Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Are Legendary Weapons Going to be the Standard?

Every since we started getting data from the upcoming mists expansion and things are getting datamined we have been seeing legendary pieces of... stuff.  Many speculate that it is possible that these things are designed to be an upgrade system sort of like how they are changing valor from something that buys gear to something that upgrades gear.

The more we see the more it seems like the legendary update system might be right.  It is possible that is what they are going to do being they have new legendary icons for all classes of weapon, except for polearms, bows and crossbows it seems.  More interesting than the lack of a bow, polearm or crossbow legendary icon is the presence of a legendary shield icon.  It has my shield wearing classes drooling.

The question that begs to be asked is, are legendary weapons going to be the standard now?

There have been many additions to make the game more user friendly, and by user friendly I mean allowing everyone to do everything, so is mists going to be the time when everyone can get a legendary weapon too?

While we all might be wagging our tongues talking about, and tapping our fingers typing about, the possibility of legendaries for everyone I am looking at things from another perspective.  Something someone says I seem to have a knack for.

Does blizzard really care about their community any more?

The series of events leading up to the legendary for everyone possibility seems to show that they don't.

They have made the world useless to go into for most which is why people spend their time in home cities.  Staying in home cities means that trade chat is resembling an old text based HTML chat room more than ever before.  Blizzard does absolutely nothing to moderate it and allows people to turn any conversation into a fest of throwing insults back and forth but instead of telling the children to act better they just let them go at it.

This trade chat garbage is bad everywhere you go and it is dragging down the community.

They added the looking for dungeon so people could find groups easier instead of spamming trade for hours on end.  I was glad for that because I hated coming home and spending three hours looking for a group I could never assemble and then logging off having done nothing all day long, so for that it was good, but for everything else it was not.

The LFD was bad here and there, you would run into a bad apple but most of the time it was fine, in wrath at least.  You made it through the content just to get your daily dungeon out of the way which is all most people asked.  There was the occasional asshat here and there but blizzard let it slide because it was only a random dungeon and 15 minutes later you would never need to deal with that jerk again.

What they did not seem to take note of was after a long time and after seeing a great deal of those people it soured people on the LFD and the community in whole.  While it might be true that only one in every 10 groups might have been bad the human mind is very particular in how it remembers things and it will remember every single one of those bad ones and seemingly forget those nine good runs.  But that is human nature.  Predictable human nature, something blizzard should have known about before they even released it and they should have taken serious action on LFD greifers back then.

When LFD moved to a 7 per week format instead of a once a day format for points everyone that was a decent player did their runs that first day or two and you usually had mostly good groups but when the end of the week came you ended up with the dregs of the game, the people you wonder how they even made it to max level.

This meant that when you did your random became more important, it also meant that if you did not run them that first day or two you where more likely to get a bad group.  We had a joke in my guild that you never run a random on a friday.  The reason being is no one in the guild had ever had a decent random on a friday, it seems like the worst players in the game play on fridays.

This also meant that your rare bad group was not a 1 in 10 but kind of like a fifty fifty chance when you ran between friday and monday. This means more people reporting more bad players.  This meant blizzard ignored all those reports and never took any action against any of these people that where ruining the runs for other people.  The healers that refused to heal, the tanks with all dps gear and spec that just went as a tank for the fast queue, the people that refuse to DPS, you name it, they where in there and they got reported and blizzard ignored it.

Blizzards response to situations like this is as follows.  If the player is that bad you can kick them if the rest of the group agrees or you can drop group and get another.

That is blizzards official stance.

That is them saying, we do not care if someone is purposely making your game time suck, as long as you are still paying for it you can go scratch because if we ban them they might stop paying so we will let them greif you and you will either kick them or leave to get a better group and we will keep getting money from both of you.

So the LFD started to drag down the community even more.

Then the looking for raid entered the scene and instead of the random one person making life hell on others you could get five or more depending on luck or lack thereof.  When it was new and those bad people did not have a 372 item level it was not bad at all but as soon as those people started to catch up the LFR went downhill fast.  People not switching to bloods, people killing the corruption, people doing everything they could to greif the group.  Pulling bosses, pulling extra trash, pulling when you only have 1 healer, stuff like that.

The worst of all the looking for raid greifers are all those people that would just laugh and say, it is only the looking for raid, and totally miss the concept that these people are barely able to do it.  If you are with a full group of actual raiders then yes, it is only the LFR but when you are doing it in LFR you need to follow mechanics because most of the people in there are not raiders and not very good.

I've seen good players, players that play it the way it should, turn into one of them because it has reached the point of if you can't beat them, join them.  A hear horror stories of wiping multiple times on morcok now because people just flat out suck.  People doing 4K in 372 gear, 4K was bad even at the end of wrath.  People dying on purpose so others can down the boss and they can get their loot.  All things like that.

We report these people, blizzard does nothing.  They go with their standard chant.  Kick them or leave.

The LFR has started to nail the coffin shut on the community.

Now if they are going to add the legendary for all approach it makes me scared for what is next.  Is blizzard trying to destroy the last good bit of community we have left?  Is blizzard trying to destroy the guild run raid group?

Blizzard has let trade chat become a chat room filled with trolls and done nothing.

Blizzard has let the asshats ruin random dungeons for the most part and done nothing.

Blizzard has let the inmates run the asylum when it comes to the looking for raid bringing community interaction to an all time low and done nothing.

Now they want to infect the last remaining bit of decent community we all have, our guilds.

I hope they balance it around everyone needing to do most of the legendary on their own and not have it be something they collect in raids like all other legendary things were.

I can see it already, tearing most guilds apart, if it is something that needs to be collected in raids.  Lets go over what to expect.

I should get it because I am the tank.
I should get it because I am the healer.
I should get it because I am top DPS.
I should get it because I have been here longest.
I should get it because I am always on time.
I should get it because I make the food.
I should get it because I make the cauldron.
I should get it because so and so had one last expansion.
I should get it because I am the raid leader.
I should get it because I am the guild leader.
I should get it because I am the bf/gf of the raid leader.
so forth and so on...

Blizzard could in one swoop cause more guild drama than all guild drama there has even been everywhere in the game all added together.  Thanks blizzard, this is just want the community needed.

Is blizzard even considering trying to destroy the last piece of decent community in the game?

If they make it that people need to kill 300 bosses instead of collect 300 items this can work just fine.  If blizzard is making it collect 300 items than blizzard has truly lost their mind and is attempting to destroy the last bit of decent community there is in the game, the guild.

I beg of you blizzard, I plead to you, do not make it like that.  I know it might not be like that.  I know it is too early to tell.  I know I might very well be over reacting and probably am, but it scares me what would happen if they did this.

You do nothing about trade trolls, you do nothing about random dungeon asshats, you do nothing about looking for raid greifers, at least give us this.  Leave our guilds alone.

It is hard enough dealing with the who gets the legendary first in most guilds, but if everyone can get one at the same time you are just asking to create drama if it requires collecting pieces from raids.

Don't do that to us blizzard.

Please think for a moment and please make my worrying all for nothing, make me wrong.

Spend a little time moderating the community to make it better and spend less time adding things that attempt to rip the community apart even more.

Now to end this with a joke.

The evolution of LFM

Classic: /2 LFM MC must be level 60 with all level 60 gear.
BC: /2 LFM Kara must be attuned and geared.
Wrath: /2 LFM ICC must have 5000 gear score.
Cataclysm: /2 LFM DS must have item level 395 or better.
Mists: /2 LFM RoO must have legendary.

Actually, that is not very funny, but expect it, I am calling it now.

Bad idea blizzard... bad idea.

I can't believe that a legendary might be coming out that I can get and use (still don't have the bow) and I am against it.  I guess I am one of those rare people that would not cause guild drama over it because to me there are things much more important.

The good community and good vibes of a guild will always be more important than a legendary.  But as I mentioned, I look at things differently.  I would put guild first even if I want the legendary too.  I don't suspect you will see many people that think like that.

This is drama no one in game wants or needs.  Lets hope all the guessing going around about the legendaries for all is wrong, or at least that it is wrong that it will require collected items from raids.


  1. They wanted blues, so we gave them blues.
    They wanted purps, so we gave them purps.
    They want orange, so we give them orange.

    Thinking out loud, it reminds me of the famous quote from Pastor Neinmueller. Some of us saw this day coming years ago, some still have yet to understand the implications. Eventually, we all come around?

    1. Heck, I do not even mind if everyone has one. What bothers me if how they will implement it. Will they make it so it starts to create guild drama as to who gets it first, if so, then I want no part of it.

  2. I enjoy your blog posts, but I have to disagree with your premise on this one. Blizzard is not responsible for the behavior of the player community, be it LFD, LFR, trade chat or guilds - the community is dragging itself down, and happily it would seem. Until the majority players decide to grow up and conduct themselves with grace, the community will continue to degrade, and nothing Blizzard can do will accelerate that process.

    Blizzard leaves it to us, the players, to monitor our own behavior and report offending individuals. People like you and I might be capable of acting like adults and putting our guilds first, but many human beings are selfish jerks who only care for themselves. Just look at the way we treat others and vote in this country, and there should be no surprise about this.

    Ultimately, Blizzard is trying hard to create a game that is fun to play for as many paying customers as possible. Period. Being nice to each other and sharing like grown-ups is all on our shoulders.

    1. I get where you are going, but if blizzard would at least 3 day ban these people that are reported in trade, LFD and LFR they might stop doing it knowing there are consequences to their actions.

      I agree it is not blizzards fault that the community is bad, that is the communities fault, but it is blizzards fault for not moderating their community.

      A little moderation goes a long way and if people started getting 3 or 7 day bans for pulling bosses in LFR multiple times they will either never do it again or be forever banned, both would be a plus for the rest of us.

      And while I agree we can make it better I have to admit we can't. I am "the good guy" I always try to do the right thing and it seems to be everyone fighting against me to the point I have just given up. I am defeated. I would rather quit then play with these people any more. If my, and others, reports where listened to and they did something to these people I am sure the community would be a better place.

      There is only so much we can do. Until blizzard gives me the ability to ban people from their game, I can not moderate the community, neither can you or anyone else. They need to handle it.

  3. I agree with Grumpy that Blzizard could be much stricter and consistent in their moderation, and one could easily add naming infractions to the lax moderation.

    I am also a strong believer in that if you make a game have features that particularly appeals to a certain type of player, you are going to attract more of them.

    For example, a faster-XP scheme will be more attractive to less patient people, while less frantic levelling leads to more patient people.

    You can see this with MMO's: XP rates in pre-F2P LotRO have been described as 'glacial' even by people who loved the Vanilla WoW-pacing, attracting the more patient people and as a result LotRO's community is widely recognized as one of most pleasant ones around - impatient people don't last long (the fact that certainly before Mines there was no emphasize, at all, on Progressive Raidng or PvP for that matter of course also helped)

    Contrast this with WoW, and it gets pretty clear to me that the more emphasize a designer puts on speedy levelling, the more unpleasant people he is going to attract.

    No surprise, I still think that 'What would Eric Cartman do - and how do we stop him?' should be the motto of designers.

    1. I agree with that completely. That is why I want to see the days when it takes forever to get to max level again.

      It would scare away a fair deal of the bad players because most of them would give up before making it to max level.

      Yes, I am being selfish about it. I would rather they quit and blizzard have one less subscriber. That is also the reason it will never happen. Blizzard wants that one more subscriber.

  4. I don't even want to touch the legendary stuff right now. It is all hearsay anyway. Until there is some fixed facts about it, arguing what will happen seems points.

    I have to say I have been reading your blog for a while and enjoy it, but do not agree on your stance in your post.

    It does seem that you have had some quite bad experiences, along with a lot of your guildies. But I have to say this is not always the case.

    To start with trade chat. This depends completely on the realm you are on. Some are worse than others. The one I am on now hardly gets any stupid comments. In fact most of the time the posts about guild recruits and people pugging raids go so quickly you would find it difficult to chat at all in trade chat.

    LFD & LFR. While I agree you can sometimes have bad people in there. This is not always the case. I no longer run either for the most part. Due to the fact I no longer require gear. But when I do, it goes fine.

    You obviously do get the people that are out to ruin the raid for everyone else, but they are few very and I agree with Blizzard, that is what the kick function is for.

    I do not believe that banning people for having a bad day, not knowing tactics, or generally just not being that good of a player is the way to improve the community. We all start off as Noobs. Some of us choose to learn more than others, but should someone be banned from the game for 3 days because they can't dps/heal/tank the way that everyone expects them to from the start.

    Is the problem actually lying with the people that do know what they are doing, but don't want to help the people that are new or just not very good?

    I feel banning these people could actually make the community worse. Leaving only those that are elite (and in the worse possible sense).

    The thing with the bans that you have to ask yourself is how far to Blizzard go with it? Yes they could ban people for you just reporting them. Would they need to investigate what happened? Spend the time to see if a ban is appropriate. How much time and enerygy would this take? You also have to ask yourself whether you might get banned if as you put it some asshat just doesn't like you and reports you for no good reason.

    I honestly don't know if there is much Blizzard can do. They should of course ban the worse cases, where peoeple get reported all the time. But in the end I think it comes down to the community and us as a whole trying to better the playing experience for all.

    Also on a side note. If you don't like LFD/LFR with pugs. Why do it? Why not run a guild group. LFR is obvsiouly harder to get 25 people, but it is possible as far as I know. Otherwise we have to live with the slight flaws that are in the system, try and improve the groups we are in by helping as best we can, and kicking if it just isn't going to work.

    1. I would never say people that are new and learning should be banned, we all have to start somewhere. I never fault someone for not knowing something. I do however fault them for doing it wrong when they do know.

      It is the "its only LFR" attitude that I hate like...

      I don't have to switch to bloods, it is only LFR. That means they know they are doing it wrong and they are doing it wrong on purpose. That is against the spirit of the game. If you know how to do it right and still refuse to do it right, you should be banned and taught that you either play the game as intended or don't play at all. Harsh? Absolutely. But it is needed. Bad play is contagious and the more people see people playing bad they think they can do it too.

      Not to mention, those people that know better should be doing it right to show the people that don't know better how to do it.

      How is a new person supposed to learn if no one teaches them?

      If a new person sees everyone switch to the bloods they know they need to, they learn.

      If a new person sees everyone doing anything they want to do they will never learn because they do not know what is right.

      People should either play the game as intended or not play. That is all I believe.

      I've spent hours wiping in dungeons with people that did not know it and I taught them how to do it because I feel everyone has to learn at some point. I do not mind wiping when people are learning and trying to get better. I do not like wiping because some lazy ass does not want to switch to bloods because it is only the LFR. It is greifing. They know better and they refuse to do it, that is who I mean deserves the bans. Not the new player that knows better.

      The guy that keeps killing the corruptions even with everyone yelling at them to stop.

      The guy that rolls on loot he does not need just to trade it and even says so in raid.

      The guy that pulls bosses and laughs as he wipes the group and even admits it in raid.

      People who do things wrong and freely admit it in raid, those are the ones that should be banned. No investigation is needed, they admitted they knew better, they admitted they are the type of person that makes this game hell for new players. They deserve a ban.

    2. So what you are saying is if they want to do the fight their way and not yours then you want them banned.

      "The guy that rolls on loot he does not need just to trade it and even says so in raid."

      Where has blizzard say that needing to trade for later is against the ToS or User agreement, or maybe they need for OS?

      "The guy that keeps killing the corruptions even with everyone yelling at them to stop"

      Last week we did just this, and made spine go even quicker. by the time the first Tendon was down, the second Amalg was already 10% and we had plenty of bloods on the ground for 8-9 stacks, soon as first tendon was done, the second Amalg was practically ready to explode.

      So because he might know a better/faster way He should get a 3-7 day ban.

      Maybe he checked out everyone in LFR and he knows 95% of the people out gear the place by a ton. So he knows the Tanks/Heals/DPS can all keep up. Or hell, maybe he has 15 people from guild in 410 gear so he knows what his healers and tanks are capable of.

      But no, because the fight isn’t done in the traditional sense he should get kicked and Blizz should ban them.

      Would it be far if you got a 3 day ban because someone reported you for killing add when half the raid was yelling at you to not kill them because they can heal through it? Or if tank told you to kill the 2nd corruption and you didn’t. You’re not doing the fight like they want and are ruining their play experience by making it take longer?

    3. This is part of the problem. It is a very grey area. I admit since I haven't been into LFR for some time I don't know if there are more 'bad' people or not.

      I realise some people may deserve a ban. Those that pull the boss and leave for example. There is not need for that. But some things are just not black and white.

      Like a few of the examples that were given above. There within lies the problem of banning people for behaviour during LFR (which I am sure is worse than LFD).

      They have introduced the new reporting system. So hey maybe things will get better and some people will get banned for doing stupid things. I know of one person that got banned for doing a mass summon to EoE instead of doing Hagara in LFR. So it does happen.

      But to ask Blizzard to ban every little thing is difficult. Especially as some things change depending on perspective.

      The loot rolling. Well seeing as what it will be changning to in MoP. I would say Blizzard have recognised the problem and are doing something about it. I like the idea so far. But there is nothing wrong with needing on something now and even throwing it away. There is nothing in the rules that you are not allowed to do that. It is just a moral stance that it is wrong.

      I agree, I don't like people needing when they don't need it. But it is something I have accepted with this game (as it is now). I grumble to myself and move on.

      Since this game is played by millions, it can never be everything to everyone. Blizzard do what they think is best for the game. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't (personal view point there, like it is with everyone). You can only try to enjoy the game as it is and suggest changes to Blizzard. Hey sometimes things change for the better.

      I shall wait to see the changes in MoP to see what it is like.

    4. @ Anon, you got lucky with a good group that could handle it. Most LFR groups can barely handle one almag up. Do not think one good run means they are all like that. They need to think of the lowest common denominator and have it designed around that.

      Also, I did not say do it my way or be banned. I said do it the way it was intended to do it or be banned. If I where in LFR with all my guild I would not even bother with bloods, we would let all 3 hit and just burn the boss. I mean they should do it as intended. If they can not do something as intended they shouldn't be doing it. Just because I do not need to switch to slime with my guild does not mean I don't in LFR, I do it in LFR because that is how it is supposed to be done. There is a difference. I never once even came close to saying do it my way or be banned. Not even sure where you got that idea from.

      As for the rolling to trade I admit that is my own opinion based thing but that is only because I am not an asshole. I would not roll need on something I do not need because I know what the word need means. If I need the hands I roll need on them. I do not roll need on shoulders I don't need hoping to trade them for hands because I am not an asshole. So yes, that is opinion based, but I still stand by it. People that roll need on things they do not need are bad for the game. They create ill feelings in the community. I would say the number one thing I see people complain about in LFR, even more than low DPS, HPS or pulling, is people rolling need on things they do not need. It might not be against ToS but it is against common decency, something this game needs a lot more of.

    5. @ Celeggur

      I am glad to see that someone got a ban for the mass summon thing. Mages seem to love to put a put up on top of the one that opens there and has gotten more than a few people to click it. They call it fun, I call it annoying. I've never been tricked but I've seen people raging about it because they have. These people need to realize that there is a time and a place for joking like that and a group of random people you do not know is neither the time nor the place. I al glad he got banned. Good for him and good for blizzard. That is the first time I have ever heard of anyone getting banned for things like that. Awesome news indeed.

      As you said about personal views, that is where the problem is.

      I might say that someone that does not switch to bloods deserves to be reported for something, be it harassment or greifing while others say it is no big deal.

      That is why the line needs to be made in the sand by blizzard. They need rules and they need to enforce them.

      As the anon said, some groups can just out heal all three hitting so why switch. I agree, if I were in an all guild group or all good players that is how we would do it.

      However, the average LFR group can not even out heal or out DPS wrath level healing and damage dealing, so you can not do that in the average group.

      So I say just do it the way the mechanics intend it to be done.

      You can never expect gear to show what someone is capable of. You can never know who will do the right thing and who won't.

      So it is just easier to follow the mechanics. Always.

      So you see, both arguments hold weight. I think they should be forced to follow mechanics no matter what, but I've also heard of every boss being done without following them completely.

      I am glad to see they are addressing the rolling on things you do not need in mists but I still think they are completely missing the target with the randomly giving people stuff sometimes. They need a better loot system in my opinion.

  5. "The guy that rolls on loot he does not need just to trade it and even says so in raid."

    I'm not sure why you think this is being an asshole. The whole point in guild runs is that if an item drops that you want and someone else gets it, you're more likely to get it next time it drops.

    In LFR, this isn't the case. If you need the prot helm, for example, and nothing else...does it seem fair that you get to roll on one item while other players can roll on a dozen or more? And those players who want a dozen items have an equal chance to win the one item you need?

    The whole point of rolling on items to trade is to equalize the chances. To not give the other people a dozen chances for an item while you only get one. So instead of a 1/8 chance of winning that prot helm, you have 1/8 chance on winning any prot token and can trade one or more for the helm.

    Imagine it as a PUG raid in Dragon Soul (normal mode 10 man) for a moment. If you only need one item from the raid and another player who also wants that item also wants another dozen that fair to you? A guild wouldn't give a new person a bunch of items and them give them an equal chance on the one item a veteran needs. All people are doing is applying this *social* norm to LFR raids because the rules allow them to do so.

    That said, rolling need to vendor an item is being an asshole, but you might want to reconsider your thoughts on trading.

    1. While I do not agree with it, rolling on something a guild mate needs can be considered needing it. So that is not what I am complaining about.

      I am complaining about the person that is doing it for themselves only, for selfish reasons.

      I think the whole LFR loot system was distorted to begin with. They should have all dropped tokens or badges or something and you should have been able to buy the gear at something like 8 each. That way the most anyone ever got was one a week. So people with good luck, it made the content last longer and people with bad luck still got something. It would have been a much better design then the roll system that is abused by a large portion of the player base.

      Not sure if you read my older stuff but I always said the LFR loot design was perfect. It was the people that screwed it up. I personally do not think they should have ever even needed class restrictions on it. If only people knew the difference between need and greed, which they do not.

      If it is something you will equip now as it is better than what you have, need it. If not, greed it.

      A decent and fair person understand that. The majority of the wow player base is no where close to decent and fair.

      That, in the end, is my problem.

      It is my own fault for expecting people to not be jerks.

    2. "I am complaining about the person that is doing it for themselves only, for selfish reasons."

      But my entire post was describing a person who rolled on items to trade for themselves only.

      Let's say I need 1 item from LFR and have 11 items already from 25 weeks of running it. Someone who just hit 85 and uses PvP gear to game the ilvl (or, hell, let's say they're legitimately 372+) joins and needs both the 1 item I need and the other 11 items.

      Does it seem fair that he gets to roll on 11 items that I don't and we still both have an equal shot at the 1 item I need?

      In a guild, this situation doesn't happen, because the new guy would not get that one item over the veteran. But it can easily happen in LFR.

      So instead of a 50% chance at 1 item(assuming only 2 people need these items somehow, the situation is even *worst* in practice), I have a 50% chance at 12 items and can trade the ones I don't need for the one I do need if it drops. And if the one item I do need doesn't drop, then I can give the items I won away to the other person anyway.

      Do some people roll on gear just to be jerks? Sure. But many are just trying to maximize their chances of getting the item they want in a random and chaotic group.

    3. Sadly that is the way rolls go. Unless it is an arranged pug where you can say to someone before hand that all you need is one thing and you will not roll on the others, a theory like that does not work.

      I agree it should. But this is a group setting with random people that care about no one but themselves, as it should be I guess being you will never see them again, but in time you just get fed up dealing with those people.

      The thing that I complain about most is not so much they need it to trade it but if the item they want doesn't drop, they just leave group instead of giving it to someone that did need it.

      If someone is doing it for decent reasons and is a decent person I have no problem with it.

      However, being you play this game too you will know my observations are close to accurate, the large majority of people that play this game are not decent people.

      So because most of them are jerks you and I have to live by their rules as they will not live by ours.

      And that means, they should not be even allowed to roll on something they do not need, even if they say their intention is to trade it.

  6. Are we "oldtimers" simply too old for this game anymore, and not enough to count?

    Blizz seems not to be interested in any of the social aspects anymore. There are simply more people who have absolutely no interest in social aspects - except for the need to strut around showing off the epics.

    So it's only logical.....

    TBC ... epics for everyone
    LK ... groups for everyone (and don't you dare to try to find a group outside LFD)
    Cata... raids for everyone

    seems only logical now to go for "legendaries for everyone"

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT

    1. Even someone like myself who is not a social person even in the slightest would still like to see the game being more social. While I might not be the social type I still say hello at the start of a dungeon and thanks for the run at the end and am willing to explain the fights if someone needs to know. You do need to be social to be a decent person as I see it but with the lack of social interaction people tend to be less decent to each other, if that make any sense.

      I have no problem with making the game easier over all for the masses, it needs it, but there is a point where things are not about being too easy, they become about not even worth wasting your time with.

      This is teetering on that line if you ask me, the line between being easy and being so easy it isn't even worth doing.

    2. my WOW experiences ended short before Cata, but even at that time a "hello" and "goodby" would have made you in most of my groups one of the more social people :)
      Simply put, the current environment favours those without any social discipline. So over time things are getting worse (see LFr reports about grievers). The new loot mechanic will enforce that further.

      Rauxis, chosen of CAT

    3. I always do the hello all at the start and thanks for the run at the end and if it was even a remotely a social group that actually said hello back I might even add have a nice day.

      From my experience, unless it was someone bitching about how bad someone was, my words were the only ones you would ever see in there.

      And I am NOT a social person. I would rather never talk to anyone in game but I do it because it is the right thing to do.

      Can't see how I can do something I don't want to and others can't. I say, if I can say hello you can too.

  7. I think they may be going the right way with the loot system. Time will tell of course. Making it individual takes out a lot of the problems. (although I think it will only be used in LFR/LFD. I wonder if the option will be available to PUG'ed groups)

    No longer will you lose to someone who needs it when they don't. Whether it will mean more or less gear for people. Not sure. Since it is still RNG, I guess you could still go for weeks without winning anything.

    It at least will fix one of your problems.
    The others I don't see any easy fix. People doing what you are meant to do in an encounter is correct. But banning people because they don't. Still seems extreme to me.

    I guess things might only get worse in MoP when they expand the LFR system.

    1. It is extreme for sure and really while I say they should be banned I don't think it is that clear cut. Even if I say it I understand not everything deserves a ban. But surely some things do. Serial pullers surely should be banned. I am sure we can at least agree on that one.

      I have never been a fan of the RNG but that is because my luck is horrible. Took me 20 weeks killing DW before I ever saw a bow drop. Took me 16 in LFR before I saw one drop. Actually 15, two dropped the first week it was out, a rogue won both. Then I did not see another in LFR for 15 more weeks. So as you can see, I have a very good reason to hate anything RNG based thanks to my horrible luck.

    2. the main problem with the new loot system IMHO is - items are not tradable. Sure, it prevents people from asking, but it's again a decline in the social aspect. For Blizz it's good, because more randomness will ensure players need more runs, and therefore STAY LONGER IN THE GAME AS PAYING CUSTOMERS.

      I just had the revelation, that the removal of server wide chat fits exactly into the same pattern. Because it removes a number of shortcuts, and in the big picture increases profits.

      Rauxis, chosen of CAT

    3. "No longer will you lose to someone who needs it when they don't."

      Sure you will, and that's the problem.

      Let's say I need nothing from LFR but a friend asks me to go on a run to make it smoother.

      I don't even HAVE the option to pass on an item in MoP. So the game might very well decide I win an item instead of you, and regardless of which item I get I'll just vendor or DE it.

      Honestly, the change is designed to prevent guilds from farming LFR in groups by rotating mains to get gear insanely quickly. It won't help the "average" LFR user.

    4. @Balkoth

      I know what you mean there. While I never once needed on something unless I actually needed it while I was alone I did do a few guild runs where we rolled as a group.

      Hey, if you can't beat them, join them, and it seems that is the only way to win anything there. So I am with you that I dislike the idea that I can not pass my item to my friend that does need it.

      Just more bad design on the part of blizzard. What do you expect from them with their track record. Give them 2 ideas and they will always choose the worst one.

  8. Replies
    1. Yeah, not sure why spell check did not pick it up or why I missed it. I have a problem with crossing letters when I type sometimes.

  9. I'd prefer if a Legendary stayed exceedingly rare and took a crazy amount of effort. It took me years of grinding to get The Hand of Rag, and Thunderfury, and giving an orange item to everyone cheapens those. I know that it should not, but it does. There is a reason that everyone does not have Thunderfury.

    1. I agree, I have run 1 character through MC to exalted, and at least 10 to revered, which means a butt load of clears and I have still never seen the hand drop. Ever, not even once.

      Did get the bindings twice however, sadly on the same character.