Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Random Thoughts

- I am looking forward to this coming patch more then some of the content patches.

- Finally, to have a crossbow that does not sound like a gun any more.

- It really takes blizzard, what?, 10 weeks to fix a sound file.

- Hopefully the stats will be correct on it too now.

- And I'll finally be able to reforge it now.

- Nah, that would be asking too much.

- Can't have it sound right, display the right stats, and be capable of reforging it.

- I'll probably have to wait another 10 weeks for them to fix the other stuff too.

- God forbid another class had an item meant for them with a bug it would be fixed instantly.

- If they can not fix a sound file in 10 weeks it makes me laugh when people complain about balancing PvP.

- Balancing PvP has to at least be a 10 year problem if a sound file is 10 week problem.

- Someone challenged my Shaman to a duel the other day while I was just hanging out in my healing gear.

- I owned him as a healer.  I did not even have my PvP gear on.  He did.

- Prot pally, even used his lay on hands, never got me below 90%.

- Got me the achievement.  I had never dueled on my shaman before.

- I think he was looking for an easy kill.

- Want an easy kill?  Duel a paladin.

- Oh wait, he was a paladin.  Guess that ruins that idea.

- If you are any class but a paladin you can duel a hunter for an easy win.

- Don't know if it is just my luck but I have yet to see one paladin that can PvP.

- Well, with exception of holy paladins.

- That goes to show you it is a balance thing and not a player thing.

- If the majority of people can not do well with a class the class needs help.

- After my win I decided to do some battlegrounds for the first time on my Shaman.

- Lost 4 out of 5.  Woohoo, go alliance.

- I marked myself a healer too, figured that would help.  Not a chance.

- Alliance go into an area and there are 4 horde, 1 being a healer.  The 3 others protect the healer with everything they can.

- Wish it worked both ways.

- When I went in to heal, even if there where 5 others there, the second I cast a heal, all the horde are on me and not one of the 5 alliance players even try to help me.

- And the good alliance players wonder why healers on the ally side are so few and far between.

- It is because no one wants to heal knowing that no one is going to protect them and let them do their job.

- It is not rocket science.  Protect the healer and live.

- One time in five battlegrounds I found a group of people that were willing to protect me.

- Three people and me defended against wave after wave of the horde trying to get to the flag.

- They kept me alive, I kept them alive.

- That is how it is supposed to work.

- People are starting to come back from the summer and we can start raiding again soon.  I am so happy.

- Firelands here I come.

- Too bad everyone else is done or almost done with it before I even start it.

- We are losing one of our healers due to his job giving him a new schedule but otherwise we have picked up a lot of people coming back to play.

- Including a holy paladin that was a main healer in wrath.

- He leveled a brand new paladin because he did not feel comfortable relearning how to play.

- He said he wanted to level holy to relearn playing it.

- He did well and geared up fast and is back to being a super healer, just like he used to be.

- We did an attempt on Shannox after a trash run last night just for the fun of it.

- I figured it would give me chance to explain the fight to everyone so when we do it this week we can jump right into it.

- Got both dogs down and shannox down to 17% before we wiped to the timer.

- Not bad at all being we did not have three of our top DPS and a holy paladin that is only 342 item level.

- I told you, my crew might be way behind when it comes progression but they are not bad overall.

- Three of the people in the group had never even stepped into firelands before.  Not even for trash.

- We actually would have downed it if riplimb did not bug out.

- Riplimb was at 40 percent and started to evade.

- When he stopped evading he was at full health.

- If not for that we would have downed it.

- We wasted so much time on him when he was evading and then having to down him again, a second time.

- I must say I was quite impressed with the group that was there.  To do so well with no experience in it and in most cases no new gear because they had not been around to get any yet was a huge plus.

- I'd be willing to bet we knock him out this week with a group that goes in with the intention to do it.

- Hope I do not have to tank it again.

- My value as a hunter is leaps and bounds over my value as a tank.

- Hitting the timer on the boss proves my DPS is needed more then my tanking.  We had 3 people around 12K.  While we would have done it if not for riplimb bugging we would have been in a better position with more DPS and my hunter does a lot more DPS.

- Either way, quite impressive for our first real solid attempt.

- Now if only we can get the holy paladin some gear.

- If he can heal that in 340ish gear imagine what he can do in 360ish gear.

- I love having a holy paladin in the mix finally.

- We had 4 shaman, 2 druids, 5 priests and 0 paladins.

- I remember when the expansion started and we had no healers and so many tanks.

- How a few months change things.

- I wonder if everyone else is experiencing the same.

- The start of the expansion healers where rare, very rare.

- I think it is because blizzard decided they wanted to make healing fun that chased all healers away.

- Perhaps they did not realize the way they designed it made healing... not fun.

- Spam your biggest heal over and over and over on the tank and hope and pray that they DPS can down the mob before you run out of mana. Or hope and pray none of the DPS take any avoidable damage because if you are forced to heal them even once it could cause a wipe.

- Blizzard thought that was fun.

- I want whatever blizzard is smoking.

- Such mind altering perceptions can really be interesting.

- At least they thought it was.

- While their healing system has still not changed.  Spam the tank and pray the DPS do not take too much damage.  Gear has made it more bearable.

- If they want to make healing more fun they should make it like they said it would be.

- Playing patch up on people with extra attention to the tank.

- The choosing between biggest heal or fastest heal for every situation and hoping you do not run out of mana is not fun at all.

- Seems like a lot of people got over it.  We have a lot of healers now.

- Now tanks are the issue.

- Not sure how that can be any more "fun".  You stand there and get beat on while moving once in a while and popping a cooldown at predictable moments.

- No really, I have no clue how to make tanking fun.  It just isn't fun.  Never had been, never will be.

- In the long and short of it I think having more people around and starting to raid again might be just want this grumpy elf needed.

- The game has reached critical mass when it comes to levels of boredom.

- I needed something new.

- Sure I have other alts I could gear up for fun but the idea of running the same two dungeons on even more characters is something I can not and will not do.

- Two dungeons is not exactly random is it?

- If you are going to make us do a mind numbing repetitive run of the same two dungeons at least take any challenge out of it what so ever.

- Even one bad group in 10 is way to much.

- At least a bad group when it is actually a random dungeon is one thing.  A bad group when you know that you are only going to get the same dungeon again if you drop makes it unbearable.

- Of all the things I've been grumpy about this expansion, nothing beats this one.

- Two random dungeons over and over.

- If anyone ever wanted to peg a reason for quitting on anything, this is it.

- Let hope blizzard noticed the error of their ways and never makes it like that again.

- 4.3 we will get three dungeons.

- Woohoo, the randomness of three now instead of two.

- I'd say they are learning, but this proves they are not.

- Finally they are recycling something in game that actually can use it.  The faire.

- Now that needed a facelift and I am glad it is getting it.

- Turning in a few rogue decks every time it comes around is taking me forever to get my rep up.

- See blizzard, upgrade what is already there.  That is a good way to recycle.

- Don't relabel the mobs with a higher level and a new ability in dungeons and call it a new dungeon.  That is a bad way to recycle.


  1. Coming into Cata, I had on the main's server, 3 priests, a druid and a paladin, all specced for healing on at least one build out of the two possible.

    I never liked using disc as a healing build, having found it far more fun to level with it as an offensive build (even if it isn't good enough for raiding or even instance play as DPS). I took one look at the holy pally tree and figured quick that I was not interested in that and now only have Ret as my single paladin build. The changes to the druid class were not sufficiently interesting to make me want to learn that new way of healing.

    So in the end, I put one of my priests to the side, leveled one to be my holy healer and the other to be my shadow DPS. Did I find healing to be more fun in Cata? In a short word, NO. I still will heal with my holy priest, but I don't really and truly enjoy it as much as I did once.

    Also my Shadow Priest is fun to play but the rotation is brutal and requires nearly perfect timing to get the most DPS possible. I think I prefer the older BC mana battery style of shadow priest. There I was performing a useful function constantly, able to shackle undead reliably and still be a fairly respectable DPS candidate (normally 6th out of 25, or maybe 3rd or 4th out of 10).

  2. You know, that was surprisingly nice/easy to read.

    As though I was ticking of a 'to-do' list or something.

    Interesting to hear the thoughts and ramblings of other fellow players :)

    - Jamin