Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last Boss Only

I want some tick marks we can choose when using the LFD system and one of them in mentioned in the title.

Last Boss Only:
- Ticking this off will mean you only get into dungeons that are on the last boss.

Fresh Run Only:
- You will never enter a run that has already started.

Equal Gear:
- You will only get runs that are with people of equal gear equipped. -10 item level at the lowest.

Enchanter Only:
- You will only get put in runs that have an enchanter of the appropriate level to disenchant in that dungeon.

These four options would address many of the problems I personally have with the dungeon finder groups some times.  The ones that do not involve the other players being bad at least.

On characters that I run rarely I want full clears so I can get some gear so I would choose fresh runs as an option.  I would also use this for characters I am trying to get my bear on, so I do not come into a ZA that someone dropped out of because they did not make the timer.

When I have some time and do not mind whatever run I might get into I always want to get the chance to get crystals so I only want to be in runs that have an enchanter present.  The only reason a few of my characters would not choose a last boss only run is to get materials.  Without the materials a full run is wasting my time.

Equal gear is a tossup really.  You could be setting yourself up for epic failure.  I've been in groups that made me look like I was still wearing my level 80 gear compared to what they where wearing and they sucked big time.  Makes you wonder how they managed to get their gear doesn't it?

For my tank I would use the last boss only for sure.  Most likely for any character I no longer needed anything for I would choose last boss only.  As far as tanking goes, the only reason I do not tank randoms is because of trash.  Four mobs, put a skull on one and watch as the three DPS each attack their own one of the other three mobs and ignore the skull completely.  If it were last boss only, I would tank randoms all day long.  The blizzard baggie will not get me to tank randoms no matter what is in it.  Give the DPS a baggie that includes brains and I might tank randoms, otherwise, I will only tank the last boss.

Personally I would use these setting 90% of the time.

Last boss only checked.
Enchanter only checked.
Equal gear checked.

Quite honestly, the annoyance factor of doing the two Zuls over and over again has finally taken its toll on me and I can't do it any more.  I usually knock out as many as I can on tuesday and I didn't last night.  I can't take it any more.

I want to come in on last bosses only.  If anything, at least make it an option that once you are so over geared for the dungeons that when you queue up it is for last bosses only for everyone unless you choose otherwise.  Ignore the rest of the dungeon.  Let us go in, kill a boss, get our points and get out.  Anything more is really a waste of our time.

If dungeons where last boss only for points I would gladly tank and heal all day long and collect my baggie and make life easier for the DPS of the world that want to get their seven runs a week in.

There is your solution to the dungeon problem blizzard, last boss only.

Yeah, I want it quick and easy but at least I did ZG a total of 95 times and ZA a total of 102 times on all my characters combined now.  I've paid my dues, give me last boss only please.


  1. Last boss only would only worsen the tank shortage issue. Much like yourself, most tanks would choose that option and there would be much less tanks for fresh runs.
    Same for the other option really, you're limiting the Dungeon Finder matchmaking choices when you mark these, and most tanks would always choose exactly the ones you marked.

    Anyway, I don't think you suggested this seriously but more out of tiredness of having so many bad runs as you always write about, am I right?
    What I always think about though when I read your blog is why don't you raid more? You don't seem to like the Random Dungeon Finder much, hehe. I realize that you may not be in the same situation, but my guild always clears the whole Firelands every week plus a BH 25, so I don't ever have to step inside a Zul on my main. Even if you can't clear Firelands, doing some bosses would make the load smaller and it would be more fun I bet.

  2. Of those, "fresh run only" is the only one that would ever possibly show up, for the benefit of those gearing up. The majority of people just want to get in and get out. As nice a luxury as "last boss only" would be, you may as well just have an option "Give me my 70 Valor Points free."

    Same with "equal gear" - the only person who would ever check this is if they're at the high end of the gear scale and don't want to team up with players who are gearing up. It would make getting groups even MORE difficult as a lower-geared player. Blizzard has already implemented their own gear checks - minimum item level - and that is all we'll ever see in terms of requirements.

    I mean, I'd love to have half a dozen "last boss only" runs freely available. But these changes would just kill the dungeon finder population.

  3. @ Xayíde - I would LOVE to raid more. My guild just doesn't which means I do not. The PuG situation on my server is even more dismal them my guilds horrible raid attendance, they can't even clear T11 content picking and choosing people with an 8 hour window to play. Yes, it is that bad.

    So many times I have thought of server transferring to get into a more advanced guild and then I visit their website and think to myself, do I really want to associate myself with these people, and decide against it.

    If I ever find an adult raiding guild that does not consist of children that tell fart jokes all day, feel the need to curse like they are truckers, post anal in trade and insult anyone that isn't them, then maybe I would make a move.

    Oddly enough, what inspired me to write that was the lack of bad runs recently. Honestly. The runs have become so boring and repetitive that I sick and tired of doing them.

    I am almost to the point I am happy when I get a bad run because it means something is different and now I have something to complain about and that makes me feel better.

    @ both

    The post was more about being sick of doing the same two dungeons every week on a few characters. You now me, grumpy and all. ;)

  4. Server transfer ftw!

  5. Geez, man, I feel sorry for you.
    I could arrange to invite you to my guild on Gurubashi, Last One, if you don't mind being in a Brazilian and therefore Portuguese speaking guild. Non Brazilians are welcome, although we don't have many currently (only one actually, and he makes an effort to learn Portuguese lol). We are a hardcore raiding guild, currently 2/7H, and have 8 10-man groups running, with various degrees of progression and raiding times. We have 1 group that is 7/7 and 2 more that are 6/7, if I'm not mistaken.
    I haven't pugged in a while though, I'm not sure how that situation is on my realm, but I think it's better than yours.

    Even if you don't feel comfortable in a foreign guild (I wouldn't if I didn't speak the language, so I wouldn't be surprised if you don't), I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find a guild and a realm that suit you. Maybe take a look at the realms forums for recruiting adds?

    I totally understand your boredom. I specially like bad players (to a reasonable level ofc) when I'm healing, they make me learn how to heal better. When I'm DPSing though, they just make my life harder...

  6. @Xayíde

    Thanks for the offer but I don't speak the language and like you said, you can understand how that would be a deterrent. I appreciate the offer however.

    I've looked over my realm forums and most of the guilds I do not think I would be a good fit in and the two I think I would fit in already have house hunters, which means I would be sitting on the side anyway. Might as well sit on the side in a guild I have known three years then sit on the side with people I don't even know.

    I am leveling (although not quickly) a few characters on some more progressed servers and will try and get a feel with them to decide if it is worth moving my main to one of them.

    In the end, I am content where I am, even if not completely happy with my raiding situation.

    @Anon Agreed. First I need to find a place I want to transfer to however.