Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- This weeks announcements of the trailer and the jaina book mean we are going to be waiting a lot longer than I had expected for mists.

- This is really a show of huge disrespect for their players.

- May would have been the perfect release time for mists.

- June would have been acceptable.

- July would have been pushing it a little.

- August would be the last straw, really late, but still okay.

- Anything after is just blizzard saying bend over to the player base.

- It looks like it is going to be later than august.

- As some say, while it seems unlikely, august is still possible.

- Sorry, august is no longer acceptable.

- I am the type that always finds something to do and I am out of things to do.

- I have not even logged in for a week, except to raid.

- So I cleared DS in about an hour and a half.

- Still did not get the one item I still need.

- Can't do heroics because of people on vacation this time of year so bringing new people in so they can get achievements now.

- We need mists tomorrow, not in September or October.

- We have had DS longer than we had ICC now.

- And DS is a thousand times easier than ICC was.

- And DS has horrible fights compared to ICC.

- And DS has less bosses than ICC.

- And DS has recycled raid environments.

- And DS has a retarded heroic lock out system.

- And we can only do one a week instead of two.

- At least two different lock outs would mean there would be 3 hours for me each week instead of one and a half.

- ICC had all original areas and a better feel.

- ICC had more bosses, more lore, more challenge, more design put into it.

- DS even had one of ICCs areas.

- If people hated ICC because we had to do it so long and were so very vocal about it why are they doing this again.

- Wait, they are not doing it again, they are doing it worse.

- A worse raid, a worse lock out system, a worse story line, a worse everything and we have it longer.

- Blizzard never learns.

- So much for this expansion having the most content the fastest they have ever presented it.

- It has had the least content of any expansion and the longest time between patches ever.

- They only had two patchs, the zul patch was not a content patch, don't even try to pass that line of bull.

- The zul patch was blizzards way of testing, how much can we take advantage of our player base?

- Well, I think subscription numbers show you blizzard.

- People have had enough of your crap.

- And now blizzard is leaving us with nothing to do except this same boring raid.

- DS was boring two months after it came out and I had run every alt I wanted through it.

- Now we are looking at the possibility of as much as 10 or 11 months of it?

- We need our version of ruby sanctum now.

- As boring as a one boss raid is, it is content, it is something we need.

- An olive branch if you will, to show they know we are bored of the same old thing.

- I have a very serious question for those that might listen to me complain.

- If blizzard doesn't give a shit about their game, why should we?

- Think about that and have a great day.


  1. IRL stuff prevents delving into things a little deeper, but of course that's not the intention of Monday thoughts anyway ;)

    Between announcement and release has always been two months for the pre-Patch that wonks everything up, and three months till Expansion Launch. I don't expect things to be different this time around, especially as they got so many people sucker...I mean, rationally choosing for the Annual Pass.

    A horrible performance of D3 might change this a bit (breaking the AP means losing horsie #101 and D3) but considering how much of a rush job Cataclysm was (just visit e.g the Alterac area, with its empty FP's and Quest-marked mobs with no Quest related to them, and the whole revamp of Silithus was scratched) I don't think they'll make the same mistake twice.

    No offense and nothing personal (more speaking in general here), but if people limit themselves to the latest-Raid content (and the Tier-Reset system is partially to blame for that, but of course attunements/resist gear/etc 'took too long') it's no wonder they'l run out of steam sooner or later, especially as Raid content gets cleared faster and faster by those still interested in it.

    Perhaps a nice vid to finish with:

    (the Problem in the Mists, in case the Link doesn't work)

    Plenty to say about it but again, RMT ;)

    1. Being I have almost every achievement in the game that does not fall under the heading of raiding or player vs player when there is no new content there is nothing for me to do, other than raiding or player vs player.

      Being both of those rely on others and I really hate that concept in general I am left with nothing to do.

      Not everyone is the same as me of course, many people still have lots to do in this expansion but people that fall under my heading, the serious casual player, are left exactly where I am, with nothing left to do.

      If looking for raid, and dungeon, was not such a garbage filled pile of crap I still have a lot of players that could use gearing up, just for something to do, but blizzard will do nothing about making that content actually fun and they lets the asshats, trolls and general morons run the game, so I have nothing to do.

      Perhaps if I had a group of people willing to do PvP and raid achievements I need I would have more to do, but like I said, I hate having to depend on other people so those are "if I get them I get them" type achievements.

  2. These are just my opinions...I purely like to raid. I'm not an achievement guy, I pvp occasionally, not into the lore or RP, just raid. That youtube video was spot on and pointed out what was wrong with raiding right now. The Journey is what it was all about, as the author of the video pointed out. However, I did read on this site as a matter of fact, that less than 5% of the player base raids, and I believe Grumpy knows his stats. As much as I agree with how easy the raids are right now, and that, for example, you can gear your toons for DS by running HOT heroics instead of farming Firelands, (instead of in BC, where you had to do Hyjal or SSC before BT for gear) I can see why Blizz has done this. Increase the % of players to raid by making the raids easy and the gear easily farmable after the seemingly endless nerfs. DS is what, 25% nerfed now? But, at the end of the day, Blizzard has screwed themself by doing this. Not having this journey through tough raids because they are accomodating the casual non hardcore player to increase the players who raid causes the content to get old, fast. And so because of this I've seen the biggest mass exodus of raiders I know on my server, in my 5 years of playing. So ya, Blizzard has dropped the ball. I applaud them if they're trying to make more content for this expansion, and more to do at level 90, but in the scheme of things, I think end game content will just be like Cata, and we'll wait just as long in between patches. I hope I'm wrong. But going back to what you said Grumpy, I think if we don't hear an announcement in the next couple of weeks, ya, it will be released in October, perfectly right before the annual passes start to expire for a lot of players.

    1. I don't see why they want everyone to be raiders and why they are pushing it.

      Give raiding back to the raiders only. It was never so hard that if someone wanted in they could not get in. It just took some effort and that was no big deal for real raiders.

      How do you think the game community would feel if it turned us all into questers? You can't do the current raid until you completed 100 dailies that week. You can't PvP until you complete 100 dailies that week. Etc.

      How do you think the game community would feel if it made everyone PvP. You can't do any dailies until you have capped out on conquest points. You can't get into a raid instance if you have not won a battleground that day.

      If they care content with PvPers PvP, Questers quest, altaholics level, etc, then what is the big deal with letting raiders raid and stop trying to make it for everyone.

  3. The problem is correct in that The Journey is gone. However, it is gone from the game and, one could argue, from the MMORPG genre itself.

    'Character Progression' has taken over from 'virtual worlds', and as a result everything that brought immersion and hence sastifaction is being taken away as 'too inconvenient' and 'irrelevant, as I only care about Raiding new bosses so why should I need to travel for Questing/attune/need to gear while levelling' etc. 'Character Progression' obsession is also a deep cause for a lot of the nastiness in MMO's.

    'End Game is King' is which killed the world, and ultimately the Journey The Problem talks about. It was only a matter of time.


    Because - and this is why I sometimes may come across as a bit antagonistic - the problem is in and by itself NOT that only 1% saw Naxxramas.

    The poblem is that the '1%' expects to recieve new content all the time, and the Devs concentrating on creating ever-more Raiding content.

    This obviously creates a conundrum: it does not make sense to lavish all attention on (at best) 5% in a subscription game, but the Devs are from that same target group and so want to lavish that attention. The only way they can 'sell' this to the money people is if they try to increase the numbers of 'Raiders', with (let's be gentle) varying results.

    What they SHOULD (imo of course) have done is accept that 1% saw that content, and hence concentrate on creating more content of the type that got actually used.

    'Horizontal Expansion' ('more ways to Naxx') like PnP games feature, instead of 'Vertical Expansion' (add even more 'Naxxes' on top of it, creating the current type of issues: you either make it harder and harder to 'step in' by building on previous Raid content - The Problem's choice - or battle attrition the way Blizz tries to do now (make it easier to help out the current-Tier Raiders, and hence skipping content.)

    Note that I agree that skipping content does not help newcomers have 'their moneys worth', the Tier-Reset system is squarely for the benefit of established Raiders.

    1. Funny part is this expansion.

      I can take a group of people that never raided in their lives in just HoT and valor gear into DS and assure you that I would clear it in three hours. I am talking people that have never even done it in LFR type.

      Yet I can not and will not take raid veterans into T11 unless they already know the fights because I've seen groups all 400 ilvl or close wipe over and over on those fights.

      That is two tiers earlier and 100% harder. So their own gear will make it easier does not work when something is designed bad.

      Question really is, which of the two was designed bad? BWD or DS?

      You could argue that BWD was designed bad because even with gear from two tiers later people still have problems.

      You could argue that DS was designed bad because a skilled group of players could clear it in gear from BWD which was two tiers eariler.

      Both are valid arguments.

      It all depends on where you are coming from.

      I loved BWD, I loved that I wiped three times as much on one boss in there then I did in all of DS, including some heroic attempts. So for me, DS was designed badly.

      To someone that loved going through DS and never wiping more than 3 times on any boss they would say BWD was designed bad.

      To each their own... this is why we call those things opinions, because we all are allowed to have our own.

      I would be all for gated content. Most wouldn't. So being the minority here I will let them have what they want and not bitch about it. I just wish the majority of the community would be that diplomatic about it.

      I have no problem if I am not in the 1% but the problem is that most of those people in the 99% want to be the 1% and that is what is destroying the game. Can't people just accept that they are not good enough (with their group) to be there and stop complaining or get better. I'll never be the 1% but I all also never complain that I am not and demand that I should be.

      Wow, I think that went amazingly off topic but I'll leave it for your perusal.

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