Friday, August 12, 2011

5 Man Pet Peeves

I am not going to go into the basics that we all hate like DPS standing in bad when you are healing, or not attacking the skull when you are tanking.  We all hate those things.  There are some other little things that really get to me that some people would just say, ignore it or suck it up, but they really annoy me and this is my blog so I am allowed to complain here.

As any Role:
1) Gogogo people.
2) Anyone that pulls and drops.
3) People that think they are gods gift.

As a Tank:
1) People that pull for me.
2) Waiting forever for the CC when I ask for it.
3) Anyone that taunts that isn't me.

As a Healer:
1) People that ask to be healed.
2) People that refuse to release and walk back after a wipe.
3) Tanks that do not avoid avoidable damage.

As a Damage Dealer:
1) Spending 1/2 the fight saving the healer because the tank won't.
2) Tanks that take forever to pull after targets are CCed.
3) People that do not understand my classes. ex: "Poly the demon"

Those are things I am sure a lot of others can agree with but I have a couple more that might be just me but I am sure in some rare cases I am not the only one that dislikes these things.

A Few That are Most Likely Just Me:
1) Being color blind, when DPS and Mob effects look the same.
2) Tight spaces, because I keep my camera so far out it messes up my view.
3) Fights without sound triggers, I react to sound faster then visual.


  1. Tight spaces. I HATE that.

    DPS "not attacking the skull when you are tanking" This one confuses me. I have a macro that I spam all the time. I focus the tank, and the macro targets my focus's target and starts auto attack. If the tank switches, so do I. This is not ALWAYS desirable, and I have accidentally pulled a few times, but in general, its the way to go (in my opinion)

  2. As you said, generally it is not a bad idea but I still like to tell people that assisting is not a habit they should ever get into. It is the last resort of not knowing what target to hit.

    This is why (and I've said it 100 times in past posts) I always tell people DO NOT ASSIST THE TANK.

    Follow kill order. If there is none, then you can do one of two things. 1) attack the lowest life target or 2) assist the tank. 1 is safer in most cases.

    Tanks often switch targets for various reasons, one being just to put a little extra aggro on a target that might be looking at the healer as if it were lunch and another is that they have enough of a lead on skull that they are starting to work on some X aggro.

    Also, tab target sucks horribly. As a tank I've tabbed to CCed mobs 100s if not 1000s of times. If you are a hunter following me on focus, you just broke that CC, not me. I was no where near hitting it as a tank, you are the one that broke it out.

    I know when I am tanking once I have enough aggro on a target I am off thinking of the next move and am usually no longer on the focus target because I know that no one is going to rip it off me before it dies.

    Assisting can cause lots of problems if you happen to assist the tank when he moved over to a target just to drop one hit on them and you start to power DPS it.

    If the tank does not mark however and someone pulls, it is the tanks fault. If nothing is marked it means (from a DPS standpoint here) AoE away or assist. If either AoE or assist pulls in that case, 100% tanks fault for not marking.