Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OMG I've Got Wings.

Okay, lets step away from the grumpiness for a moment and speak about the bestest thing I have ever seen.

My priest now has wings.  How totally awesome is that?

I was in ICC the other night and looked at my shiny new Archangel spell and was wondering why it is never lighting up, I mean I was doing what I am supposed to do as a disc priest so why was nothing triggering it.  Then it clicked.  I need to do damage to make it trigger.  So I had the time, everyone was healed and shielded so I threw out a smite and my Archangel lit up.

So what is a priest to do?  I hit the damn thing just to see what it was like.

I have wings.  I could not restrain myself as I said on vent.  Look, I have wings.  I started dancing around with my wings and spamming shields, can't stop doing my job of course.

She looks so cute running around with her wings.  I am going to make sure I pop my wings every given chance I can when doing dungeons or raids or even soloing.  I love them.  Sure, they will help with mana regen but who the hell cares.... I have wings.  I love it.

Greatest.  Update.  Ever.

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