Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I can't wait for AoE looting.

- Did some recipe grinding this weekend and it reminded me how great it would be.

- Found a nice place to grind Fel Armaments and Mark of Sargeras while doing it.

- How come you never find these places until you do not need the items any more?

- At least they sell nicely.  50g per armament and 2 gold per mark.

- Got 3 armaments and 53 marks in less than 10 minutes.

- Not bad for something that was a by product of something else I was doing anyway.

- The mobs were respawning faster than I could kill them.

- And I was killing them in one shot.

- Now that is fast.

- I would kill one and another appeared in its place instantly.

- By the time I could step up to loot there was a stack of 5 or 6 dead bodies.

- Yeap, AoE looting will be awesome.

- Did some dungeon runs for recipes too, mostly in BC.

- Those dungeons have too many mobs that fear, stun, knockback, etc.

- Even at 85 you can not get too many of them on you without getting into the danger of being stun locked.

- Still would get nice stacks of 12 or so mobs at a time however.

- AoE looting would be a dream.

- I ended up getting all the recipes I was aiming for except for one dungeon one.

- Kept hitting the five per hour wall locking me out.

- At least it gave me a chance to go auction off all those goodies I collected.

- BC greens sell nicely for transmog.

- Some as high as 1000 per, others, not so much.

- I've found if you put them up for 25g anything sells.

- Better than vendoring them or turning them into arcane dust.

- And it gave me something else to do while waiting for the 5 per hour thing to go away.

- Do you know what I would like to see if they are intent on keeping this 5 per hour thing?

- A little counter when you tried to enter instead of just telling me I have entered too many instances recently.

- You have entered too many instances recently, you can next enter one in 15 minutes and 34 seconds.

- Something like that would be nice.

- Instead of flying back after doing my auctioning and finding I still can not enter.

- All that farming for recipes in BC netted me some serious cloth numbers. Over 1800.

- Too bad netherweave is worthless on my server.

- Not kidding, when you take into account what it costs to list the auction, you are better off vendoring it.

- Is it that bad on other servers too?

- I would have never though that cloth of any sort would be worthless.

- There are a few things you take for granted in warcraft.

- All types of cloth having a decent market is one of them.

- So I need to figure what to do with all this cloth.

- Vendor it, make something out of it, turn it to bolts to take up less space, there has to be something.

- For now I settled on turning it into bolts.

- I could vendor the bolts for 8 gold or try to sell them for 12 gold.

- Seeing the number of bolts listed, I am guessing they do not sell all that well.

- So being they cost a lot to list, if you have to list them twice you would lose money and be better of vendoring them.

- Sad.

- Even more sad is I am soon going to have even more of them.

- Because when AoE looting comes I am going to do old stuff more.

- Yes, believe it or not, I have started to hate doing old dungeons just for something to do.

- Reason is:  It takes longer to loot than it does to do the dungeon.

- And I hate leaving anything behind.

- I know, I could, but I just can't.

- Speaking of soloing old stuff.

- Blizzard... more bag space please.

- Lots more bag space please.

- With AoE looting I think I would need at least 50 slot bags.

- 100 slot bags would be better but still not enough.

- Hey, just make junk and cloth and gathering materials stack to 1000 and I won't complain about bags any more.

- Who am I kidding, in no time I would max out the junk I collect and be complaining again in a few weeks.

- I have this awesome idea for first aid.

- Well, I think it is awesome, I doubt many others will.

- I'll post it later.

- Have a great day.


  1. If you're a tailor, (which I'm assuming since you said you made all that cloth into bolts,) you could check the prices of netherweave bags. They ought to sell well, and all it takes is the bolts and some thread. Just another option other than the vendor.

    1. I had considered that but did not figure out the cost when I saw 2 full pages of bags listed. So while I can not say for sure, I'd hazard a guess that might not work for profit either. A good idea non the less, thanks. I will look at the prices again.

      I think there is just a glut on the market now because every class can solo BC content now and is doing it for something to do during the end of the expansion. For fun, for transmog, for rep, for whatever.

  2. savedinstances is a nice little addon i found recently that gives you a time for long how til it resets, its not always accurate, but its close

    1. Thanks for the heads up on that one. I'm going to download it.

      Not sure why blizzard does not put simple stuff like this into the game themselves.

  3. I'm starting to think there is a real difference in the EU and US realm economies, the numbers are so inflated compared to the ones I know of in the EU we're really playing in different worlds ;)

    Though on my 'home' Realm the approach of the BMAH has basically shut down practically all Vanity sales, which stinks as I get a lot of 'Transmog Greens' I hate to Dust (though space requires me to do so now *sniff*)

    The 'takes longer to Loot than to do the Dungeon' strikes home, but for me TBC dungeons aren't so 'bad' , it's places like Dire Maul and BRD were the Gray and 'iffy' stuff (Residue, single Herbs, meat) really piles up your Auto Loot.

    Frankly, instead of AoE Looting (bagspace issues) I prefered the system Dungeon Siege had (besides AoE Looting; yup a game from 2001 was more advanced than WoW): AoE Transmute drops to cash (a third vendor value if I remember correctly) as a spell.

    As for Netherweave: bolts and cloth are hardly worth the bother, too (just as Dense Stone btw) but Baggies are consistent sellers, at worst 5 gold each, at best at silly prices like 30 gold+. And now I finally have a Tailor to gouge as well :P

    1. Doign BC dungeons is like doing Dire maul to me. Could be a combination of having had been soloing them for the last 4 years anyway, way over gearing them, and I am a hunter. But barely anything in BC content lasts more than one auto shot. Two sometimes. I also solo those without my pet because if my pet kills something I do not get loot and my pet can 2 shot anything in them. Close your eyes for a second and there is a dead boss I can't loot. Live and learn. lol

      I'll have to double check the bags but there are so many on the AH on my server it is insane, that is why I did not even bother.

      It is not an EU / US thing. It is a server to server thing.

      On my main alliance server I can sell northrend herbs for 80-100 gold a stack all day long every day and cata herbs go for 20g-30g a stack. On my horde server I usually end up putting northrend herbs on for 12-15 gold a stack and getting nearly 50% back unsold but I could put cata herbs up for 300g a stack and they are sold before I even turn to leave the auction house. Odd right?

      It is a server to server thing.

  4. I just turn netherweave cloth into bandages before vendoring - is actually worth more gold as bandages than as straight cloth - and takes up half as much bag space.

    2 cloth vendor for 16 silver (8 silver x2) but make one heavy bandage that vendors for 30 silver - so you nearly double their value by making them into bandages.

    1. Awesome idea. Can't believe I did not even think of doing that one. Nice one. Thanks.

  5. Anon, Grumpy's GL:

    Actually back in vanilla, we had a guildie, Nunyabizness (spelling?) by name, who supported her toon that way, vendoring Heavy Runecloth Bandages.

    1. Can't believe I never though of that one. The was before my time however.