Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I finally managed to get myself a twitter account for the blog.

- Now to remember to log into it more than once a year.

- It is @TheGrumpyElf in case you are interested.

- I won't promise content on it, I have to learn how to use it first.

- Old dog, new tricks.  You know what I mean.

- I found a decent way to entertain myself this weekend.

- Running scholo and SM to get everything that might be gone come mists.

- Got some cool goodies too.

- I got the dog whistle, again.

- I know I used to have it, must have sold it at some point.

- Have I complained about bag space lately?

- We need a lot more bag space blizzard, come on.

- They keep giving us more toys, archeology fun stuff, gear sets and thanks to transmog even more reason to keep it.

- And we still have these tiny bag.

- I have all 26 slots bags all over the place and I am packed to bursting, even my void storage is over flowing.

- And I do not even transmog.

- Geez blizz, step up to the plate and actually do something or stop giving us junk collectors things you know we won't be able to throw away.

- Back to goodies I got that I will not be able to throw away.

- I got the BoP red shirt.

- The white item that is BoP, interesting.  I have to keep that don't I?

- Got a massive amount of greens that sell good for transmog.

- If you want to make a fortune run the last part of SM and sholo and sell the greens.

- Some of them go for 1000 each on my server and my server is not even a heavy transmog market.

- I got all but the boots from the hunter set from scholo.

- OMG.  Mail pants that do not look like mail.

- Remember when I was looking for that type of stuff ages ago and no one knew of any.

- Well, that set, the pants look like tuxedo pants.

- Awesome. (said like barney on how I met your mother)

- I got some 0.05% pattern drops too.

- I sent them to the appropriate crafters and learned them.

- I probably could have sold them for a fair amount, but I would rather learn them.

- Not sure if they can be found elsewhere but I'd never seen them before so I was happy.

- Sent all my cloth to one catch all and made over 200 bolts of silk alone.

- If you need cloth, there is where you go, dear god.

- I made over 350 bolts from wool to runecloth from those runs.

- Weird thing to be a completest and having to collect everything.

- I try to get every pattern for every profession on every character.

- It occurred to me that profession restrictions, while they do serve a purpose, are really annoying.

- I would love to have my main have all professions.

- I think that is the reason I don't have any more than one 85 on other servers outside of my main.

- I do not have the professions to support that 85, so it sucks to level another one just for professions.

- If I could learn everything on the one char, it would really help.

- I would have what I need, and I could level an alt for fun and not feel as if I have to because I need the support professions.

- Maybe they can create something called a legacy character where you can pick one character per server that is allowed to be your master craftsman and have every profession.

- Yeah, ain't happening.  But an elf can dream.

- I got some really cool stuff from my runs.  Even started to have a little fun with them.

- I wanted to see how many mobs I could get on me in scholo.

- I ran the entire instance and grabbed every mob there.

- The bosses are leashed, so you need to kill them as you are running, but the mobs don't seem to be.

- I pulled the entire instance back to the gates.

- Spun, disengaged, multi shot, saw the entire screen light up, and laughed my ass off.

- Then thought for a second... why can't I have AoE looting now?

- 14 gold + repair bill just for running around and letting them beat on me for the whole instance.

- And it was worth every penny even if I did not loot them all.

- It was fun.

- Have you ever seen over 250 bodies in one pile like that.  It is awesome.

- How much do you want to make a bet for that when mists come out random tanks will try to do that?

- Fresh, just hit 90 tanks, trying to pull entire rooms.

- Thank god I am a hunter.

- Stay back, keep my finger over feign death, win.

- I did some lore reading this weekend as well and found out something I never knew.

- Or maybe I knew and forgot.

- Worgens are not from our planet.

- Does this mean there is another planet we can go to some day with some new lore and stuff?

- That would be awesome.

- They do not need to make an entire expansion about it, they could make it a patch.

- And make the worgen home world a zone like the molten front.

- Where it is just one big quest hub and teach us some worgen lore.

- It might be fun and interesting.

- It would at least be different.

- As long as they never turn warcraft into a scratch and sniff game.

- Could you imagine the smell of wet dog from all those worgen that just got out of the water?

- It would be unbearable.

- Not to mention I don't think I have ever seen a shower or a bathtub in all of azeroth.

- People must really stink.

- I don't know about anyone else but I can say certainty that none of my characters have ever taken a shower because I have never even seen one.

- Thank god we can not smell this game or I would never play.

- My characters only seem to go to the bathroom every five years or so too it seems because the bathrooms are few and far between too.

- And there is never any toilet paper.

- So never shake hands in warcraft either okay.

- For your own safety, and mine, I do not know where your hand has been.

- If swimming is the only time we clean ourselves that sort of explains why there are so few fish we can see swimming around.

- It also explains why there are so many sickly fish around the forsaken area.

- They are the rotting dead, they swim in that, if I were a fish I would be downright sickly too.

- Maybe the worgen world has bathrooms and showers and toilet paper.

- And maybe their tailors can make bigger bags.

- I want to go there now, get some bigger bags, and take a damn shower.

- Have a great day.


  1. Still intent to comment on the exclusivity post, but want to write something wel-thought through - and was too busy farming SM (for 3 toons that can use the Boss drops).

    Besides Zone Drop BoE's, Scarlet Monastery holds semi-unique Recipe Drops for LW (still after the Comfortable Leather Hat Pattern), JW (nothing important), and BS (seem to be +/- done myself but several Shoulder Recipes) in the 125-225 range. Supposedly some are World Drops but afaik everybody always got them from SM, most notably the Chests in the first three wings. The same with the Broken Blade of Heroes, a super-rare drop.

    The respawn-tactic in the SM GY doesn't work anymore, in the sense that post-Shattering the Rares seem to be entirely random (had triple Ironspine spawns which never happened before for example, same with double Champ and the Caster guy). The tactic I used was start with GY and check with it after each wing, then reset (all wings use a single reset).

    Note that SM GY also has an abundance of (chances of) Grave Moss, and these nodes respawn over time. The prime use for it si to make Shadow Oil, which in turn can be used for pretty good Craftables (that have little use in levelling nowadays *sigh*)

    Yeah the tux pants from Scholo ^-^. The Cadevrous Leather set looks the same as the Silver-Lined Cloth set, bTW.

    Note that the Brazier Summonings for Dungeon Set Bosses currently still work, they do drop some nice mog-gear, too.

    The Well-Read Achievement requires clicking on Books that are currently unique to Scholo.

    Warriors beware, in the crypts there are mobs that can not be harmed by physical damage if they have 10% or so of their health left. On top of my head the trick to use is to run to another room that has a pool in it, this will reset them.

    Going by WoWhead MoP, all of this will be gone, finito, when MoP hits - though some of it might return on the BMAH.

    1. I hate when they remove things that there is no reason to remove.

      I got that broken blade of heroes a while back, had never seen it before. I have been trying to sell it but no one has showed any interest, even at only 20 gold. So rare as it might be, it is sadly worthless. Might be worth something to someone once it is more then rare. Like gone.

      I had fun playing in them. It had been so long since I was in scholo it took me two runs before I remembered the way around again. Heck, I remember doing that what felt like a million times. Has to have been at least three years since I had been there.

    2. "I hate when they remove things that there is no reason to remove."

      This a thousand times.

      If a certain type of content doesn't get played by a lot of people, instead of removing it, just don't add more of it?

      The new SM will lead to less Dungeon options for levelling characters and such. If they'd any decency they'd add an entirely new levelling Dungeon (the Alterac area just screams for it, especially now that it is bereft of Quests).

      *aargh!* Yeah, the problem with super-rares is that most people don't even know it exists so have no idea about it. Before Dailies, people had to go out into the world and farm Instances and such for gold, and these kind of things would crop up more often -resulting in (more of) a market, esp. with the slower levelling and all. During Vanilla, it was actually a pretty good blade. Do you per chance know where you got it from?

    3. Houndmaster. A mage friend of mine was farming for something there and I was leveling a new druid and he asked me if I wanted to tag along. We both rolled greed, I ended up with it.

      I agree. There is too much removing of content in the game lately. They should leave it there. If people do it, they do it, if they don't, who cares, it is already coded and there, leave it there.

      Bring back old naxx, old ZA, old ZG. All removed for what? No reason.

      Now they are removing a crap ton more content with shared achievements effectively removing content.

      For a game that is supposed to grow they spend a hell of a lot of time removing stuff.