Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Random Thoughts

- Do people really think l33t speak is cool?

- I think it is a you spend to much time on the computer if you start to think talking like that is cool thing.

- People in my guild are excited about the idea of the next expansion being about the pandas.

- I'm personally torn about it at the moment.

- I doubt they will be a playable race.

- They have an in game pet, playable races do not have in game pets.

- If they become a playable race and we can have a pet of them then I want a pet of the draenei, blood elf, human and orc children from children's week.

- I know that is a bad reason to think they would not make them playable, but it sounds reasonable to me so I'm sticking with it.

- Early odds on the next 5 man they are going to add are tied at the moment between remaking ZF to add to the other two zuls and making a third tier of heroics by remaking the two AQ raids into 5 mans.

- I doubt they would make anything new, this expansion is all about how much can the recycle, not how much they can add to the game play experience.

- Personally I am against both.  Blizzard really needs to stop ripping apart the history of the game because they are too lazy to make new content.

- While I would love to see a new AQ40 if they make it at least keep the old one around.

- Just like they should have kept the old ZA and the old ZG.

- They kept the old SFK and old DMs, why not keep the other old stuff?

-Ever notice how much of a difference one player can make in a run?

- I was healing a ZA with a somewhat new tank, he was okay, but not fantastic.

- It was going something like this.  Few mobs down, wipe, few mobs down, wipe, few mobs down, wipe.

- After the second boss and three wipes on the way there the hunter said they had to leave.

- He got replaced by another hunter.  Nearly the same DPS, 2K difference is all, but we never wiped again.

- One player can really make a world of difference.

- They could have blamed the rookie tank for not being that great.

- They could have blamed my healing for not being able to keep them up.

- No one passed blame, a DPS was changed, and everyone found out that it was the one DPS that was the problem, not the tank or the healer.

- People do not give DPS enough credit when it sure is needed.

- I've seen it time and time again, one good damage dealer in a dungeon can make the difference between a wipefest or a quick run.

- I am not just talking about numbers.

- I'm talking about people like this boomkin I ran with that always hit barkskin when something came at him.

- Bet you 95% of boomkins would never think to do that.

- That guy was a good damage dealer.

- Little things like that make a big difference.

- Speaking of little things.  I got spoiled by firelands trash drops.

- First few runs we where getting 3-5 drops per clear.

- Last 6 runs, two total drops.

- I knew they nerfed the drop rate but that is a huge drop.

- I miss that first week.

- I'll never get my polearm this way.

- I am too cheap to pay 50K for it on the market.

- I can afford it 10 times over, sure, but there is a moral to it.  I will not pay that much for a drop.

- 10K and I would own it, maybe even 12K.

- You know if I buy it the next time I am in there it would drop right?

- I would sell it for 50K.

- Just because I would not pay that does not means I would not sell it to someone else stupid enough to pay that.

- I want that one because I would feel bad rolling against a druid for the fire kitty polearm.

- If I have that one there is no need to role for it.

- If I don't, sorry druid, blame the rng for hating me with drops but I want your fire kitty polearm.

- I would still feel bad rolling against a druid.

- I think that is one of those items that should have a class on it.

- It should say, class: Druid.

- Just like the legendary bow should have said class: Hunter.

- A rogue or warrior rolling on it was an insult to every hunter that has ever played the game.

- Just like a hunter rolling on the fire kitty polearm would be an insult to every druid in the game.

- I like druids, I do not want to insult them like that.

- Did some throwback raids for fun the other day.

- Thanks to blizzard I was able to dance in battle again while standing on the top in RS waiting for the dragon to come back.

- Dancing in combat was such a big game breaking thing, glad they addressed it so quickly.

- Targeting dead mobs all the time while I tank apparently does not effect game play, so there is no rush to fix that.

- I have [nodead] macros for everything now because I could not wait for blizzard to fix something as trivial as that.

- If it were as important or game breaking like dancing, they would have addressed it sooner.

- How come when worgen where capable of skinning while someone else was already skinning and stealing it from them they went out of their way to fix it as soon as they could.

- Tauren have been doing that with herbs since the beginning of time, stealing an herb from someone that was already picking it.

- No need to fix that, why should there be a standard for both sides of the coin.

- Horde are allowed to steal from alliance, alliance are not allowed to steal from horde.

- It is not that tauren pick it after I am already half way through it that gets to me personally.

- It is the fact that as a druid they do not even leave flight form to do so.

- If there is a tauren druid herbing in your area, just leave.  There is no way you will get anything from there if that person knows how to fly the pattern.

- Even if you get lucky enough to get one, they will fly up and steal it from you in mid pick.

- While still being mounted while you have to remount after getting nothing.

- How do you like that kick in the balls?

- Don't blame the tauren druid, if you were one you would do the same, blame blizzard for not fixing something that has needed to be fixed for a long time.

- Come to think of it, I should change my tauren druids professions.

- Sorry, can't do it, I just do not see herbalism as a druid profession.

- I knew a tank with herbalism and tailoring.

- I would love to know the logic behind that.

- While I usually do not micro manage my professions to try and get the most out of my characters potential, I do try to find things that are somewhat suitable for them.

- You could say my hunter having herbalism makes no sense.

- Well,  it did when I first got it.  Was nice having heal for a class that has no healing.

- I want my heal back.  I miss my heal.  It never healed for much but it sure as hell saved my life more times then I could count on my hands.

- Was there a reason for removing the heal?

- That is the same reason my mage and my lock had herbalism while leveling.  For the heal.

- There needs to be a heal in some profession to fill the holes for classes that can't heal.

- Might as well put it back where it came from.

- I want PvE battlegrounds.

- Yeah, you heard me right, I want PvE battlegrounds.

- I need to make a post to explain PvE battelgrounds.

- They would be an awesome alternate way of getting valor because running the same two dungeons over and over is really played out.

- They would be an awesome addition just for some fun.

- Could even do guild vs. guild challenges for fun.

- It is an idea that needs to be added to the game.

- The game needs something new and this could be it.

- I've got the idea all thought out, in my normal wacked out grumpy way of course.

- I bet some of you would like it.

- I know I do or I would not have mentioned it.

- Have a good day and I'll post it tomorrow.


  1. They kept the old SFK and old DMs, why not keep the other old stuff?

    Erm, hate to break it to you but they didn't keep the old DM and SFK. They are the same at lvl 20 as the heroic versions, only tuned for lvl 20 obviously, and DM normal mode ends with Cookie; it doesn't have the Vanessa fight. The old versions died with the Cataclysm.

    Targeting dead mobs all the time while I tank apparently does not effect game play, so there is no rush to fix that.

    And I thought that was just me being more incompetent than usual...

  2. Xayíde@GurubashiAugust 8, 2011 at 4:29 PM

    Drain Life, dude, Drain Life!
    Also Haunt, Siphon Life, Soul Leech and Fel Armor. Warlocks got tons of heals, we just have to deal damage to get them =D. In raids I'm usually right below healers on recount if there's no DK tank around.
    Hunters got Chimera Shot, but I guess it doesn't count much...
    Mages also got glyphed Evocation...

    I guess they ended up giving at least some kind of heal to every class at this point, even if some are weak and/or on a CD. Let's see:
    Death Knight: Death Strike
    Druid: Healing class
    Hunter: Chimera shot
    Mage: Glyphed Evocation
    Paladin: Healing class
    Priest: Healing class
    Rogue: Recuperate
    Shaman: Healing class
    Warlock: Drain Life
    Warrior: Victory Rush

    Yeah, everyone has at least one... I guess it only sucks for BM and SV hunters...
    I'm not trying to say the Herbalism heal does not matter anymore, I just listed those as curiosity.

    And stop whining about the dancing in combat thing! You already did that before!
    I'm kidding, I must absolutely agree it deserves your frustration...

  3. @Xayíde

    I like picking on the dancing in combat thing because it has to be the silliest thing I ever heard them making a patch announcement about. Not to mention, I got to do it this weekend. So it was on my mind again.

    While the ones I mentioned do have "some" heals it is always nice to have an instant on demand heal. Still see no reason why it was removed. It was only a small oh shit type of heal.

    A lot more dependable then waiting for Chimera Shot to come off cool down. I do not consider that a heal. It is a bonus side effect of a MM hunters top shot that will be used every cooldown anyway. It is not something saved to heal yourself when needed. Never will be.

    While I might be a Hunter main, I know straight out why hunters can never have a heal. They would be way to powerful if they could heal on demand.

    While soloing content I always hear myself saying, if only I had a heal I would have been able to do that easier. They do not want hunters having it easier. We already have it way to easy when it comes to soloing certain content.


    They might not be the same, but they are still there. Where is the level 60 raid called ZG, even if different? Where is the level 70 raid called ZA, even if different?

    That is what I am getting out. Removing content from lower levels. Changing it is fine, but at least those 2 dungeons are still there.