Friday, October 29, 2010

Will Someone Remind Me I Suck At Tanking

Out of shear boredom I decided that I would run a random with my 57 Prot Warrior.  Mind you that I have not tanked since the change.  At 57 I really did not see anything really different.  I needed to replace most of my skills on my bar and needed to keybind some things being that seems to have gotten lost on some of my characters.  Not all mind you.  Some characters have all their key bindings in tact, others have none. 

I set things up.  All macros across the board disappeared from my bars so I needed to put them back as well as many skills.  I get into UBRS for my tanking run.  Mind you that I am not great to begin with and now I am stuck here?  I had not tanked in months on this character and with that said not since the changes either.

I go in, make a few pulls and am surprised by my increased damage.  I don't remember being the #1 DPS in the group at this level.  Lower levels I always was but in the late 40s I noticed that the DPS started to catch up.  I was nearly double the second DPS.  Not a bad thing.  Made keeping aggro a lot easier.

I round up one pack.  No problem.  Round up another pack, two pats are coming close to I grab their attention as well.  No problem.  3, 4, 5 mobs.  No problem.  I am on cruise control.  Next pull we somehow manage to get something like 13 packs.  I round them all up, which was an adventure in UBRS.  If you have ever tanked it you know what I am talking about.

Somehow I must have gotten out of line of sight of the healer or the healer just had a fail moment.  No one else was taking damage at the moment so it was either me or the healer that messed up here but lets not argue who messed up because in a second you will see it was all my fault anyway.  My heath is going down faster then a thai hooker when I hit my keys for by oh shit buttons and nothing happens.  Oh crap I forgot to put them back on my bar. 

I can not even think of why I wouldn't.  I start looking at my bar thinking maybe I put them in the wrong place and can just click them really fast.  Scanning over them... nothing.  Then I finally see them.  They are keyed, why did they not go off?  (maybe it was that new stupid query system they are using)

I hit my oh shit buttons, quite frankly amazed I am still even alive.  However, in that 3 or 4 seconds that I was in panic mode I lost a few of the mobs and they ate the healer.  How the healer had aggro when they sure as hell where not healing me and no one else was taking damage is beyond me.  Either way.  I charge to try and pick them back up and round them up.  Hit, quick turn. Back peddle one step, left one step, just to get them all in front of me of course.  We have about 4 or 5 of the mobs left.  By some miracle I am still alive and make a mental note that I need to add my bandages and potions back on to my bar as well.  Did not even notice they were missing as well since the change.

Then the unthinkable happens.  Well, only unthinkable if you have never tanked UBRS before.  A pat come by.  God damn I hate this place.  There are like 36 mobs in a 3 inch space.  How the hell am I supposed to control that.  One of them targets me and charges.  Throws me against the wall stunning me for, well who cares how long, with my low life I was dead.  Within seconds the DPS were dead as well.

I really suck.  I apologized to the group and explain it was my fault.  I must have missed setting something up after the changes and asked them if they can wait a few while I sort out my issues.  They where understanding and said no problem.  I moved a few things around and rebound a few things that seemed to not be working.  I think that is a bartender issue that made them disappear.  I add my little JC healy thing, bandages, potions, etc to my bar.  All on a side frame I use specifically for things like that.

All seems well now, lets give this another shot.  We head back in.  Same area where we all died a horrible death just minutes earlier.  I wait for the pats to walk away and pick up the few remaining mobs from that huge pack that killed us.  We down them easily.  I wait for the pats to come close enough, we kill those two nice and quick.  Now I survey the lands and see huge packs on each side again. Knowing that if I pull one and we get a runner it will surely run into the other pack.  It always works that way right?

I tell them I am pulling them out, back to the doorway.  They go back in the door.  I fire a shot and run behind the door and wait for them to come.  4 come, I round up 4 and as soon as I get my threat rotation rolling I am a frog.  They start going after other people and those other people run.  As soon as I can I go and round them up again I do and suddenly as soon as I do that, I am a frog again.  It feels like ZF all over again.  I hate this crap.  This goes no for a while.  Seems like forever. We finally down them with 1 DPS lost.

I apologized again, sorry, I was a frog.  Next pull, same thing happens again, this time we lose 2 DPS but still pull it out and once again I see myself saying, sorry, I was a frog.

The next few pulls go well and then suddenly I make a pull that apparently I did not see was that close to another and instead of 5 mobs we have 10 mobs on us and 2 pets.  Things are super crazy at first as I try to pick up the others I did not notice before.  I get them all gathered up but apparently did not notice a little imp that blended into the background had decided that he did not like healers.  The imp toasted the healer nearly instantly.  We continue along and were really doing well, got almost all of them down before we wiped.

As is becoming a habit I apologize on the way back because I had not meant to pull two packs.  Everyone once again is rather nice about it.  The healer said they had to leave however.  I know it was my fault, they where just being nice about it.  A DPS leaves as well.

When new people come they say, you are supposed to be doing LBRS not UBRS, the mobs in upper are all 2 levels above all of us.  Well that does explain a little about why it was so difficult.  We did make it pretty far into UBRS so maybe I should be impressed instead of feeling bad.

We head over to LBRS and start or trek through there.  Lots of the same stuff happens.  Extra packs that were not intended, me being a frog, you know, all types of stuff that has me apologizing again.  More people come and go, 2 more healers a few DPS here and there.  Nothing much changes.  Once we get a boomkin that is doing huge DPS things start dying fast enough that is not a great deal of an issue any more.

We are flying through things now and I am apologizing a lot less because there is less to mess up on when everything is dying quickly.  However, somewhere along the line things start to go wrong again and it is all the same stuff all over again.  After the third complete wipe I all but give up.  We have been in there an hour and a half, we are basically lost as none of us know our way around and it does not seem to be getting better any time soon.  After the healer and one DPS dropped I said I am sorry but I am going to go as well, hopefully you will get a better tank next time.  Good luck and have a nice night and I left.

I leads me to believe that I seriously suck at tanking.  There were a few bright spots.  Such as making it as far into upper as we did with only one wipe when the lowest mob was 2 levels higher then I was and the few times where we had adds all over the place and I was able to pick them all up and being able to hold aggro on all those packs while the DPS did their thing and never needed to worry about being attacked. The dark spots however were far to many for me to think of it as a good run however.

UBRS/LBRS owned me big time.  I am sure in time I can get better if I try again.  I am sure that with a more disciplined group of DPS I would not have as many issues.  I am sure with a better healer I could have lasted longer.  But for the moment after that run all I can say is that I feel like I suck at tanking and in the end I can not blame the DPS or the healer.  As a tank it is all on me.  I need to control the situation, if I do not do that I am a fail tank.  It is really that simple.  Bad DPS will be bad DPS, I need to adjust to that.  A bad healer can hurt however.  Still, it was all on me.  I need a lot of practice.

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