Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- It was mostly an alt weekend for me.

- Not level 90 alts, low level alts from various servers.

- I picked some alts and played them just until their rested wore out.

- Mostly I did a few quests and tried to catch up with professions.

- Gathering professions and CRZ do not play well together.

- I've heard some people say they have no issues but I do all the time.

- I have learned to work with what I have however.

- If an area is packed keep walking until I find one that is not.

- I've adapted something from my high level characters into my low level play.

- Rare hunting.

- Low level rares were always worth a fortune in experience but I never went out of my way to kill them, now I do.

- Different classes do seem to have different success rates however.

- Of all the classes I bounced around on this weekend only my mage had issues with the rares.

- The paladin, warrior, priest, rogue and of course hunter all had no issues.

- The mage however was street pizza multiple times.

- I think I might spec change the mage from fire.

- Not sure what I was thinking when I took fire but when one spell takes 2 and a half seconds and the other takes 3 and a half seconds to cast you get torn to shreds waiting to cast.

- I can not believe that there is not one instant worth using.

- My warrior was funny to, looking at his skills and thinking, where are my offensive abilities?

- I level as protection of course.

- Low level rage generation is insanely horrible and you have one, count all of that massive selection of one, offensive ability.

- You do have 3 other offensive abilities but they all cost rage which you never have any of because you only have one ability and that is on a long cooldown.

- They really need to rethinking the abilities they give warriors to start.

- At least their auto attack hits like a truck.

- So there really is nothing to complain about other than the fact I run in, shield slam, and auto attacking until shield slam comes back.

- Not exactly compelling game play.

- I've noticed while going back to the really low levels for the first time in a while that they can really use a redesigning ability wise.

- When they give classes their abilities and the order they give it to them is a little, unintelligent, is that even a word?

- It doesn't feel as if they are giving the spells they work together, together, or even close to each other.

- At least not at the starting levels.

-  For example, the prot warrior, they should give it everything that develops rage first.

- Yeap, let that rage bar sit there full doing nothing at first.

- Then add a few things to spend rage.

- Only one ability to generate rage and three to spend it, but because your one ability has a long cooldown all you can ever do with your rage is sunder.

- Oh joy.

- When you finally reach the level to get a defensive cooldown and want to use it you will never, I repeat never, be able to get enough rage to cast it.

- My level 18 warrior went charging into a level 22 elite.

- Okay, not the brightest move without heirloom gear, but I like to push myself and that is the fun part of the game.

- I was doing good, really taking his life down, with my one ability that is, and waiting on getting enough rage so I could do my defensive cooldown.

- I almost had him, was so close, just if I could avoid a shot or two even I would be golden, but there was this defensive ability that would have saved me that I never got a chance to use because I could not generate enough rage.

- Sure, I could have used an offensive ability, that could have beat him before he beat me.

- But my offensive ability could have also missed.

- Not saying I did not at least keep sunder up.  I did.

- But how do you go an entire fight without having the rage to cast one defensive cooldown.

- If I were a new player shouldn't I be floating in rage so I can see that ability light up and look to use it and learn to use it?

- I knew what it was from having a warrior, but to someone new, they will never know because they will never have the 60 rage required to use it.

- They will use their rage for heroic strike way before they ever get enough to use a defensive cooldown.

- Even at 90 on my warrior I am not happy with rage generation.

- I did dabble on a few 90s this weekend even if most of my time was spent in the sub 20s.

- Like I said I only played a few of the characters until their rested was gone and at low levels rested goes bye bye really fast.

- My mage finally past the 500 item level.

- Did all the LFR bosses this weekend and did between 100-130 on all of the non gimmick fights.

- I could only imagine what my numbers would be like if my mage had the gear my hunter did.

- Ans what if he had the legendary quest line stuff like the gem and cloak too.

- Oh, BTW, I finally had a good week on my hunter and got all the runestones to drop and got my cloak.

- More on that in a bit.

- I am still learning on my mage, still have a few abilities I have not keybound and have no macros set up yet to help increase my output and I can do those numbers.

- With the practice to get better, some macros for burst and utility, and binding those couple of things I am currently clicking I am sure that 100-130 number could easily be 120-150.

- At nearly 30 item levels less than my hunter and it can get within 30K of what my hunter can do.

- Just goes to show you how over powered mages still are.

- I don't recall being able to do 170K on the first fight on my hunter when I was at 500 item level.

- Maybe I did, but I don't think I did.

- I would guess I was closer to 510 when I hit that point.

- So the mage, if I had to guess, has a 10 item level return higher than my hunter.

- As in, it always seems to do 10 item levels better than what it is.

- The sad part is I am sure I am not playing my mage even close to its potential and I am playing my hunter within 85-90% of his potential on most fights.

- So when my hunter got his legendary cloak it increased his item level by 5.

- For one piece, that is freaking insane.

- I had heard people tell nightmare stories about the battle so I was ready for a long night.

- I did wipe, 6 times at that, until I figured out what would work for me.

- When I finally figured out what worked for me I felt like an idiot, because it was the natural way I play things and I made it a lot harder on myself trying to do something different because I heard it was hard.

- It wasn't.

- Goes to show you that you should always stick with what you know and work from there.

- First time I just went in there and took it slow to see what went on.

- No, I did not watch a video, I wanted to figure this out on my own, if I had trouble I would go look, I wanted to have fun of figuring it out on my own.

- I liked doing things on my own and then seeking help only if I have issues.

- Slimes spawned, killed my pet, I followed.

- Okay, adjustment one, pet can not handle slimes as a ferocity pet, so switched to tank pet.

- Attempt two finished the exact same way number one did, pet died, I did shortly after.

- Okay, switch to BM from survival with my tank pet, it would have more survivability that way.

- Same result.  Screw it, I will just kite the slimes.

- Attempt 4, BM still, with ferocity pet again because I would take care of the slimes now.

- I go to kite slimes and leave my pet on boss.

- Boss disappears, adds spawn, oh, something new, kill some adds, others blow up everything including me.

- Take 5, back to survival, DPS pet still.

- Lets pretend this one didn't happen, ever have one of those moments where everything goes wrong.  This was it.

- Attempt 6.  Same as last time, survival with a damage pet.

- I open up and pew pew on him and get him really low and he switches to the adds phase, I do pretty well taking them out but can not take enough of them out and they whittle me down and he was really really low.

- Up to this point I never really tried going all out, I wanted to see all the phases and work out what I was going to do it.

- Now I had seen everything.

- I had seen I had got him low.

- I had mastered kiting the slimes.

- I noticed if I say in one corner I only need to kill one set of adds and do not have to worry about the others until I need to move and then I will take them out in small packs to safely clear the way.

- So the plan of attack was to go all out before slimes.  Kite slimes on far side, get to other side for adds.  Burn my close adds and then finish him off.

- At least based on where he was last attempt it made me believe I would have 1 set of slimes and one set of adds.

- So I got all ready to give it my first real attempt after I had seen everything and made my plan of attack.

- Ate my 300 food, took a flask, waited on my cooldowns and then blew everything on the pull, over 800K DPS at the start.

- Less than 1 minute later he was dead.

- No slimes ever spawned, no adds ever spawned, nothing.

- I powered him through both phase transitions so fast they never happened.

- Just me vs him and he had no prayer in hell of beating me when I was bursting over 800K DPS as survival.

- Makes me wonder what I could have done as BM.

- Goes to show you what I always say, DPS makes things easier.

- Funny thing is, if I went in head first like I normally do with things like that, that would have been what I did the first time.

- But I had heard so many nightmares and so many things about phases and such, I thought I would take it slow.

- Goes to show you, do not change who you are.

- I would have one shot him if I went in like I do with everything else.

- It was not a problem.

- It was kind of anti climatic that the fight took only a minute after all that build up, but done is done and I am happy with my new cloak.

- Now the question is when will I get to use it.

- I have not raided on my hunter in a month.

- And now with no more need to do the LFR I won't even have that for practice.

- Those 2 LFR runs were the only raiding my hunter has seen in ages.

- I wonder if when the time comes for me to play him again if I will be rusty.

- It always takes me a little to get back into things when I am not playing a class often.

- Now if only I could pull that 800K in a raid, now that would be nice wouldn't it?

- Back to the low levels.

- If power word shield scaled the same way at max level that is does at low levels priests could tank.

- The shield effectively triples my health.

- So if something wants to kill me it needs to do enough damage to kill me 3 times in 15 seconds or I am back with a shield on and at full health again.

- Saying power word shield is over powered at low level is about the biggest understatement you will ever saw in this game.

- Over powered does not even come close to describing it.

- God mode would be more fitting.

- It does not last that powerful for long however, but those early levels with it means you can do whatever you want with no worries of dying for a bit.

- I was level 5 on my priest, I did say they were low level right?

- I took my quests, hit level 6 while doing the three quests, and used all my rested, and turned them in and hit level 7.

- Wow, you do burn through rested fast.

- I guess I was in a mood to level, so took a bunch of characters I had not played on and had a little fun with them.

- For each I got the 2-4 levels they could get while on rested.

- On my mage I managed to do about 6 quests and then just picked herbs and killed a few rares, so I could try to catch up to the herbs in the next questing area.

- On my rogue I did a few more quests, maybe 8 or 9, but it was also 20 so its rested lasted a tiny bit longer.

- When I was done with rested I figured I would work on getting its skinning up some so killed wolves for about 30 minutes and picked up 40 skill points and a fair deal of leather.

- I still wonder why leather working has not been changed to catch up with the faster leveling.

- Those 50 some odd pieces of leather I collected were enough to skill me up 5 points in leather working.

- Which means I need to keep killing in a zone I have now out leveled for another 4 or 5 hours to get enough light leather to catch up.

- That is figuring the 50 pieces of leather per 30 minutes that I did in the previous 30 minutes.

- When it took a long time to level you would gather enough leather to keep your leather working up.

- Doesn't work that way now.

- They should drop the requirements of leather working patterns to be roughly a third of what they are and it should be fine.

- Instead of needing 12 of a leather, make it 4.  Instead of 8, make it three, something like that.

- It would really help.

- Both my rogue and my hunter are trying to level leather working on that server.

- Hunter is top priority of course, but even that is behind funneling everything to it, and that of 2 other double gatherers that have skinning to help them out.

- So even with all that leather coming in, not even one of the leather workers can keep up.

- Something needs to be done in my opinion and lowering the needed items to craft seems to be the simple solution.

- Did you know that the addon JS hunter bar works for warriors and rogues?

- You learn something new every day.

- I did not know that but because these were alts and I never filtered out addons for them that one was activated when I logged in.

- I left it on and was surprised to see it worked.

- Even shows the combo points for rogues.

- I might continue to use it for my rogue.

- I think my favorite thing about leveling alts is building a network of all skills.

- I just can not play one character on a server, I need to be self sufficient.

- I feel the need to have all professions maxed so I can take care of myself for the most part.

- I wonder, if I were able to learn all professions on one character, would I still make an army of alts?

- I need to have three alchemists on a server so one could be each specialty.

- I need to have at least two jewelcrafters, two leather workers, two blacksmiths, and two tailors.

- This is so if there is a "discovery" thing I have double the chances to discovery what I actually might need.

- I used to need more tailors and leather workers and blacksmiths too if I wanted all specialty sections they could do.

- I only worried about tailors however but no need for that any longer since they removed all that jazz.

- But it is nice to have a couple that can make bags with the limited bag options.

- Too bad you needed a grind a reputation to get the bag pattern.

- In reality the only profession I feel I need to have multiples of is alchemy now.

- You must have one for flasks, that goes without saying.

- Same goes for potions if you are the type that uses them, and I am.

- And not having a transmute master is just like throwing away money and sometimes it could translate into big money.

- Yes, you need all three alchemy specialties.

- The only profession you can get away with not needing is engineering, if you are not a hunter.

- All other classes would not need anything from it.

- But as my main is always a hunter that means I need all professions to support me.

- I need engineering for my scope.  Leather working for my leg enchants.  Blacksmith for my belt buckle.  Enchanting for my enchants.  Jewel crafting for gems.  Tailoring for my bags.  Inscription for my shoulder enchants.  And of course alchemy for the previously mentioned flasks and potions.

- Every profession would be needed for a hunter.

- With them adding a cash shop lots of talk is going around thinking about things they might add.

- Would I pay a one time fee of 5 bucks to allow all my characters to have a third profession?

- If it were a per character thing as in I would need to pay 5 for each character I would not do it, but if it was for all characters, yes please.

- I think 5 bucks for a third profession on every character you ever make would be a nice quality of life thing for me.

- I wonder what other things like that I could think of, would make a fun post.

- I have made posts in the past about what could be in a cash shop, as I did see them coming years ago.

- But I do not think I ever considered selling extra professions in those posts.

- Of all the pay services in the game that they could add there is only one that would definitely get me to open my wallet.

- Bag space.

- Absolutely, I would be willing to part with a few dollars for extra bag space.

- As long as it was within reason.

- One game I played cost 2 dollars for an addition 100 spaces of storage.

- You could only buy it once, but I bought it and didn't even think twice about it.

- 100 spaces for 2 bucks, how could anyone say no?

- On that happy thought of more bag space I'll draw my babbling to a close.

- Have a great day.


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    1. The character was made some time last expansion when I wanted to test leveling as fire. Now I know why I left it for dead at 13. lol

      I can't see how you can level like that. I have fireball in (1) and pyro in (3) which would lead me to believe that there had to be something in (2) that is no longer there. Perhaps that was the one instant that is no longer there.

      I am going to spec change to frost next time I play it. Fire is for end game only, it does not seem like a questing friendly spec, at least not at those low levels.

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    3. I only found that out not so long back. Had never known about the healing with it. I could swear the last time I played frost like 4 years ago it didn't do that. lol

      Worgen came with cata.

  2. I hate your Mon posts, too much stuff to respond to.

    Yeah, I'm with Roo, I'll only level mages as Frost... having the elemental for threat bouncing on harder mobs is just too useful.

    Having said that, Fire is viable these days... at higher levels at least, grab glyph of FFB and use FFB as your nuke instead of FB and use the Frost Bomb thingie rather than LB. That'll allow you to snare multiple targets... not as efficiently as Frost and you'll do less damage (I'm finding Frost fantastic even at low gear 90 play... 5-mans, heroics, etc... doing a lot more dps than I expected) but it can work. Only problem is the RNG nature of Fire with HS procs doesn't really work with quest mobs. That's what makes it viable in group content but it isn't anywhere near as useful in questing content.

    (and for me, I have Inferno Blast as my 2 button... that might be the instant you're missing, they may have changed when they give that out for Fire at some point... could also have been your Bomb since that's now a talent)

    I actually just commented on an old post about Virtual Realms regarding that exact same CRZ issue... I'm finding at least mining to be a BITCH to catch up on due to CRZ.

    At least with LW you can always find a pack of mobs to AoE down and skin... takes time but you can predict how much time it'll take. Mining has become way too RNG-based... I can do entire flying circuits of zones without seeing a single mining node. That's no good.

    Yeah, JSHB has had non-hunter perks for a while for some classes/specs at least... just change the profile to your particular toon and if necessary do a wizard/reset and it'll generally populate. I don't find it terribly useful for other specs but I have my own TMW icons that I use for primary notification so I don't really NEED it to be. I mostly just use it for resource purposes (showing energy/focus/etc).

    That cloak fight was a beast on my monk... I specifically didn't do any prep for it (with my monk's gear I wasn't anticipating much of a problem) so I did what I always do the first time on fights like that - full burn. Got him down 10-20% and he spawned the oozes, soon as they got to me I was a floor splatter.

    Tried again, same result.

    Next attempt, burned him until the oozes spawned and then kited them around with SCK slowly killing them... finally killed them, went back to him and he spawned more oozes before I'd really been able to touch him. Eventually died to oozes getting a bit too close to me.

    Had a few more unsuccessful attempts.

    Then I had an idea... one of the more quirky abilities in the game, SEF, might come in handy here.

    When he spawned the oozes I put a SEF on the boss and another on the ooze pack and I just spammed SCK while out of range of everything... and it worked. My SEF clones would eventually die so I'd just replace them and the fight took about 20 minutes but it worked.

    I felt a bit dirty afterward but you gotta do what you gotta do. I haven't done any reading to see how you're SUPPOSED to do it as a monk... I just wasn't able to get enough uptime on him while trying to kill the oozes while keeping them out of melee range.

    I have no clue how my warrior is going to do the fight as a dps so he'll probably have to do the tank fight if I actually get that far on him.

    1. The most invincible dps(ish) classes in the game right now, in my opinion:

      * Ele shammy (until they change Conductivity, I can pull 20 mobs in Barrens without any danger of dying... it's a wee bit OP as currently designed, especially for AoE pulls)

      * Atonement priest (not a dps spec exactly but may as well be for questing purposes... crazy good for rares as long as you don't need an interrupt (the dude with Crouch on the island is an issue although priests may have some ability that'll break it that I haven't found yet))

      * Windwalker Monk (between ToK, the FoF stun, EH and CW, they feel close to invincible at times, although perhaps not QUITE as much as the previous two)

      I generally feel like I can take on harder soloable fights as those specs than I do ANY of the tank specs in the game, including Blood DK (which surprises me to write but it's true, my DK can't pull 20 Barrens mobs and survive, he can't do the 100K hps my shammy can using Conductivity while putting out 200K dps, he'll die to lack of resources while my shammy can just spam CL all day long).

    2. Oh, and before everyone goes and levels a shammy so they can pull 20 Barrens mobs and survive (because, seriously... while you still can, there's little in this game more enjoyable), note that they're as squishy as any dps class when they're dealing with mobs that interrupt, knockback, silence, stun, etc. Any of those happen when you have a bunch of mobs smacking you around, you're dead. So, pull big, but know what you're pulling. :)

    3. I am currently doing frost on my 90 mage and it is doing quite well. Maxing out upwards of 130K+ at an item level of 502 on non gimmick fights, so yes, it is fantastic for the gear in my opinion at least.

      I find mining to be less problematic because you can make bars to catch up in some areas. Herbalism ans skinning do not have a catch up mechanic. You right however that you can go get your own skins, but it does get annoying when you have to kill stuff you are getting no experience for for hours.

      I've been there where you are too with mining so I understand it. There are few humps you need to mine to get it up and they can be annoying when you hit them and have to contend with the CRZ.

      You should not feel dirty. Each person has to find what works best for their play style and roll with it. It took me a few tries too until I realized that normal worked for me, I did not need to do anything special. In truth I was surprised I was able to get him down so fast and never see slimes or adds. It all had to do with getting the buff and burning.

      I've had a lot more success with my DK than with my monk, ele shammy or disc priest. I would never be able to AoE on my priest. I just do not feel survivable on my shaman at all even with all those heals. Maybe for 4 to 6 mobs but never more.

      My monk, as I was joking the other day with someone, feels like I am wearing cloth in DPS spec and just changing to tank spec I feel as if I can take on the world. But again something hard hitting, 3 shots and I am dead, my priest has better survivability than him.

      Tank characters are god like for the barrens. But that might just be because I have more experience playing them.

      On my druid, monk, DK, (not paladin or warrior as they are not even up to LFR item level) I can pull 5 machines and all the associated goblins and mobs in the area, meaning 5 elites and roughly 30 other mobs, and have absolutely zero issue with survivability.

      Monk, admittedly, is the most fun in that case. Throw around barrels to collect 40 mobs or so, spin a few times while moving in a semi circle to pick up my bubbles. Squeeze in a heal, a guard and a brew if need be and go back to spinning in a semi circle. So easy an orc could do it.

      When it comes to DPS classes and survivability for me nothing can beat a hunter. Nothing survives better than never getting hit at all. Pull as much as you want, mow it down, if the pet dies FD and do it all over again. Never taking any damage is the ultimate survivability. :)

    4. Yeah, Frost does very well at lower gear levels, apparently...

      My SV hunter and Fire mage are both at about that i502 gear level, ran them both in normal ToT recently and my hunter smoked my mage on dps... by at least 10-15K. Part of that was survival, though, my mage always felt like one screwup from death while my hunter seemed a lot more rugged (who knew 15% DR would feel so major?). I'm probably a bit better on my mage generally but in that case I definitely wasn't. I need to try out Frost and MM one of these days, see how they play in comparison.

      It's also funny, I've had people in runs with my monk that claim she's benefitting from being an OP spec... nowhere on those gear charts is WW anywhere close to a top spec. I think they're mistaking button pushing excellence for a class balance issue. ;)

      (my monk at i524 put up 147K on Meg with a full set of buffs/debuffs which is in line with the i522 gear number at that link for realistic dps... and that was before I got the cloak and did a full regem/reforge for RoRo, that should go up by quite a bit next time in)

      (and what the hell happened to Frost DKs?)

      Yeah, my shammy (sub-i500 gear, I think he's i497 right now with a T14 weapon) has easily pulled 3 of the machines and goblins with a few overseers and other random pats... it's crazy. I just drop down in the middle of half a dozen packs, pop each of them with a CL, keep pulling more packs until my health gets to about 50%, drop a HR and then just CL non-stop, putting HR back up when it's off CD... that's it. CL and HR. Invincible. You should try it, anyone can push 2 buttons, pretty sure you could handle it. :)

      I'll have to try running my tanks out there again and see if I have a better experience but I spent too much time trying to keep myself alive than doing any sort of high dps rotation.

      (and no, Atonement is horrible for AoE dps survival, I just meant in terms of fighting tough single mobs in that case or single-targeting down mobs in packs... my priest has been able to solo most of the elites on the Island since a lot of gear ago, 50K dps and the health bar never moves)

    5. I don't think I would ever try that with my shammy. I DPS in all healing gear so I leave a lot of stats on the table to begin with. Then add to that I was enhancement from the beginning of my play time and only switched to elemental for gearing reasons and I would not feel comfortable with it.

      Yeah, disc can be awesome solo. Heck, I've even ended up tanking as a disc priest in some heroic scenarios because it made more sense for me to do it because I could take the beating better than a plate DPS class could. At least that way I was DPSing too instead of losing my DPS and me needing to spam heal them.

      Disc priest gets my vote for the cloth tanking class that is coming soon. It is almost there already.

      I suck at WW DPS and not sure why. It is simple as could be, there is nothing to watch, it is a hit what is there rotation but I can not get any numbers out of it. 80-100K usually. Think I am around 507 or so on it now.

      Survival has a very forgiving rotation. It is one of the reasons I never liked survival. I did not feel like playing "better" gave me much benefit. I could do 135K and just smash buttons or do 140K and do it perfect. Yeah, snoozefest.

      I want the old MM skill rotation back where you mess up you are screwed but if you do it perfect you are #1 DPS by a long shot.

      No one, and I mean no one, even when they massively out geared me, ever came close to touching me back in wrath when I was MM. But if I messed up I went down real low.

      That is how all classes should be designed. Just seems like gear matters more than ability now and it is really making me lose interest in the game when it comes to the raiding end.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. If they had everything balanced that would work nicely as a pure challenge. But some things are worth more with no weapons and armor than others are. For argument sake, even with no bonus power word shield is still a huge shield and if the other person is not hitting you for more it just makes that one ability that much more powerful. So it would need to be balanced around no gear.

      While the idea is awesome they would never create a true real balance.

    8. @Grumpy - That's a shame, I hoped I'd talked it up enough that you'd be willing to risk a repair bill on it. ;)

      Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that I've taken quite well to the WW rotation... RoRo has messed me up a bit but I'm starting to get into rhythm with it. My hunter has typically played the flavour of the month, I don't have any real spec preference although I'd say MM has been my least favourite. Haven't played MM with any serious intent since some point in Wrath, I think. I know managing the buff is less annoying now but I still don't much like that mechanic.

      @Roo - That's already happening to a degree on the PvE side with challenge mode dungeons, all the gear gets knocked back to i463 level. It becomes about skill, not gear.

      It sounds like there's something similar coming with PvP (or already here, I usually only skim the PvP notes) where they're going to artifically cap the next-tier PvP gear at current iLvls and slowly increment it over time to keep players at a similar power level for as long as possible. Seems like a decent attempt to curb early-tier gear discrepancies, at least.

    9. I am a risk taker on things I am comfortable with. Tanks, my hunter, I have all pulled way more than I should have and both survived and died and I keep doing it. Just not that comfortable with ele yet.

      Yeah, managing the buff is almost a non issue now. There used to be like a half second leeway where you made it and were rewarded or missed it and could see your failure. It could be rewarding and frustrating at the same time. Instead of making it a better 3 or 4 second window they now made it a 10 second window for error. So there is much less chance of messing it up. I mean so much less of a chance that if you mess it up it really means you do not understand the whole concept of firing two steady shots in a row and quite honestly, if you can not get that down, you have no business playing any class in the game.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. The gorn. That episode was on TV this weekend and I must admit I watched it. lol

  3. -Did nothing in WoW this week. Just posted auctions.

    -I setup JSHB on my blood DK a while back. It works as an alternative for NeedToKnow or something like that.

    -Have to try it on my Rogue and Warrior (they're low lvl though)

    -I mostly lvled my mage as frost. I think it was frost, then tried arcane for a while in Cata, and went back to frost again. It's only lvl 68 though.

    -I think it took me 3 attempts to kill Wrathion. First attempt, I just did my usual tank and spank; test pull basically. Got him to 30% or so I think before having my pet killed twice and then dying to adds. I think I watched a video and maybe did another attempt trying to kite everything around the room like the video said but died to AoE stuff instead. Then read some Wowhead comments that said to kill the adds. So I did that while dpsing him hard and it was fine. Should have gone Brawlers mode using a Corehound and a pot in my opener and I might have just nuked him like Grumpy did.

    -I remember lvling my priest with PW:S, yes, it's great. I'd end every fight at full health just because of that. Have to get back to her at some point. She's another 30ish alt of mine.

    -I'd pay for extra professions.

    -I'd pay for bigger bags/banks too.

    -Within reason of course.

    1. Within reason is the key. Knowing blizzard they would charge us 25 bucks for 2 extra bag slots and not even I would pay that even if I desperately need the bag space.

      I was surprised that it allowed me to basically skip all the mechanics of the fight. Not like I am complaining, but that seems almost anticlimatic how I finally beat it.

  4. That reminds me of when I did the prior part, with the Thunderforge. Being a disc priest I was used to atonement healing, but I wanted to be prepared and read up on the scenario, which suggested it was easy to straight heal it. Apparently they weren't disc priests because I just couldn't do it. It was getting late, so I quit and came back the next day. I just did what I usually do, Atonement, and the Sha went down on the first try. I almost failed by running out of anvils, but I never got close when I was focusing on healing the Titan construct.

    I'm one Titan Runestone away, so I'll be going for the cloak this week. If the previous fight taught me anything, I'll do better if I just do my thing.

    As for what I'd buy from the cash shop, first and foremost, more bag space, if the price is reasonable.

    1. Bags would be my top priority too.

      It seems like a great many seem to have come to the same conclusion. Just do your thing the way you are used to doing it and you will get it.

      A paladin healer in my guild had all types of issues with the legendary quest for the cloak. He read everything, he tried every strat, two days straight and hours spent, he wiped over and over to the point he was just going to say screw it until he got more gear.

      Then talking on vent he decided to give it a try, no strat, just do what he does, while we were all bull shitting about nothing really. Suddenly he yells out, I did it. See, all he needed to do is relax and do what he normally does. All that time wasted tying strats he saw online when all he needed to do was just heal it the way he is used to healing.

    2. Took me three tries, but I have my (not quite) awesome cloak.

      The first time it bugged out. It seems WoW picked up a few bugs after the last restart. I was running the Halls of Flesh-Shaping looking for my last Runsestone when one of the four Hidden Fogs spawned far back in his cave, too far for anyone to pull and we got stuck.

      The second time, I died. :(

      Third time was the charm, I had to rely more on regular healing than Atonement, and that leaves me with mana issues, but I actually used Life Grip ("Leap of Faith" for those who don't like to tease Death Knights), so that was something.

      One thing I did learn about myself is that I normally rely on Atonement too much, and am not using all my abilities like Power Infusion and Archangel. I normally blow my cooldowns when I know big damage is coming, but this fight seems more like steady damage, and I'm not used to using those abilities in a rotation. Perhaps some time with a dummy is in order.

    3. I had that happen once in one of the runs a few weeks back. Waited around 40 minutes to get into a bugged run and was stuck having to wait again. Nothing is more annoying than that. Not even a bad group.

      I guess if I ever do it with my priest I might be okay. I rarely use smite healing to begin with. I am more used to using it as a tool and tend to keep more to traditional healing. The issue is that I doubt I will ever get the cloak on any of my other characters. I just do not have the desire to run the LFR that often on multiple 90s. If they make a catch up mechanic that does not require running the LFR I will get it on all my characters, until then, only my hunter will have it. Not worth the effort no matter how good it is on my other characters.

      Congrats on getting it. It is a nice upgrade and I doubt anything in the game has ever been earned more than that if you had to use the LFR to get it, because it is hard work the whole way from beginning to end.