Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I remember reading somewhere that the original races on Azeroth where all animal races, with the exception of trolls.

- I do not recall where I read it, would love to be able to quote it.

- It said that the trolls are the oldest race.

- The other original races where tauren, tuskar and pandarian.

- So cows, walrus' and pandas are native races.

- Azeroth = Animal planet.

- I've been thinking a lot about perspective since my last post.

- Like that when I am enjoying the game and looking to play it more the idea of more raid difficulties looked good.

- When I am bored with the game and don't even want to play any more the idea of one raid setting is fine.

- I've been blah about the game before, even considered quitting or taking time off from it, but this is the first time ever I have flat out not wanted to play.

- Actively avoided playing too.

- Even if there is something I wanted to do.

- Only need 8 more of the darkmoon tokens to get the last pet.

- Didn't even go there to turn in one of my roughly 80 soothsayer ruins to get it.

- That is how much I don't want to play now.

- Things that used to drive me, like collecting everything I could, just don't cut it any more.

- I could not even bring myself to spent 2 minutes to turn in one thing to finish getting the last pet I needed.

- Speaking of soothsayer ruins, they really need to fix the drop rate of them.

- Or at least give them a sell price so I can get rid of some of them other than throwing them away.

- You get them from anything you do.

- LFR, Normal, T11, T12, and you can get them on multiple characters form each.

- If I wanted to I could get 100 a week easily.

- Overkill much?

- It should only drop off the first boss of the current raid and not in the LFR version at all.

- That would make the drop rate more reasonable.

- Or if they are going to make it drop off each one, make it something people roll on and don't give everyone one.

- If I wanted to and never got another one I could turn in one a month on my main for the next 7 years and not run out.

- Good tip for people that do not raid right here.

- If you have an 85, because you need to be 85 to turn it in, buy one during the fair and sell it.

- Most servers you can get them for 1 gold, maybe 2.

- Turning in the quest gives you 16.

- You make 14 gold for doing nothing really.

- Back to perspective.

- When I am on my alliance guild all I hear is people whining, we never win at PvP, horde is just too good.

- When I am on my horde guild all I hear is people whining, we never win at PvP, alliance is just too good.

- Now that is what I call balance.

- Both sides always lose, if you ask them.

- I want to join that illusive third faction that always wins.

- Truth be told, the blues said that the breakdown is actually close to balanced win / loss wise.

- I think the number they came out with, if I remember correctly, was alliance 47% and horde 53%.

- Over all that is pretty balanced.

- But those stats do not say it all.

- Most of my characters are alliance but the following statements are not based on the majority of my characters being alliance and being bias because of that.

- It does show that I've spent a lot more times on alliance characters in alliance guilds.

- Now to the statement.

- I have never seen any alliance character get The Perfect Storm or Arathi Basin Perfection.

- Not even once.

- When I am on any of my horde characters for any amount of time I will see people get those two all the time.

- In pugs, not guild groups.

- One day I saw three people get arathi and one person get storm all in a span of one hour.

- Yet I have never seen an alliance character get either.

- Even if I am on an alliance character 90% of my playing time.

- Some of those are in PvP guilds or on PvP servers.

- And I have never seen anyone get that alliance side.

- The over all might be balanced, but when it comes to skill, horde wins, hands down.

- I think there is a reason for that.

- When someone new starts the game if they go looking up the game to get an idea of which side to pick they learn that horde owns at PvP.

- So when choosing a character you will choose alliance if you do not want to PvP and horde if you want to PvP.

- By that decision alone the people that want to PvP will be horde and as we all know, people that want to do something are usually better at it than people that don't want to.

- That is why I picked alliance as my main characters, I did not want to PvP.

- To an outsider looking in, the alliance is the side that likes to play role play games and the horde are the people that like to play fighting games.

- Oddly enough if I had rolled horde my main would have been a troll hunter instead of a night elf hunter.

- I say is is odd because night elves are direct descendents of the trolls.

- I hope when they do new character models they update the night elves to be like they are supposed to be.

- With fangs and claws and cool looking.

- They just look goofy as they are now.

- So I touched on the original races and descendant of one of them.

- Other races we know how they came about for the most part.

- All except one.

- Goblins.  I have no clue where they came from.

- I guess that is some lore of me to look up on and learn.

- Someone posted in comments about 3 or 4 months being a good amount of time between content patches.

- I have to say I agree 100% with them.

- This time between T13 and mists is killer.

- I only log on to raid and lately we are not even raiding.

- We used to raid three DS groups, one heroic and two normal, and old content each week.

- Now we barely get enough people to log in for one DS group and old content is out of the question.

- Have to ever tried to 4 man the 25 man version yogg+0 with three of the people having never done it before?

- Let me tell you, even at 85, it is impossible.

- So I can't even get fun runs together any more.

- Everyone has the end of expansion blues added to the fact it is summer.

- I think blizzard really missed the boat here.

- They should have released mists at the beginning of summer.

- It would have kept people in the game and playing.

- It is really bad for them to have summer and nothing in game to do at the same time.

- They are really going to lose a lot of players because of this.

- The 2M cataclysm lost will be nothing compared to taking this long to release mists and each month that passes will be more lost players.

- They are letting people get too much time to test other things out at a time when people are either in one of two worlds.

- They are either desperate for new content and will find something else or they are doing summer things and will play when the summer is over.

- I might not be one of the types that will be wooed because I hate those realistic graphic games, I like warcrafts cartoonish looks, but many others are testing other things out and they won't come back.

- Because I am the minority on that point for sure.  I would play a game with warcrafts graphics over those games that try to look real any day.

- If rift had warcraft like graphics I would have never come back to warcraft after testing it out when I got sick of doing the two zuls a billion times a week.

- I am not worried about it however.

- I am actually hoping they lose a lot of subscribers.

- The more they lose the better it will be for those that continue to play.

- I am not afraid of them ditching the title, they still have almost 10 times more subscribers than their closest serious competitor.

- They are still making money hand over fist.

- But if they lose a lot of people that might force them to care again.

- It has become apparent this expansion how little they care, they are making their money, so that is all that matters.

- A little loss in that area and they will still be very profitable, but they might start caring again.

- And maybe, just maybe, they will finally get to that new patch every 3 or 4 month timing.

- As long as they remain this money making juggernaut that they are, it will never happen.

- They need to lose a lot of people to open their eyes.

- I hope they lose a crap ton of people because of this mistake in release.

- Mists should have been out 2 months ago, 1 month ago at the worst.

- I've touched a few different random things this monday.

- Might as well call it for now and figure out what I want to complain about tomorrow.

- There are so many things to choose from lately.

- Have a great day.


  1. Same feeling, there's still plenty to grind out and I adore many of my characters, but I barely manage to do even my JC Dailies on my eldest (and hence always a bit 'special') character before I log out again - and even then I often just skip the Cata one because I simply can't be arsed to buy some overcharged gems anymore. Though having lag spikes in the thousands since last restart doesn't help much , either ofc.

    Same page on the cartoony graphics. It's a known phenomenon with even some scientific research into it. The gist of it is that our brain gets 'confused' when it sees imperfect animation etc. on something that is supposed to look 'real'(which is pretty much always the case, given the currently existing tech), while such oddities are 'accepted' with cartoon-characters (''sure he walks funny but it's Homer J, he's not a human') - making them in a sense more 'real' to our brain than the 'realistic' graphics.

    It is also a reason why WoW has aged quite well, visualy (though esp. running human males look like shaven babboons running on their hands. If any model does need an update, it's the human male one, flat out. Tough personally I wouldn't mind seeing a game that allows you to pick a voice for the Emotes of your character)

    1. The phenomenon you're thinking of is called "The Uncanny Valley":

    2. I know many people that like the graphics or warcraft as well. It seems to be the vocal ones that are asking for the change. Personally, if it changed, I would have no choice but to quit. It would have nothing to do with if I liked the game or not, I just really dislike those types of graphics.

      Speaking of warcraft aging well, those cartoon graphics have caused another reason for it to age well. You do not need a state of the art computer to play it, which opens it audience 10 fold over the other games.

  2. So, you didnt want to PvP, so you joined Alliance... Then joined a PvP guild on a PvP server.. am I reading this right?

    1. Different characters.

      I was bored and looking for something else to do. Once you reach max level there is only so much to do. So I got into doing PvP once in a while out of boredom and made characters on PvP realms because I figure it would be easier to learn from them.