Friday, June 8, 2012

The Daily Grind: What Dailies Will You Do?

When mists comes, and probably even before that when 5.0 lands, the daily quest cap is being removed.  With that in mind I've decided to go over the daily quest hubs I tend to frequent as I decide on which ones I might decide to do once I can do more than 25. 

Mind you, I've never been one to cap out my dailies.  Once in a while I would but for me dailies have always been something I did to get reputation, achievements, enchants, or other goodies.  Once I got what I needed I stopped doing them.

With new achievements for 5000 and 10000 dailies I will start doing some more of them when I've the time.  Which quest hubs will you want to make sure you add in, if and when you have the time?

The reoccurring daily hubs will always be first on my list, should I need something from them of course.  The darkmoon faire comes once a month with its 5 dailies.  I'll keep doing them to keep getting the tickets should they ever add more mounts or more pets or some other goodies I feel worth buying. 

The same goes for the holiday events that come once a year.  I might have finished them all up three years ago when I got my proto drake but that doesn't mean the game can not get me to do them.  As long as they keep adding new pets or new mounts each season I will keep doing the dailies to make sure I can buy them.

If there are no reoccurring events going on that I feel the need to do then we move to what would I do next?

Oddly enough, the criteria for which dailies I do next would be on the same basis as the desire to do the holiday ones.

When mists comes out the priority for dailies is obvious, I am going to do the new ones because the new ones will give me things I need for the new expansion such as reputation or gear or what have you.  However, that is going to pass pretty soon.  If mists ends up anything like cataclysm was with its tabard system I will be exalted with everyone in the game within a week.  I really hope they do not do that again, it really takes the air of of the game if you ask me.

What this is about however is when there is nothing I need from any dailies, in which order would I consider doing them just to work toward the 10000 dailies achievement.

So here are my top three daily hubs, in my opinion of course.

#1 Argent Tournament:

This should be number one on everyone's list in my opinion.  The agent tournament is win / win all the way around.  It also has something that I listed as my top priorities when picking which dailies I do.  It has something worth working toward.  Pets and even more important, pets you can sell.  I don't know about everyone else but for me the motivation to do anything is usually spurred on by the feeling you are getting something worthwhile out of it.

The only real down side to the argent tournament quests is the fact that they are not exactly close most of the time.  There will always be some on the other end of icecrown and you have that one floating quest that could even send you to storm peaks.  So there is a bit of travel involved but nothing that is too bad.  Just a mild annoyance at most.  The quests are done so quickly that the travel time seems like a non issue really.

#2 Sons of Hodir:

This one ranks number two for a few reasons.  One being its relative position when related to the #1 daily spot.  It is close to it and being we are already there it is a plus.  The key to these dailies however is the fact that they are all neatly packed together, they are usually very fast to do and they give you a chance to gather up some goodies that all seem to always sell well on the auction house.  You can get greens for disenchanting, books of glyph mastery, chunk o' mammoth, worm meat, chilled meat, relics of ulduar and so much more.  All this stuff still sells well on the market so it is a nice little bonus.

The only downside to the hodir quests is unlike the argent tournament where you are getting some tokens to turn in for some goodies which makes it feel more like you are earning something extra or special you get nothing from here outside of the loot you might gather and increasing your daily quests completed count.

#3 Isle of Quel'Danas:

If it where not because it is on the ass end of the world, for alliance at least, it might be a better daily hub in my opinion but the ease of doing these along with the fact they are nicely grouped together makes it a nice little quest hub.  I'd suggest taking the port from shattrath to get there but I am not sure that the flight there from the dark portal is any faster than flying to it directly.  No flying is another blah point to questing here but don't worry, doing all the dailies there will take all of a few minutes and you can get back to civilization soon enough after doing them.

One little bonus to doing these is you will get a scroll that returns you to shattrath which can come in handy if you are working on something there like reputation grinding, running SH or doing the daily fishing and cooking quests there as well.  It is a nice quick way to get there.

It is also good if you plan to do MT daily for the mount and pet that drop there.  Knock out the dailies while you are there and piggy back your tasks to get a few things done while in one area.  That is always an added bonus to a quest hub if there is something else in that hub's area you want to do.

Honorable mentions:

#1 Tol Barad:

They where brutal when the expansion first came out.  Those spawn rates inside where insane and I felt for some classes that where not hunters and capable of handling them like we were.  When we are 90 however they will be a breeze, heck as a geared level 85 they are now a breeze so they will really be a nice quick run when we are 90.  The outside quests are a nice little circle which means the questing is easier and that is a key for a good quest hub.  This one could very well move up to and even pass Isle of Quel'Danas when we are 90 if only because it is faster to get to and back from.

One bad part is, if your faction does not own tol barad you can only do half of the quests.  So once we hit 90 unless you plan on winning it by yourself if you don't own it your dailies will always be cut in half there.  Just think of the bright side however, I am sure the outside 6 will take no more than 10 minutes and you will never need to leave your main city really to do them, which might be something that makes them pretty popular for something to do to pass the time.

#2 Cooking and Fishing Dailies:

These did not make the list because how much of a hub are two quests in each city really and when you look at the shattrath, dalaran and pandara ones, some require you to go out so they are not quick and easy like the main city ones are by any means, but the city ones are a nice and quick way to get two dailies out of the way each day.

#3 Venture Bay:

They are nice and quick and basically all grouped up.  Once you know how to do them you can knock them all out in less than 10 minutes without a problem at all.  You will end up flagged for player vs player however which is a turn off to some people but to others it adds a little element of excitement.  There is nothing to get here except for an achievement if you have never done it and a few dailies down quickly.

I might not get over the 25 dailies per day anyway once the limit is removed but it is nice to have that option should I want to do some more.  Usually I just do not have that amount of free time in my day. 

I will most likely go over the 25 per day we used to have when the expansion first comes out because I will do all the new ones to max out reputation and getting quests, rewards and whatever else done but once again, like I said with all daily hubs, when I have everything I want from them I'll be all done with them and when I have free time I will most likely return to quest hubs I mentioned here because I like them and they are quick.  Unless of course mists gives us another great quest hub worth doing regularly.

If I had to give a reward for the worst daily hub ever it would go to...

#1 The Molten Front:

They are easy enough, and even somewhat fun the first few times through them but what kills the molten front dailies is that you are required to do certain ones before doing others.  It was no big deal while opening them up but it was kind of annoying near the end when all I wanted to do was the fire in the sky one to get that one last achievement and I needed to do all the others at the front and then the ones in the hole before I could get to that one.  That sort of daily opens daily thing is fine, if it opens it all the way, but when you need to reopen it every single day it gets annoying.  So molten front wins the award for worst daily hub ever.

Oddly enough, the main reason for it being the worst daily hub ever in cataclysm might make it a fantastic daily hub come mists when we one shot everything.  Being they are all nicely bunched up and they are already kind of quick as is, come level 90 and with level 90 gear they might end up being a super fast way to get some dailies under your belt while working your way toward 10000.  I just hope they do not make hubs like this again.  It was a horrible design in my opinion.

If you are going to be going for the 5000 and 10000 daily achievements which older dailies will be on your list of the best ones to do by your own criteria?

I try to judge based on time and reward.  Hence the argent tournament ranks number one for me, it is quick and still offers a good reward for the time spent doing it.


  1. While I personally hate Dailies and other hard-gated content, I know I am not the target audience so I will let that pass (and certainly not comment on MF, the one who thought that up as 'quintessential casual content'...) and add some additional pointers

    Tol Barad

    The Isles are a veritable cornucopia of Gathering Nodes/critters begging to be Skinned, and, because it are no fly zones, you often have much less competition than with e.g. Uldum. Note that last-Expansion trade goods tend to be good sellers.

    Venture Bay

    The Venture Bay Dailies (plus the one up the river) yield 50 Honor each, except for Riding the Red Rocket (the one on the watchtower island) which grants 4 (no typo) Honor. While 200 Honor/day perhaps isn't much, it's a lifesaver for Expansion holdouts (etc.) and, given the time investment, not a bad way to get Honor if the BG's just don't seem to 'work' that day.

    Note that the Venture Co. mobs on the ship in the middle of the wharf spawn real quick and offer Rep with all the Steamwheedles, without lowering Bloodsail Rep.

    Cooking & Fishing dailies

    Unless they've changed this by now, the non-SW/Org 'old world' Dailies yield more XP (and hence gold) than do the ones in SW/Org (16 gold vs 6 atm)

    Bone Wastes

    Perhaps not the sexiest spot for dailies but if you're into TBC Rep grinds/bird mounts you might as well pick up the Daily quest to cap a tower in the Bone Wastes, it's one of those Dailies whose XP goes up depending on your level (at 85 it yields +/- 16 gold)

    1. TB has been a dream for my hunter. I gather the herbs I need for my agility flask, the fish I need for my agility food, and both sell extremely well and are plentiful. Definitely the best skinning spot this expansion too if you happen to be one. All plus marks for TB.

      Forgot to mention the small amounts of honor from the VB dailies, I should add that.

      Another good one, if you are doing the rep thing for BC is pick up the daily dungeons, the quests reward gold and a tiny bit of justice points too.

      Did not even think of the bone waste ones. Not a bad, and easy one, while you are there.

  2. Just something you left out that could be helpful for players who haven't done these dailies before:

    1. the Isle of Quel'Danas isn't that hard for alliance to get to. If you take the FP from IF to Isle of Quel'Danas then you will be teleported instantly to the island.

    2. When you win TB, one of the npcs gives out three of the possible nine quests. Check back every time you win TB, because he may have more for you to do.

    3. While not impossible to solo, the quest "Battle before the citadel" (part of the TOC dailies) requires you to use a vehicle. The vehicle doesn't scale well with gear, so ask general chat for help.

    4. You don't take fall damage from falling into water. Just dismount and fall into the water when doing the dailies north of TOC

    5. The pre-TOC Icecrown quests will be a great supplement to the TOC quests. They are just as fast as the TOC quests, but most people never did them because they don't award seals and count towards your cap. They can be found on the Skybreaker/Orgrim's Hammer after you complete most of the icecrown non-daily quests.