Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Hunter is Born: Starting New Again.

I decided to roll another hunter because the end of the expansion blues are getting to me.  Of course it will be another hunter but I am going to do things a little different this time around.  I am going to attempt to take my time.

Leveling being as fast as it is this expansion has really ruined the fun of the whole leveling alts thing and I do nothing to help myself really.  I will accept an invite from a level 25 guild, because of the bonuses.  I love the reputation bonus.  I love have group.  The bonuses are more quality of life for the most part.

Depending on if the guild has anything worthwhile in the bank I love being able to carry the guild bank around.  Not to mention, sometimes when you are questing and run out of bag space having the guild bank that you could at least throw some of the stuff people have a use for in is not a bad thing, it is better than just throwing it away.  Boar meat is better there don't you think?

The experience gain boost is over kill.  Leveling is fast enough as it is.  If you have that it is even faster, if you happen to have heirlooms it is even faster.  So fast you have to think what is the use of leveling anyway, just give people an option to go to 80 instantly and let them level only in the current expansion.  It is not like leveling is teaching them as it should.  If leveling is not going to take time, leveling serves no purpose.

But back to task.  I am on a server I have no characters on so no help to myself, from myself.  No heirlooms, no bags, no gold, I'll be doing it all on my own.  I will also take my time.  I will stop at every fishing pool.  I will get two gathering professions and make sure to gather everything I see.  I will draw it out some.

This is supposed to be something to pass the time while waiting on the new expansion.

If anything, I think that is the biggest loss with leveling being made so fast now.  An alt you play just for fun once in a rare while can now find themselves at a high level without even trying.  It used to be nice that it took time to level.  Even in wrath I had alts I would pop onto from time to time and they never made it anywhere really.  They remained low.  Now, you sneeze and you gain 10 levels.  Sad really.

So my hunter is going back to basics.  I am going to level beast mastery.  That is something I have not done all expansion.  All my new hunters this expansion have leveled survival and being it seems BM might be the way to go next expansion I figured I might as well relearn the spec and get the feel of it again being it has changed some and I have not played it at all this expansion.

I am guessing starting new with no boosters except the guild one which I can't avoid if I want to be in a guild and stopping for all fishing and gathering nodes I can easily extend the leveling time to at least 5 days played to max which would be a lot better than my standard of 2 days or less for hunters.

The more I think about it the more I believe that the biggest problem with bad players at the end game has to do with the leveling system.  I want to see the return of the days when people reached max level and they had 30 days played, not 3.  It would make for a better game.

It would also make for those alts like this that are made just to pass the time to pass more time.  Let the huntering begin.  I love starting fresh on a new server sometimes, except for not having any bag space.  Oh how I dread that.

I know I say I am going to take my time, but I know me, I get into a grove and go.  I'll bet next week I will have another hunter at 85.


  1. I hope you enjoy the experience. I've been spending a fair bit of time on my Horde Rogue for the same reason, she won't hit 85 straight away but I suspect she will get there... :D

    1. Thanks. Mine will be horde too.

      Thinking maybe a goblin just to do the starting area again. I love that starting area.

  2. I did that last xpac with a paladin (paladins are my version of you and your hunters): new server, no guild, no heirlooms, no help. I wanted to see what it would be like starting completely from scratch, but with the knowlege I'd gained all the years playing wow. It was a LOT of fun.

    I dual gathered herbs and ore and sold it on AH. I used that money to buy cheap items off AH and relist them, scanning it every day and looking for deals. I refused group invites and guild invites, doing all the group quests solo or skipping them. There was no dungeon finder at the time, so it was just questing and I think pvp gave XP by that time.

    It was one of the funnest experiences I've had in wow. I bought all my own gear as I leveled (especially in old world, where the quest greens weren't that great), bought all my own training and every riding skill as it came available, bought dual spec when it was still 1k gold and had plenty to gear myself out when I finally hit level cap. It was amazing. That paladin no longer exists, I didn't do a whole lot with him at cap and the journey was what made the guy so fun to play but WHAT a journey!

    And that's the best thing about WoW, it's a large enough game that you can make your own mini games and goals within it and have your fun exactly where and how you want to have it with nobody to tell you different. You can challenge yourself however you want, set your own difficulty when you want, or breeze through when you don't.

    1. Creating those mini games for yourself are what can keep you going when doing the same thing for what seems like the one millionth time.

      My kicked lately has been fishing as it seems no one levels it any more so I make sure I keep it at pace with my character. It is also a nice way to force myself to slow down to smell the roses every once in a while.

  3. Dang, leveling to 85 in 5 days? It would take me like 5 weeks just because I have no time at all and take so long to level. If I were to start a new character, I would level through each zone in the 1-60 route meant for the race I choose(i.e. for Night Elves, it would be Teldrassil, Darkshore, Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains, Desolace, Feralas, Thousand Needles, Tanaris, Un'Goro Crater, and Silithus). I would also do every dungeon that's in those zones. I don't like doing dungeons that aren't in the zones I'm leveling in because I have no idea what the dungeon quests are about. I would also PvP, enough to get the PvP items at the vendors near the battleground entrances and the Stormwind vendors. I would have one crafting and one gathering profession. I probably wouldn't join a guild though because the perks trivialize things too much. Because of all the XP my activities would bring in, I would have to use the stop my XP gain A LOT, which is why I would need to be on the same server as my main for the money. Other than that, I would be self reliant (except for necessary expenses like talent changes, glyphs, spell training, repairs, etc.) Leveling in my method would take FOREVER but I would be fully experiencing leveling.

    1. Unless you mean you like to quest and finish an area even after things give no experience from the quests or mobs I don't see how doing that would be compelling, to me at least. Not saying there is anything wrong with that, that is actually the best way to experience the lore of the game.

      Even with no heirloom gear and no rested experience you can not even do half of the quests in most zones before out leveling it, even more so in those early zones. If you plan to do dungeons and PvP as well, cut that down to you doing about 15 quests in each zone before they are zero experience quest mobs.

      While I try not to rush leveling I just can not bring myself to do stuff that offers no experience what so ever. That is just my style of play I guess.

      I also choose to do a different server because although I dislike the fast leveling I would feel forced to level quickly on a server with a sugar daddy character. The only way I can exercise my own self control is to start a char on a server all by itself.

      I guess that is the reason why I have 12 servers with 1 character each on them.

      I also choose them for odd reasons too.

      I have an alliance character on a basically all horde server. I have a horde character on a basically all alliance server. I've rolled PvP guys with the numbers for me and against me.

      For me, it is all about what I feel like doing at that given moment, like you like to finish all the quests out no matter what.

      I choose to do hunters because I love being a hunter, even more so when leveling. They are so much fun to level to me.

  4. Quint né Teeborg (Ysondre)June 12, 2012 at 4:14 PM

    I'm glad someone else sees the potential of the BM spec in MoP. I think the buff to Kill Command alone is enough to make BM the PvP spec of choice.

    As someone who has played MM for a while now because it's the only spec he knows how, I too am leveling a new hunter, if only to learn the BM spec from scratch. So far I am very pleased with it, I've been melting faces that are several levels above me. It's also fun to fight rogues before they can heal themselves, disappear at will, and close any distance in a heartbeat.

    I hope your progression goes as well.

    1. BM surely does look like it could be something worth getting into for mists, at least as of now.

      I was content with BM being just the leveling/soloing spec it was all wrath, but in mists it was neither. I've leveled all my hunters survival and I solo as MM most of the time. BM became almost like a non spec this expansion.

    2. I'm currently raiding as BM because that's what I like but I'm sure I'd do a lot more dps as SV even without being really good at it, which is very disappointing. I really hope Mists will have better balance.

      I've finally started lvling a bunch of alts I have (7 of them at once...). They've all been 25 for like a year... But I'm not too interested in taking it slow (rocking out looms and guild bonuses). My main is the completionist so I don't need to re-experience a lot of those things: (Loremaster, Explorer, Exalted, Long strange trip, etc...)

      btw, Max fisherman... still working on Salty title though. Those rare fish are a pain to find.

    3. I got salty myself not to long ago. The one that didn't get away kept getting away, so I know what you mean.

      Just be glad they took the bloated fish out of the other fishing achievements. I spent so long trying to get them. They were impossible for me.

      Have fun with your alts, this is the time of the expansion to get all that stuff done.

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    5. You picked a rather odd, and old, thread to go all nerd raged on.

      If someone beat you in PvP you need to learn to deal with it. Even as a non PvPer myself I've learned that deaths happens, sometimes even unfair ones, you just have to rez and come back and kick up. Raging over it does no good for you or anyone else.

  5. I rerolled a hunter on a different server (Icecrown) to take advantage of the WHU guild activities, and I will likely stay here despite three 85's and a main with 8000 pts on my original realm.

    It's amazing how different the game is playing with mature and quality players.

    Highly recommend it.

    1. As often as I read frost, which means whenever he posts something for many years, I have never even considered that. How odd right?

      I have run into some WHU people in randoms while leveling a lot time ago when I used to still do them.

      Perhaps I should do that. Maybe level two hunters, one goblin and one dwarf.

      Even if it ends up taking three times as long, who cares, that is exactly what I am looking for, to waste some time.