Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- Another mount for me on another monday.

- It is only another crusade one so now I only have two left I need to get.

- I still like to do those dailies once in a while, I don't go crazy about it.

- I like that type of content, wish there were more of it.

- I can't think of any other daily hub I have done more than that one.

- With new achievements for 5000 and 10000 dailies I am going to need to start doing them more again.

- I usually do dailies until I am done with what I want from them.

- Be it exalted, a pet, a mount, whatever, once I am done, I stop doing them.

- Except for the one daily in uldum where you whack the pygmies. 

- I can't pass that one up without doing it.

- Any character I am on, I do it if I am passing through.

- So I have over 4K dailies done and that means I need 6K more for the achievement.

- Unless they plan to add dailies that are actually worth doing I am going to need to do a lot of dailies just for the sake of getting the achievements.

- At least they are removing the cap so on those weekends when I play and there is nothing to do (because there is no second raid lock out) I can do a ton of them.

- As usual however, the ones I need stuff from will come first.

- With new races being added sometimes when expansions come out you have to wonder how long before the ogres are horde.

- It is an absolute given that ogres will be horde, they have been closely connected with them for a long time.

- Same went for goblins, that is why when they were added you knew they would be horde.

- The question is, what race would be like that for alliance.

- I can not think of one race that is close to alliance like that.

- Goblins and orges have always helped horde.

- No races ever helped the alliance like them.

- I am guessing furblog would be the closest counter to orges even if they are not really as connected to alliance as orges are horde.

- So it is a full expansion later and the death knight equals bad player thing still seems to be.

- You could understand it in wrath but it is still happening.

- Not saying there are no good DKs, there are some amazing ones.

- What I am saying is that when it comes to classes that have the most bad players DKs own that title.

- There is usually a simple way to tell if a DK is bad or good without ever seeing them play.

- Ask them why they play one.  Simple.

- If they say they play one because it starts at 55 and/or is over powered for a while they are a bad player.

- If they say almost anything else they might be a good player.

- Being a hunter I am glad death knights are around.

- Before them I would say hunters owned the title class with the most bad players.

- I think that might have a lot to do with hunters being the default option you are given when you first open up the game.

- And the fact they are the easiest to level.

- The saying about hunters is so true.

- Easiest class to play, hardest class to master.

- That is a nice design if you ask me.

- Anyone can be effective to some extent because it does not need much to be decent.

- But if you want to take a step up, you really need skill.

- Even more so in PvP.

- You don't know anything about being a skilled player until you play PvP as a hunter.

- I ran into someone the other day that was decked out as a hunter, even had the bow, weapon and trinket which I was still missing.

- They did 23k on ultraxion.

- Sure, that is all that is needed with the 20% debuff and all but 23k?

- You are in all best in slot non heroic gear and can only do 23k?

- Even if you got fading light every single time you should still break 30.

- I can do between 35-39 missing the three most important pieces for DPS.

- That is the perfect example of easy to play and hard to master.

- They are easy enough a bad player can do enough to get the job done.

- But they require some sort of skill to get more out of them, a lot more.

- I can get a hell of a lot better myself, I am no where near great and I could pull 35k at worst.

- A more skilled hunter could probably pull another 2 or 3k out of my gear.

- There is no better example of easy to play and hard to master than something that simple.

- And for PvE I never really thought it was that pronounced.

- I always thought that comment was about PvP only.

- Nope.  It holds true for PvE as well.

- I think that guy should reroll a DK, it seems like that is where he belongs.

- You know another class I've seen a recent influx of bad players with?

- Paladin healers.

- It seems like wherever there is a flavor of the month over powered class there are bad players that follow.

- From the early going of this expansion it seemed paladins where the way to go and now it seems all the bad players have finally leveled their paladins.

- What took them so long?

- Oh yeah, they are bad players.

- I recall the early days of dungeons when people in PvP gear would fake their way in and people could complain.

- I always joked that paladin healers were the only healing class that could get away with it.

- I'd seen many random paladins in all PvP gear rock it in randoms.

- They where amazing.

- Seems like these bad players decided to roll with that.

- I have something I need to tell those bad players.

- Only good players can heal as a paladin in PvP gear.

- If you are playing a paladin healer just because it is over powered, you are probably not a good player.

- I think rule number one should be whatever class is over powered will usually have the worst players.

- So expect the worst players in the game come mists to be Monks, Hunters and Warlocks.

- Why is that Grumpy, you might ask.

- Monks because we know that blizzard is horrible with adding a new class and making it balanced, look at DKs, they are still not fixed to line up with all other classes.

- Hunters because of the hugely high skill cap required to play PvP as mentioned above and the low showing of them in arenas, they will attempt to adjust that and of course make mistakes.

- Hunters also because of how horrible hunters scale with gear.  As their history shows they start every single expansion leaps and bounds better than any other class and usually end the expansion needing a slew of buffs just to stay ahead of the tank, just like with cataclysm.

- I remember reading a joke early on with raiding in cataclysm when it was first released.  Take 2 tanks, any kind, 2 priest healers and 6 survival hunters and roll through content.

- So many people said the same thing at the start.

- At the end, with the way fights where designed and hunters horrible scaling, everyone was saying, leave the hunters home.

- Until survival got a huge buff to make them useful again, in one spec any way, the other two still are bottom of the pack.

- Warlocks because of the lack of warlocks playing in the game now.  They will give them some huge buffs.

- All those buffs added with some changes to how they work, means they will be over powered for quite some time.

- Those three are for PvE of course but all three will also be huge in PvP.  Mark my words.

- Also, check out tanks in PvP, all tanks.

- With the redesign of abilities it means that tanks will be able to do damage more freely and have cooldowns useable more often.

- Tanks are going to be really over powered in PvP as well.

- PvP is never fun at the beginning of an expansion, even if you are using the OP class.

- Losing all the time sucks just as much as winning all the time.

- At least for me, some people might like having a class with the I Win button.

- Looks at most mages as those people.  Most mages are people that like an I Win button.

- My I Win button on my mage is 3.

- I know, I am weird, most people use 1.

- It is also why I do not play my mage.  I find that style of play boring.

- I like healing because it is never the same.

- Who takes damage, outside of the tank, is always different, which means the fight is always different.

- But expect there to be fewer healers at the start, just like in cataclysm.

- They are messing with them again.

- When will blizzard get the idea, healing is fun when you can keep going, it is not fun when you have to watch your mana bar all the time.

- Design it that if I choose to heal the wrong people that people will die and it would be fun, it makes decisions matter and does not make watching a resource the most important thing.

- Do not design it that if I run out of mana people will die.  For a healer nothing means failure more than losing someone that could have been saved, if only you had mana.  That is not good design, at least not at the gearing up levels.

- They need to design things thinking about the starting point, not the ending point, that is their problem.

- Their healing model for cataclysm was fine, for raids.

- For a 329 healer with 329 players, some of which where not good, did not know fights, or where just inexperienced, the starting content was killer.

- They said, but it is designed around raiding.

- I say, read my last post and stop designing all content to be based around content for raiders that only count for a tiny portion of your players.

- Design it so a 329 healer can heal 329 players that are lesser skilled in the 329 starting dungeons.

- Then we will not have healers quitting like we did at the start of cataclysm because they felt they could not keep up.

- If people died because they made mistakes, they would try to get better.  When people died when they where doing everything perfect because they had no mana, they quit healing.

- I've said it before and I will say it again.  I doubt anyone at blizzard actually plays the game because they continuously make decisions that no one that plays the game would ever consider.

- They do a fair job, don't get me wrong, but they always seem to be a day late and a dollar short on everything.

- Like fixing the LFR loot system after they released it.

- Personally I thought it was fine, but the community abused it

- They should have known their own community.

- This is what they get from not playing the game themselves.

- Why not make something work correctly to start with?

- Oh wait, we are talking blizzard.  Can't use that logic.

- Why fix something before it comes out if we can fix it after people complain about it for 9 months.

- That is blizzards model.

- So tomorrow they will announce that August 7th is mists release date, my guess of course.

- And we will have 2 months left of this expansion.

- So what do you plan to do with that last two months?

- I plan to finally finish at least getting my best in slot normal stuff, if the crap ever drops.

- I swear the random part of the raids is horrible.  If something only drops 8 different items and 2 drop per run, what are the odds you will never see one item drop after 16 weeks, multiple characters, and countless alt runs.

- There is random and there is broken.  The loot system is broken, not random.

- Back on task, I plan on getting one more priest and two more hunters to max level.

- I plan on doing as many dailies as I have time for, even if it is only a few a day, to get a head start on my 10,000 dailies achievement.

- I plan on deciding on making one of my horde characters a horde achievement whore.

- It will be a hunter of course, what else would you expect from me.  Now to decided on which hunter.

- I have an orc, a troll and a tauren hunter.

- This is with the idea that with achievements being shared I might actually get what were previously horde only achievements on my alliance characters as well.

- Either way, it would be nice to have one achievement hunter on each side.  Some things can only be done on one side or the other.  Like the cooking and fishing things, reputations for certain factions, etc.

- Horde side has always been a just for fun side for me.  I have no serious characters on that side even if I do have almost as many horde chars as I do alliance ones.

- That is all I really have on my things to do list at the moment.

- I'd have more but being I won't do randoms or LFR because of the horrible player base, that leaves me with nothing to do.

- Except for wrath dailies.  Crusade to be exact.

- Amazing, I am doing the same dailies I did the end of the last expansion.  And less raiding, less dungeons, less being out in the world and basically less of everything in game.

- So much for cataclysm being the biggest expansion with more content than ever before.

- Here is to hoping mists gives us what cataclysm promised us.

- Cheers.

- Actually, I am expecting mists will.

- It would fit blizzards pattern.

- Release something, let people complain about it for a while, an entire expansion in this case, and fix it later.

- I would really be glad if they just fixed things right away.

- Blizzard is really using up all the good will I have.  Love for a game can only last so long.  Friendships in game, the ones that kept me from quitting during the zul disaster, can only fix so much.

- That is why blizzard is losing subs.

- While I might be grumpy, I am also stubborn.  I am sticking it out because I believe things will get better.

- 2M people were not as stubborn as me.

- Will unlimited dailies, 100s of them, friendships, pokeman and farmville in mists be enough to keep people interested?

- For me the thing that matters most are the dungeons and raids.  That other stuff is just stuff to pass the time.

- I want randoms that can be done even with bad players.

- I want raids that I can pug on weekends, which means I need two lock outs.

- If they can fix that I will be a less grumpy elf.

- If not, I might not be around to complain about the expansion after mists.

- Have a great day and get ready for the release date announcement.


  1. Having a pally healer as my main, I am extra sensitive when I have a crappy healadin in my PUGs when I'm running my alts.

    Like that one in my most recent HoT run who couldn't be bothered to cleanse OR heal anyone during the first boss -- even the druid tank! :p

    1. Blame them being so over powered at the start for seeing all those bad ones now.

      I used to love seeing a paladin healer when cataclysm was first launched. It was the only healer I knew would not need to drink after every pull and I knew that they had some super powered heals.

      For as much as I loved them at the start I dread seeing one now. Usually you get the reroll one that only rolled it because they where over powered at the start.

      I wish these people would understand that healers and tanks are different from DPS.

      You can roll flavor of the month DPS and still do fine, you can not roll flavor of the month healers and tanks and do fine when you are a bad player.

  2. Alliance could get High Elves, though that might be odd - they'd have to change them pretty drastically from just being reskinned Blood Elves. Arokkoa is another possibility, since the Alliance did work with them in the novels, and Horde didn't until TBC where the birdmen worked with both sides (this feels like the worked-with-both-but-most-likely-Horde Goblins).

    Earthen, perhaps? The Alliance has a lot of sub-races, which perhaps is the problem. Dark Irons, Wildhammers, Broken, Stormwind/Lordaeron/Stromgarde/Kul Tiras/etc humans.

    I'm with you that Furbolg is probably the most likely, though, given how the Alliance has had some friendly history with them in Ashenvale/Azshara while the Horde (to my knowledge) never really have.

    1. There are so many dwarf or human factions I just consider them all the same. I think adding one of those would be taking the cheap way out. It is possible however I guess.

    2. I wonder if Blizz would ever consider opening up the sub-races as "skin" options? Taunka for Tauren, Dark Iron/Wildhammer/Frostborn for Dwarves, Broken for Draeni, Maghar (sic?) coloration for Orcs...

    3. I doubt they would do that, they would sooner release them as new playable races. It would be interesting to see however.

  3. The friend that Scrolled me is an avid Mount collector, so I'll be frantically collecting cool-looking 'inappropriate' Quest rewards like the unique 'Wrench' Mace model and Cutlass model from STV before Mists will remove being able to chose your own Quest reward (the infernal 'Dynamic Quest Reward'system that will apparently also be latched on the already existing content).

    I also plan to farm Scarlet Monastery and Scholo for Recipes and Gear (sets), again before MoP will remove it because Blizz has developed the annoying habit of 'revamping'
    content (I actually long for the days that they e.g. kept 'forgetting' to fix the Battle of Darrowshire bug for years)

    As for the Alliance race, if it wasn't for the problems with fitting gear on the models I'd say Dryads would be a logical choice, though because of the half-assed-as-Alliance-content factor Moonkin and Furbolgs might be more likely.

    1. Never thought about moonkin but being they are a druid spec basically I don't think they would ever be their own class.