Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blizzard Spewing More Hunter Hate

At every turn lately it seems the Hunters have been getting hit with one thing or another from Blizzard that adversely effects the class.  We are survivors, so we plug along and work with what we have.  It keeps getting harder to do so when everything is stacked against us.

Looking forward to Cataclysm which gets closer by the day we look at released information with hope and continuously get let down.

Lets take a look at some of the new trinkets that where announced yesterday over at MMO-Champion.

Essence of the Cyclone - +321 Agility Proc: 1926 Critical on Melee or Ranged
Unheeded Warning - +321 Agility Proc: Melee auto attack damage increased by 25%

Two new trinkets from the new raids announced.  Melee get to have two new trinkets and Hunters can only use one.  There is no reason for an agility trinket to not work for ranged and melee, unless of course you are blizzard and seem to want to try and phase Hunters out of the game by pissing them all off hoping they quit.

Okay, that does not seem like Blizzard spewing Hunter hate all that much even if there is no reasonable explanation why an agility trinket would have a melee only proc on it when there are no trinkets that have a ranged only proc on it.

Lets take a look at the new enchantments.

Enchant Weapon - Landslide - Proc: 1000 Attack Power
Enchant Weapon - Hurricane - Proc: 450 Haste
Enchant Weapon - Elemental Slayer - Proc: Arcane Damage and Silence to Elementals
Enchant Weapon - Avalanche - Proc: Often deal Nature Damage

All of these enchants had read when "struck by a Melee or Ranged attack" and they all have been changed to read "struck by a Melee attack".  There is more then ample proof that Blizzard does not want Hunters having anything that might actually be useful.  There are enchants that proc on melee attacks only, magical damage only and magical healing only but there are none now that will proc on ranged attacks only.

Why does Blizzard continuously keep throwing around Hunter hate?  First they screw the crap out of the class by making them rather lackluster.  Our signature shots no longer hit for much more then our standard shots.  Our killing blow big shot no longer hits for much at all, only 5%-10% more then a standard special shot.  We can not get on proc enchants, we can not use agility based trinkets and who knows what is next down the line.

I imagine the talk at Blizzard headquarters went something like this.

[Tech 1] - Hunters doing melee damage from ranged is making it hard for me to standardize the code.
[Ghostcrawler] - How so?
[Tech 1] - White damage is coded for melee and magic damage is coded for ranged.  Having to add white damage from ranged makes me have to add another line to all damage code and that is a lot or work and I don't want to do the work.
[Ghostcrawler] - Do you have a solution to propose?
[Tech 1] - Lets just screw them over a little here and a little there until most of them quit or changes classes and then we can use the fact that no one plays them as a reason to take them out of the game.
[Ghostcrawler] - I like that idea, good thinking.  Now I know why we hired you.

Two weeks later

[Ghostcrawler] - What is with these new enchants?
[Tech 1] - What do you mean?
[Ghostcrawler] - Aren't we trying to make hunters quit? If you give them good things like those they might be happy, we can not allow that.
[Tech 1] - But won't they complain if I do something obvious like that, there is no justification for removing ranged from the enchants.
[Ghostcrawler] - Screw them, they are hunters.  Take a page out of the trinket design teams playbook.  They made an agility trinket with a melee only proc.
[Tech 1] - Oh, that is so mean.  I love it.
[Ghostcrawler] - I love it too.  Keep thinking out of the box and we can get those hunters to quit so we can remove the class.  I hate hunters.
[Tech 1] - So do I, they were such a mistake to add to begin with.
[Ghostcrawler] - Don't worry, they will not last another cycle in this game.  Just remember, game balance is second in design, screwing hunters is first.  Once we get rid of the Hunters, balance will come easy afterward.

Sure, it did not go like that but I would love to see the logic behind moves like those.  Making enchants that do not proc on ranged and agility trinkets that do not proc on ranged are things that there can be no excuse for.

Remember fellow Hunters, it was Ghostcrawler that wanted to remove Volley because he did not like the magical feel to it when they added a mastery in the survival tree that increases their magical (elemental) damage.

Oh, and in case you have not noticed, our best shot for a focus dump is arcane shot.  Magic. 

Nice job removing volley because you did not want magical damage Ghostcrawler.  Next time you decide to spew shit out of your mouth at least have the balls to back it up.  Removing one magical thing while leaving the rest and increasing it in survival kind of proves the fact you are full of shit and a complete idiot.  I am not complaining about volley being removed, I've already adjusted, I am just saying that the reasoning behind its removal is the most full of shit reason I have ever heard from any game ever.

Keep screwing Hunters, I don't care.  I'll keep playing one just because you do not want us too.  Screw you.

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