gets closer. We have had such bad luck with drops people still need a lot from the first half.

    2. hehe I can guarantee you they need everything from the last half tho :P also I'm interested in seeing your thoughts on animus as a raid leader. I think its honestly more of a raid leader puzzle to figure out where to place your people and how it will best work for your team its kinda neat and kinda tedious.

    3. I know that, you know that, but these are all casual raiders. Getting them to agree with it is not always as easy. They, most of the time, would rather kill 3-6 they know they can one shot then spend a night or two wiping.

      We can get there however. I am sure if it. If only I can find a tank that does not die to the maze. lol Seriously, I am the only person that has ever tanked that fight that never died to the maze.

    4. I don't get any of it.

      Gear-wise, your 10m is probably above 522 average iLvl which means that's enough gear to cover you for heroic modes, so what gear exactly are you farming those bosses for? Or better yet what are you farming gear for?

      Don't these people get bored, doing the same boss over and over? Don't any of them actually want to get the end boss?

      I. Just. Don't. Get it. You say your players are really good yet they have this attitude that doesn't make sens. If I know I'm good I want to do the best I can do, not be content with 6 farm bosses out of 12+13.

      If I were to join a team and would hit this attitude, I'd leave. Not because I wasn't happy with progression, but because there was no thought of progression to begin with. Being happy with the ones you can oneshot instead of at least trying makes it for an undesirable guild to raid in. I don't get it.

      How does this work? Do you actually manage to recruit anyone with experience that doesn't leave?

      And what you basically say is that you have NO tanks at all aside from you... I mean go to trade chat, 'LF tank that doesn't die because he can't move from bad', I'm sure you could find *something*. You're suppose to wipe at Durumu because of the healing beam, not the maze.

    5. I keep telling them the same thing. We should be doing heroics. We do the numbers for it. It is just a mechanics issue and perhaps a lack of raiding issue. People take 25 tries to get something down that it should take us three or four.

      If I had to give an honest opinion of my group I would say we should be 8/13 instead of 8/12. I know I have that ability and know a few others do as well.

      The healing beam is not the problem with them. It is the freaking maze. When we do the fight it is something like this. Wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe, tank made it through, win.

      Seriously. Not kidding. The first time the tank made it we killed it.

      The saurok guy after that explains what my group excels at. One shot it. I don't think it is even possible to wipe on that guy. Horridon should have been in his place and he should be in the second spot.

      I told them this week I am holding my character out. We will start 25s fresh, but when we continue with 10 we will be on my lock out.

      Now if only I could get the healers to live more than 15 seconds into anima we would be okay. Any tips?

      Oh well, the problems of a casual guild never end. But we will actually have our first full night of attempts on anima instead of just one or two shots here or there.

      If I had to guess, I would say we will be done with it in two locks outs max (with our 2 hours raiding, so 4 hours more) if I keep extending.

      You over estimate the people that play this game. Why do you think I am tanking so often. Because I can not find anyone else on the server that is capable of doing it. We have went through a dozen tanks this expansion and it is not like they left us, they all just quit or said they did not want to tank any more.

      You are also thinking of things from a more progressed server. My guild is the only 25 man guild on the server and the 4th or 5th 10 man over all guild alliance side. I move at the pace they want me too even if I would love to move more. The people that want better have no place to move up to, we are it.

    6. Where do you die at Animus? Do you place your tanks inbetween mobs so they don't link at the very start?

    7. Tanks grab 2 each (which get connected), everyone else gets one ( which don't. We can't even get past the pull. The fight is easy once you get that down, just can't get the pull right.

      Tanks are just either going down instantly, even with a cooldown, or if the healers try to pump out enough to keep them up they guys instakill the healers.

      We only have a few pulls, 3 or 4 at the end of a week, so we have not had much time to play with it. Only 2 pulls this week. But I am going to extend this week for the 10 man at least. Just so we can finish this damn thing up like we should have a month or two ago.

  5. Also amazed at your patience at gearing that many characters.

    I have three characters at 27k conquest points each, which means full PVP gear including offspecs (only care about one offspec), but I think we have it a little easier in PVP. Conquest catch-up helps a lot.

    Also, it looks like I missed an important topic from yesterday:

    Yes, I absolutely WILL kick people in transmog gear from LFR. I understand that they spent their money, fine, but if I can send a signal to Blizzard, I will, both via forums as well as in the game. Perhaps this won't be very fruitful this particular time, but if there's a practice of fighting back so to speak, then we stand a better chance of showing Blizzard that charging for everything is a terrible idea. Every little bit helps.

    So, there. Nothing personal, folks in helms. Sorry. Kick.

    1. Also, on kicking people - I realize many of you will say that this is bad and that you won't kick anyone for their choice of spending money, etc.

      Think about this: if, as a result of this kicking, Blizzard realize that charging for everything is a bad idea, and maybe (just maybe) it is better to concentrate on, say, making the game better so it loses less people every quarter, these very people who have been unfortunate enough to buy transmog helms only to be kicked from LFR or wherever else - these very people will be better off than they are now. They will NOT have to buy the next transmog hemls, they will be able to get them as drops or something.

      Think about it.

    2. I don't have even have 1K conquest over all my characters for the entire expansion. lol I guess it depends on what you aim for.

      If anything I would say I have been seriously slacking on the gearing up department this raid patch. I should be much better geared on all my characters, at least as I see it.

      Now adding a way to get them as drops as well, or some sort of grind, might be a good idea. It would stop the kicks because you would not know if someone purchased it or decided to grind 100 days for it or got lucky with a drop. And it would make people less likely to be judgmental about it.

      I personally think we should not have to pay for any extras as long as we are paying a monthly fee. There should always be an option to get everything from the store in game in some way.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I understand, but the "it's only a game, don't be so upset about some guy playing in the way you don't want to play yourself" argument cuts both ways.

      You want paid-for items and are voting with your wallet - fine, your choice.

      You don't care about paid-for items and are voting by doing nothing - fine, your choice as well.

      I don't want paid-for items and am voting by trying to make paid-for items unattractive via boycotts and whatnot - my choice.

      If Blizzard want to ban for votekicking, they are welcome to do so. Their choice. No problem with that.

    5. I would not be surprised if they do take some sort of action against the person that starts the kick. If anything they are defending their business. They do not want people to feel afraid to buy from them.

      They won't ban people for other offenses, but screw with their customers that spent money and they will make you pay for it. They want the people that will spend money on their store items more than anyone else. They will not allow people to scare away their cash cows.

      I doubt they would go as to banning everyone who participated in the kick but they might go after the person who started it, to send a message that they will protect people to use the item shop.