Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I think we all need to laugh at the lighter side of things in this edition of mondays random thoughts.

- Have you ever accidentally eaten something or drank a flask while listing stuff for auction?

- Oops, I'm an idiot.

- And it was an intellect flask while you are on your DK?

- Click it off, click it off quick.

- Then you look around as if someone might have noticed you just drank an intellect flask.

- You slowly stroll out of the auction house all cool like nothing happened hoping no one noticed.

- Ever notice that the better your gear gets the harder it is to fit through some doors?

- Bigger is not always better.

- I don't know about you but I would never be able to swing a sword if I wore shoulders like they have in game.

- I am surprised you don't end up killing yourself with all the spikes on your armor.

- Am I the only one that has ever looked at a male dwarf dance and thought... I've been that drunk before too.

- How did Onyxia get in that hole she lives in?

- Come to think of it, how did half the bosses we fight get where they are?

- I am guessing they built the building around them.

- Did they build the mountain around the mobs for BWD?

- Yeah, I think we need to use some baby spice on these bosses, they are getting way to big.

- Come on tough guy, I'm going to show your toes a lesson.

- What do you call that black stuff between the bosses toes?

- Slow running gnomes.

- Ever do black morass on a gnome?

- And drowned.

- A swear gnomes should get double loot in some dungeons just because they have to face the bosses and the environment.

- Have you ever got line of sighted by a pebble?

- Not a rock or boulder, a pebble.

- If so, welcome to the world of being a gnome.

- If a gnome slaps you would it be assault or sexual harassment.

- Most people they slap it would be in their nether regions or their butts, so it could be both.

- Being worgen can get on all fours and run tauren should be allowed to now as well.

- I can see the erpers having a field day with that one already.

- Go into travel forum so I can milk you baby.

- I swear I laughed in real life writing that one.

- I had a high school humor moment there.

- It was utter nonsense.

- Oh god this is getting bad, I should wrap it up.

- Have a great day.


  1. The worst is when you try to list or mail a vanity pet and accidentally learn it on your bank alt. Yeah, okay bank alt, enjoy that White Kitten... :(

    1. Ouch, even worse when you are on a hordie. :(